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  1. homerun28aa

    Question about buying an eBay account, preferably a seller account?

    Has anyone done this before and what's the process...or better yet is anyone on here selling one? How much roughly should an account with around 30 positive feedback be? Curious as it's come up a few times in conversations I've had. Thanks in advance for the board's help.
  2. homerun28aa

    Prospects and MLB/NBA Star Player Box Break Values?

    I decided to give prospecting a shot and wanted to start off by buying about 4-5 boxes in the $100-$200 range and about the same in quantity in the $300-$500 range. Can anyone who collects largely prospects please share their opinion on which boxes in the those various ranges are a) your best...
  3. homerun28aa

    Quick question about eBay membership

    Hey guys - I'm sure someone will know the answer to this. I haven't used eBay in awhile and when I logged in it says I'm no longer a registered user. That seems to be because I have a pretty substantial unpaid balance with them. I assumed my eBay fees were automatically being taken from my...
  4. homerun28aa

    Thoughts on the authenticity? (Ungraded T206 Cobb Portrait)

    As a disclaimer, historically when there’s any authenticity doubt whatsoever I’ve proven to be a terrible judge at these things. Whether it’s prime patches, autos, or ungraded vintage now I’m on the wrong end every time without fail...
  5. homerun28aa

    Anyone know boomo’s eBay user name or best way to reach him?

    Figured someone on here would probably know. Just wanted to reach out to him about a deal we did awhile back. Thanks a lot for anyone’s help
  6. homerun28aa

    WTB WTB: Have $1000-$1500 PayPal to spend on a resale lot (more details in description)

    I've been buying a lot less PC sports cards the past few months, and with the stock market shattering all-time records on a daily basis ;), it seems like a decent time to see if anyone was interested in selling a resale lot. Would look for pretty much anything but prospects and preferably...
  7. homerun28aa

    Couple quick questions relating to a signed Koufax jersey, thanks in advance!

    A couple years ago I bought a few MLB and NBA signed jerseys with the intention of framing them and decorating the walls of my home office room. Unfortunately, that’s yet to happen but the good news is I’m finally getting to it SMILEY. Just had a couple questions for the more knowledgeable board...
  8. homerun28aa

    Super Bowl Thread

    Apologies if there's one started elsewhere, should be an interesting game! I put some money on the Pats at -3, did anyone else bet the over/under or spread or anything? I think it'll be the first time I'm rooting for NE in my entire life. Halftime show should be interesting too, Lady Gaga...
  9. homerun28aa

    PayPal Rant!

    I very rarely raise my voice at customer service representatives, let alone scream at the top of my lungs but I couldn’t help myself this morning. I sold two items on August 24th for goodness sake, a 1/1 Topps Sterling Clemente quad jersey/pants/bat that went for around $680 and a Sidney Crosby...
  10. homerun28aa

    Where does PayPayl/Ebay generally side with in these cases...?

    I sold a few cards over the past couple weeks, a couple fairly high end card ($200-$300 range). I've always been a buyer not so much a seller, so I admittedly probably made some mistakes and could have protected myself better but I'm just wondering where PayPal or Ebay will go with in my...
  11. homerun28aa

    FS FS: Selling a lot of 78 total auto/jersey/bat/patch cards for a friend (mid-low end)

    Hey guys, not my cards but I'm selling a large lot of mid-low end cards for a family friend of mine. There are 78 cards in total and all are relics - all cards are in mint/nr mint condition and all of the highlights below are mint. I've also broken down the exact relics with the sports below, if...
  12. homerun28aa

    FS Selling some HOF stuff including some patches

    Hey guys - just selling off a few of the "not so deep" PC items. Prices and pics below, feel free to make an offer via PM. Arod Bat Knob - $220 Sandy Koufax Patch - SOLD Honus Wagner Jumbo Bat - $160 Ty Cobb Jumbo Bat - $180 Mike Piazza Button - $140 Roger Clemens Patch Auto -...
  13. homerun28aa

    Manfred makes 5 suggestions for the future of MLB, which do you love/hate?

    Hate: 1) Three pitchers per game - Um, what if two of them get injured? 2) Hit By Pitch, three bases - Don't like it because it's left to the discretion of the umpire, a lot of times those guys get retaliation wrong IMO Like: 1) Home run derby after 10 Innings - Great idea IMO, a 16+ inning...
  14. homerun28aa

    Tebow going to Philly

    Didn't see a thread on this, do you guys think this will amount to him getting any real playing time? I don't think so, but I've learned better than to question Chip Kelly.
  15. homerun28aa

    Well...this is something I've never seen before...

    http://www.ebay.com/sch/Cards-/212/m.html?item=191532880625&hash=item2c983fd2f1&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&_ssn=collectingjuneau Number one, of course the prices are egregious. But number two, it looks like this guy has some total obvious fakes mixed in with some potential one of a kind items from...
  16. homerun28aa

    My first custom cut auto project and it came out awesome! HOFer, pics included!

    Been wanting to do one of these for awhile and I wanted to get a solid HOFer nothing too crazy but I think Satchel is pretty well known and an interesting historical player. Once I got to thinking about it, I thought it would be cool to try to do a Negro League themed design, and I think my...
  17. homerun28aa

    Ultra-Pro One-Touch cases for booklet cards

    For an NT booklet - a 360pt one-touch is the one you would go with right? Just wanted to make sure before I order a few
  18. homerun28aa

    Major eBay auction seller selling a fake patch?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Topps-Sterling-Jumbo-Bernie-Williams-YANKEES-PATCH-1-1-PSA-7-NRMT-PWCC-/141564995950?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20f5ee696e I get that it's graded, but these are notoriously easy to fake given how thick they are. It's also a poor grade, so my vote is strongly for...
  19. homerun28aa

    First Bat Knob Pickup!

    Been pretty much allocating all of my card funds to prime patches, but now that I have a huge chunk of the HOFers, with only a few rare exceptions, I've decided to go after more rare stuff (knobs, barrels). This is my first true knob pickup from a really reputable seller on eBay though it has...

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