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Thread: This Weeks Hot List is LIVE.... and apparently a big deal on blow out.

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    This Weeks Hot List is LIVE.... and apparently a big deal on blow out.

    Sports Card Hotlist for June 30th 2013

    Posted on June 30, 2013 by Corry Gross

    Chris Davis Autographs and Rookie Cards

    Chris Davis is having a monster season. He already has 31 home runs, and it’s not even the All-Star break. He surpassed Brady Anderson’s record of most home runs by an Oriole before the All-Star break. In the first month of the season, he tore it up, and he is actually sustaining what he did at the beginning of the year.
    The prices of Davis’ autographs keep rising. His 2007 Elite autograph is up to the $130 mark after selling for $70 at the beginning of the month, and his 2008 Elite autographs are selling for over $50 after selling for less than $30.

    Zoilo Almonte Rookie Cards and Autographs

    Almonte made his Major League debut this week with the New York Yankees, and he started out with a bang. He hit a home run in his debut. In 10 games this season, he is hitting .310 with a homer and 5 RBIs.

    Because Almonte is a Yankee, his cards took a big jump up, and the home run in his first game couldn’t have hurt. Zoilo appears in 2010 Bowman Chrome, 2007 Tristar, 2010 Topps Pro Debut and most recently 2013 Topps Pro Debut. Shortly after his debut, his 2010 Bowman Chrome refractors were selling for good money. An orange refractor sold for $78, blue refractors were up to $46, and regular refractors /500 were up to $15-$20. His 2007 Tristar cards are interesting because his name is misspelled “Zolio” Almonte. His autographed cards in Tristar were selling around $40-$50 when they were selling for less than $5 before his call-up.

    Max Scherzer Rookie Autographs

    It’s not very often that a pitcher starts off the season with a 12-0 record. In fact, the last time it happened was back in 1986 by Roger Clemens. Scherzer has become the Tigers second ace behind Justin Verlander.

    Scherzer is getting the hobby attention he deserves. His 2007 Elite autographs are selling between $50-$80 recently, when they could have been had for $13 last month. His 2008 Topps Stadium Club autographs are now up to $40, and they only sold for $5-$10 last month.

    2013 Topps Pro Debut Yasiel Puig Base Cards

    We wondered how long Puigmania would last, but the guy keeps hitting and amazing baseball fans. His autographs have skyrocketed, and even base cards sell for crazy money. His 2013 Topps Pro Debut base cards run anywhere from $7-$15. The parallels of these cards are even crazier. His gold parallel /50 sells between $100-$150. Puigmania still exists, but how long will it last?

    2013 Topps Series 2 Evan Gattis Rookie Cards

    Although he is on the Disabled List, he is an amazing story and has a big swing. Evan Gattis had one certified card before Topps Series 2 came out, and none of him shown in a Braves uniform. In result, his Topps Series 2 base cards became very popular. They sell in the $3-$5 range and were even stronger at release. His black parallel /62 parallel sells for $45-$50, and his silver parallel /10 sold for over $100. Pretty solid coin for base cards.

    Nathan MacKinnon Autographs

    Selected 1st overall by the Colorado Avalanche on Sunday, MacKinnon has been nicknamed “The Next One.” Many compare him to Sidney Crosby. It is hard to get one of his autographs for under $100.

    Brad Miller Autographs

    Miller made his debut for the Seattle Mariners on Friday night. As of Sunday, he had still not had his first big league hit, but that time will come. He was hitting .356 in Triple-A. His 2009 Upper Deck and 2010 Topps USA autographs were selling for at least $15 a pop after his debut, when they were only around $5 the month before. His 2012 Bowman Chrome autographs are also up.

    2010 Aaron Hernandez Rookie Autographs

    Aaron Hernandez has gotten a lot of media attention, but all for the wrong reasons. Hernandez has been charged with of murder and it looks as if he will be in jail for a long period of time. The New England Patriots are offering their fans a chance to exchange their Hernandez jersey’s for one of comparable value for a couple of days in July. This is a great PR move by the Patriots. Hernandez was considered one of the best tight ends before his arrest (let the jokes commence).

    Because of the media attention, their has been plenty of movement in Hernandez’s cards. Buy it nows are being hit all over the place, and many of his cards have jumped a $5 bill or two.

    as to the blow out reference... Need a job writing and are under 12 years old...fcb is hiring! - Blowout Cards Forums
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