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Thread: Freddie Freeman reaches 2016 mlb season high 30 game hit streak

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    Freddie Freeman reaches 2016 mlb season high 30 game hit streak

    Move over JBJ, we have a new sheriff in town. Just posting this for fellow Braves fans, I mean JBJ got his own thread so...

    Freeman has quietly been putting together an MVP season on a last place team in which nobody seems to be aware of outside Atlanta.

    2016 Season - .308 avg 33 HR 88 RBI .982 OPS 6.5 WAR

    He's 2nd in WAR among NL position players and leads the league in OPS+ & XBH.

    Top 10 stats include
    .308 avg - 8th
    .406 OBP - 4th
    .576 slg% - 2nd
    .982 OPS - 2nd
    160 OPS+ - 1st
    101 Runs - 7th
    177 Hits - 6th
    43 Doubles - 2nd
    33 HR - 5th
    82 XBH - 1st
    331 Total Bases - 3rd
    6.5 rWAR - 2nd
    6.2 fWAR - 3rd
    155 wRC+ - 3rd
    .406 wOBA - 3rd
    30 Game Hit Streak - 1st

    So just about every stat out there outside RBI & stolen bases.
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    With Kemp rollin' again they can't pitch around him. Nice to see, i've always liked Freeman.

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