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    TOS - FCB Group Sub - Applicable from June forward

    Is there still a BGS submission going?
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    WTB Looking to buy Houston Astros autos

    Looking for astros autos. Please let me know what you have and prices. Thanks
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    FS Clint Frazier chrome auto for sale

    Looking to sell a Clint Frazier bowman draft chrome auto. Looking for $50 dlvd. Will post pic later as I'm at work at the moment.
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    WTB Looking to buy a few JJ Watt cards

    Hey guys, I don't do football. My 7 year old son loves JJ watt. While in Walmart he wanted to buy some football packs. I told him not from here. So I thought I'd see if anyone had some Watt cards, even just base cards. Please let me know what you have with prices. Thanks
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    Anyone live around Columbus, Ga?

    I know this should probably be in general chat. But this side gets more traffic. Anyway next month ill be in Columbus, Ga visiting my son who is in basic training. He gets a family 2 day pass and I want him to have fun and eat good since they have been working him hard the last six weeks. Was...
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    FS Jonathan Singleton 2010 elite autos F/S

    Will get scans up soon. Looking for $14 ea dlvd. I have 4 of them or will sell all 4 for $50 dlvd.
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    2013 bowman prospect challenge code free to first person

    Here you go code is 4447SL6G
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    Bryce Harper 2012 Bowman draft superfractor has been pulled

    Don't know if this was posted yet. Also I don't know how to post YouTube videos with my phone. User I'd on YouTube is HOFjeter. Seen it posted on blowout.
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    Any hunter pence collectors on here?

    Just wondering if there's any hunter pence collectors on here? Have a few cards I'd like to send to a pence collector.
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    FS Mike Zunino autos for sale, chrome and sterling.

    Ill post pics when I get home tonight. I have 1 chrome auto ($45) and 4 sterling autos ($25 each) would sell as a lot for $135. Thanks
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    Huge shutout to Erich!

    I contacted Erich regarding a 2012 Leaf memories nolan Ryan buyback auto. And I gotta say he gave me a really amazing deal!! ( Dont want to go into details) Ill post a scan later, don't know how to on my phone. Thanks so much Erich!! It's greatly appreciated!!!!
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    WTB Looking to buy a Mike Zunino auto

    Prefer a chrome auto but will consider a sterling. Let me know what you have with prices
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    FS George springer chrome auto lot for sale. Bgs 9.5 x3

    I have 4 2011 bcdp autos of george springer. 2 are bgs 9.5 w/10 auto and 1 is bgs 9.5 w/ 9 auto and 1 is just a base auto. Will sell all 4 for $70 dlvd! Only selling cause i need the money asap. Thats why im selling so low.The base sells for close to $20 and last 9.5 sold for $35.
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    FS 2012 Bowman autos F/S Pictures inside

    Have these for sale, please make offers, I havent checked ebay so no idea what they are going for. But will check to see if offers are fair. Eric arce, Tommy Joseph Refractor, dante bichette jr,dean green, brad peacock, and nick maronde
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    Who's the Rockies super collector?

    I think his id is superfractor, but not sure. Does anyone have his address? I have something for him. Please pm me. Thanks
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    FS Anyone interested in a 2012 BC jake marisnick red refractor?

    I pulled one. It's 1/5 and can provide scan tomorrow if needed. Looking for around $100.
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    FS 2011 Bowman Draft autos F/S, Springer, Bauer, Byrce Harper 2010 BC, Scans and prices inside

    Looking to sell these cards, here's what I have. autos are not blurred, thats from my scanner for some reason. All prices dlvd with DC in a bubble mailer. 2011 BCD Trevor Bauer auto x2 $45 ea James Harriss refractor $7, Jake Hager $4, Michael Fulmer $4, Jose Fernandez $11, Cory Spangenberg $8...
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    F/S chrome autos, bubba, Bauer and Bradley.

    Looking to sell these cards, here's what I have. Can get scans tomorrow All prices dlvd with DC in a bubble mailer. 2011 BCD bubba starling auto $65 2011 BCD Trevor Bauer auto x2 $50 ea 2011 BCD Archie Bradley auto x3 $30 ea 2011 BCD Archie Bradley Aflac auto $55 2011 BCD kolton Wong auto $15
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    Need to sell these, bubba starling and George springer

    Just got a bubba starling fresh from topps, beautiful card, asking $73 dlvd. $80 each on these 3 $125 dlvd $350 dlvd on this purple
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    Scans of my Springer and Bundy stash (no cell pics)

    Daveyou this is just for you!(no more hand modeling) I finally got internet at home and no longer have to use my Iphone to take pics. I scanned all my Springer and Bundy cards. Enjoy! (sorry if the pics are big, its been awhile) Also missing a few cards that are at BGS, a few base bundys and...

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