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Thread: I did it, I finally registered!

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    I did it, I finally registered!

    Hi guys,

    After 4+ years of lurking, I'm joining the community. What finally did it was a combination of Wes following me on Twitter, and a desire to respond to the recently-posted thread question about what shops we grew up going to.

    Like many others here, I collected baseball cards from age 10ish - when I received the 1992 Topps complete set from my parents for Christmas - through my late teens. Toward the end of high school and through college, the hobby was put on the back burner; my folks would still get me the complete Topps set and a few random packs for Christmas, but that became the extent of my collecting for a few years. After graduating from college, between the cost and the fact that I hadn't yet revealed to my girlfriend the full length and scope of my relationship with baseball cards, the hobby fell off my radar completely.

    And then... curiosity. Nostalgia. When I had stopped paying attention to the hobby in the early-mid-2000s, everything seemed like shiny, over-produced garbage designed to appeal only to the people who still thought baseball cards were a can't-miss investment. But here I was, in 2008, wondering about the state of the industry and hobby.

    I found blogs.

    I found forums.

    I found people like me, people who had collected cards as kids and now that they had the disposable income from Grown-Up Jobs, had returned to collecting.

    I found... Allen & Ginter.

    Cards with beautiful designs, reasonably-priced packs, and other adults who were collecting for the fun of it. My interest was piqued in a way I hadn't expected, and I spent the next couple of years spending an extra $10-12 on cards every time I found myself at Target.

    Eventually the worst of my itch was scratched, and this is where I find myself. I buy the occasional pack of cards (usually at Target but I try to get to a shop if new product is coming out); I had a blast doing pre-spring-training TTM for a couple years; and I enjoy reading about what's going on in the hobby, as well as what's gone on in the hobby over the past couple of decades (I can't believe my Topps Black Gold ABCD Winner is actually worth something!?).

    I look forward to continued lurking, and now occasionally contributing as well.

    Thanks FCB, keep doing what you do!

    *I don't think Wes is still following me on Twitter, but no hard feelings!

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    I did it, I finally registered!

    Welcome aboard man. Always nice to see new members who love the HOBBY aspect as much as we do.


    Need Moustakas, Hosmer and patches.
    I have no collecting focus, right now.

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