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  1. metallicalex777

    Zunino RC superfractor auto 1/1, Hassell red auto /5, Walker RC blue auto BGS 10/10+

    Hello, I have the following cards for trade. Prices are posted, and offers are welcome. Willing to work out a lot deal as well if there is interest. If looking to add cards to a deal, I am looking for: Mike Trout auto Ken Griffey Jr auto (Mariners) Randy Johnson auto (Mariners) Felix Hernandez...
  2. metallicalex777

    Luis Robert RC Auto 1/1, Sapphire Draft/Chrome/UEFA/GPK, Bowman Heritage & More!

    I've got the following cards available for sale/for trade/BO with prices posted. Shipping is $3.50, free for any deals over $100. Trade wants: Mike Trout, Ken Griffey Jr, Felix Hernandez, and Seattle Mariners NOTE: I have not yet listed my base cards from the recent 2020 Sapphire releases...
  3. metallicalex777

    2017 Topps Update US50 Cody Bellinger RC Rainbow Foil / 2020 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire

    I have the following cards for sale/trade. Prices are flexible and shipping is $3.50 per transaction, free for anything over $100. Would love to move this as a full lot, but have individual prices listed as a reference point. If trading, I'm looking for Felix Hernandez and HOF baseball on card...
  4. metallicalex777

    FS/FT: Ohtani Ginter 1/1, Arenado Heritage auto, Turner RC auto, and more

    Hello All, I have the following cards available. Prices are posted, and if trading I am looking for higher end Felix Hernandez needs or high end Mariners of interest. Shipping is $3.00/free shipping for anything above $50 2020 Allen & Ginter X Shohei Ohtani silver mini 1/1: $350 2020 Allen...
  5. metallicalex777

    2020 Topps Chrome Ben Baller Edition - 3 Die Cuts!

    My box arrived yesterday afternoon, didn't get a chance to break until late last night and finally got around to getting pics of the better stuff. I'm PUMPED overall with how my box went... Got 4 colored parallels vs the 6 on average Got 1 1985 insert vs the 2 on average No LouBob RC base nor...
  6. metallicalex777

    An amazing Felix Hernandez PC addition - with a huge THANK YOU to Dustin / Hawk8!!!

    I want to give a public shout out and thank you to Dustin, AKA Hawk8 Over the years, I've made friends with some long term members I've met here on FCB over the years. A few of us chat every day, share our thoughts/fun/life/etc via an ongoing group chat and the occasional phone call, and have...
  7. metallicalex777

    LF: Smartwatch - Apple iWatch Series 3 or FitBit

    I'm looking for a smartwatch to use. Ideally an Apple iWatch Series 3, but am looking into cheaper options (main use is for heart rate). Would love to work out a trade if possible, but wanted to get some feelers out first. Thanks in advance! Alex
  8. metallicalex777

    Tool - Fear Inoculum - Rare Danny's Drum Kit Variant

    Looking for $120 PayPal shipped OBO Thanks! Alex
  9. metallicalex777

    FS Player Lots FS: Acuna/Torres/Albies/Soto/Devers/Tatis/Misc

    Looking to sell the following lots. Individual lot prices are posted and shipping is $3.00 for deals under $25. Update: Soto, Guerrero, and Tatis lot are sold. Entire lot price has been updated. Entire lot for 150 shipped Ronald Acuna Lot: 55 2017 Bowman Draft refractor 2017 Bowman Draft base...
  10. metallicalex777

    A baseball collectors comic book inheritance

    Howdy All! Okay, I cheated a bit with the title so I could feel "fine" posting this in the Baseball channel: Hello Everyone! I'm a fellow baseball card collector and grew up collecting, trading and selling with my Dad as a kid. He had loved comic books when he grew up, and always said I would...
  11. metallicalex777

    Did Royce Lewis have another person signing for him?

    ...or is his tired auto vastly different? I'm not an expert by any means so this is more for just discussion. My eyes make me believe there are two different hands signing his cards but was wondering if anyone else was thinking the same. The Rs and Ls are the standouts for me. Examples:
  12. metallicalex777

    FS/FT Mid/High End FS: Autos of Ted Williams 1/1, Maddux /5, McGwire /15, PATCHES & More!!!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a lot of cards from my PC available for purchase. Prices are all listed below, and most have wiggle room with serious offers. If you are listed in a full on lot please reach out to me directly and we can work from there as well. Let me know if you have any...
  13. metallicalex777

    FS/FT Mid-High End FS/FT: Nolan Ryan, Clemens, McGwire, Ozzie, Abreu, Big Tex - SCANS!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I have some new cards available with prices posted. Please do not be shy on making offers, I listen to them all but I respect and will respond to true/respectable offers. I am mainly looking to sell, but I am always interested in seeing what high end Felix...
  14. metallicalex777

    FS/FT High End FS: Ichiro patch auto, Trout auto, Mcgwire RC auto, Yount 1/1, etc. w/scans!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I have some new stuff available for sale. Only trades I would look into would be for high end Felix Hernandez cards (I'll be honest, I am picky). Prices are posted, but I will consider reasonable offers as well. Let me know your interests whether it is in this...
  15. metallicalex777

    1 Box Topps Strata: Caught Two Fish with One Hook - Wowzers!

    Happy Holidays Everyone! Stopped by the LCS last night during some last minute Christmas shopping and treated myself to a box of Strata. The shop only had four boxes left and I wanted to test the waters since the price point was decent. I will let the scans do the talking. Top card was this...
  16. metallicalex777

    2 Boxes of Archives Signature - Big Mac auto and Yount 1/1 with scans!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I wanted to post scans of my most recent 2 boxes of Archives Signature. They were MUCH better than my first two boxes (David Cone and Marquis Grissom). I'll let the scans do the talking: 2002 Topps T206 Robin Yount On Card Autograph 1/1: 1987 Topps Mark...
  17. metallicalex777

    FS/FT 2015 TTT FS: AllStar Book Patch 1/1, Bryant RC Auto, Puig 1/1 Auto & Vizquel Auto /99

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am looking to sell the following cards below. Only trades I would look at would be for 2004 Bowman Chrome Felix Hernandez autos in a BGS 9.5 with 10 auto slab (need a base, a refractor and an xfractor) as well as a 2013 Topps Chrome Mike Zunino pink refractor RC...
  18. metallicalex777

    Official FCB Player Collectors Thread is now easy to find!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, The regular season is soon coming to an end which means many of us player collectors are awaiting to find great pickups at non-performance prices. With that in mind, lets make sure we have all our resources available to either track down collectors to sell/trade...
  19. metallicalex777

    4 boxes of 2015 Triple Threads - Omar, Bryant, Holland All Star Patch 1/1 and Puig 1/1

    Hello Ladies and Gents! Busted some annual boxes of Triple Threads recently and this year feels like their are a TON of hits and value compared to the last couple years. It really helps when the LCS allows for a tab and hopefully this can work out to my favor lol. I didn't have time to type...

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