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    Mantle loved to make special inscriptions

    My favorite is still the "I F****d Monroe" ball as well as this napkin joke: (I don't own it, just saved the scan)
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    Welcome to the 1980's Baseball Card Appreciation Thread.

    I know that Ty already showed this earlier, but this is the one that I pulled out of the only 1st series pack that I ever bought. My name, my temper, I carried this thing everwhere. I don't about everywhere else, but taping down the borders wasn't uncommon in my neighborhood, especially on 1st...
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    Post a Random Card Image

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    Post a Random Card Image

    Meanest, angriest bunt ever?
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    Let's Play The Alphabet Game...

    Well, I guess I answered my own question about first names and last names since there's never been a major leaguer that I know of who's last name started with X. At any rate...
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    Let's Play The Alphabet Game...

    I thought of players whose first names started with Y before I posted this. Quick question, any particular reason why we are using player's first names instead of last?
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    "You Pick..." style eBay listings

    Does anyone on here regularly sell commons and cheaper cards as the "You Pick 10 Cards" style auctions or as fixed price? Does eBay still consider these a violation and pull these down as variable/multiple listed items? I notice some sellers list sportcards this way and have had the same...
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    Your best cards of 2010

    Great cards everyone! Only added four cards to the PC this year:
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    Show off some INSCRIPTIONS

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    Carl Hubbell Autographs? Anyone have one?

    I no longer own the index card: Not sure if this belongs to another board member or I lifted it from eBay or an auction house: Those are the only two Hubbell autographs I have saved, hope it helps some.
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    Anyone notice the 2010 BC plates are not reversed?

    I find it interesting that this says that the plate was specifically used in the printing of that card. I have a 2005 Topps Total Football plate that says: "This press plate is one of four specific color plates used exclusively in the manufacturing process of trading cards. The four colors...
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    Post a Random Card Image

    Need to get me one of those Harpers to add to my teknologee kollectshun:
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    I'm actually up to 7, I need to update the scan at some point...
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    Post a Random Card Image

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    Lets see the highlights of everyones HOF collections.

    The Clemente and Fox are new this year, everything is the same stuff I've had for a while now. Not really the highlights, this is pretty much everything. Nothing for sale or trade.
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    Post a Random Card Image

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    Strasburg taken out of Phillies game for injury...

    Got these from another board, not sure where they originate from, kind of creepy. I'm not a student of pitching mechanics but have there been other pitchers with a similar W delivery that have had long successfull and relatively injury free careers?
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    The 30 Worst Baseball Card Pics of All Time

    No, but I have more old wireless phones, a vintage lap top, and a surf board...
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    What is your best card? (it can be vintage or modern)

    Yeah, I know, it's not baseball....

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