K-Mh Negative Feedback list
*** Updated to 10/1/2017 **** The following names (and accusations) have been reported by facebook groups that we share info with. They range from minor negatives, to major scam artists. The aka’s, are alias profiles they're using on Facebook. The initials & names (in parentheses) are the groups and people that reported them. If you know of any people that should be added to the list, or have any questions / concerns ... PM me. I'll try to keep this list updated monthly, to keep our members safe and aware. Please keep in mind, the vast majority of these names were added because of other groups accusations. There are always two sides to every story. Although, I usually "err on the side of caution" to try and keep the group safe ... please PM me if you ever see a name that maybe shouldn't be on the list. I can look into it further, and remove their name, if justified.
K. Matthew Thomas - aka; Kyle Thomas
Kaicen B McKinley - Kid. Never sent trade cards to Aaron Tyson (SSE). Sent damaged cards to Scott Cyr (SSE). Admin Stephen Greenfeld (FB Obsession) had to get Kaicen’s Dad involved a couple of times to get deals completed (SSE) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004999429057
Kalecartwrigh_0 (<eBay ID) - Non pay for card purchased on eBay. Has good feedback because of eBay’s policy of not allowing sellers to leave negative feedback anymore. If you look at the positives you’ll see several Non payer comments. (8/30/17 - Rich Deien - SSE). Non pay for card purchased on eBay. (8/30/17 - Matt Baily - SSE). Non pay for card purchased on eBay to Mary Woolley (9/8/17 - SSE). Non pay to Emmanuel L Mina for card purchased on eBay (9/8/17 - SSE).
Kali Sawyer - aka; Robert Henderson
Kam's OTW Card, aka; Dugout Sports Cards - Reported as Scammer in SCS&FE
Kameron Jackson - aka; Braves Freeman, aka; Shaun Gravitt - Scammer - Kid w/ slight autism. He is an avid grapher, but uses his disability to get away with occasional scamming. As per Kyle Masters Simpson (12/27/15 - A101). Owes several collectors Autos, equipment and money (12/3/15 - Matt Traylor - MGCCC). Ripped off Joe Ed Bridges, saying he lost $300 in trade items he’d sent him. After Joe threatened to call the police he returned maybe $120 worth of the items. (12/11/15 - MGCCC). Removed from (BG) for posting items he didn’t own under a fake profile. (Chris Huskey - 9/22/15). Makes fake accounts and posts forged items for sale / trade. (12/30/15 - Alexa Pedersen - A101). Sent Alex Nawrocki a fake Jeter auto card in a trade. (2/9/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/kameron.jackson.5
Kane Williams - Non ship cards & wouldn’t provide tracking to Jordon George for cards purchased. Had to file a chargeback (6/9/17 - SSE). Non pay to Joe Kairn for breaks spots taken. (SSE). https://www.facebook.com/kane.williams.90857
Karl Audette - Caught scamming and after being caught confessed that he needed the money. Non shipping, Ran razzes and disappeared not shipping to winners. (4/4/17 - Jeff Lambert - HCGASL). https://www.facebook.com/karl.audette
Karma McGregor - aka; Chuck Day, aka; Chuck Karma
Kasey Walker - accused of not paying $200 to David DC Gonter (on Who's Who page)
Kathy Wilkes - aka; Chris Wilkes
Katie Mccullars - Not ship bat sold to JT Maiss. Excuses about her husband stealing her paypal card and not having money to ship. (10/1/17 - JT Maiss - SWOSNL). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013585593317
Kayla Hall - Scammer - Some guy (Chad?) supposedly using his girlfriend account? Supposedly she also collects & trades too. He/she/they never sent cards, kept giving excuses, and when confronted death threats were made. Pops up occasionally in groups with Jordan RC’s or expensive cards, trolling for trades / deals. Scammer. (SSE). Got Rich Gray (WWTFC). Owes CW Dubb and a couple others cards and money (SSE). 440 Forest Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008280464822
Kayla Stiltner - Scammer. (WWTFC). On banned list (COBCAM).
Kaylee McLaughlin - Negative feedback for Non pay after multiple promises and then blocked Paul James Kefalas on agreed upon deal (4/14/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/kaylee.mclaughlin1
Kayleigh Webster - On banned list (COBCAM).
KD James - Scammer - Also bad temper and foul language (RSCTAS)
Keegan Tuckonie Huey-Woods - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Keel Cane - Group Troll. Causes drama in groups and likes to start arguments. Was banned from Derek Miller’s group and started harassing him, contacting his family members and trying to get his breakers group shut down by reporting it. Also reported him to Paypal for gambling. (3/20/17 - Derek Miller - SEE). Caused drama in Richard Delgado’s group (3/20/17 - SSE). Ken Booher tried to PM him about the issue with Derek and he blocked him (3/21/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/Redsam183
Keith Brad - aka; Brian Cowden
Keith Doyle - Wouldn't refund for package that never arrived, that he also didn't provide tracking for. Roadrage reply when confronted about it. (VSBG)
Keith J Hull, aka; Keith Rockguy Hull - (FF)
Keith Parsons - (Edmonton, Canada) - Accused of selling $2500 worth of fake vintage baseball cards to Blake McIlravy in 2006. (1/25-17 - SSE).
Keith Vosburgh - Never shipped his end of trade (TRFP). Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Keith Worm - Non Pay to Jason Atterbury. Lies and excuses (3/6/17 - SEE).
Kelli Adams - Rob Adams
Ken Allen - aka; Kiley Barney https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012427487222
Ken Couch - Removed from vintage groups for non pay (Nathan Leslie - VSBG). Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP)
Ken Festa - Dealer ... Deceptively sold a bunch of moldy / mildewed cards without mentioning it. Damage was hidden in pictures. Gave buyers a hard time about getting refunds. (11/27/13 - Crystal Ruisi-Garman - KCMFC). Report of selling a trimmed card (William Harless - 11/27/13 - SCA). Unscrupulously deducted disputed money from a payment due to John Staples (11/27/13 - SCA). Non pay in Wymers Auction group. (11/30/13 - James Wymer - WWTFC). On RTNT banned list (RTNT). https://www.facebook.com/ken.festa
Ken Maxwell - Non Pay on auction winnings to Michael Miceli. First asked if he could pay on his payday, didn’t pay, then blocked him. (SSE)(PM). **When I asked Ken Maxwell about this, he said he’d had a death in the family which delayed payment and contact. When he returned he was berated with cussing and name calling, so he blocked the guys and didn’t pay. https://www.facebook.com/ken.maxwell.37
Ken Retagit - aka; Kenny Nealis
Ken Whorton - aka; Kevin Whorton
Kenley Matheny - aka; www.sportscollectibles.com - Taking pics of others people’s for sale items, without their permission, and posting them for sale in his web store, marking the prices up to try and be a drop ship flipper. (9/5/17 - Dave Greco - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/SportsCollectiblesStore/
Kenneth A Golem - Non ship autographed bat to Kenny Alvarado. Lied for 6 weeks about shipping it. Wouldn’t refund. After filing Paypal chargeback and getting Admins involved, he finally shipped. (5/30/17 - Kenny Alvarado - SCO). https://www.facebook.com/kenneth.golem
Kenneth Higgs - Scammer - (called out by Chuck Karma in TORSFG). Multiple reports. (WWTFC). Doesn’t ship cards (RSCTAS).
Kenneth J Yea - (see Joseph Sundquist for many alias names) - https://www.facebook.com/joseph.sundquist?fref=nf Multiple reports of scamming, and not sending cards.
Kenneth Kasta - Removed from SAUSR group for Paypal chargebacks and negative behavior (3/16/17 - Gabrielle Dean - SAUSR). https://www.facebook.com/kastakm
Kenneth Nealis - aka; Kenny Nealis
Kenneth Nealis Retagit Bst - aka; Kenny Nealis
Kenny Fischer - aka; Chiefs Fan
Kenny Haynes - Ripped off Tayler Armstrong for $500+ trade deal. Never shipped, and kept giving excuses for 2 weeks. Finally said he had shipped without tracking. After 3 weeks and no cards, he said he would ship Tayler’s back. Stopped responding and blocked him (2/3/17 - Tayler Armstrong - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/KennyUSMC23
Kenny Lang - Removed from (NSNSCTG) group for Non ship on trades. After 2 months and being ‘called out’ he shipped one. Multiple excuses. Lied about shipping items. No tracking. (1/11/17 - David Aguero - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/kenny.lang.54
Kenny Nealis - aka; Kenneth Nealis, aka; Ken Retagit, Kenneth Nealis Retagit Bst - Non ship item sold. Lied about shipping and sending tracking, then lied about sending refund. He did eventually receive refund. (10/19/16 - Jason Kriston- SSE). Came into scammers group to try and clear his name. Switched his profile name on his newer profile and then tried to tell everyone it wasn’t him. Caught lying several times. (9/5/17 - Bill Allen - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/ken.retagit.5 and https://www.facebook.com/kenny.nealis
Kenny Pearson - Screwed a bunch of guys over on Autograph signings and Memorabilia (Mike Aring). https://www.facebook.com/kenny.pearson.71
Kent Stewart - Multiple reports of slow pays & slow shipping (3/16/17 - Chris Fields & Chad Trammel - SSE). Owed multiple people items and money for over 3+ months; Shawn Durham, Ron Crane, Mike Milinski, Nick LaFleur, Paul James Kefalas. Ron & Shawn reported they finally received items after he was called out in scammers group. (3/23/17-SSE) https://www.facebook.com/kent.stewart.756
Kettleborough - aka; Breanna Price
Keven Peron - aka; Keven Perroonn
Keven Perroonn - aka; Keven Peron - Ripped off Dave Comte. Sent wrong (cheaper) trade card. Then blocked him. (3/21/17 - SSE). Address: 84-15 east rouyn, normandie, Canada https://www.facebook.com/keven.peron
Kevin A. Mongrain - aka; Joey Stiff, aka; Racker Mike, aka; Michael Tracy, aka; Mike Joseph, aka; The Ink Pros - (Ontario, Canada) - Scammer - Ran a $250 scam with a signed Bears helmet in (CIA) group. Collected payments & disappeared. Admins later tracked him down to Racker Mike page. (12/22/16 - Tim Blackmon - SSE). Non pay $50 to Troy Hedman. (CIA). His facebook profile said Ontario, Canada ... although the e-mail address matched Sunnyvale, CA? Paypal: steffmanink@yahoo.com and pieceofhistoryauthentics@yahoo https://www.facebook.com/mike.joseph.7758235 and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012653922609
Kevin Alcazar - Non pay to Aaron Robinson for $170 (12/9/16 - Chad Anderson - DRFG). Non pay to Stephen Savell for $47 (DRFG). Non ship razzed item to to Dave Winter (DRFG). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001523689214
Kevin Braun - Non pay to Greg Miller for $13 auction win in SC***BFAM group. Replied on a reminder tag comment that he still wanted it, but never paid or replied back after that. (6/7/17 - Greg Miller - PM). https://www.facebook.com/kevin.braun3
Kevin Bryant - Non ship trade items to Andy Gibicsar. Excuse after excuse, then he blocked him. (6/5/17 - Wobblin Heads). Non ship bobble head trade item to Clay Ingram. No ship for over a month, then blocked him. (12/2/16 - Clay Ingram - WH). Sent broken bobble heads to Mark Gaytan and wouldn’t replace. Told him to use super glue. (6/5/17 - WH). https://www.facebook.com/kevin.bryant.921m
Kevin Burge - known eBay scammer with multiple accounts. Sells Fakes, forgeries, etc.
Kevin Carter - Non Pay for $200 in break spots he accumulated. Multiple excuses and dodging. Eventually was told he went to jail. (11/3/16 - Michael Greenwood - SSE).
Kevin Fielder - Kid. Non Pay for cards purchased. Multiple excuses. (John Scott - 1/4/17- SSE) https://www.facebook.com/kev.t.fielder
Kevin Galyas - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Non ship $60 purchased card to Greg Davis. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s and left group. Greg had to file a Paypal chargeback. (7/30/17 - Greg Davis - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/galyas
Kevin Giese - Non pay for auction 1n 20thCSC (5/7/17 - John Staples - VSBG). https://www.facebook.com/Cuijerz
Kevin Greteman - Purchased a sealed box of Bowman Platinum cards from Jason Coleman off of eBay. After opening them, filed a return request, saying the cards were all regular Topps cards. (8/3/17 - Jason Coleman - SSE). Address: 6396 Gondola Way, San Jose, CA 95120
Kevin Hare Jr. - It looks like he's possibly an adult using (or sharing) a kids profile? (sometimes he sounds like a kid and sometimes he doesn't). In old posts, He's been accused of scamming in a trade with Adam Mullins (Maevro's Sports group in Feb 2015), also Ryan Kremling said he owed him a card and wasn't responding (Dec 2014). William Jackson said he owed someone a card from a 2015 Super Bowl bet. Phillip Fox posted a "beware of Kevin Hare Jr" post back in Oct 2014. On banned list (COBCAM).
Kevin Harris - Scammer - Tried to sell Dave Comte a card he actually owned, from a stolen eBay picture. (5/27/17 - Dave Comte - SSE). Address: 555 Tradewinds Dr #2, Essexville, MI 48732. Phone: 989-868-4572.
Kevin Ingle - Removed from R & R and other groups for running razzes then deleting threads & disappearing. He refunded a few guys, then others contacted his family members, and I believe he eventually refunded everyone. He said the cards were a friend of his, and the friend decided he didn’t want to sell them. (11/11/16 - James Sullivan, Josh Newman - SSE)
Kevin Jenkins - aka; Vincent Maraventano
Kevin Joseph - aka; Kevin Leger (New Brunswick, Canada)
Kevin Klein - Negative feedback for taking card from “pay it forward” post and never posting one in return. He actually did it twice. (6/13/17 - VFC - PM). Non pay to Brian Wilkins for auction win in VFC. Never responded to multiple PM’s and tags. (6/13/17 - Doug Spannring - PM). Non pay to Jay Young for auction win in VFC. Asked him if he could bow out due to family illness. (6/13/17 - PM). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008611143529
Kevin Leger - aka; Kevin Joseph, aka; Joseph Kevin, aka; Mark Williams - Scammer - (New Brunswick, Canada) - Removed from (Hockey Card Auctions) for placing over a dozen bids on auctions and not paying. Jerked the sellers around, asking about buying more cards. Said he’d sent payment, when he hadn’t. Received some cards without paying for them. Had multiple profiles, and recently changed profile name to Kevin Joseph. (11/30/16 - Alex Doggett - SSE). Ripped off Rishaad Abbas, Eric Sanchez and others (3/17/17 - SSE). Ripped off Troy Deveau. Non ship trade cards and stopped replying. (3/25/17 - Troy Deveau - SSE). Paypal: kevinleger991@gmail.com Mailing address: 3 Carolyne Crescent, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada https://www.facebook.com/kevin.leger.756 and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011194475822
Kevin McNeeley/Ryan McGuire - Sells BS mystery grab bags
Kevin Michael Harris - Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)
Kevin Ostrom - Kid. Cashed check and never mailed cards. (SSE). ** Reported Non Pays and Non Ships (7/6/16 - Jordan Bittel - SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks from KIR group. (8/7/16 - Jay Harper - CCFG-KIR). ** Never mailed cards to Rob Giglio (7/12/16 - Rob Giglio BCFSOT). Never mailed card to Brad Zisow ... for over 6 months. (8/7/16 - BCCAT-KIR). ** UPDATE: Took care of the issues with Rob Giglio & Jordan Bittel. (SSE). ** UPDATE: Brad Zisow did get his card and Jay Harper confirmed that he is back in KIR group. (SSE). ** SEEMS LIKE HE CLEARED UP ALL OLD ISSUES AND HAS BEEN DOING GOOD DEALS FOR PAST YEAR. (9/15/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/kevin.ostrom.98
Kevin Paul Crowley-Newberger - aka’ Kevin Paul - Non-payer on 24 hour auction site. (VSBG). Non-paying bidder (making multiple excuses) as per Stephen Greenfeld. (TRFP). https://www.facebook.com/kevin.newberger.5 https://www.facebook.com/kevin.paul.5855594
Kevin Paul - aka; Kevin Paul Crowley-Newberger
Kevin Phillips - Non Pay to Cody Sheldon (SSE)
Kevin Quintero - aka; Kevin Vega. Big time Scammer. (see more info under Kevin Vega).
Kevin Reilly - Sold $100 ball to in Auto101 group. Wrote wrong address on package and shipped in ball cube wrapped in paper, with not enough postage on it. Package was missing ball when finally tracked down. Refused to replace or refund. Said the buyer should have purchased insurance. (9/24/17 - Colton Ruby - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/kevin.reilly44
Kevin Sancken - Didn't send cards (as per Joe Amato in TRRS) Scammed Brian Kaldenberg for $70 (CSRA)https://www.facebook.com/kevin.sancken
Kevin Singh - Removed from HCA for non-payment on auction win. (3/15/17 - Richard Sharma - HCA). Deleted his auction bids and cussed out Admin when contacted about it. (3/25/17 - Nikolas Brown Otto - SSE). ** NOTE : There are 2 DIFFERENT Kevin Singh’s in the card groups. This one lives in Westminster, BC, Canada https://www.facebook.com/kevin.singh.10
Kevin Thomas - Non pay on bet with Darren Hayes. Multiple excuse then finally deleted his profile. His profile reappeared several months later, and when Kevin PM’d him, he blocked him. (SSE). Listed on Hockey Card scammers list. (HCGASL). https://www.facebook.com/kevshady
Kevin Vega, - aka; Vincent Vegas, Ben OS, aka; Ted Koch, aka; Paul Diego, aka; Juan Evans, aka; Alicia Koncha, aka; Alicia Concha, aka; James Smith, aka; Wes Walker, aka; Walker Smith, aka; Mike Guaga, aka; Kevin Quintero, aka; Bill NOppenheimer, aka; Alicia Concha Vega, aka; Chris Vincent, David Choe-Lopez, . - Scammer - . Has multiple Facebook names and brags about scamming people. (Marty Reger & Seth Koren - WWTFC). Scammed Jeff Yates, Jose Castillo & Joe Weiman in trades /sales. (2/3/16 - SSE). Scammed Shawn Durham (1/28/16 - SSE). Held a razz, never sent card to Andrew N Aiden (Andrew Warren - LADC&MC). Scammed Moose Brown (SSE). Scammed Shannon Level (1/26/16 - ASCTG). Tried to scam Donald Ford Jr using new Juan Evans alias. (1/28/16 - NNMNNESCG). Scammed Rich Connors for $20. Ted told him that the Paypal goods & services payment was pending, and he really needed cash ASAP, so he’d take $2 off if he could resend as Friends & family. Rich did, then never heard back from him. (1/26/16 - #1/1FCO). Ripped off Robert Shrek Jenkins for $200. Never shipped and laughed at him when questioned about it. (2/4/16 - RSCTAM). Ripped off Tony Rowell / Rowell Anthony, Marty Reger. (2/4/16 - ASCTG). Ripped off Casey Shanholtz. Never shipped trade cards (1/28/16 - NNMNNESCG). Scammed Mike Fetterhoff for $250 (1/27/16 - TFC). Ripped off Bryan Shannon Krueger for $65. Never shipped & blocked (5/4/17 - Josh Bennett - SSE). Ripped off Mike McArthur. Never shipped trade cards (1/27/16 - FF). Tried to rip off Joe Weiman. When Joe declined, Alicia cussed him out. (1/11/16 - R&R). Ripped off Robert Leo. Never sent trade card or tracking (1/12/16 - R&R). Ripped off Donald Ford Jr. in 6/30/15. Never shipped cards. (2/3/16 - SSE). Ripped off David Hart for $150 in cards purchased. Sent him 2 junk cards. (6/20/17 - SSE). REAL NAME: Kevin Vega 4254 Rosilyn Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90063. Age: Mid 20's. Phone: 323-262-3242. Paypal’s used: kevinvega3000@gmail.com and morphingalphadesigns@gmail.com Records also show a Griselda Vega (Mother?), Yvette Vega (Sister or Wife?), Eleazar Vega (?), Gilbert V Quintero (Step-Dad?) living at same address. He also runs a Redbubble T-Shirt website on Redbubble, under the name MorphingAlpha. https://www.facebook.com/kevin.vega.904 and https://www.facebook.com/bigdaddysincity and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010635137847 and https://www.facebook.com/walker.smith.509
Kevin W. Trainum - Owed $50 to Dave Moschel for a over year. Wouldn’t pay or respond until called out on scammers page. (Allen Briers SSE).
Kevin Wales - aka; Nivek Selaw, aka; Selaw Nivek - Non ship trades and sales. Listed on Hockey card scammers list (HCGASL)
Kevin Whorton - aka; Barbara Whorton (Mom), aka; Ken Whorton (Dad), aka; Justin Lines (friends account that he borrowed), aka; Mike Newton (fake profile using friends name), aka; Lena Harrison - Kevin’s profile pic is a kid, but he’s really in his 30’s. He’s using his Mom’s name for money orders, his Dad’s e-mail / paypal address, and multiple friends facebook profiles. (PM). Richard William Lawton mailed in a $8.75 money order for cards. Cards never came. Kevin wouldn’t return PM’s from Richard or group Admin. (2/16/17 - Michael Plante - SSE). Ripped off Cheng Sue Vang. Sent him wrong cheaper cards then wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (4/6/17 - SSE). Was removed from several groups for sending wrong cards and scamming people (Bryan Glover - 4/8/17 - SSE). Sent wrong trade cards to Austin Baker (4/8/17 - SSE). Non ship cards owed to Adam Shapiro. Sent cheap base cards instead of graded Mantle card, then blocked him. (4/29/17 - SSE). Owes Roy Lambert from deal. Never shipped. (SSE). Non ship trade items to Wayne Spalding. Wouldn’t make it right until he called him out in groups for it (4/29/17 - SSE). Ripped off Roy Goodwin. Never shipped trade cards. Caught selling Roy’s cards in another group. (5/3/17 - SSE). Non pay for auction wins to Roger Barbrick. Won’t respond to PM’s. (5/3/17 - SSE). Using Mike Newtons profile, he was called out for deleting his auctions in RDFS group before they ended, because they only had low bids on them. (5/24/17 - Larry Kina Collins - RDFS). Using Mike Newtons profile, he was called out in scammers group for Non pay after numerous promises to pay. After Admin stepped in he did finally pay (6/2/17 - Nick Kosson - SSE). Non ship $22 in cards to Kevin Sherrill. Just excuses. (5/30/17 - Anthony Graziano - NBSCQF). Non ship cards to Brent Koehler (5/31/17 - NBSCQF). Non ship $12 in cards from firesale to Chris Colvin (NBSCQF). Caught using Mike Newton name selling a card in a Firesale that he had previously sold to Roy Goodwin under his Justin Lines name, but never shipped to him. (6/5/17 - Joe Bentz - PM). Non pay to Bo Finkbiner for auction win (6/5/17 - PM). Ripped off Tim Young. Never shipped cards and ignored messages (6/11/17 - Tim Young - SSE). Ripped off Roy Goodwin. Never shipped card (6/11/17 - Roy Goodwin - SSE). Ripped off Mike Trapp for $25. Never shipped item (7/28/17 - SSE). Ripped off Drew Wenger for $180. Never shipped item (8/8/17 - SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Thomas Van Blargan. Wouldn’t respond, left group and switched profile names. (8/30/17 - Thomas Van Blargan - SSE). Paypal address: Texkengold@yahoo.com, Mike_newton@Yahoo.com Address given: Barbara Whorton 2219 Overton Drive, Forney TX 75126. Phone: 972-564-1290. https://www.facebook.com/justin.lines.98 and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016816788086 and https://www.facebook.com/texkengold and https://www.facebook.com/kevin.whorton
Kevin Woodsmall - Several reports of Scamming (WWTF group). Slow shipper / slow payer (SSE). Ripped off Steven Ahern (KCMFC). Took over a month to ship cards (SSE). Non ship to Kyle Morris, after a month he called him out, got a PM that he would make it right. Never heard from him again. (11/5/16 - Kyle Morris - SSE). Constant money problems. (SSE). https://www.facebook.com/kevin.woodsmall
Ki Hunter - aka; Kiowa Stinson
Kiley Barney - aka; Kyle Barns, aka; Kyle Barney, aka; Doug Thomas, aka; Ken Allen, aka; Tom Jones, aka; Jones Tom, aka: Melissa Brown, aka; Melissa A Brown, aka; Card Sharks, aka; Redemption palace - Non Pay in auctions (Karen Paese WWTFC). Negative feedback from Aaron Tyson for not shipping out a case he won in R&R group ... until after he was ‘called out’. (6/14/16 - SSE). Accused of jerking him around about a package being shipped and lying (Michael Alexander Flosi Jr - Kickass card market). Owed $260 to Brian Cowher for a break he paid for. Break never filled & Kyle only refunded him $100. Said rest would come soon, then blocked him, and wouldn’t refund until called out in scammers group. Tells people his sister works for Facebook and threatens to get their accounts shut down. (1/2/17 - Brian Cowher - SSE). (ME). Ripped off Christopher Donofrio (3/23/17 - SSE). Ran a $800 full case razz in 5OB group, collected money then stopped responding and never shipped to Ben Ting (7/21/17 - Ryan Weaver - SSE). Ran case razz in ASANSR group, collected $450 in money then stopped responding and never shipped. (7/21/17 - SSE). Stole $600 And a Walter Payton mini helmet (5/30/17 - Howie Bee - SCO). Owes Dave Joseph Massoglia $800 or a case of cards for razz he ran in the group Benlite. Facebook profile disappeared shortly after, and he blocked Dave (3/23/17 - Dave Joseph Massoglia - SSE). (4/7/17 - PM). Non ship card won in razz to Davin de Zeeuw (7/8/17 - SSE). Owes $64 to Shaun Wagner and won’t pay (7/12/17 - SSE). His Tom Jones / Jones Tom alias linked to Melissa Brown’s paypal name, plus Pm’s of him bragging about being a scammer switching names. (8/21/17 - Chuck Day & Tim Gottsch - SSE). Kiley & Kyle ran a razz group “Universal Razz” which was renamed “The Hard Knock Life.” When they disappeared from the group, the new Admin was the alias Jones Tom, which also used a paypal linked to Melissa Brown. (Matt Nelson - ME/PM). Admins razz group “Peppers 2.” (SSE). Paypal’s used: tomj1236@gmail.com, overunder059@gmail.com, kylebarns1974@gmail.com, gottobe15@gmail.com and Teamgonmar@gmail.com. Paypal name said Melissa Brown. Paypal name: Melissa Brown. Real name and address: Kiley Barney 1804 Alva Drive, Pekin, IL 61554. Phone: 309-274-9948. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011334345738 and https://www.facebook.com/kiley.barney and https://www.facebook.com/melissaa.brown.9 and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012427487222
Kim P. Gold - Non Payment (6/7/16 - Matthew Riley - DRFG)
Kim Reese - Banned from Live Realtime auction group.
Kimberly Hart - Non Pay on Nathan Leslie’s auction she won in VFC. No reply to tags & PM’s. (VFC)
Kin Bice - aka; Tony Bice
Kiowa Stinson - aka; Ki Hunter. Scammer (Matthew Siegler in SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Kept telling Jeffrey Miller that he couldn’t log into his Paypal account to pay him. (SSE). https://www.facebook.com/kiowa.stinson
Kipp Tripper - Good Guy, and great trader. But we had to ban him from VFC for going ballistic on another member (and that members personal / business Facebook pages) during a heated argument. I personally like & trust Kipp, but he unfortunately just took it a bit too far.
Kirk T Holcombe - Admitted pack searcher. Posted a video in the (THBCU) group, demonstrating his methods for searching packs of Topps Heritage cards to find the money cards. (3/8/17 - Ryan Irving - THBCU). https://www.facebook.com/kirk.holcombe
Kleveland Smee , aka; Jeff Shearer (<< real name?), Matt Jenkins, aka; Alex Matthews, aka; Mark Woods, aka; Kleveland James Smee, aka; Kleveland Jamis Smee, aka; Kleveland Smeehockey, aka; James Lumhert, aka; Jamie Lumhert, aka; Almani Akbashi, aka; Derek Lumhert, aka; Steve Guatthrie, aka; Earl Danylychcuck. aka; Earl Danylchuck, aka; Derek Mulhert, aka; Donny Cartelo, aka; Franky Fritts, aka; N. Mahraj, aka; Mitchell McMullen, aka; Brian Jansen, aka; Tim Smith, aka; Moe Magee, aka; Moe McGee, aka; Donnie Cartelo, aka; Chris Mugford, aka; Scott Bowen, aka; Daisy Shearer, aka; Andrew McDonald, aka; Mike Wilson, Mike Weber, 2013tseguin19 (< eBay ID); 2014tseguin19 (< eBay ID) - Scammer - mainly hockey cards & vintage cards. His pattern is to list vintage cards very cheap. Uses eBay pics. Takes money, blocks people. Changes name / profile & disappears. Owes money / cards to Rick Leger, John Deer, Shawn Norbury, Brennan Moc, Tyler Jacob, Tommy Allard, Ryan Phillips, Ken Booher, Dee Minor, Michael P Parker and Ryan Phillips. (Kim Shaw 10/24/16 - SSE) (Jim Binkle - 1/29/16 & 1/8/17 - SSE). He typically says he lives in either Harrisburg PA, NC, Calgary, Alberta Canada, or Saskatchewan. (David James Watt - 1/17/16 - HC4TOS). Known paypal addresses; Klevsmee@mail.com or klevsmee55@mail.com, jamielumhert@mail.com markwoods5@mail.com (SSE) Address: 622 Silverbirch Rd #18, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 4R5. 2nd address found: 219 Golf Course Rd, Conestogo, Ontario, CA. Phone: 519-664-0276 (WWTFC). (as per Adam Mullins in ASCACBSAT). (VSBG). 2 negatives in (CCFG-KIR). The Mark Woods & Earl Danylchuck connection is in a PM (Andrew Hill, Ryan Phillips - 3/19/16 - SSE). ebay user ids 2013tseguin19 , 2014tseguin19. Uses 6/8/74 as his birthdate on fake Facebook accounts. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php...15332498700950 https://www.facebook.com/chris.mugford and https://www.facebook.com/jeff.shearer3
Kleveland James Smee aka; Kleveland Smee - Scammer
Kleveland Jamis Smee aka; Kleveland Smee - Scammer
Kleveland Smeehockey aka; Kleveland Smee - Scammer
Kobe Jones - Never sent cards and blocked buyer. Banned from KIR groups. Scammer (TORSFG) Ships in a pwe with no protection (CSRA). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Kody Kreamer - Too much drama and cussing ... for our group. (ME). Places bids, then left group (RSCTAS)
Kole Kinney - Non ship trade cards to Joseph Daniel Redner. Blocked him (6/21/17 - SSE). Address: 282 Hartsdale Rd, Rochester, NY 14622. https://www.facebook.com/kole.tondryk
Kollins Cards - aka; Ben Thurman
Kolten Barth - Two reports of very slow shipping, and giving excuses for not shipping on time. (David Reed, Rich Connors, SSE)
Krackapack (< eBay ID) - Scammer - Non ship cards sold on eBay razz to Garrett Cooksey. Said he mailed without tracking (9/9/17 - Garrett Cooksey - SSE). Non ship cards to Will Rawls. Excuses. (9/8/17 - Will Rawls - SSE). Non ship cards won in eBay razz to Brian Keith Young. Tracking went to different state. (9/9/17 - SSE).
Krayton Johnson - Ripped off Adam Gonshor for $100 in 2014 (Auto101). Non pay $ owed for over 5 months to Mike Mona. Called him out, and Krayton reported and had his account suspended (8/22/16 - SCO). In 2016 he stole thousands in items $ consignment fees for an Andrew Wiggins auto signing that never took place. He didn't return $ or the items. (5/23/16 - Jon Salem - Auto101). Lives: Tallahassee, FL. https://www.facebook.com/krayton.johnson
Kreezus Champlain - Never sent trade cards (Brian Brown - WWTFC).
Kris Ketter - Accused of scamming (TRFP)
Kris Krossed - aka; Kris Vetter - Accused of not sending cards and blocking people (Stephen Greenfield TSFG). Didn't send all cards. (TFC)
Kris Richards, aka: Kris Wheeler
Kris Vetter - aka; Kris Krossed - Accused of not sending cards and blocking people (Stephen Greenfield TSFG). Didn't send all cards. (TFC). Sent worthless packs instead of card promised (TRFG).
Kris Vinson - Sent damaged cards and refused to replace. (WWTFC). On banned list (COBCAM).
Kris Wheeler, aka: Kris Richards - Reported as Scammer (Chris McClung in SCS&FE). Scammer (Sports Mem. BST)
Kristen Torres - Was an alias name that never existed - Identity theft. (WWTFC)
Kurt Joule - Received box break package from Devon Herd and said the “hits” were missing. Even though the package seemed tampered with, Devon sent him 4 more cards to make up for it. Kurt then filed a Paypal chargeback on him. Owes $151. (SSE).
Kurt Kennith - aka; Hunter Donnelley - Non ship and won’t respond to Chris Walker or Admins trying to help (4/1/17 - SSE). Paypal: kennithkurt@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/hunter.donnelley
Kylar Smits - On RTNT banned list (RTNT)
Kyle Allen - aka; Kyle Cole (real name) - Removed from “Finest” group for non payment and non response on an auction. (Mark - BCSCFFAP). Non Ship cards to Landgren Leisure after he had given him a pity $20 paypal so he could buy a Christmas gift for his kids. (1/26/17 - SSE). Paypal: Kylelike26@gmail.com also Kylelike26@yahoo.com Address: 314 NORTH CIRCLE DRIVE, ROTHSAY, MN 56579 Phone: 218-867-2757 https://www.facebook.com/kyle.allen.5688476
Kyle Barns - aka; Kiley Barney
Kyle Braemer - Would not send card owed in fantasy league. (Stephen Greenfeld - TRFP). - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. https://www.facebook.com/kyle.braemer
Kyle Cole - aka; Kyle Allen
Kyle Edwards - eBay id: tj_star2004 - Accused of stealing cards in his eBay breaks. (WWTFC). https://www.facebook.com/kyle.edwards.9210256
Kyle Frasier - aka; Kyle’s cards - Negative feedback for not sending all trade cards in 2 different trades (TFC). Was called out for not refunding someone, but took care of it eventually (Auto 101). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008030924690 and https://www.facebook.com/kfrasier52
Kyle Gallagher - Admin in group "H2H, 5 person, 10 person bash." Accused of trying to scam in his own group by calling out other guys. (as per Lance Wilson - TRFP ).
Kyle Graves - Scammer - Banned in SCF after being caught trying to sell cards he didn’t own. Cards he’d listed were seen being sold on eBay from different sellers, and he also made deals to sell the same card to multiple people. (6/26/14 - BOC). Owes Tyler Weber and Greg Weber $540 for break spots never paid. A month of Paypal issues, excuses, then blocked him. Also owed them backdrops and mats promised in deal. (3/20/17 - Greg Weber - SSE). Non pay to Matt Waldman (SSE). Non pay to John Anthony at SCI for almost $1000. (3/22/17 - Tim Meyers - SSE). Owes $30 to Derek Miller (3/22/17). Owes Art Moore $130 for a backdrop (3/22/17 - SSE). Non ship of $480 in cards purchased to Donald A. Carroll. Wouldn’t send tracking, then blocked him. Called out in scammers group when it was noticed the card he sold him had sold on eBay the same day. Kyle said he’d just purchased it and sold it the same day. Multiple BS, lies about being in surgery and excuses. (4/6/17 - SSE). Caught creating a fake GoFundMe page to try and prove that he was sick. When they called his local police dept., they knew him by name. (4/6/17 - Eamon Cunningham - SSE). Josh Mealer spoke to some of his family and they said he has a bad pill addiction / problem (SSE). Slow shipping, excuses and lies to Josh Scotchua Dietrich (4/6/17-SSE). Tried to rip off Steven Lopez with a paypal chargeback scam. Said he accidently hit the wrong transaction. (4/6/17 - SSE). Tried to rip off Drew Norris for $120. 4 weeks of nonsense, and finally refunded after being called out in scammers group (4/6/17 - SSE). Addresses used: 4708 Amherst Street, Lubbock, TX 79416 and 5729 69th Street, Lubbox, TX 79424 Phone: 806-300-6976 https://www.facebook.com/rockdrummerlbk
Kyle Hammann - Accused by Fred Fisher of owing $150 to a member and not paying, blocking them, and leaving the group. (TRFP) (TSFG).
Kyle Harvey - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Kyle Kilgore - kid - Non pay $5 owed to Dyllan Ledford, after Dyllan paid to cover his friends trade card not shipping quick enough. Kyle was supposed to refund when card arrived. He didn’t, and after saying he would in scammers group ... he still didn’t. (Dyllan Ledford - PM)
Kyle Lientz - Removed from “24 Hour” group for failing to describe cards better to the Admin when asked. Bad attitude. (VSBG).
Kyle Mandeville - Stole money and cards from people. (WWTFC)
Kyle Mullins - aka; Sherri Zanders, aka: Daniel Gross - (from Grand Rapids, MI) - Scammer - Non ship to Shawn Messer and blocked him. (4/6/17 - Shawn Messer - SSE). Ripped off Nick Bourgault. Sold him same cards as he’d recently sold to someone else. Never shipped. Profile disappeared. (4/5/17 - John Novello - SSE). Ripped off Eddie Chavez’s friend for $40. Never shipped item (4/30/17 - SSE). Paypal’s used: cardsaccount@yahoo.com and Szanders@cox.net https://www.facebook.com/kyle.mullins.927
Kyle Nush - Did a $190 Paypal chargeback on a razz loss to Dustin Joseph Gazda in CSM group. (3/29/17 - Andrew Hill - SSE). Accused of trying to sell knock off jerseys as authentic (3/29/17 - Luke Yothment - SSE). In 2016 he was banned from Finest group for Non shipping, drop shipping, and chargebacks (3/30/17 - Trent Von Holten - HCGASL) https://www.facebook.com/kyle.nush
Kyle Powell - Removed from Ultimate UFC Card group for threatening to report the group for razzing, when he got upset over a razz that was rerun. (7/6/17 - AJ McCool - SSE). Reporting 3 razz group members Paypal accounts to get them frozen. (7/6/17 - Isaac Martinez - SSE). Had a tantrum in group over break spots that he felt were priced too low, and he was upset he didn’t get any spots. Caused drama and tried to call out a member over it. (Matthew Diehl - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004339067465
Kyle Richeson - aka; Zeke4President (< Blowout Cards user name), eBay ID: livehealthy83 - Negative feedback because he requested a refund on a $1200+ eBay card (listed as NM) he purchased (before it arrived) because he first said he “found a nicer one, with better centering for a cheaper price”. When the seller pointed out his no refund policy, he filed a Paypal claim against him saying that the card was damaged. He showed paperwork from Beckett where he’d taken it in for review and asked for a minimum grade of 9.5. Beckett would not give it a 9.5, (card was sold / purchased as NM). There’s a long thread on it over on the blowout cards forum, where he tries to justify his actions, but his answers didn’t jive with the way it played out and it was obvious he’s basically an opportunist ... using the weak Paypal refund system to screw over honest sellers. (3/14/17 - John Zinck - SSE). ** Update ** After a few guys questioned the look of his Beckett review paperwork, it turns out he’d forged all the documents and never really submitted the card for grading. He deleted his posts from the SSE group and left. (3/22/17 - Jon Zinck - SSE). (https://www.facebook.com/kyle.richeson.3
Kyle Roberts - aka; Ted Howard
Kyle Roth - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. On banned list (COBCAM). https://www.facebook.com/kyle.roth.56
Kyle Thomas - aka; K Matthew Thomas, - Non Pay with Max McKinnon. Said he wanted 2 cards out of a larger group of cards that were in a razz lot. Max ended the razz, and Kyle said he would pay for the cards in the morning. The next morning he blocked him and wouldn’t pay. (SSE) Backed out of deal with Joshua Bobbett (SSE). Backed out on deals with Joe Nienalt. (SSE). Non pay on cards he agreed to buy. Jerked him around for about 3 weeks adding more cards . (Christopher Insalaca - SSE). Non Pay and backed out of deal with Chad Heath. Gave him the run around, then finally blocked him. (SSE) https://www.facebook.com/kmatthewthomas
Kyle’s Cards - aka; Kyle Fraiser
Kyzer Kross - Non Pay. Blocked Admins. Left Page. (VSBG)
Lachlan Hibbert - aka; Lachlan Noble - Scammer - Non ship $22 in cards he sold in a quicksale to Ryan Murphy. Excuses then disappeared. (8/13/17 - SSE). Removed from NBA Hotspot group for selling cards that he didn’t own, using stolen eBay pictures, and never delivering anything. When called out he deleted his profile. (8/14/17 - SSE). Ripped off Jason Ennor. Never shipped card. (8/14/17 - SSE). Ripped off Kamal Omran for $300. Never shipped card. (SSE). Paypal: paypal.me/lachlannoble and lachlannoble@outlook.com
Lachlan Noble - aka; Lachlan Hibbert
Laird Sullivan - aka; Jay Coble
Lamar Lynch - aka; Charlee N Dan Lynch, aka; Dan Lynch (he claims Dan is his brother, but he doesn’t have a brother. His real name is Daniel Lamar Lynch) aka; Charlee Lynch, aka; CharleeNDanLynch, aka; Danny Lynch - aka; Charlee Meeks, - Scammer - Reported as trying to make sketchy deals with guys for expensive cards (TRFP). Reported to have scammed many people (SCA). Told people that he was ripped off by guys (that have never heard of, or done business with him). (WWTFG). Sent commons instead of trade cards. Said he got them mixed up, then denied they were the cards. Got caught lying & blocked the Admins. (SSE) Ripped off or Tried to rip off numerous people (Jonathan Giles, Wrecks Stanley, Dave Davis, Tim Hessel, Brian Duncan, Chris Cutkomp, Kyle Michael Rosberg, Billy Hurt, Blake Force, Jordan Bittel , Nick Webb, SSE). CharleeNDanLynch $1,000+ trade - Didn't ship trade cards and wouldn’t respond. Trader had USPS intercept his end of trade. (WWTFC). Selling fake auto card (Jordan Bittel - SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks for his Dan Lynch alias in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Logan Robinson for $300 on a trade for a new PS4 system (3/16/17 - Chris Schlag - SSE). Made deals to sell the same card to 3 different members in Jordan Bittel’s group. Card pic was found on eBay too. Sent photo copy of cards to them. (4/19/17 - SSE). Ripped off Wally Bryson for $350. Never shipped trade cards. (4/26/17 - SSE). Ripped off Rob Righter. Sent him a fake card in trade. (5/30/17 - SSE). Mailing addresses used: Dan Lynch 5833 Hwy 337, Lafayette, GA 30728. Also; 154 N. Dale Ave #19, Calhoun, GA 30701. Phone: 678-559-4403. https://www.facebook.com/danny.lynch.169 and https://www.facebook.com/charlee.lynch and https://www.facebook.com/charlee.meeks.3
Lance Bishop Sports Cards - Posting pics of cards he does not own FS/FT (COBCAM).
Lance Davis - Scammer - Took payments for a break and blocked everyone. (KCMFC).
Lance Graham - Didn't send his end of trade and never made right. Lance
Lance Miller - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Lane Sheek - Removed from “Finest” group for Failure to pay for auction (BCSCFFAP). https://www.facebook.com/lane.sheek
Lara Ledbetter - aka; Brandon Seth Cooke https://www.facebook.com/lara.ledbetter.1
Lara Rebekah Ledbetter - aka; Brandon Seth Cooke
Laray Jenkins - aka; Tristan Jenkins (he’s either Tristan, or it’s a relative of his?), - Scammer / Liar - Never sent trade cards to Jonathan Roof (Rich Gray SSE). Never sent trade deal to Rick Stillwell (SSE). Said he refunded, never did. Paypal: Pulled a scam on Dusty Petek and got caught in lies after guys called him out for being Tristan. (SSE). Scammed Jason Fowler under the Tristan alias name. (SSE). Larayjenkins02@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/laray.jenkins
Larry Boroff - Making trades then backing out weeks later (RSCTAS). https://www.facebook.com/larry.boroff.16
Larry Carey; aka; Larry Carry, removed from several groups (T1SCAMF).
Larry Carry, aka; Larry Carey (TRFP)
Larry Cole - Numerous incidents reported of non payment on auctions. (WWTFC). Non pay $36 to Jason Atterbury on AP helmet. Wouldn’t respond. (TNT). Non pay reported in (KCMFC). Non pay for break spots taken in Madclowncards Breaks. (5/6/17 - Chad Clement - SSE). Removed from several groups, after trying to fake his death on Facebook after getting caught scamming and not paying. Was answering PM’s pretending to be his wife, saying he’d died weeks ago and she wasn’t going to pay his debts. (6/1/17 - Clinton Wade - SSE) https://www.facebook.com/larrycole9882
Larry Quinter - Didn't pay for auction won. (WWTFC). On banned list (COBCAM).
Larry Stevens - Ran several razzes in R&R, didn’t send and deleted his account. (4/23/16 - Derick Tanglao - R&R). (SSE). Non ship. Took money then blocked him. (4/23/16 - Dave Birchfield - JHOC).
Laszio Taborosi - aka; Laszlo Taborosi
Laszlo Taborosi - aka; Laszio Taborosi - Scammer (SSE) . Bad trader - Doesn't ship - Does Paypal Chargebacks. (WWTFC) (TSFG). Scammer (TFC). Scammed thousands from collectors (RTNT). Ripped off Ty Heusner with $132 chargeback (12/22/16 - SSE). More problems listed about him in Blowout cards group (Andrew Hill - SSE). On banned list (COBCAM). https://www.facebook.com/laszlo.taborosi23
Latier123 (< eBay ID) - Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 - Justin Moats - SSE)
Laura Renzelmann - aka; Matt Robinette
Lawrence Michael - aka; Michael Morgan
Lee Barnette - Non ship trade cards to Guy Guglielmi. Got his, then got excuses saying he was in hospital. Then he blocked him. (8/17/17 - Guy Guglielmi - CC-KIR). Scammed Ricky Rimpley on a trade. Never shipped his end, then blocked. (8/14/17 - James Blake - CC-KIR). Ripped off Gary Infante. Traded him for a ‘69 Mantle card that turned out to be counterfeit, then blocked him. (9/16/17 - CC-KIR). https://www.facebook.com/lee.barnette.121
Lee Bolt - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Lee Mattchu - Banned for Not sending cards. Said death in family for delay, then never sent cards or confirmation. (VSBG).
Lee Mcd - aka; Lee McDonald, aka; Reva McDonald (wife) (Kingman, AZ). - Non pay (10/1/16 - Kevin Hill - SSE). Non Pay to Brett Lyons for $28 in break spots he took (3/26/17 - Brett Lyons - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/virgilleem
Lee McDonald - aka; Lee Mcd
Legacy Cards Comics Games and More, aka; Richard Forgey - Sold thousands in pre sales on eBay and can't deliver. Currently says he can't repay and Paypal has drained his account.
Len Moyer - aka; Max McKinnon
Lena Harrison - aka: Kevin Whorton
Lenny Corns - Selling high end fakes and counterfeits (RSCTAS)
Lenny Dodger - aka; Kinglenny, aka; Lenny Dolphin, aka; Ira Bell, - Scammer - Removed from FCHAAT for posting cards for sale that were found not to be his. Also cussing people out and causing drama with Luke Gilpin & Laray Jenkins. (8/16/15 - Mike Stalsberg - FCHAAT). Tried to rip off Mike Joyce for $300 by mailing an empty package to a nearby address in his zip code, so tracking would show it as delivered. The post office got involved and tracked the package down to the address it was delivered too. Lady said package contained nothing but blank post it notes. When Mike called him out, he denied it and cussed him out. (9/11/17 - Mike Joyce - SSE). Paypal: Irabell2016@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/kinglenny
Leo D Brammer - Reported as Scammer by Kyle Farrington in SCS&FE
Leo G Quiñones - Negative feedback for slow shipping, poor communication and sloppy shipping methods. Wrapped a stack of cards in scotch tape. (9/23/17 - Aaron Lewis, Robert Cordell, & Audra Larson - NDBCFSOT) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009322561018
Leonard Mo - aka; Max McKinnon
Leslie Evans - Spamming some sports app in all the groups.

Lilangie813 - (ebay name) - Never shipped card and sent bogus tracking number. (11/29/16 - Neftali Cruz - SSE).
Lisa Brown - Sold Branden Schaefer cards on Sept 25th. A month later, no cards & no replies to his multiple PM’s. (Branden Schaefer - SSE)
Little Jakes - Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay (Roger Barbricks - BCSCFFAP)
Litzymarie Oyervides - aka; Abel Sanchez
LJ Neubauer - aka; neuba_l (< eBay ID) - 16 year old Kid - Scammer - Purchased card on eBay from Derek Weber then filed unauthorized user refund through Paypal. Lost case then filed through credit card, trying to keep card. (8/31/17 - Derek Weber - SSE). Ripped off Kia Patricelli for $400, filing a charge back for card purchased on eBay. Kia called his Mom who said it was “out of her hands.” He eventually got a refund through Paypal. The kid claims his account was hacked. (8/31/17 - Kia Patricelli - SSE). HIS MOMS PROFILE: https://www.facebook.com/Cathylee.Neubauer
Lloyd Steven Lee Brookshire - Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for deleting auction bids. https://www.facebook.com/lloyd.brookshire
Logan Hardy - aka; Logan Richardson - Scammer - Did not send cards to several people (Jordan Bittel - SSE). Posting cards for sale in several groups that are stolen images (4/6/16 - Byron Bell - SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Non ship to Larry Bracey on trade. Didn’t send and blocked him. (3/29/17 - SSE). Larry contacted his Dad to try and get card returned, but dad was no help. The card was spotted later on eBay and was traced back to a trade made at a card show by The Hardy’s, who set up as dealers there. (SSE). Tried to scam Doug Murphy by selling him a card he didn’t own (3/29/17). Tried to rip off William Lansdowne. Wouldn’t send tracking for trade card until William sent his. Blocked William as soon as he sent it, and never shipped card. (SSE). Address: 901 Pea Ridge Road, Irvine, KY. https://www.facebook.com/LoganHardyy
Logan Pearce - Never shipped cards he sold to Jonathan Roof & Paul McGuire. He said he would refund Paul “in a couple of days.” After 2 weeks & no refund, and no replies to his PM’s ... Paul started posting on Logan’s personal Facebook page and eventually got him to refund. (SSE). https://www.facebook.com/logan.pearce.568
Logan Richardson - aka; Logan Hardy
Logan Waldron - Sold a slightly damaged Brady auto card to Doug Boyce. Doug wanted a refund, and ended up having to do a Paypal chargeback to get it. Logan denied any wrong doing and said he mentioned it beforehand, but screen shots show differently. (SSE) Logan also admitted to being a pack searcher. (SSE) Refused to pay a $50 posted bet with Mike Jackson. After he lost, he blocked Mike, then told others that he wasn’t going to pay because betting was illegal. (3/20/17 - Sean Bishop - BAAC). Non ship all cards paid for to Bob Brunner in $2,000 deal. Shorted him some cards because he didn’t like the original deal, and didn’t think it was fair. He refused to make it right and send the rest of the cards even after Admin got involved and everyone told him he was in the wrong. After being ‘called out’ in scammers group and trying to justify his actions again, he finally agreed to send the balance due. (6/13/17 Bob Brunner - SSE). Removed from Andrew E. Phillips group for running his mouth too much, his attitude and having issues with other members (6/14/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/logan.waldron.946
Lonestar Breaks - On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
Lonnie Murphy - Non ship $125 card to Michael Wager. No response to calls, PM’s, etc. Blocked him. (5/15/17 - SSE). 1217 Cedar Dr, Lorain, OH 44052. Phone: 440-320-5817. E-mail: Timeo***e@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/lonnie.murphy1
Louis Boyce - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Louisville Cardinals Fan - aka; James L Harris
Lu Sweet - Stiffed Marcelo Buschiazzo for $175. (SSE)
Lue Eaklee - aka; Tim Gardner
Luis Meneses - aka; Jellyfish Mike Meneses, aka; Ashley Mike - Non Ship trade cards to Noah Taylor. Didn’t send tracking, said PO didn’t give him a receipt. Then said PO had misplaced some packages. (6/27/17 - SSE). Removed from JBS group for poor trade practices and wasting people’s time. (6/27/17 - Chris Pilon - SSE). Keeps posting / asking for Mets cards, then doesn’t answer PM’s when pics and info are sent (6/28/17 - Andy Adelmeyer - SSE). Negative feedback for poor shipping method (PWE w/ no protection) that damaged card. When asked for refund, he said he didn’t have the money to refund (7/6/17 - Jacob Daniel Gray - SSE). Using multiple accounts. Told one person they were brothers, told another he was hacked. Different pics? UPDATE 7/24/17 : Luis did send Noah Taylor a paypal to make up for the loss. UPDATE 7/10/17: Luis did make things right with Jacob Daniel Gray. https://www.facebook.com/ashley.mike.3304 and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014651647110
Luke Gilpin - Negative feedback left for not resolving a damaged card issue. (Greg Escobar - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/luke.gilpin.94
Lyeahcards (< eBay ID) - Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 - Justin Moats - SSE)
Lynn Sroda - (see Joseph Sundquist for many alias names) - https://www.facebook.com/joseph.sundquist?fref=nf Multiple reports of scamming, and not sending cards.
Mac Burmeister - Non Pay of $5,000 in a charity auction to pay for racecar driver’s funeral services. (Scott Lasley - SSE)
Maevro Sports - aka; Mark Rosenfeld
Mainesportscards (on eBay), aka: notapawnshop2014 (on eBay). Creating and selling fake expensive patch cards. (WWTFC)
Makai Nlu - aka; Makai Averill - Kid - Non pay to Chris Dolan. Multiple excuses. When asked if he ever planned on paying, he sent a PM saying “Fux the cards.” (4/12/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008495707728
Malick McInney - Did not send cards (as per Justin Moats TRRS group)
Mann Made - Removed from VFC for posting spam links to sports app.
Manny John - aka; Manuel Vera
Manuel Vera - aka; Manny John - Scammer. (WWTFC). Called out as scammer (6/19/13 - Brian Renaud - ETG).
Marc André Beaudin Larouche - Scammer - (Quebec, Canada) - Non ship $680 in hockey cards purchased by Jon Wang in HCC group. Paid by EMT. Marc sent him the wrong cards (only worth maybe $80) then refused to refund or reship the correct cards unless Jon mailed wrong cards back first. Blocked him and the Admin trying to help resolve the issue. Never shipped correct cards or refunded. (8/25/17 - Jon Wang - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/marcandre.larouche3
Marc Bahar - aka; wegotstock99 (< eBay ID) marc@wegotstock - High end eBay card buyer who does charge backs and returns cards he buys that aren’t in perfect condition, or that go down in value because of player status. Has left over 100 negative feedbacks on sellers when he returns the cards. (Blowout cards forums). Accused of stealing $50k in Jordan cards out of a package, refusing delivery, doing a chargeback and keeping the cards (6/30/11 - eBay seller: nba_playoffs_miamiheat). Accused of stealing cards from eBay seller JRSMITH_23 in a mail fraud scam where empty package was returned. (2011 - eBay). Sold a $20k fake Kevin Durant patch card at the Nationals. (8/12/17 - Bobby Majors - SSE). (http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI...ht_1474wt_1259 and http://www.blowoutforums.com/showthr...=587250&page=4
Marc Trembley - Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP)
Marcel West - Negative feedback for slow pay to Marcelo Buschiazzo. Initially said he would pay end of the week, then excuses, and not responding to messages. He eventually made payments to clear up the money owed. (6/15/17 - Marcelo Buschiazzo - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/marcel.west.923
Marcus Miller - Claimed spots in a break and didn't pay. (WWTFC). Scammed Christopher Young Jr. didn’t mail $25 worth of cards ans wouldn’t respond to PM’s (SSE). Lives in Broadway, VA. Paypal: mlmiller030215@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/marcus.miller.775
Marcus Whiteis - Lost $900 in bets to Jeremy Petty and didn’t pay, broke off contact. https://www.facebook.com/texastechsports
Marcella Lopez - aka; Carl Offerdahl Sr
Marcella Offerdahl - aka; Carl Offerdahl Sr
Mares Raymond-Sandra - aka; Raymond Mares - Scammer
Mario Cortez - aka; Ruben Corteez - Non ship & No tracking of cards to Eric Basile. A week later he said they were returned and he’d reship. Left group and stopped responding. - (3/3/17 - SSE). Missing payment dates and not communicating with Marcelo Buschiazzo (3/28/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/mario.cortez.77715
Mario N Cindy - Negative feedback for deleting a bid on Andy Harvey’s auction in ACG group where’s he’s an Admin. When called out, he said he did it within a few seconds because he didn’t notice the $13 shipping charge, and admitted he was wrong. Although he also got in an argument with Andy the next day over petty stuff and kicked him out of the group. (7/22/17 - Andy Harvey - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009658421511
Mario Orellana - Non ship cards purchased to Jamason Sparks. No response to seen messages from buyer or Admins. (6/13/17 - Jamason Sparks - SSE). He also started and Admins the Facebook group; Hobbyland https://www.facebook.com/groups/1337747789624739/ and https://www.facebook.com/bird.orellana
Mark A Wells - $6.50 Non pay to Jerry Arnsperger (WWTFC). ** NOTE: I spoke with Mark, he said he wasn't aware of it, and will contact Jerry to reconcile. (PM).
Mark Brown - Started a dice roll razz group “**M&M’s**luck of the draw**” for gold and coins and has been running sketchy (easily rigged) unverified random number generator cell phone videos, going against his own printed group rules. Refused to refund money to Sean Montgomery when called out about it. He kicked him out of the group (2/23/17 - Jhet Sarmiento - DRFG).paypal: imasparky1987@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/mark.brown.1650
Mark Bullivant - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004583748247
Mark Costa - Makes a deal and then sells your deal in other rooms (RSCTAS)
Mark Cruz - Non ship and won’t respond to messages to Andrew Wipijewski (4/2/17 - SSE). Ripped off Jed Meche, never shipped card. (4/3/17 - SSE). Tried to rip off David Justin Darnell (SSE). Scammed Jeff Moore for $500 on a Tom Brady patch card. Never shipped. Jeff had to file a Paypal claim to get his money back. (4/5/17 - SSE). Address: 17 Oxford Ave. Apt 2L, Dudley, MA 01571. Phone: 508-949-6925. https://www.facebook.com/mcruzsr
Mark Dasilva - aka; Mark P Whydoyoucare - Scammer - Trying to trade Jordan reprint cards as Jordan RC’s. When called out he 1st played dumb, then got mad & cussed him out. He’d been previously told by several other groups that his graded Jordan’s were the 1996-97 decade of ex. reprints (8/14/17 - Joshua Norton - SSE). Negative feedback for cussing out group members when he was called out for way over pricing some Judge base cards... pricing them like auto RC’s (8/14/17 - Jason Joyce - SSE). Removed from group for trying to sell fake Jordan RC’s, and going crazy on members. (7/14/17 - Aaron Bertram - SSE). Removed from Soccer card group for trying to sell fakes and acting strange (8/15/17 - Jamie Salt - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/mark.dasilva3
Mark England - Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay on auction.(BCSCFFAP)
Mark Jones - aka; bearkilla-4 (< eBay ID), aka; idahoiaan (< eBay ID) - Non pay to Brandon Lee Zavala for items purchased on eBay. Kept making excuses then filed a chargeback. (8/1/17 - SSE). Filed Paypal chargeback on purchased items on eBay (8/1/17 - Serg Alexander - SSE). Address: 2187 6th Ave. South, Payette, ID 83661. E-mail: markjones654@gmail.com.
Mark Long - Brand new, fake profile. Removed form multiple groups for sketchy behavior. He started a break room, added guys from other break rooms, then abandoned it when guys started to question who he was. He wouldn’t offer any proof - (5/21/17 - Bill Allen - SSE). Ripped off Isaac Mulford on trade deal. Never shipped then caught selling the card he was supposed to have sent (5/22/17 - SSE). Ripped off Ike Ebling for $75 in Firesale cards purchased. Never shipped and blocked him. (6/8/17 - Ike Ebling - SSE). Paypal: marksportscards30@gmail.com . Address used: Angie Jones P.O. Box 663 Ansonia, OH 45303 . https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016892956221
Mark Matthews - Tried to rip off Mike Jones in (VBCC-BSTOJSTO). Sold same card to multiple people. (Mike Jones - 11/15/16 - SSE) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014244843393
Mark Michaelsen - Removed from vintage groups for scamming. (Jason Jennings - VSBG).
Mark P Whydoyoucare - aka: Mark Dasilva
Mark Rosenfeld - aka; Maevro Sports - Dealer - Non ship of $120 card to Darrin Sloan. It took almost a year, with multiple excuses, and being jerked around to finally get paid back. (12/22/15 - Dale Fickenworth - MDM). Banned from (TVH) for constant complaining to Admins, and for trying to fill his razz lines with BS sympathy stories. (12/22/15 - Bruce Booker - MDM). Removed from KIR groups in 2015. Removed from several groups for over constantly valuing his items and low balling members on theirs. (WWTFC). Admins the group; “Maevro's Sports / Sports Card Forum” Address: 1603 Ocean Ave #8, Seal Beach, CA 90740. ** NOTE ** There are MULTIPLE MARK ROSENFELD’s in the sportscard groups. https://www.facebook.com/maevro
Mark Salley - Non pay $59 for two different auction wins in VFC. He deleted his winning bid after the auction ended. He first said he would mail in payment, then days later called the seller and left him a message that he couldn’t buy the cards because his wife was giving him grief over it. (8/31/17 - Joe Rullo - PM). https://www.facebook.com/mark.salley.92
Mark Sanders - aka; bmsredsox (eBay acct) - Non Pay (SSE)
Mark Saturday - Removed from vintage groups for shady actions. His profile lists him as the owner of “Uptown Collectibles & Sportscards”, his companies Facebook page shows nothing but shares of other companies listings and auctions. His website is linked to a real card auction site, however he’s not affiliated with them. His posts are strange, and numerous .. not sure what his deal is? (7/11/17 - Mike T - VSBG). https://www.facebook.com/mark.saturday
Mark Steinbrunner - Removed from 24 hour group for not following through with his auction (VSBG)
Mark Takus - Multiple reports of scamming, not sending cards, blocking people. (SSE). Negative feedback for backing out of finalized deal (6/1/16 - Howard Gardner - KCM)
Mark Talley - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Didn’t pay for spots in razz. Commented that he paid. Lost and wouldn’t pay. (WWTFC) Backed out of deal at last second (WWTFC). Tried to do a chargeback on Terrence Perau (WWTFC). Non Pay in QuickSale (Michael Lee Rheinholtz Sr., - SSE). Non pay of $100 to Shaun Turner in break spots. Promised to pay on his next payday. After break, blocked him. (2/23/17 - SSE). Negative feedback for backing out of a done deal (paid for) on Joseph Duston, because he realized he could sell it for more. (3/17/17 - SSE). Non pay $125 in claimed cards to Marcelo Buschiazzo. Said he would pay on next payday, then blocked him. (5/8/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008388692379
Mark Vaughn - Protects SCAMMERS on Breakers.tv (CSRA)
Mark Wardlow - Accusations of scamming Kieran Vincent Cole (In Australia) out of a Jordan 1/1 auto card, by sending him a package full of junk cards, instead of a Basketball set with Jordan RC. (see Ses Davis posts on Sports Cards Feedback Central). (RTNT)
Mark Weaver - Shawn Angrove
Mark Webb - aka; Markwtech - Sold 2 cards to Nathan Schlitz in 2016 for $70 in ACG group. Wouldn’t send cards or respond to PM’s. He relined one of the cards, and never delivered or refunded $. He blocked him. (9/2/16 - SSE). Scammed $175 from Nate Smith. Sold him $225 in cards, never sent conf #, and never shipped. Agreed to pay him back. Paid back $50, then broke off contact & blocked him. (SSE). Tried to rip off Nate Clements. Took two months to ship cards and only did so after repeated call outs. (4/27/17 - ACG). Ripped off Cliff Morgan. Wouldn’t make it right until Admin got involved. (5/18/17 - SSE). Ripped off Adam Kulo in a trade, blocked him. (SSE). Issues with Cliff Morgan (SSE). Address: 10 Great Plain Road, Danbury, Ct 06810 ** UPDATE 5/5/17 ** Finally repaid debts to Nathan Schlitz and Cliff Morgan. (SSE). UPDATE 7/12/17: Shipped cards owed to Nate Smith. https://www.facebook.com/markwtech
Mark Williams - aka; Kevin Leger
Mark Woods - aka; Kleveland Smee
Marko Vuksevic - aka; Anthony Larkin, aka; James English - Scammer - Running scam Hockey card mystery pulls. (8/22/17 - Dylan Allan - HCGASL). Uses multiple aliases to scam traders then blocks everyone & disappears. Sells cards he doesn’t own and ships nothing. (8/24/17 - Dylan Allan - HCGASL). https://www.facebook.com/marko.vuksevic.7 and https://www.facebook.com/marko.vuksevic.1
Marlinsfan33418 - (< eBay ID) - Posting fake autographed Harper photos on eBay and autographed baseballs (5/20/17 - Brandon Jones - SSE).
Marvin Cogdill - aka; Tristan King Jenkins
Mason400 - Fraud ebay user. (WWTFC)
Mason Baker - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Mason Dunbar, aka; DunBear Laire
Mason Rieck - Removed from “Finest” group for not shipping complete deal. (BCSCFFAP)
Masyn Baker - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Mat Troisi - Wrestling promoter / vendor accused of ripping off multiple people (Marty Jannetty TRFG). Scammed trader out of $600 in cards (RSCTAS).
Mathew Tomas Dickinson - Non pay $25 owed for break spots. Broken promises and multiple excuses. Blocked her. (9/30/17 - Brittney Foster - SSE).
Matt Arnold - Attempted paypal chargeback on Paul Jatzlau (SSE)
Matt Brunner - Removed for spamming eBay auctions (4/29/17 - F2.0)
Matt Burchfield - Traded an auto Kobe Bryant jersey to William Kessler that turned out to be fake. Said he would make it right. 3 months of excuses and still hasn’t fixed it. (SSE) Negative feedback from Tommy Lipscomb about slow shipping on a package, and excuses (SSE)
Matt Cody - Non pay and stopped responding to PM’s on cards purchased in 6 auctions. (12/5/17 - Stephen Greenfeld - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/Coachee25
Matt Conner - Negative feedback for deleting a bid in an auction (VSBG)
Matt Crum - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Matt Duffy ,aka; Matt Joseph- Trying to sell a 1957 Topps Bart Starr PSA 8 with stolen images taken off eBay
Matt Evans - Owes Benji Pieters $800 for break spots tab he ran up. Over 1 year and multiple excuses and broken promises. Broke off contact. (7/26/16 - Benji Peters - SSE) https://www.facebook.com/matt.evans.98478
Matt Fidler - Scammer - Non pay $100 to Bobby Padleski Jr. for spots taken in razz. Said he would pay, razz was run, then he wouldn’t respond. (8/25/17 - CIA). Possibly tried to rip off Kalub Andrew King by offering him helmets that were priced way too low. After Kalub said “No thanks” ... he asked if he could borrow $100. (8/25/17 - CIA). Ripped off Stoltz Jr Jason for $1300 on an Elway/Manning helmet razz in razztastic group. Never shipped & blocked him. Caught trying to resell same helmet a month later. (9/7/17 - Stoltz Jr Jason - SSE). Non pay TJ Ursu $270. Multiple missed promises to pay. (8/31/17 - SCO). Tried to rip off Kalub Andrew King & Devon Reeves. Offered to sell them helmets that he had already sold to other people (SCO). Non ship $250 helmet to Derek Bacorn (8/31/17 - SCO). Owes lots of people money, resorted to scamming and threatened to do Paypal chargebacks on the thousands he’s spent in the groups (8/31/17 - Kevin Cohen - SSE). Address: 435 N. 35th Ave. Lot 461. Greeley, CO 80631. Phone: 970-573-8031. https://www.facebook.com/matt.fidler1
Matt Gesin - Removed from vintage groups for rude behavior and not following rules.
Matt Hamilton (Canada) - Non Ship to Steeven Jean. (SSE). Scammed Bert Yeung and Cody Savard. (2/1/17 - HCGASL) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004416016160
Matt Harrison, aka: Matthew Harrison - Removed from (LRBAV & $50 and Up) groups for Non Payment in auctions (10/13/14 - Mark Dufrain - SCA). Removed from vintage groups for Non Payment. (5/4/15 - VSBG). Scammed Michael Farrell in a trade for a Mantle card in group “Pre 80”. (3/25/15 - Chris P Rinaldi - VSBG). Scammed members out of $1k + in cards (COBCAM). Called out by Eric Basile in EHOFSCW for non payment (6/9/16). Removed from (SVSM) for insulting sellers, not following rules and extreme low-balling (5/30/16 - Derrick Shaffer - SVSM) https://www.facebook.com/matt.harrison.904
Matt Howard Bell - Acting sketchy. He lined a card for $50 in a group. Jason Odell saw the exact card listed for $90 on eBay. Jason asked if the card was on eBay, and Matt said he didn’t have an eBay account. Jason posted a screen shot of the card on eBay and Matt then said he did have it on eBay but his account was frozen because he owed money in fees. He then blocked Matt and the card listing disappeared from eBay. ** Other members have mentioned that he has had several brain surgeries and is disabled. (3/15/17 - Jason Odell - SSE). He requested $35 customized ‘starting lineup’ figures from Rod Strom, then he brought up his head injury and all his debt, and Rod basically made him a sympathy deal for a few of them. After the transaction Matt blocked Rod, blasted his work, and demanded his money back (4/23/17 - David Conley - PM). https://www.facebook.com/matt.bell.33865
Matt Jenkins, aka; Kleveland Smee
Matt Joseph, aka: Matt Duffy - Trying to sell a 1957 Topps Bart Starr PSA 8 with stolen images taken off eBay
Matt Kinnon - aka; Matthew Kinnon
Matt Nicholas - Committed to a trade and asked other person to send first. When he declined, the guy blocked him. (WWTFC). On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
Matt Pogo - aka; Matt Pogorzelski - Non Pay to Don Reed in Finest group - (5/2/17 - Jerry Butler Jr - FSMSRSTAT). https://www.facebook.com/matt.pogo
Matt Pogorzelski - aka; Matt Pogo
Matt Provost - Reported as Scammer (SCS&FE - VicknLiz Johnson). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST)
Matt Robinette - aka; Laura Renzelmann (his girlfriend?) - Removed from “Finest” group for failure to ship cards. (Mark -BCSCFFAP). Left Dirt Cheap group owing 3 people cards. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (Stephen Greenfeld - SCTSAA - PM).
Matt Scherer - Scammed Jonathan Gelman
Matt Schreiner - Removed from USR group for selling questionable patch & Auto items. (5/12/15 - Archie Windham - USR). Selling questionable patches & autos. Also running a scam for "card donations to kids with cancer." (SSE) http://www.buffalobruises.com/blog/2...ncer-patients/
Matt Shake and Bake, aka; Matt Kinnon
Matt Shields - aka; Matthew James
Matt Taylor - Non Pay to George Avgoustis for $50 in cards claimed in Firesale. After a week of excuses, he stopped responding. (3/26/17 - SSE). Told Jamason Sparks that the package he shipped him never arrived. Tracking showed otherwise. (3/26/17). https://www.facebook.com/matt.taylor.10297
Matt Thrasher - Removed from vintage groups for non-pay. (VSBG)
Matt Valle - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Matt Wallace - aka; Reno Hightower - Scammer - Non Pay, Non ship and Charge backs (Aaron Lee Sheler - 9/23/14 - DawgPound). Non Pay, excuses for a week (9/22/14 - Matt DeJoode KCMIF). Accused by David Gonter of not sending correct cards and sending a repaired card (9/22/14 - KCMIF). https://www.facebook.com/matt.wallace.984
Matt Westfall - Possible scammer, accused of trying to sell a card a few hours after he agreed to a trade. Had Admins blocked. (WWTFC)
Matt Williams - Non ship cards purchased by Jason Hill. Asked for payment by F & F. Stopped responding to seen messages. (7/25/17 - Jason Hill - CC-KIR). Paypal: necro1970@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/mattwill70
Matt Winkler - aka; Matthew Winkler
Matt Yates - Deleted his auction in (Dirt Cheap) group with a small winning bid on it. Wouldn’t answer Admins PM and left group. (1/4/17 - Stephen Greenfeld - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/matt.yates.144
Matt Zagorc - Accused of not sending cards and blocking by Todd McNall in (SCS&FE)
Matts Cards - aka; rashadgreenepc (on instagram). (Twin Lakes, Michigan). Young guy (kid?) with multiple slow ships and accusations of sketchy dealings. He was caught adding a fake name into his pack wars break. The packs went off camera in the video, the fake name won, and it turned out to be him. When caught, he lied several different times trying to make up a story that would make sense. (11/28/16 - Stephen Henson - SSE)
Matthew Acus - Negative feedback for slow shipping. Took him a month and some hounding to ship card (7/31/17 - Patrick Miller - SSE). Negative feedback for slow shipping and poor communication. Took too long to ship and wouldn’t respond to PM’s. He did send extra cards once he shipped. (8/1/17 - Danny Morrison - SSE). Slow ship cards purchased to Christopher Hodges. No tracking or response for over a week. (7/31/17 - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/acusms
Matthew Bedard - Removed from COBCAM for ignoring rules, non-stop phishing posts
Matthew Boyd - aka; viper7712 (<eBay ID) - Filed a Paypal chargeback for $223 (for unauthorized use) on a helmet he purchased off eBay from Jay Coble. He told Jay that his debit card # had been stolen and his bank had reversed all of the charges for the past month. Said he’d take care of getting him paid back. Never did. (4/7/17 - SSE). Address: 712 Bonnet Blvd, Georgetown, TX 78628. Paypal: mattboyd@hotmail.com
Matthew Carter - aka; Caleb Jones
Matthew Dahl - Bounced E-Checks. (WWTFC). Matthew Harrison -
Matthew Davis - Scammer - tried to sell cards from eBay pics (cards not his), said he only takes Amazon payments. Called him out and he blocked me.
Matthew Harris - Negative feedback for never shipping card (?) or sending tracking. When questioned he tried to send lower value replacement cards & a partial refund. Never sent tracking on those either, and kept missing promised deadlines. (Tud Krier - SSE). Slow ship (2+ weeks) to Larry Burgoon (11/8/16 - SSE). Nate Abston posted about not receiving tracking on a jersey Matthew owed him. Admins got involved and jersey was delivered. No COA as promised though. (11/4/16 - Nate Abston - SSE) Phone: 540-835-4901 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009058342708
Matthew Harrison - aka; Matt Harrison.
Matthew Hull - Removed from Chris Cutkomp’s group for aruing with Admins over lining cards too high, and not buying into breaks enough. He snet ranting PM, threatening to report group for illegal money Trafficking. (3/8/17 - Chris Cutkomp - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/matthew.hull.7
Matthew James - aka; Matt Shields (Jacksonville, FL / & Hawaii ) - Non Ship on an $400 iWatch razz. Apparently he sold it to someone else, then sent $300 in gift cards to cover it. (SSE). * Non pay on a $130 debt owed to Trent Jay. (SSE). * Non pay on $100 debt to Dan Shakespeare (SSE). (Dale Fickenworth & Dan Shakespeare - SEE). Multiple slow pays & broken promises, excuses (Derek Wiegers SSE). He came onto the Scammers group page on 9/8/16 (after being called out for his new alias name) to try and clear up all of his old past debts. He was caught in a lie about why he made up a new profile, but he seemed to want to clear up the old debts from 2 years ago. UPDATE: ** He did pay back Trent Jay & Dan Shakespeare. Update 7/13/17: More reports of good trades & deals with a couple of guys. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011513448720 and https://www.facebook.com/MorbidMonkey
Matthew James - (Cleveland, Ohio) - Scammer - Non ship cards to Jj Carpenter. Never shipped, excuses, then said he didn’t receive his end (tracking shows it was delivered), then it was found he was using stolen eBay pictures of other peoples cards. (7/27/17 - Jj Carpenter - SSE). Tried to rip off Philip Parise with a trade. Philip showed his printed tracking number label to him, then waited on him to show his tracking. He never did and stopped responding. (7/27/17 - SSE). Address: 2425 Grovewood Ave., Parma, OH 44134. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010320515705 and https://www.facebook.com/matt.white.986
Matthew Jordan - Negative feedback for shipping wrong cards. Purchased $20 in vintage cards. Waited 4 weeks and was finally sent totally different cheaper cards, and got blocked by him. (9/9/17 - Jack LaBelle - SSE). Lives in Hartwell, GA. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009334257164
Matthew Jordan Griffin - Non pay on spots taken in break. Kept promising for weeks he’d pay, then blocked and left group (Brenton Granville - SSE). Non Pay to Marcelo Buschiazzo on spot taken in break. (SSE). https://www.facebook.com/matthew.j.griffin.9
Matthew Keesler - Negative feedback for failing to send tracking or ship card after 2 weeks & multiple promises. After being “called out” about it in the group; “Platinum Sports Cards”, he refunded the money. Copped a bit of an attitude afterwards too. (Christopher Newmark - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/matthew.keesler
Matthew Kinnon - (ontario) - aka; Matt Kinnon, aka; Matthew ShakinBake. - Removed from (UFC Trading) for issues (SSE). Ripped off Cody Fowler, never mailed his razz win card. Multiple excuses and broken promises. (SCS&FE) (12/6/16 - Cody Fowler - SSE). Ripped off Darren Hayes. Never sent his razz win card. (12/6/16 - SSE). Ripped off Quest Dawson. Non ship items (5/30/17 - SCO). https://www.facebook.com/matthewshakin.bakekinnon Phone 519-841-0133
Matthew Langdale - Shell Game - Sold boxes he didn’t have in hand. Was using the money he collected to purchase boxes afterwards. Ended up owing people boxes he couldn’t deliver. Spent the money on his vacation. (SSE)
Matthew Lee - aka; Matthew Roselle
Matthew Marckbank - aka; Sam Marchbank
Matthew Marshall - Scammer - Removed from several groups for non pay. excuses. (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) Non Pay $36 to Tristan Robinson for cards purchased (5/8/16 - Frankie Alt - $5SCBSAA). Non Pay Michael Joseph Minick $20 for cards claimed in $5SCBSAA group. (5/8/16 - Frankie Alt - $5SCBSAA). Non pay $15 to Frankie Alt for cards purchased. (5/8/16 - Frankie Alt - $5SCBSAA). Shipped damaged card to Leslee Hall (10/5/16 - FSMSRSTAT). Called out in scammers group for Non-ship. Ranted, but eventually shipped (SSE). Did a Paypal chargeback on Tyler Godlewski 2 months after receiving item (SSE). Did a Paypal chargeback on Lee Young months after he got cards. When asked about it, he said he needed the money. (1/5/17 - SSE). Didn’t ship $100 in cards and blocked Courtney Mortensen. Called out in Scammers group. When they contacted his brother to help, he lied to his brother, telling him he mailed it PWE and that he never received Cortney’s card either. Courtney posted proof and tracking. Matthew eventually fessed up, saying he never mailed it. (1/4/17 - Courtney Mortensen - SSE). *Update: Courtney finally received his cards (1/23/17 - SSE). Removed from group for multiple non pays and admitted to shill bidding an auction to make the price higher for friend (5/9/17 - Joshua Pensyl - SSE). Non pay Brandon Morgan for cards purchased (2/26/16 - Brandon Morgan - KCM). Non pay to Jacob Fisher for 2 cards purchased (5/9/17 - SSE). Owes Shawn Khan for cards. Paid after being called out in scammers group (SSE). https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009382438575
Matthew Marshall - Scammer - Non ship $300 Jordan card he razzed in SBC-BST group to Robert Sun. Blocked Admins. (8/29/17 - SBC-BST). Non pay for 564 he cards claimed in Jeff Pratt’s firesale. Said he was backing out because he couldn’t get the thread to load. Told Admin that it wasn’t any of his business when questioned about it. (8/15/17 - Cody Hoffman - SSE). Paypal address: ufindithere@aol.com Lives in: Machesney Park, IL https://www.facebook.com/matthew.marshall.731
Matthew Misiuk - Non ship $420 worth of cards purchased to Howard Albert. Had Howard pay with a money order. He received and cashed the MO. No tracking was ever sent. Cards never arrived. When called out and questioned in scammers group he admitted never sending cards. He said his friend would ship them soon and he would send delivery confirmation. Cards never arrived again. No delivery confirmation was ever given. He blocked Howard from contacting him. (8/5/17 - Howard Albert - SSE). Phone: 848-235-2700 https://www.facebook.com/matthew.misiuk.1
Matthew Natriello - Removed from (BCSCFFAP) group for asking 09382438575 for Paypal Friends & family payments, and not giving tracking numbers on packages.
Matthew Olkydoky Olkychovy - (WWTFC)
Matthew Price - Trying to sell fantasy reprint cards as real vintage cards (12/21/16 - John Owen - SSE)
Matthew Rock - Removed from “Finest” group for Non Ship and selling same item twice. (BCSCFFAP)
Matthew Rogers - Removed from groups for posting reprint vintage cards for sale, as real .. and crazy over-priced wax packs from the late 1980’s. Members & Admins tried to explain to him what they were really worth and he went off on political & religious rants. (6/29/17 - Josh Bennett - SSE) Strange guy. https://www.facebook.com/matthew.rogers.9231
Matthew Roselle - aka; Matthew Lee - Scammer - Didn't ship cards, multiple deals and excuses (Jake Rackley - TRFP) . Scammed Rick Stillwell for card (WWTFG). Removed from top shelf for Scamming (TRFP). Road rage issues (WWTFG). Ripped off J.t. Crawford for $500. Never shipped and eventually stopped responding to PM’s. (4/13/17 - Tom Wales - SSE). Paypal address used: silentscout819@yahoo.com Address: 765 Boston St, Washingtonville, OH 44490. Phone: (330) 509-3997 https://www.facebook.com/matthew.roselle
Matthew Ryan - aka; Matthew Schwertfeger
Matthew Schwertfeger - aka; Matthew Ryan - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Removed from SAUSR group when his criminal records for posting revenge porn against his old girlfriend were discovered. (3/16/17 - Gabrielle Dean - SAUSR), https://www.facebook.com/MatthewRyan4285
Matthew Seddon - Posting Spam (3/3/17 - F2.0)
Matthew Shattuck - Removed from Finest 2.0 group Non Payment on auction win (6/18/17 - Mark Amunrud - F2.0)
Matthew Simpson - Non ship cards to Jim Berish. No tracking. Didn’t ship. Won’t respond. Deleted post. Jim had to do a chargeback to get refund. Paypal: Mattsimpson1218@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/matthew.simpson.52
Matthew Stevens - Possible scammer? Kid that tried to get Holmer A Buezo to ship first in a trade. ) (SSE) https://www.facebook.com/matthew.ste...436531?fref=nf
Matthew Tomas Dickinson - see Mathew Tomas Dickinson
Matthew Westcott - Cross Posting & Foul Mouth (CSRA)
Matthew Winkler - aka; Matt Winkler - (Belvidere, IL) - Non-pay on cards purchased from Vic Stanley in VFC. Said he’d mail money order. After multiple promises to mail and reminders, he left the group and stopped replying. (ME- VFC). https://www.facebook.com/matthew.winkler.921 and https://www.facebook.com/matt.winkler.376
Matthias Leinen - aka; Paul Thorton - aka; Alexis Kantarze (girlfriend?) - Scammer - Never sent tracking or shipped cards to Heath Marsh. Lied about it to him and Admins in R & R. Eventually blocked Heath. (11/16/16 - Heath Marsh - SSE). Non-Pay for a break to Bruno Teixeira. Said he was having money issues and would take care of it soon. Didn’t pay. (11/26/16 - Bruno Teixeira - SSE). Non Ship of card sold - (12/11/16 - Lucas Christoffer - SSE). Non Pay $67 to John Anthony - (12/11/16 - SSE). Non Pay to Mark Ball. (SSE). Non Pay to Pete Faverio. Just excuses. (12/28/16 - SSE). Non ship $25 card he razzed to Harold D. Handshoe. 10 days of excuses with no tracking, no shipping. Got mad after being asked where the card was, then blocked him. (7/28/17 - Harold D. Handshoe - SSE). Paypal address (girlfriends): Alexis030524@hotmail.com Phone: 480-627-9319 Address: 950 N Saint Elena, Gilbert, AZ 85234 https://www.facebook.com/kantarze and https://www.facebook.com/matt.leinen.9 and https://www.facebook.com/paul.thorton.549
Matts Cards - aka; rashadgreenepc (on instagram). (Twin Lakes, Michigan). Young guy (kid?) with multiple slow ships and accusations of sketchy dealings. He was caught adding a fake name into his pack wars break. The packs went off camera in the video, the fake name won, and it turned out to be him. When caught, he lied several different times trying to make up a story that would make sense. (11/28/16 - Stephen Henson - SSE)
Max Armstrong - Kid - Removed from “Just Baseballs” group for copping an attitude with the Admin when questioned about his not sending tracking and failing to include the LOA with ball he shipped. (4/16/17 - Brandon Austin - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/max.armstrong.5283
Max Bryant - aka: Maxwell Bryant, aka; Maxiell Bryant - Scammer -Making trades & not sending. Getting people to send friends and family and not sending cards. Ripped off Chase Shelton, Daniel Carlton Jr., Adam Mayo, Chris Hester, Peter Wiley, Cameron Ashford, Jimbo N Emily Alford, (SSE) https://www.facebook.com/max.bryant.9210
Max Esparza - Removed from “Finest” group for cancelling bids.
Max J Green - Non pay to Gary Grinvalsky - (12/2/16 - FSMSRSTAT)
Max Kravatz - Removed from groups for trying to get guys to ship cards by saying he mailed a check, that never shows up. (TRFP)
Max McKinnon - aka; Myrtle Sports Cards, aka; Lenoard Mo, aka; Len Moyer - Scammer - Multiple reports of not shipping, slow shipping, multiple broken promises and excuses. Called out in the Scammers group after owing 4 different people packages for over 45 days. Eventually got them mailed out, but this was not the first time he’s had shipping issues. (12/17/16 - Thomas Holsomback - SSE). (Chris Insalaca - 1/2/17 - SSE). Has multiple negative feedbacks now on eBay now for not shipping expensive cards. (1/24/17 - Matthew Greaney - SSE). Razzed a damaged $130 Isaiah Thomas auto photo without disclosing the damage. Drew Mitchell won and Drew won’t respond to PM’s. (2/28/17 - Jaime Taft - SSE). Had to be called out again in the scammers group to get him to ship cards and respond to multiple members trying to track him down; Kerre Leisey, Mike Flerra, Alan Lift, Davin Gaddy, Bobby Butman, Tim Blackmon, (2/24/17 - Christopher Insalaca - SSE). Switched items on Mike Flerra (2/28/17 - SSE). PM’d Chris Insalaca’s wife, making passes at her and calling Chris an idiot (2/26/17 - Teresa Insalaca - SSE). Ripped off Charlie Foster on Brady Auto in a razz he held in Battle Graphs group, using the fake Lenard Mo profile. Confessed that he wasn’t sending it and that he’d ripped him off (5/17/17 - Charlie Foster - SSE). Non pay for 5 spots taken in razz (Alex Chavez - BG). Ripped off Drew Francis on razz he ran. Deleted his Facebook account and never shipped (5/19/17 - SSE). eBay name: aceevegs8. Paypal’s used: Lennymoyer01864@gmail.com Phone: 843-602-5435, 843-236-3387. Address: Ivana McKinnon (< Mother?) 413 W Perry Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. https://www.facebook.com/mckinnon.0
Max Oakley - aka; Maxwell Oakley - Bad Trader alert filed by Gary Sagara (said he gave him $100 worth of cards and got back $20 worth of cards. (SSE). Sent John Marceline a bunch of junk cards instead of what they had agreed upon (3/5/17 - Dusty Bush - SSE). Sends wrong cards then blocked (RSCTAS).
Max Porter - aka; Maxim Porter - Scammer (possibly mentally challenged?) - Tried to rip off Bill Davis for $1200 by making trades/ deals with card pictures found to be stolen from eBay. (9/14/17 - Bill Davis - SSE). Tried to scam Bill Davis by entering his “drawing” for cards or money. (9/17/17 - Bill Davis - SCSAG). Several reports of guys having strange negotiations and conversations with him. Not sure if he’s mentally challenged, or a scammer “pretending” to be mentally challenged, or just odd? Anyone with info, please LMK). Address: 15261 Brockton Lane North, Dayton, MN 55327 Paypal: Maximporter19993@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/maxim.porter and https://www.facebook.com/max.porter.3994
Maxiell Bryant - aka; Max Bryant
Maxim Porter - aka; Max Porter
Maxwell Bryant - aka; Max Bryant
Maxwell Oakley - aka; Max Oakley
Meg Boo - aka; Jerry Butler Jr
Megan Bobby - aka; Jerry Butler
Megan Lynn - aka; Jerry Butler
Meia Thirsit - aka; Will Turner
Meinel Rene - aka; Rene Meinel
Melissa A Brown - aka; Kiley Barney
Melissa Brown - aka; Kiley Barney
Melvin Bautista-ilano - Non ship $250 card. No refund. Stopped replying to PM’s and won’t respond to Admins. (5/31/17 - Jimmy Ongkonegoro - SSE). https://www.facebook.com/melvin.bautistailano
Mhrenterprises - (< eBay ID) - Non ship preorder boxes purchased by Jordan Bittel. Won’t respond to messages. (5/22/17 - SSE).