Our “FREE Trial” promotion has been extended

SportsWanted.com is excited to announce that we have officially extended our “FREE Trial” promotion through October 31, 2008. All members now have an extra month of:

FREE Auction Listings
FREE Auction Listing Upgrades
FREE Store Fronts
And FREE Wanted Ads

We want to encourage everyone to try out all the different features that SportsWanted.com has to offer. This promotion was a huge success during our launch and we plan to keep it going.

“What’s New”

Our “What’s New” section is growing everyday with information from around the industry. We hope that by having this section on the site it will allow you to stay up to speed on not only what’s currently out but also give you a sneak peak at what’s coming out. We are in contact with companies from around the industry everyday so we can be one of the first to bring you news and information that matters.

Card Shop and Card Show Directories

Thanks again to all the card shop owners and card show promoters who have taken the time to send us their information for our directories. We now have about 100 card shops and almost 250 card shows listed in the directories for our members to access. Remember having your business information in the directory is FREE. If you haven’t already done so and would like your business listed in our directory just send us the following information and we will have you up on the site today.

Card Shops:

Shop Name
Location (address, zip code, city and state)
Phone #
Contact Name ( if available )
Email ( if available )
Website ( if available )
Comments (anything you would like for your listing to say)

Card Shows:

Date/Dates (including show times)
Name of Venue/Location
Address (including city, state and zip code)
Contact Name ( if available )
Email ( if available )
# of Tables/Dealers
Website ( if available )
General Admission Price
Comments (anything you would like for your listing to say… how long you’ve been in business, what you specialize in, athletes that will be signing, etc…)

Around town

Now that we are off and running with almost 18,000 auctions our primary focus is to bring more collectors to the site. We will be distributing over 5,000 postcards advertising SportsWanted.com to collectors and dealers at various card shows across the country this weekend alone. We then will follow that up with over 20,000 more postcards going out over the next several weeks.

I personally will be at the Two Hearts Banquet Center show in St. Louis, Missouri talking to dealers and collectors about the site this weekend. If you are planning on attending the show in St. Louis let me know by emailing me at allen@sportswanted.com, I would love to meet you in person.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a quality product at a low cost to our members. Our site was designed with the sports collector’s needs in mind. Anyone who has had any dealings with us knows that are commitment to customer service is only exceeded by our commitment to the hobby. We are here to help collectors find a place to have fun, research information, network and conduct business. As we have said before we are not out to conquer the market we are only out to help make it a better place.

If you have any questions about any of the information in this newsletter or about the site please email me at allen@sportswanted.com. Send us your feedback because at SportsWanted.com your opinion matters. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the site.