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  1. clarkzac

    Shohei Ohtani 2018 Rookie Card Lot

    Went a little overboard on an auction last week Price is shipped and is OBO $175 delivered for all.
  2. clarkzac

    clarkzac's HOF Collection

    Over the last 10+ years, my collection focus has changed many, many times. I was 16 years old when I started opening packs again and really started to collect cards. Im a huge Twins fan, so I was going after any and everything that had a Twins logo on it. Then I started focusing more on the...
  3. clarkzac

    Small Sale Thread

    Looking to move the following cards. Will trade for HOF autos and Twins patch cards. I will try and add cards as I have time to go through what I currently have. I'm still working and have a 1 year old terrorizing my house so my free time is limited! Shipping- $3 no matter how much you buy...
  4. clarkzac

    FS Paul Molitor Full Game Worn/Issued Jersey

    Looking to sell my Molitor jersey. Have our first kid on the way and he's gonna need some diapers. This jersey is a 2016 Spring Training worn jersey. It is authenticated as being Team Issued, but that is due to the fact that it was authenticated after ST and was not authenticated directly off of...
  5. clarkzac

    clarkzac's Small and Humble HOF Auto PC

    Finally had a chance to scan and upload my very small and humble HOF autograph PC. I have some others on 8x10s, baseballs, and some signed Allen and Ginter cards. Of course my goal was to try and get as many of them as on card autographs, but sometimes the design worked well (Doerr) or they were...
  6. clarkzac

    Mail Day- Full Game Used Items

    I originally just posted these in the MT, but I'm still too excited about having them in my collection that I wanted to share with everybody else as well. A few years back I got into full game used items. It all came about while I was collecting Denard Span (still do, full sized game used only...
  7. clarkzac

    clarkzac's Twins Autograph Collection

    So I decided to steal MrMet's idea, which was to steal dano7's idea and start a thread containing all of my Twins autos. As of the posting of this, I don't have all of them scanned yet. I downloaded what I had on Photobucket, but only to find out that I'm way, way behind on my...
  8. clarkzac

    Low End Autos and Relics

    If this is in the wrong spot, I apologize. But for those that don't know, my wife (still getting used to calling her that) is a 5th/6th grade teacher. Last year she had me make up some 'packs' of cards for her classes prize box. Last year I put a low end auto or relic in each pack along with...
  9. clarkzac

    Quarter Sales- Everything is $0.25 (Baseball) Inserts, Refractors, RCs, Parallels, etc.

    Everything is sorted by price, and then mostly by team. Scans of 9 cards will be posted and then followed by numbers. Type the number of the card you want to claim the card. Shipping will be a flat $4. The format will be like this- 'Scan' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 SOLD 2 SOLD 3SOLD 4 SOLD 5...
  10. clarkzac

    Fergie Jenkins Signed Baseball Giveaway

    So Scott (@MrMet) was kind enough to get a ball signed by Mr. Jenkins with a few inscriptions to upgrade the one I'm giving away. The guys in the morning thread know already, but I just got married this past Saturday to the most beautiful bride. We have been together for over 7 years and...
  11. clarkzac

    2013 Allen and Ginter HOF Autos

    Decided to do a little show off thread. I'm in the process of unpacking my collection right now, and just pulled these out. I've been working on these for a few years now. Started the collection while in college so I was on a budget. Well, I graduated last year, and one year and 10 days after...
  12. clarkzac

    TwinsFest Recap

    Just got done scanning and uploading my pictures from TwinsFest and figured I might as well post my recap tonight while it is fresh. TL/DR: Got lots of autos and game used items at TwinsFest. Pictures at the bottom. Sorry for the jumbled mess and wall of text. Trying to describe 2 days worth...
  13. clarkzac

    TwinsFest Recap

    Just got done scanning and uploading my pictures from TwinsFest and figured I might as well post my recap tonight while it is fresh. TL/DR: Got lots of autos and game used items at TwinsFest. Pictures at the bottom. Sorry for the jumbled mess and wall of text. Trying to describe 2 days worth...
  14. clarkzac

    Collection Milestone Contest

    Recently I hit a milestone on one of the sets I'm working on. Only a few members that frequent the TTM section know that I've been working on getting the entire 2008 Allen and Ginter set signed, minus the deceased historical figures and architectural cards. Recently I got in my 150th (152nd to...
  15. clarkzac

    Best Game Day/Weekend Experience Ever

    Warning, long read coming up, feel free just to scroll through for pictures. This past weekend I was able to make it to Minnesota to catch three games with my dad, two against the White Sox and one against the Royals. Keep in mind that it is a total of 11 hours driving for me to get to...
  16. clarkzac

    FS 2014 Topps Mini Pink(/25) and Gold (/63) Lots

    Prices are delivered. Will sell both lots for $60 total, that brings the total to $1.88 per card! 2014 Topps Mini Gold Parallel Lot, all serial numbered /63- $50 ($2.18 apiece) Paul Goldschmidt Gerrit Cole Matt Holliday Jose Iglesias Ian Kinsler Francisco Liriano Ben Zobrist Alex Avila Wilmer...
  17. clarkzac

    FS/FT Mixed Assortment- Chrome Autos, Kris Bryant, Game Used, Serial Numbererd, and Short Prints

    Looking to move some inventory these next couple of weeks while I'm on break. All prices are OBO. If trading, looking for on card HOF autos, signed 8x10s, or signed OMLBs. Shipping- $2, spend more than $15, then free shipping Rusney Castillo- SOLD Jose Berrios- $23 Willy Garcia Blue Auto-...
  18. clarkzac

    FS 2014 Topps Mini-Pedroia Auto, Tanaka Relic, Trout Gold, Golds /63, Pinks /25

    Please add $2 shipping to all orders Autos/Relics- Dustin Pedroia auto- $50 Masahiro Tanka Relic- $20 Chris Davis Relic- $4 Cliff Lee Relic- $4 Hisashi Iwakuma Relic- $4 Robinson Cano Relic- $4 Pinks- $5 unless marked JD Martinez Craig Kimbrel- $6 Andre Rienzo RC Jhonny Peralta Darin Ruff...
  19. clarkzac

    FS/FT 2011 Mike Trout RCs, Derek Jeter SP, HOF, and much more

    I know sales and trades are few and far around here, but thought I'd post this here as well. Looking to get rid of some stuff. Please add $2 shipping for purchases less than $10. Spend $10 or more and shipping is free. I will trade for 2014 Topps Update All-Star Stitches relics or HOF Autos...
  20. clarkzac

    Gold Glove Finalists Announced

    The top three finalists at each position have been announced. Any thoughts or discussions? There seem to be a few questionable calls, even though these are just the finalists, not the winners yet. I would love to see Denard Span win a GG, but part of that might be my bias towards him...

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