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Thread: Last RAW of 2014 thoughts.......

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    Last RAW of 2014 thoughts.......

    I had no idea that Edge and Christian were hosting. So that was a pleasant surprise.

    I wish WWE would have let Christian have some sort of retirement speech on air. He deserves it.

    I really liked the opening segment. Was entertaining and had a much different feel than usual. Seeing Brock interrupt E&C was great. Cena sucks as usual.

    Edge rocking a Sami Zayn shirt.

    Forgettable Rusev vs Ziggler match.

    The Ryback promo was a little odd to me. It was very interesting, but odd to see them take him in that direction.

    I like what they're doing with Nattie/Tyson and Nikki Bella. And I love Tyson's generic FACT shirt.

    Naomi and Miz's dynamic is great, with Jimmy Uso in the mix. I like that Miz has something going on other than the Mizdow storyline. And WWE is actually doing a great job of working it out where the Uso's wouldn't be around when the Miz/Naomi skits are happening.

    I really like The Miz. I didn't when he first came on the scene, but he really changed my opinion on him. He busts his ass in the ring, and has a great character. And Sandow has been great in any capacity.

    I still can't tell these Uso's apart.

    I love Miz throwing Mizdow into the super kick.

    Damn, super kicks galore in this tag match.

    Surprised to see the tag titles change hands on RAW.

    Naomi's ass is out of this world.

    They should never let Jey Uso talk on the mic ever again.

    Sooooo, we're supposed to believe all of the sudden that Jimmy and Naomi were just playing The Miz?

    DANIEL BRYAN is going to be live!

    Again, I love Cesaro's generic PROFESSIONAL shirt. I love that they're going in a disgruntled route with him. Maybe they'll let him have some wiggle room and get himself over. Unlikely. I heard he trashed his own entrance music at a live event the other night.

    Great to see Bad News Barrett back. Over/under 3 weeks before he's hurt again?

    BNB and Cesaro would make a good tag team. Bette than Tyson and Cesaro.

    This is the first time I've seen Cesaro do the swing in a while.

    And Cesaro jobs. Predictable.

    Luke Harper CAN be a great talent for WWE. I'm not sure he WILL be, but he CAN be. His stuff as Brody Lee is great. Right @AmishDave ?

    These Ascension promos are soooooooooooooooooo cheesy. They're doing a great job of making them hokey.

    Swagger needs Zeb back. Especially if the Rusev storyline is over.

    Harper vs Swagger, forgettable match. The crowd was really dead, except when Swagger was going his catchphrase through the match.

    JBL with the line of the night. "Harper with the Clothesline from Smell!"

    HAHA at Christian talking about Cena's dad. That was hilarious.

    Rollins vs Reigns starting off the final hour. With Big Show sitting on commentary to run interference.

    I really don't understand all the hate Roman has received since his return. WWE fans are so fickle. They clamor for new talent, then when they get it, they **** all over it. Last time this year Roman was the hottest thing around, everyone was screaming for him to win the Rumble, and this year, the fans are turning on him.

    Big Show's not too bad on commentary.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND Big Show causes the DQ. Another predictable finish.

    Roman literally just got buried, lol.

    Nice, Ambrose vs Bray next week in an Ambulance Match.

    Bray is so damn good on the mic.

    HEY! An R-Truth appearance backstage. He should join A New Day.

    The Santino New Years party should be entertaining.

    DANIEL BRYAN! That mini-lumberjack! He's cutting a great promo. Damn, I have goosebumps watching this. Man, I hope they have Bryan win the Rumble and face Lesnar at Mania.

    Uh, oh! Backstage kazoos! HAHA, Edge's stunt double.

    The Ascension are coming across corny as Hell, with all the grunting and face paint. They really are trying to make them like the Road Warriors.

    Cutting Edge Peep Show up next. Brock and Cena invited.

    Edge, lol. General Zod 2000 in reference to Rollins. Christian calling J&J the Geek Squad.

    HAHAHAHAHA! JBL is getting rivaled for line of the night. Edge busting out a Slick reference. "The Dr. Of Style Slick." And Christian follows with "He was a Jive Soul Bro, always lying to his friends." That's epic.

    Wow, they really made E&C look weak during this last segment.

    Rollins is really on fire with his promo. He's killing it.

    I was wondering how they were going to bring back The Authority. We all knew it was going to happen. Just a matter of how. I really like this way. Rollins was on it. Can't believe he said "I'm gonna kill him anyway."

    Curb stomp to Cena. Love it.

    I wish HHH and Steph would have came out to close the show.

    OOOOOH, Lesnar and Heyman coming out.

    Aaaaand there's HHH and Steph. It's like they were backstage the whole time.

    No Orton or Ambrose this week. The should would have been a lot better with them on it. But it was a great show.

    Resident Yadier Molina, and Pro Wrestling super fan.

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    I ****ing missed 1/2 the **** I wanted to see and watched the **** I could've easily lived without. Ascension's timing was off and seemed beyond nervous.

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