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Thread: My Recent HOF/Veteran Patch and Autograph Pickups...Scans Galore!

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    That Spahn is nasty.

    Funny on the 2001 FOTG patches. I have 2 Eddie Mathews patches the regular century #d to 21 with a holographic leaf logo and a jersey number version not numbered with a regular leaf logo (like your Aaron). Weird how one is numbered and one is not I also have a Don Drysdale jersey number version and its the same way.

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    [MENTION=3754]MansGame[/MENTION] - Thanks Mac! Certainly scratches off a large piece of the wantlist.

    [MENTION=2413]MojoDan[/MENTION] - Very much appreciated...and that means A TON coming from you

    [MENTION=4428]MrMet[/MENTION] - Thank you and great to please a Mets fan

    [MENTION=1794]A_Pharis[/MENTION] - Thanks Adam! The Ryan will be forever enjoyed. Your steals as of late have been top notch yourself

    [MENTION=9032]Bogeysave82[/MENTION] - Thank you! I will definitely miss the Clemente that went to a great home but it was more than worth it.

    [MENTION=7126]katieneack[/MENTION] - Thanks for the kind words. I actually have two of those Brocks and the Ted Williams auto is my favorite card at the moment

    [MENTION=2642]mrwhitesox30[/MENTION] - VERY much appreciated...coming from a collector like yourself I take that with pride How has your collection/recent pickups been lately?

    [MENTION=3743]55_marlins_sp[/MENTION] - Thanks Dave...and I hope it is detachable so you get it back on With the amount of different PC guys you go for, when are you going to go after a Hall of Famer?

    [MENTION=2464]bear0555[/MENTION] - Thanks for your comment and I will check your bucket soon

    [MENTION=4937]alexs64[/MENTION] - Thanks Alex dude and I hope the return home has been smooth.

    [MENTION=2958]383astro[/MENTION] - Yeah the 2001 Certified set has some great pieces. I would love to see the Mathews that you have

    [MENTION=1927]mlbsalltimegreats[/MENTION] - I just realized I misspelled your name when tagging so here you go...Thanks so much for the fun and I can't wait to catch up with you soon
    King Felix Hernandez Collector!!!

    My Felix Hernandez PC:
    Alex Alex's (metallicalex777) PC - Felix Hernandez Album

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    Good lawd, sir!!!!!!
    The Stengel is a jaw dropper and the Williams ain't no slouch either.
    My Bucket
    I'm currently looking for '69 Topps Mets buy backs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metallicalex777 View Post
    @55_marlins_sp - Thanks Dave...and I hope it is detachable so you get it back on With the amount of different PC guys you go for, when are you going to go after a Hall of Famer?
    I have a VERY small Bob Gibson PC going. I see other guys (George, Adam, you) with some Gibby acquisitions and that deters me immediately back to the wrestling DVD's, lol.

    The BEST Josh Johnson collection you'll ever see

    JJ count: Total Cards: 2,443 Autographs = 886, 1/1's = 125, Patches = 228, Jerseys = 209, Buttons = 2 and MLB Logoman = 1

    Also collecting: Dennis Northcutt, Titus Young, Bilal Powell, Josh McCown, T.J. Graham, Gino Guidugli, A.J. Vanegas, Tony Zych, Philip Pfeiffer & Mike Sims-Walker.

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