Beckett doesn't list this set, but Dave Weber lists a 2002 ESPN Hudson Valley Renegades set in his MiLB card database. Another site (instant replay sportscards) lists a "Hudson Valley Renegades (Stadium giveaway set: Valvoline Instant Oil Change/ESPN Radio WEOK 1390,WALL 1340)," with Shawn Riggans, Joey Gomes, Scott Autrey, Jason Hammel and Michael Prochaska included, but the site hasn't been updated since 2010 and my emails have bounced back.

The Joey Gomes card is one of four of his I'm missing, and [MENTION=4030]michaelstepper[/MENTION]'s 2016 goals thread got the gears moving again to try to track it down. Seems like it's one of those elusive giveaways, with most of them probably unclaimed or tossed. Anyone seen the set, or have a player in it?