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Thread: Solid article by Russo on why WWE is getting low ratings

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    Solid article by Russo on why WWE is getting low ratings

    Well worth the read.

    Here's a part I found interesting:

    But–in going all the way back to where I started—I had ZERO problem with the baby bull story from “Raw” last night—and here’s why: the show is rated TV-PG.

    The WWE has made it clear for years now that the “Attitude” is out, and the “Families” are in. Just a business decision. The same as when Turner made the decision to get out of the wrestling business. Was it that the WWE was now a public company? Was it that they wanted to attract more sponsors? Was it because family friendly content was easier to produce? Was it all of the above? Who knows? But, whatever the case—that’s the decision that was made from the top, and going forward that’s the road the company was traveling. So–when it comes to baby bulls, Easter Bunnies, dance-offs—-I have a problem with NONE OF IT—if family and kids are your target audience.

    But HERE is where the problem with the WWE and its current ratings lie.

    Vince McMahon said that to me many, many years ago, and it has become my #1 rule when scripting wrestling. What Vince meant was that when you make the decision to do something—YOU GO ALL THE WAY WITH IT! So, the WWE made the decision to go family friendly—they told us all–however, the problem is that they’re not going all the way with it—-they are BEING HALF PREGNANT. Is this because in reality they, themselves as a company, haven’t bought 100% into it, and are just trying to “appease” the board, or, are there other reasons simply steaming from greediness?
    Moments after the baby bull was decapitated from behind, John Cena was in the middle of the ring telling Bray Wyatt, “Payback is a B***H!”. Whoa—now wait a minute. If I brought little Johnny, and he came to see the baby bull—what do I do now? Do I cover his ears? Do I up and leave? Do I never come back to see another WWE event live? Do I stop watching the show all together? What do I do with this BLATANT MIXED MESSAGE THAT WAS JUST THROWN MY WAY?!!!

    “You can’t be half pregnant”.

    Could the reason they haven’t committed one way, or the other, be this simple—from a philosophic point of view—the WWE is trying to capture EVERYONE!? Whereas networks these days are going for the demo P (people) 18-49, the WWE is going for P 5-65. In other words—in typical Vince fashion—they want it ALL!!! And, in theory, there is nothing wrong with that—it’s how Vince made all that money. Go for it all—and leave nothing behind. But that’s only in “theory”.
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