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  1. J

    WTB WTB: 2016 select base and tri-color

    Looking to fill in the set. Below is what I need base, still working on a tri-color list, but would probably need what you have as I just get 3 or 4 per box Concourse Level Base Set Checklist 4 Hunter Henry - San Diego Chargers 18 Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers 20 Carson Wentz -...
  2. J

    FS/FT 500HR baseballs for sale

    If you would like to see better pictures, please let me know. All prices OBO. Certs all match Bonds $110 Steiner Sosa $80 JSA Killebrew $65 PSA Palmeiro $65 JSA Schmidt $85 PSA Thomas $65 JSA Matthews $55 none Sheffield $55 auto reference Murray $75 CSA
  3. J

    FS Selling 2005 donruss signature series silver autos...player collectors?

    Selling the set, individually...there's 102 cards. All but Canseco is available!! link to images.
  4. J

    FS FS: Griffey Jr. Autos

    Looking to move some auto's. All prices OBO With COA - 100 With COA - 150 With COA - 100 With COA - 130 With COA - 130 90
  5. J

    Anyone located in, or from, Taiwan that can help with a purchase??

    I don't do much collecting anymore and am starting to downsize a little. However, there are 2 cards that I am still actively looking for and would buy. One of those I found in Taiwan on their auction website (or what appears to be an auction site). Google translate kind of stinks on the page...
  6. J

    FS 500hr club auto baseballs

    I have the following available for sale. All prices OBO. I haven't taken pics but absolutely will upon request. Reason is I just moved and have them packed away. The three with "questionable"/no certs were hand picked by me and as real as can be. But I understand the hesitancy and if interested...
  7. J

    FS BIG Cal Ripken 1/1 on card auto FS. Immortal Inscriptions 2005

    Starting out at 1400 or best offer. Arguably the best of the immortal inscriptions cards in the set. PM me if interested. Sent from my iPad using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  8. J

    The Ripken exists! 8 years and I finally landed my Holy Grail!

    I dont know what to say about this, except that after 8+ years my search for the Cal Ripken has come to the end and I am the proud owner of a complete 2005 Ultimate Signature Immortal Inscriptions set!! Those that have followed my progress will know that the last two cards took me 8 years, with...
  9. J

    2005 Immortal Inscriptions mailday...1 down 1/2 to go!

    Recently, i shared a mailday that completed the decades subset out of the 2005 ultimate signature. If you missed it, here it is. Ive always been interested in the immortal inscriptions set from the beginning and have focused most my attention there. Ive been stuck at 18/20 for a long time...
  10. J

    Mailday of the "decade"

    Don't post much in terms of maildays, but I have to share today's. quick backstory - wideright started this project when the set first came out back in 05-06, and got up to 88/90 card about a year ago. He unfortunately needed to part ways with it and I worked with him on a deal for the 88...
  11. J

    Panini totally certified box

    More of a baseball guy but like to try new things. Gt a box from DACW since its around the corner and am happy with the results. Thoughts? Roy Hibbert jersey David Lee jersey Cody Zeller red jersey /199 Ryan Kelly auto Ray mccallum auto Lance Stephenson red base /99 Tiago Splitter gold base /25...
  12. J

    2 Mets Party City Deck tickets Double Header unlimited BEER

    I have two tickets to the mets game on 9/14 on the party city deck. This is a single admission double header. The PCD gives you access to unlimited beer, soda, water, and food. I paid 150 each (300 total) and thats all i am really looking to get for them. Have them ready to email. Reason i...
  13. J

    Best Offer Prices Hidden?

    I often watch cards that I have and add completed sales to a database so I can have an idea of what they sell for. I just noticed this morning that the BIN/BO auctions that have ended with the seller accepted an offer are not showing up. The auction used to show me the offer price that was...
  14. J

    FS NEED to move some Griffey auto's, other game used/Autos, lots of stuff for all!

    Looking for paypal, PM works best! Need to move these quickly, so ill for sure take offers!! 50obo 220obo 1200obo 75obo 120obo 130obo 100obo 200obo 40obo 40obo 75obo 100obo (with the rookie card as well) 50obo 50obo 75obo 100obo
  15. J

    FS HIGH END quad auto Griffey/Jeter/Pujols/Guerrero /10 FS

    Offering it up here as well as eBay...1500 obo free UPS 2day shipping to the US. Not looking to trade, need the PayPal. Let me know if you have any questions, PM works best! Card is 6/10
  16. J

    Anyone here know Chinese and be willing to help?

    Looking for someone that knows Chinese and may be willing to help contact someone for me about a card related question. If so,please PM me and and I can forward details. Thanks in advance. Edit...there's a finders fee if a deal can be reached!
  17. J

    Anyone here win this (or know who did)?

    Please let me know if anyone here grabbed this, or if you know who the winner is. Reason is, I'd like to trade them for the same card, I just want this one which is 12/50 because I have the other parallels that are also 12/xx....I'd give them the same card in return...
  18. J

    FS LOTs for sale..high end, low end, 1/1, AUTO's, griffey, jeter, piazza, some for all!

    Trying to cut down on the unnecessary things i have, to make some room. I have something for everyone im sure. Prices are for PP gift, delivered. Please see my FB to know that ive come through multiple times with no issue (sold Ruth GU and Belle 1/1, etc. with PP gift). If you arent...
  19. J

    Question for those that regularly go to the National

    Im considering making the 3.5 hour drive down this August for 2 days. But im wondering whether or not it will be worth it. What i mean is this (my question):Will I find cards that i wouldnt normally find on the internet sites? I mean, how many dealers setup at the national that arent selling...
  20. J

    WTB WTB: Griffey 09 Ultimate Autographs

    Looking for a few from this set (example below). Will trade or buy, please PM if you have one available! Thanks, Need: KG 1, 4, 5, and 9 Need: JR 3, 4, and 6

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