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Thread: Much needed info on this set

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    Much needed info on this set

    Started tinkering with older minor league cards and set could use more info on this set here
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any information greatly appreciated thanks!!!

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    1986 Southern League All Star set
    The 25 cards were created and printed by Donn Jennings, a card shop owner who sold the cards through hobby publications and card shows up through the 1990s.

    The set was printed in massive amounts (compared to other regional and team minor league sets) and was reprinted a few times as Canseco, McGwire, Bo Jackson and Glavine rose to stardom.
    I remember tables at card shows in Dallas having stacks of these sets for years.

    As a result, the set can still be bought for under $10.
    Even PSA 9 McGwires can be bought for a few bucks because of overproduction of the set.

    It's a cool set to own because of all the future stars in it.

    1 Bill Ripken
    2 Mike Yastrzemski
    3 Mark McGwire
    4 Gary Thurman
    5 Ron Karkovice
    6 Jose Tolentino
    7 Chris Padget
    8 Brian Guinn
    9 Luis De Los Santos
    10 Terry Steinbach
    11 Larry Ray
    12 Tom Dodd
    13 Bo Jackson
    14 Jose Canseco
    15 Alonzo Powell
    16 Glenallen Hill
    17 Brick Smith
    18 Todd Burns
    19 Dave White
    20 Paul Schneider
    21 Brian Holman
    22 Anthony Kelly
    23 Tom Glavine
    24 Cliff Young
    25 Kevin Price
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    Was one of my favorite sets back in the day - but the presses were definitely run hard and long on it
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    [MENTION=1900]Austin[/MENTION] thank you very much just the info I wanted!!! Nailed it thanks again

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