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    Sorry for being a little off topic, but need some help

    Hey guys, I didn't realize it has been almost 3 years since I had last visited the site. Life got busy due to a new job, kids playing sports, and simply did not have enough time to collect any more. Because I haven't been here in forever, I'm not really sure where to post something that...
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    Been quite a while since I was here, but I have a pen question for autos

    I'm taking my son to the Dodgers/Braves game tonight and we have tickets to the Batting Practice Experience. For the life of me, I can't remember what type of pen would be best for him to get autos on MLB baseballs tonight. I know he shouldn't use a sharpie since they bleed. What kind of pen...
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    60 Minutes reports Arod's camp leaked info on Braun

    ESPN is scrolling this limited info on the bottom of the screen. Says they also leaked info on Cervelli. I'm curious what the motivation was. This story with Arod just keeps getting deeper and deeper. No story on ESPN.com as of this moment though.
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    Could you see A-Rod playing Japan if banned for life?

    This thought crossed my mind the other day. Many NBA players go play overseas when they are older and can't compete as well here in the US. Could you see A-Rod going to Japan to play? Do you Japanese teams would want him? If he can't play here, I wouldn't be surprised if he chose to play...
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    COMC Spring Cleaning Sale

    I've been busy lately but I don't think I saw anyone mention this on the board. COMC had essentially created a way for sellers to have a free sale for the next three weeks. I've already sold a few things today and have picked up a couple things. The great thing is you can import your discounts...
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    Thoughts on an FCB/COMC seller list or thread?

    I know many people on the boards here buy or sell cards over on COMC. Has there been any discussion on creating a thread that has our FCB name with our COMC name next to it, kind of like the thread with player collectors? I would do it but I don't have the time to keep a list like that updated...
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    So how many $$$ have u made off of Pablo Sandoval tonight?

    I try to pick up good deals on COMC when I see them, especially if I think the player has an opportunity to shine in the very near future. Well, my purchasing strategy paid off tonight. On October 6, I bought a 2012 Triple threads Pablo Sandoval GU/auto /18 for $11.91. Watched him hit his 2nd...
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    So I have 4 boxes of 2008 EEE...bust or sell?

    Some how, I've amazingly held on to 4 boxes of 2008 EEE for almost a year now without busting them open. I bought them at a good price with the purpose of reselling them in the future. Depending on the day, I could probably sell them for around $60 BIN for each box, maybe a little more, maybe...
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    Listing ads on COMC question

    I know this will sound silly, but when listing an ad, are you able to see it in the main ads or can you only see under "My Classifieds"? I've never listed before and was not sure if my ad was showing up. I checked my classifieds and see it there so it makes me wonder if it is listed where...
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    FS Early bird special on COMC for FCB members

    I am offering all FCB members an early bird special on my COMC account. Tomorrow I start a 50% off everything sale. For those interested you can take advantage of that sale tonight. My COMC ID is Revredd. I hope I am not violating the TOS for the board. I just thought I would try something...
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    2009 Upper Deck Spectrum blue are #'d to ...?

    I began reading about this set after reading the post about the 2006 UD Special f/x blues /25. Turns out this set and even the swatches have a similar print run speculation around them. I can't seem to find anything conclusive about the numbering on these but some believe it is /25 as well...
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    Here we go again...more uncut sheets

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120966036390&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123#ht_500wt_1414 It was bad enough when sheets of 1/1's were made available. Now we have sheets that were used for autos. Wonder how high the bidding will go on this. Curious if someone will try to...
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    Garza for Zach Lee trade rumor?

    http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/07/cubs-dodgers-discussing-garza-for-zach-lee-swap.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook I haven't been able to follow my Dodgers as close as I would like to this year, but why are they shopping Lee so much? He was rumored in the Carlos Lee deal and now...
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    Hanley and Heath Bell for Carl Crawford? Wonder how this will play out...

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    Thoughts on Jordan Walden? Will he close again?

    The kid had a great season last year, but basically fell apart early this season. He's essentially been moved to mid-relief at this point and it doesn't look like he will ever get to go back to the closer role with the Angels. Scott Downs and Frieri are in front of him with Frieri likely...
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    Dodgers sign Yasiel Puig (Cuba) to 7 yr deal

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    Anyone to automatically log-in or am I missing it?

    I looked through my settings and didn't see anything to make it automatic. Am I missing it or is there no way to do it now? Thanks!
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    Is the "View Your Posts" option gone? Can't find it...

    I may just be missing it since everything is so new here. If it is here, could someone point me that way? I really liked that option...
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    I need these 2008 Topps Campaign Gold cards from Series 1

    After opening 4 HTA boxes the other day, I was only 4 cards short of the gold set of the Democrats and GOP. Since I'm so close to the set, I'm going to finish it. I am looking for the following GOLD cards: John McCain Fred Thompson Joe Biden They don't go for much so maybe trading would be a...
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    2008 Topps Series 1 checklist anywhere? SPs?

    I recently busted 4 boxes of 2008 Topps Series 1 HTA boxes and would like to find some sort of list that has SPs, etc on it. I cannot seem to find anything good when I google it. The only card I have seen to look for has been the Red Sox team card that has Giuliani on it. I did manage to pull...

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