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  1. wolfmanalfredo

    WTB 2015 Topps Chrome Trevor May Red Refractor Auto

    Title says it all. My last need for the rainbow. I'd be willing to discuss a finder's fee as well even though it's not a crazy high dollar card. Sent from my SM-G960U using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  2. wolfmanalfredo

    WTB WTB Interested in 1958 Topps PSA

    Looking for slabbed 58 topps to complete a set. I'm putting a set together for a project, any grade 1 and up will do for cards I don't already have. Seeing if there are items out there. I have submissions in for a few lots, but interested to see if the boards have extras. Looking PR1 to NM7...
  3. wolfmanalfredo

    My 1958 Topps All Star Thread

    I wanted to share my existing and new pickups. This year 1958 was the first All Star set for Topps and by far my favorite. I've been away from the hobby for a while and recently have been more interested again. This is a 20 card group on the back end of the 1958 topps set. This starts at...
  4. wolfmanalfredo

    3 hours, 5 targets, 2 walmarts later, 16 bowman and a bunch of 17 topps chrome

    Starting the break shortly. Let me know if you're around. 2 racks of 2016 bowman, 5 racks of 2017 topps chrome, and 3 blasters of 2017 topps chrome. Still have more chrome at the last target if this doesn't satisfy lol. Sent from my SM-G920P using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  5. wolfmanalfredo

    Found a few racks of 2017 topps chrome

    Going to bust them shortly, visited family in Wisconsin and picked them up on the way back to Minnesota. Have a hard time finding them around home anymore. Sent from my SM-G920P using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  6. wolfmanalfredo

    WTB Looking for Puckett, Killebrew, Blyleven, twins

    Hey, I'm looking to see what Puckett inserts and 1983-1985 rcs that are floating around on the boards. Also looking for vintage senators and twins pre 1980. Open to vintage and modern Killebrew as well as vintage Blyleven and modern. Preferably pictured as s twin in the modern stuff...
  7. wolfmanalfredo

    WTB Looking for Fran Tarkenton.

    Vintage! Let me know what you've got. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  8. wolfmanalfredo

    WTB Looking for Kirby Puckett!!

    Looking to horde more rookies even though I have more then any one person should ever have lol. Interested in just about anything else Puckett, and vintage. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  9. wolfmanalfredo

    FS Looking to sell some 90s Kirby Puckett Refractors and more

    Going on vacation with my girlfriend and her daughter so I'd like to raise any more funds that I can. Here is what I can move: 93 finest refractor 94 finest refractor 94 Bowman's best refractor 95 Bowman's best refractor 96 finest bronze refractor 96 finest silver refractor 96 finest gold...
  10. wolfmanalfredo

    Refund back to a PayPal card question

    Recently bought something with my PayPal debit that I ended up returning. So I was wondering if anyone has done this before and has an eta on when funds could be redelivered to my account. Any input would be appreciated, having trouble finding answers online. I apologize if this is the wrong...
  11. wolfmanalfredo

    FS 2002 Bowman heritage Joe Mauer Auto Rc FS

    Looking for 50 dlvd obo....can get a pic up later today when I get back home but the card is clean and crisp...need some quick PayPal so let me know Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  12. wolfmanalfredo

    WTB WTTF/WTB PC items: Puckett, Thome, Vintage, HOF/Vintage Star Auto/GU, More

    Interested in the following, keep in mind there are select things I'm looking for, but if the price/value is right I'm happy to add doubles: Kirby Puckett: -Rookies 1983-1985 -Refractors -90's inserts, hi or low numbered cards -Oddball -Auto/GU Bert Blyleven: -Auto/GU -Vintage (pictured as...
  13. wolfmanalfredo

    FS 2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck pose variation SP FS (pic added)

    Recently pulled one, and am looking to sell it. I'll have a pic up shortly, but I thought I'd feel it out in the meantime. Looking for 70 paypal delivered, but am willing to negotiate. lmk if you're interested. Sorry if the pic is large, uploaded from my phone. Edit: having trouble...
  14. wolfmanalfredo

    WTB WTTF/WTB 1995 Finest & 1996 Topps Chrome Kirby Puckett Refractors

    I have examples in my Puckett PC already, but I'm working on another side project and these 2 are the last pieces I need. If you have one or both available, or know of someone who does, please let me know. Thank you, -Andy Finders fee may be available if a deal can be worked out.
  15. wolfmanalfredo

    FS Sold

  16. wolfmanalfredo

    FS Need some paypal, variety of cards available (prospect auto's/paralels, hof gu, etc)

    I'm always interested in trading, but right now really only looking to sell. I'll list off the scans, and we can talk prices if interested via pm. pwalecki refractor auto cecchini refractor auto cecchini bowmans best xfractor /25 I will keep adding scans, right now the forum won't let me...
  17. wolfmanalfredo

    Contest!!!! Knock Knock.... Winner Mozzie22

    Knock Knock....
  18. wolfmanalfredo

    FS Anyone need 2012 Topps Chrome Bernard Pierce lot?

    I've just busted a few blasters and noticed I had a small lot. Consists of: Chrome #213 Chrome variation sp #213 Chrome tallboy throwback #25 Have various other cards out my blasters, so let me know if you're interested.
  19. wolfmanalfredo

    FS/FT FS/FT 2012 draft Mike Zunino Non Auto gold refractor #' d/50 (scan added)

    Looking for around 60SV. Also have 4 chromes, and 4 paper bowman if interested let me know here or pm. EDIT: Here is the scan from the break, the card is the Zunino on the bottom left. This scan is courtesy of Andrew @allincards
  20. wolfmanalfredo

    Post 7,777 contest!!! Winner Devin! (consolation giancarlo stanton, JEBJJA)

    Hey everyone. I've reached a random post milestone that I happened to notice, so I'm going to throw a contest in your face :D. So here is how it works: Pick a number 1-1,000 and I will select a random # through random.org, and select a winner. Just like all my past contests, price is right...

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