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    WTB Buying Joey Gallo Chrome Autos

    Paying paypal. Looking to buy: (18) Chrome Base Autos (18) Chrome Refractor Autos /500 (9) Chrome Blue autos /150 (4) Chrome Gold Autos /50 Please leave scan. Not looking for streaky autos.
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    WTB Looking to by Archie Bradley Bowman Chrome Auto's. Paypal ready.

    Will pay ASAP. Please PM me price and QTY. Prefer Base and refractor autographs.
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    WTB Buying Greg Bird Chrome Autos.

    Buying Greg Bird and Matt Purke Chrome Autos. Please shoot me a PM with the cards you have and the price. Paying paypal.
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    WTB Buying on Card autos of these Laker Legends.

    Wilt Chamberlin(will take a PSA/DNA certified Cut auto). Magic Johnson Shaq Kareem James Worthy Chick Hearn(will take PSA/DNA certified Cut AUto) paying paypal. Thank you.
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    WTB Buying Roy Helu

    National Treasure autos and contenders autos. PM me if trying to sell with price. Paying paypal.
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    Looking to move these three cards:

    2010 Exquisite Auto Rc Patch Holofoil #10/10 Dez Bryant 2clr. Not really looking for anything in Particular. Let me know if interested. Can sell/trade.
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    Looking to buy Nick Franklin Chrome Autos.

    Please post here or Pm me.
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    Calvin 1/1 Exquisite Mailday

    Got this beauty in today! Looks better in person. Thanks to wheeler281 for his help on this one too.
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    Football Sale list. Looking to purchase new laptop.

    Trying not to dip into bank account so will try to move these first: Dez Bryant Exquisite 2clr 10/10 Auto Rookie Patch Holofoil Chris Beanie Wells gold Exquisite 3clr Auto Patch /25 Lesean Mccoy Exquisite Gold Auto Rc Patch 4clr /99 Knowshawn Moreno Exquisite Gold Rc Patch 2clr /25 Early...
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    Sweet Dez Exquisite Mailday!

    Got this one in yesterday. The Moreno came the other day as well. I have been looking for a Dez Exquisite at a reasonable price for a while now, kept getting shilled on the /10's and found a seller willing to deal at a great price. Class act and came in 2 days! And here is the gold Moreno...
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    Last Few maildays.

    Finally got a weekend to just relax from school/work. Anyways been buying some rookie stuff up, missing some quite large items. Sellers are super slow. Also I've missed out on quite a few stuff, and noticed football has a higher % of shilling on some stuff. Anyways, everything is available...
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    Thoughts on team?

    PPR 10 person league. QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN Round Pick Player Position 1. (1) Adrian Peterson RB 2. (20) Larry Fitzgerald WR 3. (21) Steven Jackson RB 4. (40) Matt Ryan QB 5. (41) Wes Welker WR 6. (60) Jason Witten TE 7. (61) Tim Hightower...
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    Angels Re-Sign Weaver 5 years 85 million

    http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=A ... els-weaver Maybe they can get him some more offense.
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    Shilling at its finest..

    http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V ... =10&_rdc=1 I emailed the seller because I was 2nd on one of the cards. His response was it was his son bidding. Reported but nothing has happened. Been shilling since at least 2010 looking at fb. Shilling id: samavsfan89 Selling id: lakeviewgary
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    Anyone else having problems with USPS.com tracking?

    Anyone getting error messages? Sorry if this has been posted.
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    Barry v. Kongo..

    WOW all I can say. [youtube:1uv00rhl]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q77CS23uzNc[/youtube:1uv00rhl]
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    TUF finale.

    Anyone disappointed with Anthony Showtime Petti's performance? Was really excited to watch him fight but Guida dominated him.
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    Small Football List for Trade/Sale

    2010 Exquisite XRC Rc /99 Cam Newton x2 2010 Exquisite XRC Rc /99 A.J. Green 2010 Ray Lewis Topps Magic Auto SP /100 2007 Bowman Chrome Auto Rc Adrian Peterson 2009 Sp Authentic Clay Matthews /299 Auto Rc 2008 SP Authentic Peyton Hillis Auto Rc /399 Prefer to sell, but would be open to trades...
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    Anyone Interested in a PSA $5.00 Submission? POPPED.

    Hey guys sending some stuff to PSA. Turnaround Time Varies with Demand (approx 45 business days), and it will be 5.00 per card. Regular sized cards Only. This special excludes T-3's, Supersized, Thicker Memorabilia/Patch cards and Autographed Cards, Autographed cards from the manufacturer from...
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    Is Jake Shields only certified Autograph Leaf?

    Does Jake Shields have a topps issue or is Leaf the only autograph thus far?

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