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Thread: Sometimes, an "awesome pick up" isn't a card or mem!

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    Sometimes, an "awesome pick up" isn't a card or mem!

    In my store, I like everything sorted together when possible.

    Meaning all the supplies together, all game used/ autos on same shelf, all Rc's in two binders, all packs/boxes next each other, etc. etc.

    I had about 10,000 cards in various monster boxes, shoe boxes, etc, with each holding .50 to $1 cards spread out between front, middle and back of my store due lack of space. It always irked me.

    Last week I was lucky enough to have [MENTION=2894]Mahoody[/MENTION] spot this awesome display piece near by and tell me about it.

    Well today I finally put the finishing touches on it and now EVERYTHING which used to bother me is now in one very easy to look sort through spot.

    How about you all, do you have any display/ furniture pieces which make your cards/sorting/selling/collecting awesome?
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