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Thread: WM 30 Predictions

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    Question WM 30 Predictions

    Wrestlemania 30 predictions:

    Pre-Show Tag Title Match: Rybaxel wins, taking advantage of the break up of the Real Americans (so Castignoli can rise to the top of the singles ranks).

    Diva's title free for all: Summer Rae wins title. Could also see Naomi winning it, but with Summer Rae & Natayla having heat right now, I see them putting the strap on Summer Rae.

    HHH / Danielson. I still think Danielson wins, but, if HHH wins, due to hijinks, Hogan will put Danielson in the title match (since he is the host). Otherwise, Danielson will win after HBK superkicks HHH by accident, with HHH putting himself in the title match, later on during WM30, because it's best for business.

    Shield vs. Kane & NAO's: Shield. Only way I see the Shield loses is if Dean or Tyler Black screw up, thus breaking up the Shield, which, right now, would be foolish, as much as they all deserve the mega pushes.

    Taker vs. Lesnar: Taker. Lesnar will be busted open. Taker will. It's gonna be a legit brawl and should be a classic.

    Andre Battle Royal: Last 4 in; Big E, Ziggler, Rusev & Big Show. Rusev eliminates Big Show to get the victory, setting up their feud.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Cena: Hopefully Wyatt. Then Cena can get the payback at Extreme Rules in a no DQ type match, or he could get 'hurt' there and make his comeback at SummerSlam and get the win over Bray there.

    WWE Title Match, Orton vs. Batista vs. HHH vs. Danielson: HHH wins. Crowd stunned. For anyone who says, "Well, WWE wouldn't screw the fans over at their biggest event of the year," guess what ? They've already got our money for the WWE Network. The buyrate on WM30 isn't gonna be huge, because of this. Plus, this gets more mileage out of the Authority, Danielson making the chase for the Title, introduces Sting tomorrow as the GM of Raw (to thwart the effort of unfair play of the Authority) and give fans more reasons to forget CM Punk ...

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    Divas - AJ retains

    HHH/Bryan - HHH wins

    Main event - Orton retains in a fatal four way

    Taker/Brock - Taker

    Tag team - Rybaxel

    Shield/Authority - Shield

    Battle Royal - no idea

    Cena/Wyatt - LOLCENAWINS

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    Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. The Real Americans vs. Matadores vs. The Usos
    Winners: The Usos

    Divas free for all
    Winner: Summer Rae will win via cheap shot or taking advantage of chaos

    HHH vs. Daniel Bryan
    Winner: HHH by some sort of screw job or double DQ, either way I think both will end up in the main event this requiring Stone Cold as special enforcer

    Shield vs. Kane & NAO
    Winners: Shield will take it as much as I wanna see a NAO win

    Andre Memorial Battle Royal
    Winner: Ret Mysterio

    Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
    Winner: undertaker has to take it.. Streak isn't over yet

    John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
    Winner: somehow Wyatt will take it in a break from the norm

    Orton vs. Barista vs. HHH vs. Bryan
    Winner: HHH will win tonight and lose it to Bryan tomorrow on Raw

    I kinda don't see how it's gonna take up 4 hours or 4 1/2 if the tag match is in the pre show
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