I do not collect Basketball anymore and I just want these Gone. I would prefer to sell these as a lot but I will break up if I have to.

1988-89 Fleer Basketball
Horace Grant
Scottie Pippen
Otis Smith
Kenny Smith
Karl Malone
John Stockton
Mark Eaton
Larry Nance
Robert Parish
Akeem Olajuwon X2
Isiah Thomas
Charles Barkley
Spud Webb
Terry Porter
Chris Mullin
Magic Johnson All-Star
Charles Barkley All-Star

2000-01 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Joel Przybilla /999
1994-95 Stadium Club Hakeem Olajuwan Clearcut
1995-96 Upper Deck Special Edition Grant Hill
1994 Classic 4 Sport Classic Picks Grant Hill
1994-95 Flair Grant Hill
2000-01 Stadium Club Never Compromise Tim Duncan
2000-01 Topps Chrome Jason Terry All Etch Future Force
2002-03 Upper Deck Jason Terry Gold /100
1989-90 Fleer Michael Jordan
1990-91 Fleer Michael Jordan
2004-05 Upper Deck Emeka Okafor
2000-01 Finest Finest Salute Elton Brand/ Steve Francis/ Baron Davis/ Lamar Odom/ Jonathan Bender/ Wally Szczerbiak
1999-00 Ultimate Victory Shawn Marion
1995-96 Upper Deck Predictor Michael Jordan
2000-01 UD Black Diamond Michael Jordan Jordan Diamond Gallery
1995-96 UD Collector's Choice Michael Jordan Jordan Collection #'s JC9 & JC12
2007-08 Bowman Chrome Manu Ginobli Xfractor /50

2006-07 Topps Turkey Red
Brandon Roy
Rudy Gay
Marcus Vinicius
Vassilis Spanoulis
Solomon Jones
Ike Diougu
Dee Brown
Rajon Rondo WHITE
Tyrus Thomas RED
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar BLACK

Let me know.