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Thread: Blaster Box and hanging pack of Archives from Target

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    Blaster Box and hanging pack of Archives from Target

    Blaster was pretty Meh. Got a 2005 Jeter Retro, but nothing else of note SP or numbered as far as I can tell. One mini of Ozzie Smith, so that was nice. Out of the Hanging pack though, I pulled this...

    Paging [MENTION=4428]MrMet[/MENTION] ...
    Collecting Gary and Joe Gaetti, Ozzie Smith, Kenny Boyer, Albert Pujols, Kirby Puckett, Joe Mauer,and Brian Dinkleman. PM me if you have something you don't need that I might!

    And if you want to friend me on Facebook, please let me know your online handle, since I may not know your real name!

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    Awesome! Pm sent

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