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  1. klute14

    Heading to Seattle next week and taking in a Mariners game on 8/9!

    I've never been to Seattle before and was wondering if anyone that has or lives there can give us some ideas on some things to do. I think we are looking to do the underground city, Pikes Market, The Space Needle and maybe Mt. Rainier. We are also touring the park before the game that night.
  2. klute14

    Anyone that has a Worthpoint subscription care to help me out?

    Could anyone look up what this card sold for: 2017 Topps Museum Jim Rice Jumbo Bat Barrel Nameplate? It would be much appreciated. Thanks, Keith
  3. klute14

    Would anyone with Worthpoint like to do me a HUGE favor?

    If so, could you look up what this card has sold for in the past? 2017 Topps Museum Jim Rice Jumbo Bat Barrel Nameplate? 1/1. Thanks, Keith
  4. klute14

    A Couple more Jim Rice rainbows....

    2016 Immaculate
  5. klute14

    2017 Jim Rice Topps Tribute Rainbow!

    /99, /1, /25, /50, /10 /99, /1, /25, /50, /10
  6. klute14

    WTB Who has 1999 Fleer Brilliants Gold Cards?

    I am working on the set. The cards are #'d to 99. Here is my want list: 2 Derek Jeter 7 Pedro Martinez 8 Cal Ripken Jr. 10 Chipper Jones 24 Ken Griffey Jr. 27 Frank Thomas 30 Mike Piazza 36 Damion Easley 51 Chan Ho Park 53 Derrek Lee 58 Matt Anderson 62 Ben Grieve 66 Sammy Sosa 74 Jeromy...
  7. klute14

    WTB I'm so close!!!! 2002 Donruss Originals Master Set!

    I have been pursuing this set since inception and I'm down to the last 17 cards to complete the Master Set. I know the set is going on 18 years but these cards have to be out there, right? The Nifty Fifty's are all #'d to 50. Here is what I need: 2002 Donruss Originals Nifty Fifty Bats 9...
  8. klute14

    WTB Who has Billy Wagner cards for me?

    Looking to add to my PC. I need a ton, base, inserts, GU and Auto's! Let me know what you have!
  9. klute14

    FS 2005 Topps Rookie Cup! Base, Reprint & Inserts! Price Drop!

    I have for sale 2005 Topps Rookie Cup Base set, 1-150, Rookie Reprint Set, 1-150, over 175 colored #'d parallels and 8 Auto's! Looking for $95 or Best Offer with Free Shipping! I also have (4) additional base sets and (3) additional Rookie Reprint Sets! Combo sets are $45 delivered. Base set...
  10. klute14

    Fishy Auction...

    This is not sour grapes by any means but something doesn't seem right here. I lost out on this auction last night: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Topps-Museum-Lumber-Jim-Rice-Red-Sox-Bat-Knob-Barrel-HOF-1-1/372131310598?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 What is weird is...
  11. klute14

    2017 Jim Rice Rainbow!!!

    I was fortunate to grab the 1/1 this weekend at the Shriner's Show in Wilmington, Mass.
  12. klute14

    Astros Team Collectors any player collector for the Astros, I need help!!!

    I collect Billy Wagner and have been having a hard time locating to regional issues. 1999 Nabisco/Alberstons #33. There is an auction on eBay that has 16 to choose from and naturally Wagner isn't available. 2001 Astros Team Issue #16 I would assume that this would be some sort of postcard...
  13. klute14

    2001 Topps Chrome Originals Refractors. Who has one?

    This set has always intrigued me, only because one of the guys I PC, Dave Parker, is included in this 10 card set. Here is the checklist: Roberto Clemente Carl Yastrzemski Mike Schmidt Wade Boggs Chipper Jones Willie Mays Lou Brock Dave Parker Barry Bonds Alex Rodriguez I have never seen a...
  14. klute14

    What was the first auto you ever pulled?

    Mine was a 2000 Topps Josh Girdley. Yours?
  15. klute14

    Red Sox Game Ticket Advice......

    I have (2) tickets to the Red Sox vs. Angels next Friday night. I should have no problem selling them, however there is a caveat. It's the night they retire David Ortiz's #34 . My question is, what is a good multiplier for these tickets? 1.50 x Face Value? 1.25? 2.00?
  16. klute14

    HUGE Red Sox 1/1 Pick up! HOF galore!

  17. klute14

    WTB Help me find these last 2 cards! 2004 Sweet Spot Classic!

    134 Nolan Ryan /1973 147 Ryne Sandberg /1990
  18. klute14

    COMC Completed Sale help.

    Can someone hook me up and please let me know what this ended up selling for? https://www.comc.com/Cards/Baseball/2013/Topps_Five_Star_-_Jumbo_Jersey_Relic_-_Five_Star/FSJJR-JRC/Jim_Rice/7119245 Thanks, Keith
  19. klute14

    FS HOF Auto's for Sale! - Archives! 1/1!

    All prices are delivered! 1 - Jered Weaver - 62/75 - $6.00 2 - Bruce Sutter - $8.00 SOLD 3 - Dave Parker - $6.00 4 - Billy Wagner - Blue - 27/99 - $7.00 5 - Billy Wagner - $5.00 6 - Billy Wagner - $5.00 7 - Dave Kingman - 3/199 - $10.00 1 - Sandy Alomar - 35/99 - $7.00 2 - Craig Biggio -...
  20. klute14

    3 Different Rob Dibble Rainbows....

    Not only do I PC Jim Rice and Dave Parker, I also have comprehensive collections of Lee Smith, Rob Dibble, Billy Wagner and Dave Kingman. Here are 3 different Rob Dibble "Rainbows" 2013 Panini America's Pastime 2014 Fan Favorites 2015 Tier One

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