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    Mystery packs for sale

    I have 12 of these mystery packs available. I packed them up over a year ago, but did nothing with them. All I can remember about them is that each one contains 10 cards, 1 of which is an autograph card. They are $5 each, but if you buy them all, I'll cut you a nice deal. No these aren't trash...
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    Small lot I want gone please

    Feel free to make me an offer. I'd like $20 for the lot, but will take other offers. Along with this will come the remaining supplies I have as I am getting out of the card collecting hobby and am only holding onto a select few cards.
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    Take them off my hands

    Lot sale...take them. I'm reducing the small collection I have to focus on other projects I have going on. These aren't anything huge, but in my opinion, there is some good stuff here. Take the lot for $35 shipped. If you need more info, let me know. I'll even throw in the extra supplies I have...
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    Baseball cards to move...cheap

    Looking to move some unwanted cards for cheap. What's the best way to do it here? Do people run sale or auction threads. I'm fairly new to this site, so any help would be great. Would rather do it here before heading to ebay. A lot sale would be a great option too. Thanks.
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    Looking to get these out of the house!

    Looking to just get rid of these as I don't feel the passion for collecting that I once did. I'd let them go for $20 plus shipping. Just newer baseball. Bunch of inserts, rookies, and even a couple autos are mixed in. Let me know. I just want them gone.

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