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Thread: Punk is officially retired....and afraid

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    Punk is officially retired....and afraid

    an article by Natalie Slater, CM Punk's high school girlfriend and one of his best friends. XTitled "My Friend is Famous, and it Sucks," Punk's name is never mentioned, but he's clearly the subject; the friend is described asX"the recently retired seven-time World Champion" among other things.

    Let's get that out of the way first: Yes, one of CM Punk's oldest and dearest friends says he's retired. XI guess that makes it official, regardless of how WWE has described his situation to investors ("on sabbatical") or in the roster directory used internally ("Injured/TBD"). XAfter 15 years in wrestling and just short of nine with WWE, it looks like he's really called it quits.

    Anyway, Slater writes about just how uncomfortable Punk's life has gotten as of late:

    Due to constant fan stalking and harassment, Punk has become "one of the most isolated people [she's] ever known."

    A few weeks ago, he found fans camped out by his dumpster when he took out his trash. XThey had been waiting there for hours.

    A few days later, a young fan and his mother were shoving Easter candy through the mail slot of his front door.
    Slater "lives with the constant fear that someone's going to stab him."
    Still, Punk refuses to hire a bodyguard.

    XWhen Slater suggested he do so, he said "That's stupid. XWhat am I going to do, drag some guy around with me forever? Why can't people just leave me alone?"

    The reaction I've seen to the article has been mixed and, honestly, very disappointing. XYes, Punk has a history of telling stories about his least-favorite fan encounters. XHe even worked them into his famous "Pipe Bomb" promo, singling out fans who camp out at the airport and shove a ton of photos in his face so he'll sign them and they can sell them on eBay. X

    For some reason, way too many comments I've seen, whether it's in the comment section of the article, on Reddit, or in the comments of other wrestling sites that linked the article, treat this as nothing different from the autograph seekers he's had to deal with.

    That's ridiculous, and to see people think that's no big deal is scary. XThis isn't your "normal" obsessive autograph/celebrity hunting. XThis is outright stalking. X

    Just because Punk didn't do the best job of keeping the location of his loft a secret doesn't mean he's invited fans to hang out there. XHe loves Chicago and doesn't want to move to the suburbs. XIt doesn't mean he should be punished for it.

    To me, it seems like the mystery around his situation has made fans' desire to see him more heightened and in some cases inappropriate. XMy understanding is that fans weren't coming to his home before. X

    Again, it's not his fault, but I find myself wondering if a statement of some kind would help. XHe's not a dumb guy, so it wouldn't shock me if he can't say anything until his WWE contract expires in July.

    Of course, this incident from WrestleMania weekend shows that it doesn't take a lot for some wrestling fans to stampede over the line (And yes, the guy who took the photo is the one who put the text on there, which makes it all the more ridiculous.):

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    Punk is probably retired in the same way the Rolling Stones are

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