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View Poll Results: Who wins the AL MVP?

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  • Mike Trout

    3 7.69%
  • Jose Altuve

    19 48.72%
  • Aaron Judge

    14 35.90%
  • Jose Ramirez

    2 5.13%
  • Other (Explain)

    1 2.56%
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Thread: Your 2017 AL MVP?

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    Lightbulb Your 2017 AL MVP?

    With the season coming to a close I'm interested in sparking another intelligent baseball debate. Or you could just pick an option from the poll I created.

    Who do you believe is most deserving of winning the 2017 AL MVP? I was trying to think of 5 players to include in the poll but only four came to mind who I truly thought had a chance at 1st place votes so I included an "other" option for those who feel differently. Feel free to list the player's name & explain your reasoning if you wish.

    Mike Trout - (114 GP, 402 AB) .306 avg/.442 OBP/.629 slg% 33 HR, 72 RBI, 1.071 OPS, 22 SB (6.7 bWAR/6.7 fWAR)
    Additional Notes: Leads league in OBP, slg% & OPS. Missed roughly 45 games but still qualifies. 6th straight 6+ WAR season

    Jose Altuve - (153 GP, 590 AB) .346 avg/.410 OBP/.547 slg% 24 HR, 81 RBI, .957 OPS, 32 SB (8.4 bWAR/7.5 fWAR)
    Additional Notes: 4th straight 200-hit season. Leads league in bWAR, avg & hits. Runner-up in stolen bases & fWAR

    Aaron Judge - (155 GP, 542 AB) .284 avg/.422 OBP/.627 slg% 52 HR, 114 RBI, 1.049 OPS, 9 SB (8.0 bWAR/8.1 fWAR)
    Additional Notes: Single season rookie HR leader. Leads league in HR, runs, walks & fWAR. Runner up in bWAR, slg%, RBI & OPS

    Jose Ramirez - (152 GP, 585 AB) .318 avg/.374 OBP/.583 slg% 29 HR, 83 RBI, .957 OPS, 17 SB (6.6 bWAR/6.3 fWAR)
    Additional Notes: Leads league in XBH & doubles. Top 5 in avg, runs, slg%, bWAR, fWAR & OPS

    Other - Lindor, Betts, Simmons, Abreu, Dozier, Kluber, Sale, Upton, Sanchez, etc. (anyone other than the aforementioned 4 players)
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