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That's funny my friends and I play a drinking game while watching Monday night football... Everytime Gruden says "Mike" we all drink... He must say it 50 times a game...
Lol. He says the stupidest stuff. Sometimes it's actually funny to watch and listen to. Depends on my mood I guess. But normally, I'm busy getting work done while watching the games so I'm tuning some of it out. Sometimes not. Maybe that's why it annoys the hell out of me.

Another guy I lost respect for was Tony Kornheiser. Ever since he said the Rockets two championships didn't count because Jordan wasn't in the league, I refuse to listen to his crap. Sure I wish Jordan was playing so nobody could say anything. But, it doesn't belittle their accomplishments. Really ticked me off.

I don't know how you guys even get bothered by Skip Bayless. Dude is just looking for a reaction. That's why he says the outrageous stuff he says. I don't think anyone takes him seriously.