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  1. icollectichiro

    If your bored and looking to check out cards I designed a website for my Ichiro PC.

    https://www.icollectichiro.com/ I'm always looking for rare Ichiro cards!!
  2. icollectichiro

    Website for My Ichiro PC

    Hey fellow collectors!! I haven't posted in a while but I do jump in and comment from time to time on others threads. I put together a website to display my Ichiro collection and would like to share it with you guy's!! It's a labor of love but it was a lot of fun and well worth it. I hope to...
  3. icollectichiro

    An Ichiro Thread for his Retirement

    Truly lucky to have seen him play all these years. They way he plays the game and carrys himself on and off the field is pure class!!
  4. icollectichiro

    Some new Big additions to my Ichiro PC YouTube video!

  5. icollectichiro

    My Ichiro Suzuki PC

    Hey guy's I haven't posted in quite a while, but I love following the forum and checking out others collections and PC additions! I've been working for a little over 2 years on my website to share my Ichiro collection with everyone. It's constantly evolving with new cards coming in but as of...
  6. icollectichiro

    An Important Arrival and Milestone Reached for My Ichiro PC!

    Got an important card in the mail today to add to my Ichiro PC. This addition makes 1,500 unique Ichiro cards in my collection, quite a milestone. Love the Topps camo parallels #'d/25. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  7. icollectichiro

    Does this listing seem strange to anyone else?

    Bowman Originals Auto on a Topps Chrome card? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2006-Bowman-Originals-Topps-Chrome-Ichiro-Albert-Pujols-AUTO-Autograph-1-1-RC/382276167297?hash=item59016f6681:g:4VkAAOSwySlaAgkH
  8. icollectichiro

    Ichiro Suzuki PC Website

    Hey guys, I started my website about a year ago. I hit the ground running scanning, cropping, and uploading to the site. It was a lot of fun and I expected to have everything posted fairly quickly. Needless to say I was over ambitious and as a full time employee, husband, and father of two the...
  9. icollectichiro

    Does anyone have every version of a specific /x card?

    I still need the last one to finish all 5 as a set.
  10. icollectichiro

    Official Barry Bonds Collectors Thread

    I've got a couple of Bonds cards but this one if my favorite!
  11. icollectichiro

    What is Topps up to now!!!

    As an Ichiro collector I scan through newly listed items on eBay daily. Today this popped up- http://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-Topps-Mint-Ichiro-Suzuki-Auto-1-1-65th-Anniversary-Transcendent-Party-/152404242203?hash=item237c002f1b:g:S4AAAOSwjDZYglcz An Ichiro Topps Mint Auto #'d/55 originally...
  12. icollectichiro

    Ichiro Jersey Collection

    Just wanted to post some pics of my Ichiro jersey's. None game used or Autographed yet! The Limited Edition jersey has a cool story behind it. Collectingichiro.com did a write up about it here is the link if your interested http://www.collectingichiro.com/jersey.htm Thanks for looking and...
  13. icollectichiro

    Any Freedom Card Board Members have a YouTube Channel?

    Hey guy's the holidays make my job super slow. With all the free time I've been searching YouTube and it got me thinking if any fellow Blowout Members have a channel I could check out or even outside of Blowout. I follow Tan Man but does anyone else have any suggestions?
  14. icollectichiro

    FS 46 eBay listings 24hrs to go- Tyler Glasnow, Miguel Sano, Francisco Lindor, etc.

    Hey guys I have more listing this week and the auction ends in 24 hrs. Most of them are in at least 2 card auto lots...(Tons of Rookies) - Tyler Glasnow, Adrian Gonzalez, David Wright, Matt Moore, Dee Gordon, Pat Burrell, Kolten Wong, Ryan Zimmerman, Jordan Zimmerman, Brian McCann, Miguel Sano...
  15. icollectichiro

    FS/FT Nick Markakis 1/1 Triple Threads Wood Auto Patch + more

    For sale I have a 2011 Topps Triple Threads Wood 1/1 Auto, Bat, 2 Patches, 2010 National Chicle Bat #'d/199, 2008 Topps Auto, and 2010 Topps 206 Framed Silk #'d/50. A very nice lot for a Nick Markakis or Orioles collector. Asking $165 or would consider trade for rare Ichiro items. Please PM me...
  16. icollectichiro

    FS/FT My eBay-Gary Sanchez Auto & 15 Card RC Lot, Manny Machado RC Auto, Addison Russell RC Auto,etc.

    My eBay-Gary Sanchez Auto & 15 Card RC Lot, Manny Machado RC Auto, Addison Russell RC Auto,etc. Hey there I just added about 20 items to my eBay with starting prices of .99 for all and running for a week. The highlights are Gary Sanchez Elite Auto and 15 RC lot, Manny Machado Finest RC Auto...
  17. icollectichiro

    WTB Buying 2001 Upper Deck Update R.O.Y. Ichiro Gold

    I need help completing a project I've been working on for a while. I'm trying to put together the 51 card set of 2001 Upper Deck Update R.O.Y Ichiro Gold set. Each card is numbered to 100. I have 32 of them but the search has kinda stalled out. I need the following card's- 4,7,8,10,11,13,15,16...
  18. icollectichiro

    Hello Fellow Collectors!

    Hey there guys, I just joined FCB and am excited to talk with others with shared interests within the community. I am new on here but not to the hobby mainly baseball. I recently started a website to display my Ichiro collection. I posted a thread under "Baseball" yesterday you can find it...
  19. icollectichiro

    My Ichiro Collection

    Hello fellow collectors, I've decided to start a site featuring my Ichiro collection. It went live about a month ago. The site still has quite a ways to go but I have a lot of cards posted already. It will be evolving daily! A lot of hard to find parallels and cards that are rarely seen. If you...

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