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    "You Pick..." style eBay listings

    Does anyone on here regularly sell commons and cheaper cards as the "You Pick 10 Cards" style auctions or as fixed price? Does eBay still consider these a violation and pull these down as variable/multiple listed items? I notice some sellers list sportcards this way and have had the same...
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    Question for team collectors about traded players

    Team collectors, what is your take on players that have been traded or signed with another team but have cards issued in the old uniform but logo for the new team, do you still want that card in your collection? Conversely, do you include cards of newly signed player in the old uniforms with...
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    Turbolister problems with Vista

    Anyone else having problems with Turbolister on Vista? I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and tried to download a dhtml program but whenever I try to save a listing I get an error. My wife's laptop has an earlier version of Vista and I don't have those problems but my PC is a...

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