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Thread: Greetings-

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    Greetings all,

    I have been lurking for about a month here to see what the board is like.. and got to admit that it looks like a nice community. I was on BMB for a little while, but I found it a little on the stupid side, I mostly just stared in awe of the pulls that were posted or looked at box breaks. I collect baseball, football, and hockey. Ive been in the hobby since 1979 and have had a good run of cards since then.

    I have had two major catastrophes in my days- 1. when I was serving in Desert Storm, my younger sister took many of my "money" cards out of storage and gave them away to her little boyfriends.. so there went most of my older cards- anything in plastic pretty much disappeared and then in 1995 I had a hot water heater explosion that took out most of my basement and took out a few thousand football cards.

    Im not a big seller of my cards.. I don't even have an active ebay account. I kind of enjoy everything that I pull or buy. Im in it for the fun and not the money. My collection is quite diverse as I have probably approx 400-600k cards. But I do like to trade for things I like.

    I also collect animation art- cells and drawings from movies and television and have a great collection that Im very proud of..... looking forward to getting to know some of you and posting pics of my collection for the bragging rights

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    Re: Greetings-

    glad to have you here!

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