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  1. finestkind

    Why Why Why?

    Only $113.00 for 24 months. :D
  2. finestkind

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD*****12/3

    Best of luck to your wife.
  3. finestkind


    Hope all goes well.
  4. finestkind

    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD*****11/28

    And a shower might help.:eek:
  5. finestkind

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Nice !
  6. finestkind

    How much is your collection worth?

    I never bought any cards as an investment. I don't know and I don't really care what my collection is worth. I remember about what I paid for some cards. I have a clue (sort of) on what some are worth now with the vintage card prices going nuts. I would have sold my collection years ago to pay...
  7. finestkind

    Unopened - What to do?

    Most of my Mexican packs fell apart at the seal. The gum I got from the opened packs was hard as a rock and 3 nasty colors. I have about 100 different unopened packs. From different brands for the 70's thru the 90's. I also have some graded baseball packs for the 70's.
  8. finestkind

    Unopened - What to do?

    1981 Topps Fun pack 1977 Topps Mexican football packs
  9. finestkind

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****11/22

    You should have pulled the hat off of his head and choked him with it. :cool:
  10. finestkind

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****11/22

    I live in a small town near Boston Mass. I just went to the store near the high school. A bunch of what looked like Jr high, maybe high school girls walking around with pajamas on. Do parents just not care what their kids do ? I know I'm old but.
  11. finestkind

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD***** 11/19

    It took me about 15 minutes just now to fix mine. :(
  12. finestkind


    I drove by a small cemetery in very rural NH today. There were marine corp. flags on a bunch of graves. Yesterday was the Marine Corps 246 birthday.
  13. finestkind

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****11/8

    I hope you son keeps getting better.
  14. finestkind

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****11/8

    I never drank coffee or tea. When I was in the navy, on a carrier. I was told to make a pot of coffee. They had big 5 gallon coffee posts. I went to get the water. There were 3 faucets. Hot water, cold water and sea water. They never told me to make it again. :ROFLMAO:
  15. finestkind

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD*****11/5

    My fathers family was so poor. They had to share a hat to look out the window.
  16. finestkind

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD*****11/5

    I had to walk to school every day uphill both ways. :whistle:
  17. finestkind

    Buster Posey retiring tomorrow?

    Kobe Bryant's estate just made $400 million on the sale of Body Armor 2 days ago.
  18. finestkind


    They're from a new restaurant. Hoover's
  19. finestkind


    New mayor for Boston is a women.
  20. finestkind

    Innosilicon a11 pro

    Watch it guys. She a hooker. ;)

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