Question....what do you think about a company just tossing a brand away never to bust it out again? I think there are a ton of product lines this needs to happen to. My feeling is this....maybe it's not every year you release Ginter or Gypsy Queen or Elite (football, hockey, basketball)...but bringing them back when demand sees fit and the rookie class supports it seems smart to me.

Ginter is a semi-popular product....but I think it got a huge boost being really the only mid level baseball release for Topps during the summer and heat of the baseball season. Now that there are other things out, you will see this cool further than it already has. I just don't understand Gypsy Queen as it is poorly designed, poorly pulled off and there is already a Topps throwback set out there (see Ginter above).

I think part of the problem in the industry is that there is little to no innovation out there. Obviously with Chrome cards, there is no need to re-invent the wheel but I also think there is no sense on continuously going back to the same retro set over and over and over again. I will applaud Topps with bringing Inception to baseball/prospect...but some of that goodwill has been pissed away with releasing 2 of their top 5 most popular products in the same 3 DAYS where there has been at least 2 months of no rookie driven releases during the season.

This kind of turned into a rant....but thoughts on shelving a brand for a year, or two?