First of all all, let me say that I own hundreds of of these supposed GU cards of Cal Ripken Jr. IMHO, there is no way they are all "REAL" game used. Imagine the syeps the companies have to go through before this little pieces of cloth gets to the little windows of the card.

1. Card company representative buys the Jersey.
- Where does he take it? His home? Office? He don't own the card company, he just work there and I'm sure ALL of them are
110% honest.
- He just spent 10K (or more) on 10 "GU JERSEYS". Does the card company provide him a safe to store these jerseys. Who gets
possession of these jerseys next? Let's bypass everyone and say he delivers the jerseys to the person responsible for cutting
2. The man in charge of cutting the materials gets the jerseys.
- How many different players' jerseys does he get? 1 player, no problem. Cut, bag and tag - Done. Then someone comes and
pick it up or he delivers it to who? He just got done cutting up 10K worth of materials, they're not just going to leave it laying
around, would they? Let's bypass the steps and continue to....
3. The person in charge of placing this little pieces of materials into the cards. If done by machine, "someone" still need to load/unload
the machines. All tis person have to go by is the "tag" on the bag. The tag says Cal Ripken Jr so IT MUST BE Cal Ripken Jr.
- Is this person doing one player at a time or multiple players at one time. As I stated above, even if card companies are using
machines to do this, there is a person working in this area.

With these three little steps and only three people (I'm 100% sure there are other steps and more people) involved, how much
security is involved? How many of the people involved are collectors and how many of them know the value of these jerseys? At some point of this process, someone making (let's be generous) $20 per hour have his hand on these items and say..... Hmmmmm, I make $160 a day minus taxes, and they want me to deliver 10K worth of jersey. I think I'll hurry and be on my way so I can come back and deliver more....Sure, they are ALL 100% honest, all of the people mentioned above.

Even if the jersey was really game used at the beginning, it becomes "questionable" at best by the time you open that pack and say "Yippeeeee, I got me a real nice 2 colors patch card" and it's serial numbered to 10 too". Then you pull the same patch card, serial numbered to 100 and this one is 5 colors and of course looks better that the 10, and then you ask yourself thinking out loud, "who's the idiot that did this? Man or machine?

I can type all day about my opinion on this but at the end of the day, it's the collector's choice. Buy or not buy. Personally, I buy the CARDS because I need/want it in my PC. I really don't care who/where the cloth came from. The piece of cloth are just bonus (I guess) and more colorful, the better they look in my binders...

Sorry for the long rant but it makes sense to me....