I began collecting oddball cards close to seven years ago, but only recently realized it was all I wanted to collect. Eventually I will be able to "graduate" to high-end cards, but right now I am very happy with the direction my collection has gone.

I recently sold off most of my random cards (some of which I had for 20+ years) and have now begun really keying in on growing my Griffey and Kobe collections. My first true player collection started with Kobe. To the true hardcore player collector, my collections are weak ... but I like them!

I have close to 100 Kobe cards and I honestly have not counted my Griffey cards recently as I have been adding to the collection, so it doesn't matter (as long as I am adding more unique cards).

My favorite cards are Griffey oddball, non-licensed and food-branded issue cards, and most recently getting into name brand promos and samples. I think because he was so popular and so many brands tried to attach themselves with him ... the variations are endless!

There is something exciting about adding a new oddball Griffey.

When I first started buying some of my Griffey cards (and my Kobe cards, for that matter) eBay was still pretty easy to get what you wanted for cheap. Those were the days of people mis-categorizing their auctions, or good LOTs slipping through the cracks for 0.99 cents. Those days are long gone. I have not even done eBay consistently for a good six to seven years.

Sometimes I kick myself for not adding more to my collection back when things were cheaper, lol!

Basically every low-end, commonly collected oddball, seems to go for for .99 cents these days, and ungraded MINT cards are almost impossible (from what I have noticed). My goal is to always try to find the ungraded versions. There is something much more satisfying to keeping all my cards in penny sleeves and in a box so that I can always pull them out and look through them.

I do buy some graded versions, but usually "just because" they are affordable. Generally the "8" grade is a cheapy version, because the 10s are generally out of my price range, for now. But, the real reason I like the ungraded versions is because a mint ungraded oddball card is like a virgin issued piece of gold to my collection. I hope to collect mint cards and then get them graded myself. That seems most satisfying, as a collector.

These are the cards I COLLECT. Because I also buy/sell, and have previously made a few bucks off eBay. Like I said, though, the days of buying low and selling high are few and far between unless you can buy big lots of quality cards and break them down. When I was a buyer/seller, that was not necessary. Many times I remember buying cards for 0.01 and then selling them for 0.99 cents, plus a buck more than I paid shipping ... if I could make $1-2 more dollars than I paid, I was very pleased.

Anyways, this is my introduction. I probably won't be on here a whole lot, but I have a new account and will be here and there. Maybe I will create an ongoing thread to post my new additions. I will be starting a new career soon, so I should have a few extra bucks to add a couple new cards each week.

Thanks for reading. And feel free to mail me your spare Griffey cards for the holidays