Rs-Us Negative Feedback list
*** Updated to 10/1/2017 **** The following names (and accusations) have been reported by facebook groups that we share info with. They range from minor negatives, to major scam artists. The aka’s, are alias profiles they're using on Facebook. The initials & names (in parentheses) are the groups and people that reported them. If you know of any people that should be added to the list, or have any questions / concerns ... PM me. I'll try to keep this list updated monthly, to keep our members safe and aware. Please keep in mind, the vast majority of these names were added because of other groups accusations. There are always two sides to every story. Although, I usually "err on the side of caution" to try and keep the group safe ... please PM me if you ever see a name that maybe shouldn't be on the list. I can look into it further, and remove their name, if justified.
Rstro Lala - aka; CW Dubb; Non Pay on razz. Sent pic of him sending Paypal, but never paid. Ignored follow up PM’s (SSE).
Ruben Corteez - aka; Mario Cortez
ruddimapla_0 - aka; Rudy Dimaplas
Rudy Buere Dimaplas Jr. - aka; Rudy Dimaplas
Rudy Dimaplas - aka; Michelle McGilvray (his girlfriend), aka; Giants Fan, aka; Rudy Buere Dimaplas Jr., aka; ruddimapla_0 (< eBay ID). Scammer - Non Pay to Joe Brennan for auction win. Didn’t contact or respond to winning PM’s. Admin contacted him and he assured Admin he would take care of it. He removed himself from the group a couple days later. It looks like he had two profiles. (2/26/17 - VFC). Non pay to Kasay Stadtlander for cards claimed in firesale. Cussed him out before blocking him (4/4/17 - SSE). Tried to scam Cassie Woodlee (4/4/17 - Josh Bennett - SSE). Had issue purchasing from Andrew Wipijewski and cussed him out (SSE) Had deal issues with Cassie Woodlee and blocked her (SSE). Non pay in SCFinest group. Not responding to tags, PMs, etc. (3/29/17 - Chris Judnick - SSE). Tried to haggle down price of card Jody Hart was selling. When Jody wouldn’t budge anymore he cussed him out and threaten to try and get his group shut down (4/5/17 - SSE). Sent wrong trade cards, and less cards to Lynn Lehman then tried to get him to pay for shipping to send another card (4/8/17 - SSE). Tried to scam Chris Barton, Drew Herndon, Cory Wilmar (4/13/17 - SSE). Ripped off Greg Hernandez trying to get him to send money to his girlfriends Paypal account. paypalme/Mcgilvray134 . (SSE). Never shipped cards purchased to Casey Yardley (4/13/17 - SSE). Non ship to Anthony Brad McGinty (4/17/17 - SSE). Non ship $100 in trade cards to Walter Holmes (6/16/17 - SSE). Non pay $48 to Shawn Khan (6/16/17 - SSE). Non ship $30 card to Shayne Shark (6/16/17 - SSE). Ripped off Jason Stockton. Never shipped card or provided tracking (6/27/17 - SSE). Non ship trade cards to Tom Wales (6/28/17 - SSE). Accused of scamming (7/1/17 - Anthony Martin Jr - TSFG) Phone: 785-404-1846 . Address: 837 East Wayne Ave # 102, Salina, Kansas, 67401 and and and
Russell Gravitz - aka; Rgravitz2012
Ryan Adkins - paypal: Ryanadkins1988@yahoo Ran a firesale in R & R group, then claimed he accidently sold cards to someone else. Said he’d refund, then said he needed a few days to get money together, then never refunded $20. Stopped communicating. (Paul McGuire SSE).
Ryan Behran - aka; Ryan Behrman
Ryan Behrman - aka; Ryan Behran - Kid - Accused of ripping off Douglas Ehmke for $22. No proof posted. (2/1/17 - Douglas Ehmke - SSE). Removed from (BSS.99A) for non-pay on an auction win and a break. 2 weeks of excuses. (3/13/17 - Devon Herd - SSE). Non pay for $30 in break spots to Brandon Warren. Asked him minutes before break if he could pay a couple days later, then when the day came he gave BS excuses and tried to argue about not winning. Lied and said he didn’t have a Paypal account. (3/29/17 - SSE). Non pay to Austin Weaver for cards ordered. Ignored for several days then backed out of deal. (3/29/17 - SSE). Non pay to Mark Bogadi for auction wins. Nothing but excuses (3/31/17 - SSE). Non pay to Kevin Brock for auction won. (4/19/17 - SSE). Non pay to Jake Carnahan for deal made. (4/19/17 - SSE). Non pay $60 to Jeremy McDaniel (SSE). No pay $30 to Allen Christopher Morrical (SSE). ** UPDATE: 7/17/17: Josh Bennett spoke to his Dad and got refunds for Jeremy McDaniel, Allen Christopher Morrical (SSE). Morrical.
Ryan Boston - Listed on Hockey Card admins scammers list (HCGASL)
Ryan Carlson - Non pay to Gary Enriquez Sr. & blocked him. (3/2/17 - VSBG). Non pay for auction wins to Jeremy Donson (3/15/17 - SSE). Reneged on a closed deal to Brian Noel (3/15/17 - SSE). Non pay $150 to Paul Szeliga on cards he’d ordered (3/15/17 - SSE). Non pay to Justin Schreiber for cards purchased (SSE). Non pay $20 for cards purchased from Robert Vela. Gave address then said he mailed the payment. A week later when Robert said cash hadn’t showed up yet, he fessed up and said sorry he can’t afford it. (7/15/17 - Robert Vela - SSE). Address: 305 West Third Street, Annawan, IL 61234.
Ryan Dabney - Negative feedback for Not shipping card or contacting Richard Mccollum for months. After calling him out in the scammers group, Ryan said his phone had been stolen and he couldn’t reach Ryan. He apologized and took care of it. (11/23/16 - Michael P Parker - FSMSRSTAT). Issues with Alex Nawrocki & Timothy William (SSE). Non ship cards to Chris Schlag. Excuses. Said he didn’t have any money to ship. Chris eventually offered to send him more money to ship, so he could get his cards. (4/29/17 - Jacob Fisher - ACG). Non ship $5 card and no tracking to Jacob Fisher. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s for over a month. (4/12/17 - SSE).
Ryan Delaney - (from Tasmania, Australia) - Scammer - Non Pay $225 in break. (SSE). Also selling cards and not shipping them to Cam McAdam. (1/5/17 - Benji Pieters - SSE).
Ryan Fines - aka; rf4970 (< eBay ID) - Scammer - Did a chargeback as unauthorized purchase after receiving cards. (9/26/16 - Chris Kipfer - HCGASL). Opened a Paypal/eBay claim on a redemption card where the code was already given to him (Nick Cimino 9/30/16 - HCGASL). Address: 915 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 . e-mail:
Ryan Fletcher - caught posting same card in multiple auctions / groups
Ryan Freeman - Bidding on auctions and backing out on them (WWTFC)
Ryan Gentry - Removed from (COBCAM) group for refusing to coin / show pics of a NM Pete Rose RC he was selling. (COBCAM).
Ryan Hammond - Hasn't sent card to Jonathan Roof (as per Al Stoessel Jr in TRRS group). Never sent card to Darren Hayes (SSE). Multiple reports of not sending (Darren Hayes - TRFG). Dodging people he owes (TRFG).
Ryan Hord - Non pay for auctions wins to Theodore Hubert. (3/13/15 - TNSC&C).
Ryan Hunter - aka; collectorcard16_16, aka; footballcards_2626, aka; cardsfortrade_11, aka; elite_cards_11, aka; collectorcard_12 (< IG handles) - Kid - Scammer - Ripped off Wesley Allison for $100+ on IG in a trade. Never shipped cards. Said he never received his either, then blocked him. Wesley later saw him raffle off one of the cards he’d sent him. He occasionally runs free raffles on IG and uses his fake alias profiles to “win” the cards back. Address: Ryan Hunter 6309 Secret Ct Tampa fl 33625 His Dad: His Mom:
Ryan James - Scammer - Ran a champ. game tournament. Cam Dyer won $68 and tried to contact Ryan. Ryan didn’t contact Cam for almost 3 weeks and replied that he’d waited too long to collect his winnings and he’d given them to a friend of his, that wasn’t even in the group. (4/22/17 - Cam Dyer - SSE). Scammed several guys on a break group he started. Collected money and then blocked everyone (4/22/17 - Trey Monroe - SSE). Non ship trade card to Shane Filer. Multiple excuses and missed dates. 1st said his wife shipped, then said it was shipped with stamps and no tracking, then after being called out on scammers page ... said he didn’t receive his cards either. (4/26/17 - SSE). Told one collector he was only 15 years old, then caught posting trolling for free cards for his kids. (Barry Boom - SSE). Non ship $35 in cards purchased by Brent Koehler. After asking for tracking several times, he blocked him. (5/8/17 - SSE). Address used: (Said his Aunt’s house) Angie James PO Box 663, Ansonia, OH 45303.
Ryan Kaplan - Kid - Negative feedback for slow ship, no tracking and poor communication to Cheng Sue Vang. After 11 days, and being called out, he finally sent tracking and told the Admin that he’d shipped out last week. However, tracking date showed he’d just shipped that day (4/11/17 - Christopher Hodges - SSE).
Ryan Kremling - Doesn't send his end of the trade. Also non Pay on several items he committed too. Multiple offender. (TRFP) Wouldn't send cards or tracking to John W. Forman. Does free "giveaway breaks" and never sends cards. (TRFP). Non Pay reported (KCMFC) Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Took over as sole Admin of group; Lonestar card connection; Also made a new group; "Lonestar".
Ryan LaChance
Ryan McGuire - aka; Kevin McNeeley, aka; Foles Supercollector, aka: Nick Sweeney, aka; Greg Childs - Sells $15 BS mystery grab bags with worthless 90’s junk cards. (WWTFC). Talks **** to Admins trying to intervene. KCMFC). Ripped off Linsey May. (7/17/14 - Trevor Artzer - SCMA).
Ryan Metalfan - Ryan Metal Fan, aka J. Priestfan, aka; Andrew Mei, - Scammer - Real name is Andrew Mei, lives in Bergen County, NJ - Takes thousands via PayPal - Ships empty top-loaders. Also makes / sells counterfeit cards. (WWTFC). Posted a video of him confessing everything. (KCMFC)
Ryan Monahan - Accused of selling cards that do not belong to him. (8/17/16 - Howard Gardner - KCMFC).
Ryan Norr - Sold reprint Bradshaw & Montana RC’s to Taylor Owen, as originals, and refused to refund or make it right. Stopped responding to PM’s. (PM - 1/4/17 - VFC) (2/21/17 - SSE).
Ryan O'Dell - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Ryan Posey - Non pay to Mark Argo (24HCV) on auction win. Multiple promises, then left group. (VSBG).
Ryan Quirk - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Ryan Reyes Arnado - Non Pay to Robert Blaine (3/2/17 - FSMSRSTAT)
Ryan Roccia - Took too long to ship, wouldn't respond to multiple PM's. Card conditions were also misrepresented. (WWTFC). Had an issue with Chris Avanzo over the condition of some cards he purchased (SSE). Scamming. Caught selling items he didn’t own. (RSCTAS).
Ryan Root - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Ryan Steele - Scammed Josh Moose Stafford out of $300 in trade. Sent different card. Ignored Admins. (WWTFC). On groups banned list (COBCAM).
Ryan Stentiford - Stared a Razz, deleted it and raised price after 1 person had taken a spot (RTNT). Also razzing a card that was listed on his ebay account. Ran Razzes and didn't send cards (TRFP). Sent junk cards to winners instead of what they were supposed to get. (TSFG) Non ship to Dave Bradshaw (RTNT). On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
Ryan Stiles - Scammer - Sketchy listings, Didn't send trade package for 3 months (8/10/15 - Ty Twyman - SSE). Slow ship (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). In 2016 he ripped off Jay Coscolluela on RC auto card trade. Never shipped card and disappeared. (3/9/17 - SSE). Scammed Heath Marsh (SSE). Scammed a friend of Jay’s recently (3/9/17 - Jay Coscollueia - SSE). Ripped off Michael Gogan’s son (3/21/17 - SSE). Address: 14 Rolling Pines Drive Apt #14, Tell City, Indiana 47586. and
Ryan Thorius - Removed for selling fake reprint cards. Trying to pass his 'gramps' 1953 Topps cards off as real 53 Topps (10/21/14 - Steve Smith - SCA).
Ryan Treadway - Removed for repeated spamming of eBay auctions (6/5/17 - Mark Amunrud - F2.0).
Ryan Wallace - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Ryan York - Received a card from Dwij Patel that he claimed was damaged, asked for refund. Was caught later listing it for sale on eBay. No damage showing or mentioned. (1/23/17 - Andrew Hill - SSE). Scammed cardsrmytherapy (BOC), said card he received was damaged and wanted refund. Seller said return it, and issued a return label. Ryan sent junk cards back instead of real card. (10/6/16-BOC). Scammed Nordy22 (BOC) saying cards bought on eBay were damaged. Sent him back an empty envelope. (1/23/17 - BOC) Non pay on Ryan Comstock break (1/23/17 - SSE). eBay name: cubbiesbaseball1998. Address: PO Box 2464, Davenport, Iowa 52809.
Sam Danzing - aka; Jim Tanger, aka: Tony Chambers, Dan Thomas - Scammer - Placing sports bets in CIA group, using Tony Chambers name, then deleting his post/ comments when he looses. (12/11/16 - Mike Zen - CIA). Non ship $130 card to Ryan Durkee. Had to file chargeback to get refund (8/6/17 - Ryan Durkee - SSE). Ripped off Douglas Hacker. Sold him card, collected money then deleted account (8/27/17 - Douglas Hacker - SSE). Tried to rip off Brian Hale. Was selling cards from stolen pictures, and couldn’t coin card. (8/27/17 - SSE). Removed from ND group for posting cards for sale cheap, not being able to coin, and requesting friends & family. Also lied about posts being deleted. Later caught selling same card to multiple people. (8/5/17 - Stephen Catlin - SSE). Ripped off Jesse Cable. Non ship card sold to him. (8/26/17 - SCRAR). Ripped off Stephen Song. Never shipped cards and caught selling same cards to different collectors. (8/5/17 - SSE). Ripped off Jesse Cable. Non ship card and sold same card to multiple people (8/5/17 - T#1SCAMGOF). Ripped off Christopher Warfield for $42. Took his line payment and wouldn’t refund after selling card elsewhere (8/4/17 - SSE). Admitted to being a scammer and to switching Facebook accounts to scam collectors. He thought it was funny. (8/29/17 - Kevin Resendes - SSE). Deleting auctions in $5 or better group. Blocked Admin (8/25/17 - Bill Briggs - SSE). Using Dan Thomas profile, non pay on sports bets placed and scamming in razzes (9/2/17 - Casey Royer - SSE). Google wallet: Paypal: . Paypal name: Jim Tanger. Possibly from Drasco, Arkansas area? (profile said it was his current city, Little Rock listed as his hometown, and he was in a Drasco area local yard sale group called “Drasco, Arkansas - Community Stand”).
Sam Marchbank - aka; Matthew Marckbank - Non ship trade cards (HCGASL)
Sam Peterson - Young kid. Accused of selling the same card to two different guys Robb Griggs, Brandon Ross, (1/14/17 - Chris Patton - SSE). Removed from groups for Non Pay & blocking seller. (1/21/17 - Jordan Bittel - SSE). Multiple reports of him cussing people out in PM card negotiations when he can’t make a low ball deal. (2/19/17 - SSE). Paypal:
Sam Richter - Non pay in Bruce Booker’s razz group. Left group and blocked Bruce when asked to pay. (SSE)
Sam Zelman - attempting to sell eBay card that was not his.
Samuel Brewster - aka; Pierson Brewster
Samuel Norris - aka; Joe Dichiaria
Samuel Wright - Accused of scamming 2 members in (T#1SCAMF)
Samantha Dewey - Chargebacks .(WWTFC). Never paid for cards (Shane Lanham - KCMFC)
Sandra P Cremer - (aka; Dukes Trading Post) Auctioned off high end cards and demanded the winner to pay Paypal friends and family ... then never sent cards.
Sara Elizabeth Smith - Non pay for auction 1n 24HC (5/5/17 - John Staples - VSBG).
Sara Thomas Verville - aka; Sara Tomas Verville - Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Reported as Scammer by Scott Shappit in SCS&FE
Sara Tomas Verville - aka; Sara Thomas Verville
Sarah Fisher - Scammer from MTG card groups
Sarks Tony - aka; Tony Sarks
Saverio Sonny Talesco - banned from the (Keep It Real) group. Not following through on trade (Dave Bradshaw TNT)
Schn Eckii
Schuberphill - aka; Phillip Schuber
Scooter Baldwin - Scammer - Attempting to sell trimmed, fake vintage cards. (6/23/14 - Nick Kirby - SCAMBST). Removed from group for posting counterfeit vintage cards for sale. (6/5/14 - John Staples - SCA). Attempted to sell $2500 worth of fake, laser printed vintage cards to Derek Robbins (6/27/17 - SSE). Sold Todd McNall fake cards. Had to file Paypal claim to get refund. Scooter threatened him when confronted. (6/27/17 - SSE). Also has a $60,000 GoFund me account set up under Scooter Allison Baldwin, trying to raise money for help with his Dad’s medical issues. (SSE). From: Pennington Gap, VA.
Scott Andrews - Multiple reports of him trying to sell a fake stamped Tom Brady 1 of 1 card. The 1’s are both in different type fonts, plus they didn’t make a 1 of 1 that year. It’s a doctored base card. Several people, including a PM from Pannini, have told him that the card is a fake. He continues to shop it around for $220. Cussed out Cori Roelofs after he pointed in out to him. (6/28/17 - Cori Roelofs - SSE). Seen trying to sell two Dak auto cards that were reported stolen from his local card store. After being called out for it, he cussed everyone out and threatened Mark. (6/28/17 - Mark Freeman - SSE). Lives in Marshall, TX.
Scott Bates - aka; Fullcount Sports cards - Scammer - Ran a break group, then disappeared owing multiple guys cards from multiple breaks. (2/22/17 - Clinton Ward - SSE).
Scott Bowen - aka; Kleveland Smee
Scott Case-Conte - Scammer - Ran razzes for card cases and never shipped to Marty Simpson. Left group. (8/25/17 - Marty Simpson - CIA). Ripped off Jeffrey Hill. Never shipped won razz case (8/25/17 - CIA).
Scott Cyr - Non Pay to Nick Riggs (TRFP)(WWTFC). backed out on a lot of trades and owes a ton of money on auctions (CSRA). Non Pay on auctions and deleted his facebook account. (WWTFC) (TSFG). Multiple reports of not sending trade cards and owing people money and cards. Ripped off or screwed over Dorian Brownlee, Kaicen B McKinley, Stephen Greenfeld, Joe Amato, Chris Collins, Nate Bundy (1/3/17 - SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (3/16 - CCFG-KIR) group. Scammed two members from (Keep it Real) group. Sent false tracking and deactivated his profile. (1/3/17 - Nicole Gutman - FBAHCC-KIR)Has multiple profiles
Scott Groen - Removed from group for doing chargeback on items to get money back, plus rude to Admins (6/9/16 - Jason Bolton - SACABFRC). Removed from SAUSR group for selling forgeries and threatening (3/16/17 - Gabrielle Dean - SAUSR). Negative feedback in SCS&FE group.
Scott Hamby - aka; S & K Collectables - Scammer - Never sent trade cards, or tracking to Eric Diehl. Eventually claimed the cards he was supposed to have sent were stolen from his wife’s car. Said he would mail back Eric’s cards. Eric later reported that Scott sent him a package with empty toploaders in it. (11/29/16 - SSE). (PM). Months later Scott was caught trying to sell the exact cards he’d claimed to have mailed back to Eric (4/17/17-SSE). Ripped off Kyle Zender for $1800 in cards. Mailed him a package full of cheap base cards instead of the real cards. (4/17/17 - SSE). Address: 1265 Shell Creek Rd, Ferguson, NC 28624.
Scott Hickman - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Scott Ibarra - Stalker - Troll - Trouble
Scott Mitchell - didn't send trade to James McManamon
Scott Phelps - Removed from vintage groups for trying to run a charity / sympathy scam. (VSBG).
Scott Reichart - Removed from vintage groups for not backing his card. Told buyer that his GRADED card had no creases or wrinkles. Card arrived with obvious crease. Refused to give buyer refund. (VSBG).
Scott Schindler - Non Pay on multiple auctions. (BCSCFFAP)
Scott Smith - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Scott Vaeaz - aka; Scott Veazie, aka; Scott Veaz, Non Pay, Sold items and never shipped (J & M's Sportscards). Non Pay in over $300 in auctions in (50 & Up group), kept bidding til they booted him. (SCA). Keeps changing profiles (WWTFC). $875 in charge-backs to Michael Loch (TNT).
Scott Veaz - aka; Scott Vaeaz
Scott Veazie - aka; Scott Vaeaz
Scott Winters - Non Pay in John A Scott’s group with 5 different people’s firesales (12/17/16 - SSE).
Scottie Morrill - aka; Scotties Sports Cards and Memorabilia , aka; Scottie's Sports Cards Shop, aka; David Pugmire, aka; Insanity Breaks, - Slow play Scammer - Didn't send cards from breaks / owed refunds. Changes names, opens new groups and runs box breaks. Accused of switching cards, keeping cards, not sending, shady breaks where he blames equipment, etc. He runs a few OK, then runs a big one and doesn't send. Switches names, starts a new group, and repeats process. (Trevor Tuell - SSE). Non ship box purchased by Damien Gray. Got the ‘run around’ for a month then finally said he’d send refund. The refund didn’t go through. After calling out again, eventually sent another refund that cleared (3/26/15 - Tj Crickmore - WWTFC). Strange guy. Claims to have mental issues, and has publicly ranted, threatened to commit suicide, etc. He also had the old feedback group “Sports Card Feedback Central” shutdown by reporting it numerous times when he was getting called out. (KCMFC).
Scotties Sports Cards and Memorabilia - aka; Scottie Morrill
Scottie's Sports Cards Shop - aka; Scottie Morrill
Sean Cards, aka Sean Eck - Mega Scammer (**There is a different Sean Cards w/ Patriots profile that is OK )
Sean Eck, aka; Shawn Eck, aka; Sean Cards - Scammer, Doing Paypal charge backs on items he purchased. (SCA). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Slow ship and multiple excuses. Chargebacks (RTNT). (**There’s a different Sean Cards w/ Patriots profile that is OK). (SCA)
Sean Kettering - Non ship $50 card to Ricky Rinaldi. Gave excuses about PO not letting him track card. After a couple of weeks, and being called out, he finally refunded. (9/26/15 - Travis Berg - T#1SCAMF). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Sean Pauls - Scammer - Was Admin in DUDE group. Told everyone his son was ill and had to raise money. Ran a bunch of Razz & sales and never shipped cards. Deleted his facebook account and disappeared. Ripped off Clint Anderson for $500, Ripped off Chris Kelsey, Andrew Owens, and several others. (6/14/17 - Clint Anderson - SSE). Address: Sean Pauls 420 Allen Court Ladson, SC 29456. Paypal: Phone: 843-471-5959. @janerlm (says lives in: Las Vegas?).
Sean Robinson - Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for non payment.
Sean Simms - aka; Emily Brook Coffey-Simms (wife). - Removed from VFC for Non-pay on 2 auctions ($12). Responded to 1st message, saying he’d pay that night, then stopped responding to “seen” messages. (ME). Non Pay on break (Tyler Godlewski SSE). Non pay on Fire Sale & tried to scam Christopher Insalaca on cards (SSE). Non pay to Michael Miceli (SSE). Non pay $90 to Royce Baker for break spots w/ multiple promises to send. Eventually blocked him. (12/3/16 - SSE). Threatening PM’s to Paul Smith (SSE). Non Ship to Royce Baker. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond to numerous “seen” messages. (SSE). Non Pay to Chris Insalaca. Tried to turn his auction win into a trade. When Chris declined and asked to get paid, he copped an attitude and blocked him. Never paid (12/5/16 - Jason Atterbury - SSE). Had issues with Eric Basile, Randy Davis, Matthew Greaney and Jerry Arnsperger (12/5/16 - SSE). Caught using his girlfriends profile to try and sell a Jordan RC reprint as real (1/13/17 - Ron Steven Marion - SSE)
Selaw Nivek - aka; Kevin Wales
Serena R Flores, aka; Serena A Rodgers - - Bad Trader (per YSCF group).
Seth Austin - aka; Seth Cohen - Non ship item to Joey Lipkus. Joey had to hunt him down & contact his friend to get him to finally ship. Seth said he’d been locked up in Juvenile Detention Center. (10/7/15 - Joey Lipkus - PM). Ripped off Greg Kerr. Greg first mailed $25 in cash. Seth said it never arrived. Greg then mailed a $25 check. Seth cashed the check and then a week later, when asked where cards were, said he forgot to mail. Then he said he mailed cards, but never sent tracking. When questioned a week later he said he must have put wrong address on package because PO said it was being returned. Week later he said he got them back and would re-mail. 2 weeks later, no tracking and no package. When questioned he said he would refund Greg if he didn’t get them in a week. After that he stopped responding to PM’s and left the group. Admins stepped in & called his Dad and got the cards mailed out .. with a few extras. (7/10/17 - Greg Kerr - VFC). In 2016 ripped off Lysander NoLuv Rodriguez for two baseballs he was supposed to get autographed. Never sent and wouldn’t refund. (8/9/17 - Lysander NoLuv Rodriguez - SSE). Address: 7561 Greenway Lane, West Bloomfield, MI 48324. Phone: 248-363-2698. Paypal:
Seth Cohen - aka; Seth Austin
Seth Hinnman - Kid. Multiple scams. Negative on (CCFG). (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Scammed Anthony Speck (KIR). Scammed Shane Allen (SCC).
Seth Sparkman - Non Pay for items won in break. Tried to blame it on Jason not sending a requested picture of his winnings, but screen shots show it was just an excuse not to pay. (Jason Atterbury - SSE). Non pay for 50+ cards claimed in firesale. (5/7/17 - Todd Gray - SSE). Non pay for cards claimed in firesale to Jordan Kdbf Bieber in 2016 (SSE).
Seth Toler - Kid. Does not send his part of deals (CSRA) (Rays Place). Trying to sell team spots in box breaks for teams that weren't even represented in the set, and for boxes he didn't have in hand. (thread in "Baseball Cards for Sale" group). Removed from (BCSCFFAP) group for begging for cards posts.
Shalonda Embery - aka; Virgil Logan
Shane Adamski Jr - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Shane Adamski Sr - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Shane Greenlee - Scammer - (per YSCF group). Scammed Charles Morgan (CSRA). Reported as Scammer (Top Shelf). Scammed Tyler Godlewski (TRFP). Using a Mickey Mantle auto item to scam trades. After he gets their items he tells them the Mantle was stolen, then offers them lowball amount to buy their items, then doesn’t pay and blocks. (2/4/17 -Mike Arng -SSE).
Shane Haley - No response to winning auction tags or PM’s. Removed from (24HCV) for Non Pay (10/7/16 - JS - VSBG)
Shane Joliff - Non pay for spots taken in break. Left group, and blocked John Anthony (7/15/17 - SSE).
Shane Lanham - Never paid for cards as promised. Never shipped his end of several trades (CSRA)
Shane Miller - Posted 2 very expensive cards ($30k Montana PSA 10 & Jeter PSA 10) in “BCFS No Drama” group asking questions about them. Someone asked if he owned them. he said “yes”. They asked him to coin them and he deleted the post and left the group. (SSE). *Could be nothing, he may have meant he owned them raw (not the PSA 10’s he posted) ... but just in case.
Shane Ticknor - aka; ShaneandJennifer Ticknor. He backed out of a couple deals in our group, and wouldn’t respond to members PM’s. (Had guys holding cards for him til payday). He left our group. Then when I PM’d him, he didn’t respond... and blocked me too. I noticed he’d also been posting under ShaneandJennifer Ticknor, and had started (then left abandoned) a sports card group. I’m not sure what his deal is, but it all seemed odd and sketchy.
Shane Westover ; aka Carolina Cards - doesn't send cards and trades the same card to different people
Shania Buchanan - Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay. Came back into group under new alias profile. (BCSCFFAP).
Shannon Keeven - Scammer - Couldn’t show tracking for a package that never arrived. Multiple excuses and tap dancing. (SSE). Didn’t send cards, won’t respond (JP Freeman WWTFC). Removed from Matthew Riblon’s group for trash talking and ranting when he was told to follow the group rules. (3/14/17 - SSE). Tried to scam Joey Z Wilde into repaying money he’d already paid by saying Joey did a chargeback on him. Said he’d called the police and they were going to give him until the morning to pay. After Joey didn’t pay, the next day he said oops, it was a restaurant named Joey’s that took $150 from him (3/19/17 - Joey Z Wilde - SSE). Non ship cards from his razz to Jason Sweet. He cussed him out when trying to sort out the issue, then falsely reported his chargeback as a scam by Jason in the scammers group. (6/18/17 - Jason Sweet - SSE). Non pay $50 to Brice Wellington (6/18/17 - SSE). Started his own Facebook group; “Football Cards, And Any Sports, Buy, Sell, Trade or.” Started selling box breaks ... and never sent cards to Jeff Mueller & Michael Diaz - (SSE).
Shannon Nevels - Non ship for $22 in auctions won. Won’t respond to messages. (5/7/17 - Steven Wright - SSE).
Shannon Wright - Buys cards then never pays (RSCTAS). Non pay to Sean Kober (8/28/16 - Sean Kober - AOK). Non pay to (7/18/16 - Jerry Arnsperger - TTAA&Q)
Sharks Chris Cards - aka; Chris Wilkes
Shaun Dawson - Scammer - Sent Bo Diddley cardboard blanks with pics on them instead of the $45 in basketball cards he’d purchased. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (6/29/17 - Bo Diddley - SSE). Lives: Saint Joseph, Missouri.
Shaun Gallagher - Scammer - Ripped off a bunch of guys on Never sent items paid for. Multiple broken promises to ship then eventually stopped responding altogether. Owed $60 to Jeff Brokaw, $16 to Brian K Baull Sr, Mike King, Bill White, $45 to Eric Zabel, Geoff Bober. (12/12/16 - Brian K Baull Sr - SC.NSF). Address: MSB Building, 1401 JFK Blvd, Room #200, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Shaun Gravitt - aka; Kameron Jackson
Shaun Kamal - Admin of group “Autographs 247.” Negative feedback for slow ship to Allen Shawley and no communication. When Todd McNall posted about it in group he was blocked and removed from group. (8/27/17 - SCO). Non ship jersey to Justin Edstrom and wouldn’t respond to PM’s. When questioned about it in scammers group Shaun said he’d ship it that day. 15 days later & it still hasn’t come. (8/31/17 - SCO).
Shaun Riggs - aka; Shaun’s Cards - On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
Shaun Verlander - Removed from ACG group for accusations of shill bidding with Michael Miceli (5/21/17 - Mario N Cindy). Blatant shill bidding and trying to run up bids in his friends/neighbors; Michael Miceli’s auction. (5/21/17 - Jerry Butler Jr. - FSMSRST).
Shawi Nigan - aka; hockeycardinternational (< eBay ID) - (Canada) - Scammer - Issues with Richard Banger, Dave Schmidt, Brad Taylor - (SSE). Scammed Gerv Mallet (9/15/16 - HCGASL). Opened his own Facebook group; “Hockey Fire Sale, razz, boxbreak,” . Called out for scamming in the HCGASL. (9/15/16 - Scott Weber - HCGASL). Instantly blocks anyone who asks him about his scamming. His group link:
Shawn Angrove - aka; Shawn KBS Angrove, aka; Mark Weaver, aka; Mtl HockeyCard - Scammer - Posted on Hockey Card Admins Scammer list, (HCGASL)
Shawn Barton - Removed from “Finest” for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP).
Shawn Coleman - accused by Matt Traylor (in Who's Who feedback group) "Lies about condition of items." Selling baseballs with fake spray tan yellowing. (list on VSBG)
Shawn Eck, aka; Sean Eck
Shawn Fee - Accused of not mailing $40 money order for cards to Tommy Clem. Tommy sent cards, said Shawn lied about mailing the MO 3 times, then finally told him to F’off. (4/4/17 - Tommy Clem - ACG)
Shawn Heaberlin - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Shawn Hensley - aka; Jelisa N Shawn, - Ripped off one trader. Sends damaged cards. (WWTFC) (CSRA). Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Admitted pack searcher (TFC).
Shawn J Long - Non Pay to Bobby Mann for $9 razz spot. Said he would pay him when he got off work. Never did, and blocked his messages. (3/16/17 - Bobby Mann - SSE). Removed from BA for multiple scamming incidents. (6/21/16 - Greg Dabkowski - BA).
Shawn KBS Angrove - aka; Shawn Angrove
Shawn Khan - Negative for asking Jeffrey Miller to hold some cards for him til payday, then ignoring his PM’s once the day arrived. (5/6/16 - Jeffrey Miller - SSE). Non pay to Terry L Brown Jr. Terry shipped card prior to payment and Shawn was supposed to mail money. Multiple broken promises to mail, and never sent (1/14/16 - Terry L Brown Jr. - SSE).
Shawn Norbury - Removed from “Finest” group for Non payment (Mark - BCSCFFAP)
Shawn Norris - Possible scammer - strange guy - claimed he's buying a sports card collection and is trying to find someone to loan him 5k. (SSE). Non ship trade cards to Darren Lav (3/7/17 - SSE).
Shawn Pelo - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Shawn Taylor - Scammer - Sold/auctioned cards and never mailed them. (WWTFC). Owed $65 to Christian then dropped eBay account (TNT).
Shayden Setalla - aka; Sheldon Setalla
Shayne Butler - Wouldn't send then stopped responding to Drew Hayes (WWTF group).
Shayne Hester - Not sending trade cards and ignoring PM's from Admins (TSFG). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Sheldon Setalla - aka; Shayden Setalla - Kid - Non Pay to Christopher Insalaca. Wouldn’t respond to invoice or PM’s. Blocked him and deleted his “sold” replies. (SEE). Non Ship and blocked member on $30 worth of cards he sold in the group The Real (Sean Cook - SSE). Filed multiple Paypal chargebacks in groups after joining razzes and buying cards. Apparently he stole his Mom’s credit card and she initiated the chargebacks. Using Paypal acct: (Brad Parvin, Aaron Tyson, John Anthony - SSE).
Shelly York - aka; Jeff York
Sherry Benoit - aka; Rick Benoit - Took over a month to pay Kerry Barker for cards he was holding for him. Multiple excuses and bad communication. (1/14/17 - SSE). Said he shipped Layne Wolos’s cards to the wrong address. Wouldn’t send tracking number. Took over a month to resolve. (1/14/17 - SSE). Ripped off Jojje Il Principe Ioan in trade for cards and money. Never shipped his end and kept trade cards. (7/9/17 - Jojje Il Principe Ioan - SSE)
Sherry Reinhart - Non ship $135 card sold to Colin Hawley. Never sent package pic as requested or tracking. Eventually said she’d shipped it, but it never showed up. Said she would send refund, then stopped responding. Then a few more excuses but no refund and blocked him. (9/27/17 - Colin Hawley - SSE). Non ship items sold to member in Rob Walton’s group. Excuses and broken promises. (9/27/17 - Rob Walton - SSE). Non ship $30 card purchased by Joe Monaco. Never received card (9/27/17 - Joe Monaco - SSE).
Sheryspive-0 (< eBay ID) - aka; Curtis Talmage Spivey
Sinclair Mike - aka; Mike Sinclair - Posted as No-Pay by Rich Conners (TOSFG). (WWTFC)
Skipperdo - (< eBay ID) - Charged $3.25 for ship, then supposedly shipped it in PWE with no tracking. Card never arrived. The card was a $25 valued card that Harold D. Handshoe had won for $6 in eBay auction. Seller refunded the $9.25 for the “lost” card. (8/15/17 - Harold D. Handshoe - SSE)
Skylar Morris - Redlands, CA - Sketchy new profile listing cards. When called out, they deleted profile. (3/6/17 - Paul Jatzlau - SSE)
Slim Jim - aka Steven Mendoza - Tried to scam Aaron Crowell's mom
Sloan Wilson - Shipped poorly packaged helmets and jerseys to 2 members that were damaged upon receipt. Said he would take care of it, then left group and blocked everyone (7/27/17 - Albert Witt - SCO). Ripped off $55 from Eric Bruce. Said the ball he’d purchased was stolen. (9/24/17 - Randy Mutchler - SCO). Non ship $40 jersey to Matt Engelmann (SCO). Non ship $320 item to Robbie Crowe. Found out he’d sold the same item to several people. ** PAID back $200 with items. (SCO).
Slusincards (< eBay ID) - aka; Joe Slusin
Spencer Berman - Sold two cards to a member, then didn't ship. Refused to refund. (Rob Adams - WWTFC). On groups banned list (COBCAM).
Spencer Bruno - Scammer - Bought a $240 Steve Nash auto jersey from Theo Chen. Filed a Paypal claim return to get his money back, then shipped him back a cheap bootleg jersey. Later caught posting pics of the Steve Nash jersey on his instagram page. (5/30/17 - Theo Chen - SCO). Ripped off Jaret Pernice in ball trade. Jaret never got his item and Spencer said he never got his item, although tracking clearly showed it was delivered (8/24/14 - Jaret Pernice - Auto101).
Spencer Wilhelm - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Spokanegardener - (< ebay ID) - Scammer - Posting cards for sale that are not his (3/30/17 - Jocel PaPart Taneo - SSE)
Sports Cards and More - aka; James Plemmons
Sports Fire Sale - aka; James Plemmons - aka: James Plemmons
Sportz N More - aka; Jonathan Nacchio - Reported by multiple people as a scammer. (WWTFC) (TFC)
Sshhaannee Gree - Negative feedback for trading a picture to Anthony Teague that was damaged, and refusing to make it right. (SSE).
Stacy Wayne Buckler - Scammer - Makes trade deals then doesn’t send. Receives your cards then disappears. Ripped off James Lloyd & Tom Wales (SSE). She ? eventually replies saying she doesn’t know you, and it’s probably her boyfriend using her account. 149 Greenvally Rd apt 26, Carlisle, KY 40311.
Stallings Norman - aka; Norman Stallings
Stan Hutchins - Removed from vintage groups for going on a rant against an Admin who was trying to help him out. (6/29/17 - Ryan I - VSBG).
Steel Town Memorabilia - aka; Josh Korb
Stefan Roche - aka; sandasportscards (instagram) - Breaker that sold spots, never broke and wouldn’t refund. (2/24/17 - Lee Foresman Jr. - SSE).
Steph Cards Martin - Non ship cards (HCGASL)
Steph Long - @az_graphs (< IG). - Negative feedback for multiple Slow ships, then a Non ship to Kasey Dillman, he lied and said it shipped multiple times, didn’t ship until he was ‘called out’ in the group for it (4/27/17 - Jordan Langhorne - SSE). Scammed Leo Rochman on IG (SSE). Non ship to Chris Risch (Auto247).
Stephane Belizaire - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Stephane Moreau - aka; Tony Sarks
Stephanie Wade - aka; Jason Gillan
Stephanie Williams - aka; Stephn Strephn - Scammer - Asked Brian Jameson if she could buy cards from him by sending a bank check, for $60 over the amount, and then have him send cards and the balance of the cash to him. Classic money order/check scam (7/27/17 - SSE). e-mail:
Stephen Greenfield - aka; Stephen Greenfeld
Stephen Heath McMeans - aka; Heath McMeans
Stephen Long - aka; az_graphs (< IG ID) - Accused of scamming in Auto247 group and on Instagram. (4/27/17 - Dan J Herger - FSMSRSTAT)
Stephen Malstrom - aka; Biggs9176 - Doing Paypal Chargebacks. (RSCTAS). On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
Stephen Rich - aka; Hunter Beck - Scammed a lot of people. (WWTFC)
Stephen White - Removed from vintage group for over posting (after being warned). (VSBG)
Stephn Strephn - aka; Stephanie Williams
Steve Barragan - Removed from vintage groups for not sending the correct amount of cards in one deal, being rude to Admin and not following rules. (VSBG) . Refused refunds on damaged cards (SSE). Ripped off Carlos Rene Reyes for $300 and claimed it was because he “called him out” unfairly on boards, and it cost him $300 in sales. (SSE). Ripped off Michael Wilkes for $104 (SSE). Ripped off Cheng Sue Vang for $130. Sold him a card that was found that week listed on eBay by different seller. When confronted he blocked him (3/1/17 - SSE). Ripped off Dustin Gardner. Sold him card from eBay listed pic (KIR). Paypal: Address: 6 Leeann Ct., Napa, CA 94558 (Owner: Barragan Trucking). Phone: 707-255-6992
Steve Chaloux - aka; Steven Chaloux
Steve Downey - Non payment on an auction. (1/26/17 - F2.0)
Steve Ells Elliott - aka; Steve Weatherman Elliott, aka; Crazy Ells - Removed from DCC&M for Non pay to Steve Diaz. Blocked him and Admin and left group. (4/11/17 - Lorenzo Garcia - SSE).
Steve Greenberg - Non pay on auction win to Vincent Gonzalez in LESSCA group. Left group after auction win and wouldn’t pay (5/31/17 - Vincent Gonzalez - LESSCA). and
Steve Guatthrie - aka; Kleveland Smee - Scammer
Steve Greenwald - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Steve Keith - Won auctions in a couple of different vintage auction groups then disappeared without paying.
Steve Linz - Sold a card, then refunded money after he got a higher offer. (WWTFC). On groups banned list (COBCAM).
Steve Lowry - Scammer
Steve Newsome - Scammer - Trying to sell cards that are on eBay that aren't his. (WWTFC)
Steve Norman - Scammer - Failure to send payment, Burned Carl Verive for $282 in sets he sent him and he never paid for. (Blake Johnson - Kickass Card Market). Sent Timothy Williams a bunch of damaged cards in a trade. Promised to make it right, never did and blocked him (BFB&HC-BST). Deleted his facebook account owing people cards and money.(David Hackett, Tommy Helgy - B&SC 99 cent Auctions).Sent badly packaged cards to CW Dubb and won’t make it right (SSE) (Old address; 241 W. Perry Street. Tiffin, OH 44883. New address: Steve J Norman 269 South Washington Street Apt 3, Tiffin, OH 44883).
Steve Samuelson - Not sending cards (as per Chris A Massey).
Steve Weatherman Elliott - aka; Steve Ells Elliott
Steve Young - Scammed Rnk Sportscards Whitehead. (WWTFG). On groups banned list for Non Ship, leaving group and blocking buyer. (COBCAM).
Steven Alan - aka; Steven Carlton - Scammer - Removed from several wrestling Auto groups for shady behavior accusations (3/22/17 - Travis Anderson - EWCAM). Non Ship to Michael Gross. Jerked him around with excuses and missed deadlines for a couple weeks then said he’d refund. Jerked him around with that too, missing dates and then sent him $5, saying rest would come later (3/22/17 - Michael Gross - SSE). Non ship and ignoring PM’s. Said he shipped, then changed his story to shipped in PWE, then story changed to No I didn’t ship yet. (3/22/17 - Sydney Walton - EWCAM). Non ship and ignoring PM’s (Jeremy James Flannery - EWCAM). Non ship to Zachary Hooligan for over a month (3/22/17 - EWCAM). Removed from groups for non ship (4/11/17 - Michael Shafer - SSE). Shorted Dave Joseph Massoglia on 4 autographs he purchased. Only shipped 3 of them. (8/17/17 - SSE). Non ship funko pops purchased to Brian Foley. Kept saying sorry he didn’t mail them. Never sent tracking. Said he would refund, then didn’t, and stopped responding. (8/17/17 - Brian Foley - SSE). eBay ID: stevenoalan3939. Lives in: Bryant, Arkansas.
Steven Andd Jenifer - double traded cards (TFC)
Steven Carlton - aka; Steven Alan
Steven Chaloux - aka; Chaloux Steve, aka; Steve Chaloux - Scammer - Trying to sell fake autos. His story changed multiple times how he got them. Also didn't send a card (Joe Amato TRRS). Didn't send cards to Christopher Rust (T!SCAMF). Non ship cards to Isaac Martinez in Oct 2014 in UFC group. (4/27/17 - Michael Carter - SSE). Non ship football cards to Brian Hutchins in 2014. (4/27/17 - SSE). Address: Saint Albans, VT
Steven Charland - Accused of sending empty toploaders and decoy cards instead of trade cards. (9/21/16 - Jeff Lambert - HCGASL). Tried to rip off Ryan McMurdock. Sent wrong card. Didn’t make it right until after being called out. (10/3/16 - HCGASL)
Steven Downey - Kid - Also on Instagram under the name Penguinspccollector. Deleting his auction bids (SCA). Non Pay on $12 firesale tab, until 5 months later, when he was ‘called out’ in the scammers group. He paid then. (1/7/17 - Marcelo Buschiazzo - SSE). Multiple reports of non shiping cards (Albert Spencer - 1/23/17 - SSE). Non Pay & blocked (1/23/16 - Jason Atterbury - SSE). Issues with Jim Binkle (10/8/15 - 4SB). Ripped off Noah Bittel & David Gustafsson (3/8/16 - HCRTS) - (Caught selling homemade custom card’s using a copyrighted picture. When confronted, he (1/23/17 - Melina Myers - SSE). (J & J). Non Pays and Non Ships (Landgren Leisure, Corey Ykema, SSE). Owes Eric Basile too. (SSE)
Steven Farello - Non Ship of 4 different lots $83 owed to Cheng Sue Vang. No tracking. Excuses then blocked. Had to file chargeback. (Cheng Sue Vang - 3/2/17 - SSE). Ripped off Shane Storey. Non ship. No response. (3/6/17 - FSMSRSTAT).
Steven Jansku - aka; Steven Jansky - Accused of scamming by Seth Lewis. Never shipped cards purchased (7/19/16 - Seth Lewis - SSE). Accused of ripping off Justice Brillant for $500 in a group box break. Never shipped cards (5/19/17 - SSE). Non ship $100+ worth of trade cards to Chris Doney & Mike Goff in a trade they made in TSC group. Won’t respond to messages. (5/18/17 - Chris Doney - SSE). Non pay to Scotty Bennett. gave excuses. (7/13/16 - SCCBSS). Removed from Dave Eagle’s group for not shipping cards purchased by members, and not making it right (11/2/16 - DSC). Address: Steven M. Jansky, 8 Spring Lane, Plainedge, NY 11756. Phone: 516-796-3727.
Steven Jansky - aka; Steven Jansku
Steven Malstrom - $300.00+ in Paypal charge backs after losing in breaks (Biggs9176) (CSRA).
Steven Mendoza - aka; Slim Jim - Tried to scam Aaron Crowell's mom. (WWTFC)
Steven Miro - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Steven Sharlet Mayfield - Removed for non-pay on auction. I did receive a PM from her (Sharlet?) saying that her Mother had a stroke, and apologizing that she just couldn't afford it at the time.
Steven Sigman - Misty Winchelle, aka; Misty J Sigman (Misty is his wife), aka; Gage Miller, Misty Bowden, aka; Misty Sigman - Scammer - (from Palestine, TX) - Never shipped $400 worth of Seager auto cards to Justin Fairman. Turns out he didn’t own them and had used stolen eBay pics. Justin had to threaten to contact his friends, family, police and his employer to get him to refund. (10/14/16 - Jordan Bittel - SSE). Owes money to Michael Watson (Jordan Bittel - 12/16/16 - CKC). Owes Anthony Norby cards. (SSE). Owes Joseph Judge $32 card (R&R). Tried to scam Jesse Crippen, Christopher Insalaca (Jesse Crippen - SSE). Scammed Marty Bode. Never sent trade card. (12/28/16 - Marty Bode - SSE). Ripped off Brian Arbeznik (FCOCTE). Ripped off Stephen Greenfeld and one other. No tracking, stopped responding. (12/28/16 - SG - VSBG). Ripped off Danny Loehr for $100 plus mailed cards. (3/17/17 - SSE). Paypal addresses used:,,,, Mailing Address: PO Box 2941 Palestine, Texas 75802. Phone: 903-394-9726
Steven Simpson - Negative feedback for sending bent cards. Said he would replace, but blocked trader instead (Shaun Flaherty - KCMFC).
Steven Strobach - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Steven Thacker - Non ship cards to Derrick Van Roekel. Won’t respond to PM’s (6/8/17 - SSE). Non ship card purchased to Brady Rueb. Won’t respond to PM’s (6/17/17 - Brady Rueb - PM)
Steven Turner - Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay and Not responding. (Dewey Boecker - BCSCFFAP)
Stosh Wieckowski - Sent damaged cards in a trade, then took 3 weeks to send guys card back. (SSE). Listed retail packs as hobby packs for sale. Finally came clean when called out on it (SSE). Non pay on deal then wouldn’t respond to messages. (KCMFC). Non Pay on deals to David Reed, Alex Nawrocki and Tim Bugl. Promises to mail MO, never does. (10/31/16 - David Reed - SSE). Promised to send hobby packs in a trade to Jon Burns, sent cheaper retail packs instead. (12/11/16 - David Hackett - SSE). Non Pay to Michael Miceli. Said he’d mail cash payment twice, w/tracking. Never did. (12/12/16 - SSE).
Strech Lee Sanchez - aka; Strech Sanchez
Strech Sanchez - aka; Strech Lee Sanchez - Weighing down boxes. (WWTFC). (KCMFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Strech Lee Sanchez
Stuart Beecham - (Australia) - Trolls eBay sending begging messages ... offering $20 for $75 cards ... saying he’s buying the card for his 13 year old son, who’s battling a rare form of cancer. Then sends picture of a kid with cancer. (SSE). The guys in the Blowout Cards group exposed him and found his facebook profile .. of course, no 13 year old son. And the picture he’s been sending is linked to a deceased child from the US.
SupremeBoxBreaks - reported by Eamon Cunningham. (WWTFC). (KCMFC).
Susan Ford - aka; Jeremy Ford
Sylvia J Baldick; aka; Jerry Butler -
TJ Baxley - Negative feedback for demanding sellers to send him invoices, then being rude when they don’t want too. (SSE). Negative feedback for cheating in auctions. Blocking competitive bidders, so they can’t see his higher bid (9/29/17 - Rick Enochs & Matt Mobley - SSE).
TJ Brown - aka; Terry L Brown Jr.
T.J. Cortez - aka; Ben Lindquist
TJ Merkiel, aka; Jessica Turner, Scammers posting fake Jordans. Reported by Wayne Johnson (SCS&FE)
Tabitha Allis - Non Pay to Josh Singer (SSE).
Tabitha McJunkins, aka; TonyNtabitha Blank, aka; Toby Blank, - Scammer. Sells / Trades cards that are not his, also doesn't send cards. Several expensive documented scams (TRFG) - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Tam Nguyen - Scammer - Tries to Scam High End Cards. (WWTFC)
Tammy Haines - Scammer troll profile, claiming to work for Facebook (2/15/17 - SSE)
Tandy Jones - Scammer - Admin bashing and not following group rules (BCSCFFAP). Negative feedback for bouncing an e-check twice on Cory Wilmar. Eventually cleared it up after being “called out.”in groups. (3/12/17 - SSE). Non pay for auction in JAASMA (3/7/17 - Jerry Arnsperger - JAASMA). Non ship razz win to Shawn Durham, never sent tracking and didn’t tip the video runner Miguel Velez. (3/19/17 - Byron Bell - SSE). Non ship razz win card to Bryan Gotwalt. Won’t respond to PM’s. (6/7/17 - R&R). Ran a Firesale and didn’t ship cards to buyers. Excuses, but no ship. (6/7/17 - Don Wilson - SSE). Was removed twice from Joe Boecker’s group for multiple issues. (6/24/17 - Joe Boecker - SSE). Slow ship to Justin Fairman (6/25/17 - SSE).
Tango and Cash Enterprises LLC - James Plemmons
Tank01977 (< eBay ID) - Sold $5k card on eBay. Cancelled transaction and refunded with an echeck .. that bounced. Had to do a chargeback to receive refund. (8/30/17 - Joshua Lee - SSE). Paypal address:
Tasha Litchford - Negative feedback left for shipping card in PWE. Card was damaged, and was wrong card (less value). When approached she promised refund. Never refunded and blocked him (9/23/16 - Michael Miceli - SSE).
Tate Kerns - Shady, Aggressive & Annoying Liar - Negative feedback for overly aggressive & harassing trade tactics. Tries to use his kids and sob stories to get cards on the cheap then is seen flipping them days later for a profit. If you don’t sell / trade at his price, he insults you then cusses you out. (8/14/17 - Justin Rush - SSE). Seen lining cards on Facebook that are also for sale on eBay (SSE). Tried to get Travis J Novack to trade a $20 card for a $40 card because it was for his daughter. She’s a toddler. (SSE). Told multiple lies to Shamahl Lee to try and get a trade done with him (8/14/17 - SSE). Razzed 3 signed baseballs, without disclosing the spotting on the balls. (8/14/17 - Nick Haugen - SSE). Basically conned Anthony Loparo out of an item with non stop begging and sob stories about it being for his kids. Then tried to flip it for profit. When questioned about it later, he cussed him out. (SSE). Removed from groups for cross posting items for sale / razz on Facebook while their listed for sale on eBay. (SSE). Sent PM’s to EJ Conroy begging if he could please have two spots for the price of one, because his basement just flooded and he’s flat broke, but he really loves the card .. and it’s for his PC, etc. He’s used this same story before on several others, then seen flipping the cards later. (EJ Conroy - SSE). Tried to beg another card trade from Travis J Novak because it was his sons birthday (SSE). Lost a razz then Pm’d the winner begging if he could please have the card for free... because it was for his sons birthday, and he was broke because his basement flooded, and diapers got ruined, etc (James Guerino - SSE). Posted a $200 razz card with a long story about his father needed emergency brain surgery (Van Zoldock - SSE). Got mad at Cory Cunningham when he said he wasn’t interested in buying his card. He said he needed him to help him out. (SSE). Begged for $150 off a $350 card to Corey David because his basement flooded (8/15/17 - SSE). When called out about a story he had told about needing money because he had to visit the neurosurgeons at the Mayo clinic, he posted a business card stapled to a note from an Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. (Eric Gonzales - SSE). Pressured Harold D. Handshoe into buying spots to help him out because he’s broke and getting sued. (SSE). Posted in razz comments when he lost that he was upset he didn’t win the card because he needed it for his sons Birthday (Brad Neville - 8/16/17 - SSE). Address: 12829 Glen Court, Apple Valley, MN 55124.
Taylor Evans - Accused of scamming Chad Heath out of a Luck Auto card (SSE)
Taylor Ford - aka; Michael L Ford
Taylor Gilbreath - Removed from vintage groups for Non Pay on cards won, and not responding to seen PM’s & tags. (7/28/17 - John S - VSBG).
Taylor Williamson - Shorted Sam Peterson on a trade. Sent him about $20 less in cards than what was agreed upon. (1/3/17 - SSE). (ME-PM).
Ted Gary Howard Hayes - aka; Ted Howard
Ted Howard - aka; Ted Gary Howard Hayes, aka; Ted L. Howard, aka; Joshua Naberle, aka; Kyle Roberts - Removed from CIA razz group and negative feedback given for running his own video, after several warnings. (Ryan Weaver - SSE). Also, caught using his Step-Dads Facebook profile (Gary Hayes) to sell, and lied to Admin about it. Also, lied about his home address and had a PO box address set up for the Gary profile he was using. Under Gary Hayes he had two Non-sends on $200+ Fireboxes, until he was called out for them (as Ted Howard). (SSE). Sketchy connections with him working for Platinum Breaks, being in their razz ... and winning the highest dollar ($1,000) card in their non-verified random razz of a repacked case they make themselves (knowing exactly what cards are in it). (Chris Logsdon - SSE). Non Ship and won’t respond to Bradley Fear, Robert Brogan, Gage Enright, Mike Edwards, Brian Rodgers, Matthew Ruderman, Josh Young. (SSE). Tried to rip off Tim Smallwood (10/20/16- SSE). He Admins razz group “Crazy Electronics and more.” Address: 1310 E. Chapman Ave. #271, Fullerton,CA 92831 and and
Ted Koch - aka; Kevin Vega. - Scammer. (see more info under Kevin Vega).
Ted Miller - Reported multiple razz groups to Facebook, did multiple Paypal chargebacks on members and reported them to Paypal. (2/2/17 - John Mallon - DRFG). Started problems in Jerrid Morris group. Trouble maker, (DRFG). Ripped off Matthew Cavicchio, then threatened him and his family. (DRFG).
Ted Straka - aka; tntnorth, aka; tntnorthnj (< on eBay and - Scammer - Knowingly consigns and sells fake cards, fake autographed items and fake patch cards. When asked about the fake Willie Mays autos on his site he stopped responding. (3/15/17 - Brenton Erikson - SSE). Never shipped card purchased by Leo Post (3/15/17 - SSE). Never shipped card purchased by Dominic Petillo (3/15/17 - SSE). Selling fake Johnny Unitas Auto cards. Multiple reports of shilling his eBay auctions then offering 2nd chances to under bidders. (4/16/17 - Chad Robinson - SSE). Caught selling fake $1200 Matt Ryan patch auto card, where before and after pics are shown for the patch that was switched to majorly increase the value (1/24/17 - Curtis Falany - MDM). Ripped off Justice Brilliant on a fake laundry tag card. Patch was from a fake china jersey. (5/10/17 - SSE). These problems have been brought to his attention tons of times, but as a large eBay consignment seller .. he usually doesn’t even reply. (SSE). Address: Ridge Park, NJ and Tallman, NY and and
Ted Uhr - aka Theodore Hubert
Tejay Kennedy - Kid that likes to post nonsense posts and fake (lower) bids in auctions. Also removed from "Finest" group for accusations of shill bidding.
Terrence Spires - Non pay for photo he’d agreed to purchase, and make payments on. Nothing but excuses. Never paid (6/7/17 - George Havanidis - SCO). Played games and never paid Neal Patel for over 3 weeks for item purchased (6/7/17 - SCO).
Terry Bennett - aka; Joseph Sundquist
Terry Brown - aka; Terry (TJ) Brown, aka; TJ Brown - (Sidney, OH) - Filed Paypal chargebacks on Stephanie Carroll $85, J.P. Freeman, Matt Rittmer $155, John A Scott $420, Matt Grizzell, Thomas Toye. He claimed it was his banks fault, and that it happened because there were too many charges on his credit card. He did stay in contact with people as they called Paypal, disputed the chargebacks, and got their money back. (11/29/16 - Stephanie Carroll - BCFSOT-HONDB). Negative feedback for slow shipping deals (Michael Plante - 11/29/16 - BCFSOT-HONDB) 823 Mt. vernon Place, Sidney, OH 45365.
Terry Donahue - Removed from vintage groups for non-pay. (VSBG).
Terry L Brown Jr. - (Delaware, OH) - Didn’t ship a package to Ben Marvin for 30 days, until he was ‘called out’ in the scammers group. He said he was in an induced diabetic coma for a week, although his personal facebook page showed posts made on dates that didn’t jive with that story. He did ship, and provided tracking that day. (3/30/16 - Dylan James - SSE).
Terry McCaslin - aka; Terry Mac
The Ink Pros - aka; Kevin A. Mongrain
Theo Chen - On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
Theo Cruz - Removed from (24HCV) for non pay on 2 of Nicholas Gressick’s auctions. (2/5/17 - VSBG)
Theodore Hubert, aka; Ted Uhr, aka; Tedz Collectibles & Auction, (San Antonio, Texas) - Accused of over charging for shipping and shorting packages of some of the items people were supposed to get. (WWTFC). Non ship to Michael David Dempsey. Won’t respond. (4/8/17 - SSE). Removed from 24 Hour Vintage group for trying to sell reprints as originals, and for misrepresenting a couple of expensive SP cards missing from his set as commons. (4/10/17 - John S. - VSBG). Never shipped cards or sent tracking to Jeff Durham. (7/18/17 - SSE). He runs a facebook auction group (TOP-NOTCH Sports Cards & Collectibles buy, sell, trade, AUCTION HOUSE) where he runs a lot of tabs with his members. In my personal dealings he seems unorganized. I was shorted two cheap items in my package, although it also had a few small items I didn’t order too. He said it was a mistake. (ME).
Thom Taylor - aka; Thomas Taylor - Scammer - Non ship cards to Jared Deweese in KIR group. No tracking and not responding to PM’s. 3 weeks later, after being called out in scammers group, he said his girlfriend shipped them with stamps, and she didn’t get tracking for them. (6/7/17 - Chuck Sitero - SSE). Non ship cards to Tim Kelsven. After 2 weeks of not responding, filing a Paypal claim and “calling him out’ in scammers group, he finally shipped. (6/7/17 - Chuck Sitero - SSE). Removed from No Drama group (Bobby Bowman - SSE). Non ship $20 in cards to Joshua Morris. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. After 4 weeks & several broken promises, he finally refunded. (6/7/17 - SSE). Non ship card purchased to Brad Ryan (7/24/17 - Brad Ryan - SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Charles Clark. Said he mailed, never did. Blocked him. (7/24/17 - SSE). Non ship cards to Jeff King. Had to file a claim to get him to ship cards (7/24/17 - SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Jordan Worley (9/7/17 - Jordan Worley - CC-KIR). Address: Thomas Taylor 875 Tatumville Rd, Newbern, TN 38059. Phone: 731-627-1195.
Thomas Aldridge - Multiple reports of bidding and not paying in KCM group. (7/9/17 - Joel W Dickey). Non pay for card purchased from Alex Nawrocki. Ignored tags and PM’s. 7/9/17 - SSE).
Thomas Blount - aka; Thomas Leroy Blount; aka; Jason Wheeler, Jason Allon (Arlington, TX); aka; Brooke R. Wilkinson aka; Jman Wheeler, - Was caught razzing cards straight from his eBay buys, Raising prices and no card in hand (TRFP). Never sent cards (Richard Ramsey TRFP). (WWTFC). Was begging for $70 for medication for his daughter, then seen in a poker room later that night. (Jason Miller - SSE). Received free Ellington cards from people, supposedly for his daughters “personal collection.” Caught selling them 2 weeks later. (Keaton Rames SSE). Accused of ripping off people in the group McRazzle (Lance Wilson SSE). Non pay, Non ship, shipping wrong cards and chargebacks on Allen Briers and Justin Black (4/27/16 - SSE). Issues with Lance Wilson, Chris A Massey, Bryce Timothy Kloski, Kyle Rino, Richard Ramsey, (SSE). Non ship card to Bryce Timothy Kloski. (5/12/16 - SSE). Accused of scamming people with his childhood friend; Nick Hestilow & Brian Lee. (Lance Wilson -SSE). Offers free incentive cards and boxes if guys will fill his breaks, then doesn’t give them away when the time comes to random them (3/31/17 - Desi Masga & Damon Kirchner - SSE). Started facebook groups "McRazzle 2.0" and “Real Deal” and "The Real Deal Football Baseball Contest Group" and “Wheeling Dealing Breaks” they seem to run smoothly, and he has several people that claim he’s changed his ways and deals straight now. Mailing address: Jason Allon 3905 Carol Lane, Arlington, TX 76017 and and and
Thomas C Paige - aka; Jerry Butler Jr.
Thomas C Watega - Threatened to report razz group after he lost money. (7/26/17 - Anthony Prohaska - DRFG).
Thomas Coleman - Doesn't follow group rules after several warnings (CSRA)
Thomas Devito - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Thomas Elliott - Removed from BCSBU for admitting to pack searching in group post. (5/9/17 - John Malusis Sr. - CA).
Thomas Helmer aka; John Cb - Scammer, trying to sell cards that are not his. (WWTFC)
Thomas Holsomback - Disappeared from Facebook owing several people cards. Apparently he lost his job, internet, etc. A friend (David Tucker) was trying to help him square up with those he owed. ** 12/7/16 - He posted that he had paid everyone. (SSE). Non pay $59 to Joel W Dickey. Won’t respond to tags and PM’s. (5/3/17 - SSE). Non ship $16 in cards to Jonathan Kirk (5/3/17 - SSE).
Thomas Howard - Listed on Hockey Card Admin Scammers List (HCGASL)
Thomas John - Deleted a razz after it ran and blocked winner (Jordan Bittel SSE)
Thomas Leroy Blount, aka: Thomas Blount
Thomas Payne; aka Thomas Thomas (Fort Dodge, IA) - Scammer, hit multiple razz groups (TRFP). - 4 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Thomas Powell - Non pay for 50+ cards ($150 +) claimed in Steven Ray’s firesale. Said he would pay several times over the next 7 days. Never did. (8/24/17 - Steven Ray - SSE). Non pay $20 in cards claimed in Waylon Newman’s Firesale (8/24/17 - BC-BST)
Thomas Rogers - Non Ship cards to John Spies. After a couple of weeks, he blocked him. (1/10/17 - John Spies - SSE). Non Ship to David Rodland Jr. (1/12/17 - SSE). Non ship cards to Dusty Bush. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. Had to do chargeback (1/25/17 - SSE). Ashford, CT 06278
Thomas Schmidt - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Thomas Taylor - aka; Thom Taylor
Thomas Taylor - (Liberty, IL) Non pay money owed to Chris Brushaber for funko pop. Months of excuses. (9/18/17 - Chris Brushaber - SSE).
Thomas Thomas; aka Thomas Payne - Scammer, hit multiple razz groups (TRFP)
Throwback Consigners - aka; Robert Joseph
Thurman Bunch - Slow Pay of $14 to Dan Shakespeare. Broken promises. Missed deadlines. (11/16/16 - Dan Shakespeare - SSE). Non Pay of $25 to Zach Camann. (11/16/16 - SSE). Slow Pay, over a month, to Scotty Bennett (11/16/16). Cussed out Chris Harper for reselling his break spot after he didn’t pay on time (11/16/16 - SSE). Non ship of $85 in cards purchased by Garry Olson. Month went by, and then he blocked him. (11/26/16 - Garry Olson - SSE)
Tim Allen - Negative feedback for slow shipping and shipping damaged cards (RSCTAS).
Tim Bunch - Removed from “Finest” group for failure to send card or respond to claim. (Mark - BCSCFFAP)
Tim Carter - Blocking other bidders in coin auctions, so they can’t see his bids (9/18/17 - Nick Faulisi - SCO).
Tim Gardner - aka; Tim JohnDoe Gardner, aka; Eaklee Lue, aka; Tom Gardner, aka; Tommy Gardner, aka; Lue Eaklee, aka; Christopher Jennings, aka; Justin Gardner (< says this is his cousin?) - Scammer - Non-Ship to Chadly Sayen. Just excuses. Eventually mailed package of junk cards to him. (1/23/17 - Chadly Sayen - SSE). Caught listing same cards for auction and in firesale at same time. (SSE). Took money, blocked & wouldn’t ship to Jasen Stromberg (BC-BST). Called out as scammer in Comic Book groups. (SSE). Ripped off Joshua Pensy - (SSE). Using alias name Eaklee Lue tried to sell cards that were pics taken from eBay. Asked to coin cards, he wouldn’t. Profile disappeared, Was using same paypal address as Tim Gardner (1/11/17 - Michael Miceli - SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks for Lue Eaklee alias in (CCFG-KIR) Ripped off Derrick Engstrom using Lue Eaklee alias - (2/4/17 - ACG). Using Christopher Jennings profile, he blocked Shawn Bitzel after he paid. Shawn noticed the paypal name was Tim Gardner. (2/4/17 - SSE). Caught posting card pics from different people’s eBay auctions (David Dugger - 12/29/16 - SSE) Tried to rip off Kyle Semmel with pics of eBay cards. (1/3/17 - SSE). Tried to rip off Michael Carter with bogus eBay card pic (SSE). Reposting cards he’s running in an auction (with active bids) into a new firesale post. (Joshua Pensyl - 1/21/17 - SSE). Did Paypal chargebacks for 5 separate transactions on Brandon Warren (2/27/17 - Brandon Warren - SSE). Non Pay for break spots to Dustin Clay. Multiple excuses then blocked. (3/23/17 - SSE). Called out for scamming on “MTG scammer Hotline” page with multiple aliases & paypals listed. (3/10/17). Ripped off Nicholas Stahl for $45 in cards using the alias Tim JohnDoe Gardner. Right after he paid he saw same cards on eBay. When he questioned him, he got blocked. (1/6/17 - Danny Carlton Jr. - SCONNMN). Ripped off people in A&ECAFP group - (6/4/17 - Stephanie Boyanski - SSE). Paypal addresses used:,,,,,, (< used by Justin). Return mailing address used: Gatdner Card Garden 383 Lawson Ave, Steubenville, OH 43952. (Profile cities are Steubenville, OH / Pittsburgh, PA / and Weirton, WV (all 3 cities are right next to each other. Justin works with Tim’s Dad in Pittsburgh at #1 Cochran Auto). Phone: 740-275-4861. and
Tim Hagan - Non pay in multiple vintage groups (as per John Staples, Tom Weigle & Tom Frost VSB)
Tim Hall - Not shipping his cards on deals with Daniel Genson & Steve Hugsemall (CSRA) (** Need to confirm >>> ) (<<< ** Need to confirm if this link is him - PM’s sent **)
Tim Hardy - Non ship cards purchased. After 2 weeks and no tracking asked for a refund. Got excuses then stopped responding to seen PM’s. Had to file chargeback. (8/31/17 - Anthony Austin - CC-KIR).
Tim JohnDoe Gardner - aka; Tim Gardner
Tim Maloney - aka; Tim Chim Chim Maloney - Listed on hockey card Admins scammers group (HCGASL)
Tim Mathewson - aka; Tony Ortiz
Tim Mcdurman - Non ship of a $40 card to Michael E Engle. His profile disappeared next day. (11/4/16 - SSE)
Tim McKeown - Accused of scamming an $80 deal from Jeffery Grimes. Accused of scamming $280 deal by Steve Hugsemall (SSE) .
Tim Moon - Non pay in 24 Hour Vintage group (4/20/17 - John S. - VSBG).
Tim Murray - Negative feedback in (CCFG-KIR).
Tim Schmitt - Non ship items to Todd Gailes. Told him he’d shipped but wouldn’t send tracking number. Blocked him. (9/2/17 - Todd Gailes - SCO). Removed as Admin from Autos 121 group for scamming people and not shipping items (4/8/15 - Rob Wylie - A121). Non ship item to Trent Clarno. Stopped responding to PM’s. (1/4/17 - Trent Clarno - ACG). Non ship $40 autographed photo. Wouldn’t send tracking number, said PO said it should be there. Ignored repeated attempts to get tracking, and refund. (3/3/15 - Doug Hasey - Auto101). Lied about shipping items. Kept saying he had shipped, but didn’t until called out (3/3/17 - Philip Choi - Auto101). Non ship photos to Joe Ed Bridges. Promised them then never replied or shipped (3/3/15 - Auto101). Took a month to ship photo to Anthony Burris Jr (3/4/15 - Auto101). Sold Michael Williams an $80 picture. Said it had shipped but wouldn’t send tracking for 2 weeks. Then said the package was returned & damaged. Michael asked for pic of damaged package or the tracking number, and Tim sent him a bogus tracking number and blocked him (11/12/16 - Auto101). Items purchased failed JSA authentication (5/19/17 - Darrick Futrel - Auto101). Lies about shipping. Lies about sending tracking. Lies abut blocking people. (Auto101).
Tim Sheldon - Removed from vintage groups for ranting on boards and in PM’s. (VSBG). Removed form SAUSR group for violating page rules and constant argumentative nature in razz comments and towards Admins. (3/16/17 - Gabrielle Dean - SAUSR).
Tim Smith - aka; Kleveland Smee
Tim Sullivan - aka; Hammer Down Auction (in Fitzgerald , GA.), Dan Hallenbeck didn’t receive item. (WWTFC). Problem with razzing fake beats earbuds in razz groups. He eventually refunded everyone. (SSE). Non Pay & Non ship (6/7/16 - Darrell Clark , Fred Fisher - DRFG). Tim Sullivan - 111 orchard circle Fitzgerald ga 31750
Tim Vanmeter - accused of trying to sell fake autograph (TRFP). - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Tim Young - Would not send trade cards to Eric Lundgaard. 8 months of excuses and broken promises. (11/18/16 - Eric Lundgaard - SSE)
Timmy Zike - aka; magiccitysports (< eBay ID), aka; moberly1983 (< eBay ID), aka; Magic City Sports, - Using the moberly1983 eBay account under his step moms name selling fake autographed baseballs & items. When questioned for a refund for a ball Nik Key purchased, that failed JSA authentication, he denied selling it to him. Stopped responding to PM’s and had to go through Paypal to get money back. (8/22/17 - Nik Key - SCO). Removed from GuruBaseball group for trying to sell a group of negro league items that were mostly fakes and forgeries. Also misrepresenting many items he listed (8/23/17 - John-William Greenbaum - GBA). Tim Zike 1029 E. McKinsey, Moberly, MO 65270. Phone: 660-998-3293.
Timothy Barney - aka; Mike Smith - Possible Scammer - Brand new profile trying to list vintage Mantle & Aaron cards for sale. When Admin casually questioned him about how he knew about group, he left group and blocked Admin. (2/13/17 - Brandon Cummings - SSE)
Timothy Knoll - On groups banned list (COBCAM).
Timothy Rockford - Non Pay on contest & blocked them (Jason Fbb Ecton - TSFG)
Tino Shafer - aka; tinshafe0, aka; Countrygrl6240 (<ebay names) - Non pay of $165 to Kevin Hill for breaks sold on eBay (2/5/17 - Kevin Hill - SSE).
Titletowne8 - (< eBay ID), aka; Andrew ?, Caught retracing a faded Eli Manning autograph on a card he purchased a week earlier. He posted it for sale on eBay with an obviously newly retraced auto (6/13/17 - Scottie Bones - SSE). Address: 1271 S.E. Old Bellamy Rd, High Springs, FL 32643
TJ Baxley - Negative feedback for demanding sellers to send him invoices, then being rude when they don’t want too. (SSE). Negative feedback for cheating in auctions. Blocking competitive bidders, so they can’t see his higher bid (9/29/17 - Rick Enochs & Matt Mobley - SSE).
TJ Brown - aka; Terry L Brown Jr.
T.J. Cortez - aka; Ben Lindquist
TJ Merkiel, aka; Jessica Turner, Scammers posting fake Jordans. Reported by Wayne Johnson (SCS&FE)
TntNorth - (< eBay ID) - aka; Ted Straka
TntNorthNJ - (< eBay ID) - aka; Ted Straka
Toby Blank, aka; TonyNtabitha Blank, aka; Tabitha McJunkins. Scammer. Uses multiple aliases, Sells / Trades cards that are not his. Doesn't send cards. Several expensive documented scams (TRFP).
Toby Perry - Scammed Cam Betz on a card. Said he sent PWE, never showed, then caught later trying to sell the same card (David Grimm SSE).
Toby Sartain - Non Ship to Michael Miceli. Multiple excuses then after 2 weeks stopped responding. (12/16/16 - Michael Miceli - SSE). No ship to James Guerino. Wouldn’t respond or make it right. (12/18/16 - SSE). Failure to send card. Buyer had to file refund claim. (1/4/17 - F2.0). Non pay for cards won in auctions. Multiple excuses for months, then stopped responding. (9/21/17 - Mark Bogadi - SSE).
Todd Demerah - Listed as scammer on Hockey Card Scammers Listings (1/17/17 - Jim Binkle HCSL).
Todd Gray - Non pay. No tracking and stopped responding. Michael Dang (WWTFC)
Todd Harris - Scammer. Never sent items in a Charity razz. (WWTFC)
Todd Michel Ricard - Never sent trade cards to James Conway (Eugene Willingham SSE).
Todd Schroeder - Box break with unsealed boxes
Tom Appleton - Removed from “Finest” for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP)
Tom Bridges - Causing un-needed drama on a sellers auction post (1/8/17 - F2.0)
Tom Deasey - scammer (CSRA)
Tom Gallagher - Non ship $250 Jordan card to Zachary Braman. Multiple broken promises on shipping date. excuses. Sent bogus tracking number. (9/29/17 - Zachary Braman - SCO).
Tom Gardner - aka; Tim Gardner
Tom George - Runs a Sick kids scam - Don't send him cards or money. (email (WWTFC)
Tom Jones - aka: Kiley Barney
Tom Kubisa - Sold a card to Michael Shafer, and never sent tracking. First said he had shipped it, then 10 days later said he hadn’t shipped it and had used someone else’s Paypal account to accept payment, and had taken their word that it was shipped out. He couldn’t refund through Paypal, but offered to do it through Google wallet. Admitted to screwing everything up, and wanted to make it right. Michael Shafer did a Paypal chargeback and got refunded that way. (11/4/16 - Michael Shafer - SSE). Non Payer on auction wins. Gave excuses for month + (11/4/16 - Brandon Kite - SSE)
Tom Meadows - aka; rampagecards30 (< IG ID), aka: Connor Jones (?? maybe **) - Scammer - Stealing pics of other peoples cards to try and scam sell them to others. When asked for back pictures he PM’d the real owner trying to get back pics from him. When the real owner called him out, he deleted profile and disappeared. (9/24/17 - Lucas Leombruni - SSE). **NOTE: Connor Jones’s paypal address was, Tom Meadows Instagram account is rampagecards30
Tom Muray - aka; Tom Murry
Tom Murray aka; Tom Murry
Tom Murry - aka; Tom Murray, aka; Tom Muray, aka; Tom Murry Trading, aka; Tom Murry Trading Cards, aka; HOFerAutoCollector, aka; GarkoCollector - (Shippensburg, PA). Slow play Scammer - Scammer. Keeps creating his own new groups to try and scam new guys. (WWTFC) (TSFG). . Banned By Several Groups For Trying To Scam Cards (CSRA). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Been around for years ripping guys off. (KCMFC). On RTNT banned list (RTNT). There’s a video posted of him scamming in a video break he ran (4/25/17 - Eddie Thomas - SSE). Was caught trying to scam people with 2 reprint Joe Jackson tobacco cards. Posted a long story about he came across them at an Antique store. Guys started to question their authenticity, and he said he took them to a “document authenticator” and he thinks they are good. Another member found the record of him buying the 2 cards on eBay a few months, as aged reprints. (5/13/2008 - BOC). Banned as a scammer from Hobby Kings forums. (SSE). Runs the Facebook group “Trading Card Set Builders Help Page.” and and
Tom Nguyen - Tries to scam high end cards. (KCMFC).
Tom Nichols - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Tom Powell - removed from some vintage groups for not following rules (VSBG)
Tom Ullberg - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Removed from BCSBU group for continuing to post For Sale posts in their trade only group. (BCSBU).
Tommy Gardner - aka; Tim Gardner
Tommy Helgy - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Non Payment reported (VSBG). Likes to tell sellers cards were damaged during shipping, to try and get more cards or partial refunds from them. (FSMSRSTAT). On groups banned list (COBCAM).
Tommy Mason - Removed from “Finest” group for causing too much drama and instigating arguments. (BCSCFFAP)
Tony Bice - aka; David Dunham, aka; Kim bice, aka; Anthony Mark - removed from coin groups for non pays.
Tony Blank aka; Toby Blank, aka; TonyNtabitha Blank - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Tony Chambers - aka: Sam Danzing
Tony Doan - Banned from a few groups because of threatening members. Making claims against cards being fake which were proven to be real, only to find out he was discrediting members cards and reputation based on his personal vendettas. Tony has a new page called “The High End Plaza Club” and has made Dylan Morin (another listed scammer) an Admin. (5/2/16 - David Davidov - HCGASL)
Tony Hernandez - aka; Tony Ortiz
Tony Matz - Non pay as per John Scott (1/4/17 - FSMSRSTAT)
Tony Ortiz - aka; All Star Collectibles, aka; Timothy MIchael, aka; Tim Mathewson, aka; Tony Hernandez - Ripped off Corey Glass for $1600 by stealing pics of someone else’s Michael Jordan Auto jersey. Sold it to Corey in installment payments in (BG) group. Corey ended up getting a box with just packing peanuts in it, instead of a M Jordan jersey. (3/6/17 - Joseph Reid - SSE). Non ship, and no tracking to Deanne Eastbury (3/6/17 - SSE). Tried to rip off Stephen Taylor. Non ship on trade. It took 4 weeks and some phone calls to get Tony to ship his items back him Only received 1/2 of his items back. (SSE). It took Michael Minton 4 months, tons of messages and eventually going to Tony’s work to get repaid for an item Tony had scammed him on (3/8/17 - SSE). Non ship to Nick LaFleur. Won’t respond. (4/14/17 - SSE). Paypal’s: (belongs to Tim Mathewson, aka; Timothy MIchael from Buffalo Grove, Illinois). Address PO Box 463. Prospect, IL 60056. Phone: 847-977-4189. Work Address: City Limits Harley Davidson 2015 North Rand Rd, Palatine, IL 60074
Tony Rowell - aka; Rowell Tony, aka; чapли poyэлл - Negative for repeated slow shipping and having to be PM’d multiple times to get cards mailed (Phil Brenneman II - WWTFC). Non Ship $150 card to Ryleigh Moore from deal in (KA) After two weeks, no tracking, excuse then no contact, Ryleigh had to do a chargeback. (8/5/16 - SSE). Multiple reports of extremely slow shipping, and guys having to keep bugging him for weeks to get their items shipped. (10/19/16 - Matt Morris, Colby Cridlin - SSE).
Tony Sarks - aka; Sarks Tony, aka; Stephane Moreau, aka; Hiro Miro, aka; Nbacards Collectors - Scammer - Ripped off Philip Malabanan by not sending trade cards. Resold same cards on eBay. Got caught, tried to deny. Linked by Paypal address. (Elwood Tyndall - SSE). eBay profile: sarks88.
Tony Shackelford - Non ship $55 in cards purchased. After contacting, he was supposed to refund the money following week. Never did, and stopped responding. After being called out he asked for another 10 days to refund ** (5/9/17 - Jason Lin - SSE). Ripped off Gustavo Reyes. Never shipped $100 card he had razzed. He deleted the post and left the group. (5/9/17 - SSE). Screwed Tyler Riggs out of a box of NT he’d won. Never shipped (SSE). Owes $20 to William Ballard for NCAA game bet. Won’t pay, just excuses. (SSE). Threatened to delete his Facebook account and not repay anyone he owed if the guys didn’t stop posting about him in the scammers group (Jason Lin - SSE). Non pay $200 owed to Josh Scotchua Dietrich. He promised to start making payments, but after a month he’d sent nothing and stopped responding to messages. (5/9/17 - SSE). Negative feedback for listing cards not in hand (David Cregan & Kenny Kane - SSE). Non ship to Justin Ohara. Jerked him around for awhile, then started making partial payments to refund ** (SSE). Ripped off Ryan Tolley for $40. Non pay in razz, even after receiving the coins he won. (6/14/17 - Ryan Tolley - SSE). ** UPDATE 7/13/17: Made payments and paid money owed to Jason Lin and Justin Ohara. UPDATE 6/29/17 : Made one $25 payment to Josh Scotchua Dietrich, still owes $175 to him. UPDATE 6/29/17: Refuses to pay William Ballard, says bets don’t count. Refuses to pay Ryan Tolley, claims coins weren’t pure silver.
Tony Soto - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Agreed to trade then backed out the next day with Eric P Prims (WWTFC)
Tony Storer - Ripped off his childhood friend Ed Allen. Had been holding their sports card collection for years, waiting for a day when they could get together and split it up. When that day finally came, Tony said his ex-girlfriend had stolen it (which wasn’t true) and he refused to try and make it right. (6/7/17 - Ed Allen - SSE).
Tony Touvelle - Ships in PWE with no toploader and trashy mouth (CSRA)
Tony Truong - Scammer - Scams high end cards. (WWTFC). (KCMFC).
Tony Wiseman - Removed from BCSBU group for continuing to post For Sale posts in their trade only group. (BCSBU).
Tony Yates - Non Shipment, Refused to Refund (6/7/16 - Zane Markham - DRFG)
Tonya Cash Ford - aka; Michael L Ford
TonyNtabitha Blank, aka; Toby Blank, aka; Tabitha McJunkins - Scammer. Sells / Trades cards that are not his, also doesn't send cards. Several expensive documented scams (TRFG). - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Used stolen eBay pics to try and scam. (COBCAM).
Top-Notch Sports Cards & Collectibles buy, sell, trade, Auction House (Group) See Theodore Hubert.
Top Rank Barbers - aka; Nick Corrales - Selling fake China jerseys as real authentic jerseys. When confronted with photo proof of the tags not having UPC codes. He deleted the post, and cussed out Josh Grekke for calling him out. (8/19/17 - Josh Grekke - SSE).
Tracy Merrifield - On groups banned list (COBCAM).
Tracyd365 - (< eBay ID) - Tried to file a Paypal chargeback for “card never received” from a card he’d received over a month ago. When checking his feedback, it looks like he’s been trying to pull this on other sellers recently too. (5/6/17 - Mark Sears _ SSE).
Travis Atteberg - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Travis Batten - Non pay on auction in "$50 and Up" group. Reported No-pay in several group. (TRFP).
Travis Beppler - aka; bepplus2014 (< eBay ID) - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Ripped off member Mike Wyers. (Edwin Anderson - CCFG-KIR). Non pay for eBay card purchased from Jerry Slack (9/15/15 - Jerry Slack - DTCCAM).
** Travis Berg - ** On some groups lists with negative feedback. ** However, they’re just from a personal feud he had with the Admin. ** Travis is good to deal with.
Travis Craig - Did not send cards. (WWTFC). Commits to trades and doesn’t follow through (Ty Burner - KCMFC)
Travis Ipock - Ships in pwe with no protector and overprices (CSRA). Sold Travis Spice an autographed Favre / White photo that turned out to be a copy. He wanted Travis to wait a month for the refund, after the month was up ... no refund & he blocked him. (SSE).
Travis Kastrukoff - Listed on Hockey Card Scammers Listings (1/17/17 - Jim Binkle - HCSL).
Travis Wayne Braswell - Refuses to send or contact person that won and paid for item (Ryan Whitley - WWTF)
Trea Cook - Backed out of paying for auction win in “Dirt Cheap” group. (VSBG)
Trevor Tuell - ** His name is on other groups lists for "trying to lie about the value of his card." From what I can tell, it's all overblown drama about price guide -vs- eBay card values. It wasn't a scammer move, it's really more of a bad blood blowup / cuss-out fest between group Admins. (Trevor Tuell from the group "Win Sports Card Swag" and Andrew Christian & Ray Scarcella from the group "Ray's Place of Collectibles." (SSE). *** So Not on our list for any negative deals, **** but probably too much drama and cussing for our group. (ME).
Trent Allard - aka; Cameron Chambers
Trent Stanley - Never shipped razz cards he ran (Chris Sanchez - SSE). Other reports of scamming. (SSE)
Tristan King Jenkins - aka; Marvin Cogdill, aka; Whitney Nicole Jenkins, aka; Laray Jenkins (Laray may be a friend / relative? but he’s scamming with him too) - Scammer - Takes random card pictures from Instagram and sells them on Facebook. (Josh Tokos - SSE). Asks for Paypal Friends & Family payments. He got Jason Fowler for $32, Steven D Baird for $160, Dusty Petek for $90. (SSE). Ripped off Jim Kriel on deal. (FCObsession). Ripped off Jason Owen in a trade deal (5/16/17 - Drew Herndon - SSE). Using paypal name Christian Johnson. Name / Address is: Marvin Cogdill 352 Buckner Rd. Philadelphia, Tennessee 37846. Phone ‘s: 865-213-0308, 865-213-3251, (865-213-3972 his Mom; Shirley)
Tristan Shanklin - Young Kid. Seen him wasting a lot of people’s time with never ending, possible trade talks. He did make a trade deal with J. P. Freeman and was supposed to mail out his card, after 3 days J.P. asked him for tracking # , and he said he hadn’t mailed it yet.
Troy Crosky - Failure to pay or respond after winning an auction (BCSCFFAP)
Troy Deveau - aka; Angie Le Flamme Deveau, aka; Angel Dawn - Scammer - Shipped wrong (cheaper) trade cards twice in Dan Kroe’s group. Also claimed to have not received 2 different packages (5/12/17 - Dan Kroe - SSE). Ripped off Martin Gravel for $200. Never shipped card and just gave excuses. Stopped responding to messages. (5/1/17 - Jim Binkle - HCSL). Ripped off Steve Therrien for $500 in trade cards. Never shipped cards and blocked him (12/6/16 - Steve Therrien - HCFB&SAM). Ripped off Stefan Jan Otto. Never shipped 2 cards. Stopped responding and blocked him (4/29/17 - NCSL). Caught trying to trade cards from pictures that were found not to be his cards (2/11/17 - Kevin R Hamluk - HCA). Tried to rip off Jason Nicholas Trojanowski by selling him a card he apparently didn’t have. He wouldn’t ship the package, or send tracking, and after Jason brought the Admins into it, Troy purchased the card from someone else and finally sent it. (5/6/17 - SSE). Ripped off JJ Sims by sending wrong trade cards, then trying to say a $14 card he sent was worth $100 (5/12/17 - SSE). Started his own group; “(All bids) auctions, razzes, box breaks and trading”.. and started breaking boxes. Scamming with his girlfriend’s profile and new aliases too. (SSE). Address: PO Box 23, Tangent, AB, TOH350. and
Txcardz353 (< eBay ID) - aka; Cruz Eric Chavarria - eBayer who sells cards then tries to cancel transaction right after people pay (8/12/17 - Andrew Bobe - CC-KIR).
Ty Burner - Commits to trades but doesn't follow through. (WWTFC)
Ty Emelander - Negative feedback for backing out of a deal (VSBG)
Ty Twyman - Scammer - Burned Matthew Honeywell on a trade in August. Reported by coin groups for not sending (SSE). Never sent his end of trade cards (8/17/15 - Tyler Godlewski - SSE). Sent a dozen vulgar rants and misspelled angry messages and threats to Cliff Rigsby after being removed from group. (8/17/15 - Chuck Day - TRFP). - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Address: 96 Boaz Gardens Dr #30, Williamstown, WV 26187.
Ty Waetzig - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Tyler Beck - Scammer (reported by SCS&FE)
Tyler Godlewski - Ran into some problems in a group because of foul language. (CSRA). Didn’t ship (RSCTAS).
Tyler Guillot - Non pay of $100 to Marcelo Buschiazzo. Owed for months and nothing but excuses, then Marcelo called him out in the scammers group, and he reached out for a 4 month payments plan. (2/13/17 - SSE)
Tyler Krieger - aka: Ty Krieg, aka; Chase Anthony Johnson, aka; Cameron Blackwell, aka; Josh Wilson - Scammer - Non ship $240 in items and PS2 games to Ryan Herring (4/10/14 ). Non ship item purchased by Matt Boos. Never sent tracking. (8/1/14 - Matt Boos). Non ship comic books sold. Threatening him & other members (Jason Nelson). Ripped off Jared Bernard’s friend out of $80 in items. Jared had to call his Mom to get refund. (Jared Bernard). Confessed to using alias names (9/7/17 - Onar Bargior). IG ID: todayshaul Paypal used: Address: 849 West Kelley Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703 Phone: 479-968-7130, 479-316-7332 and and and and
Tyler Meyers - aka; Tyler Myers
Tyler Myers - Scammer - Stole $300 in cards - Sends empty packages. (WWTFC). Box Scammer. Didn't send (TFC). On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
Tyler O'Donelly - Low end scam, but a scam
Tyler Owens - Scammer - Ripped off Andrew Pruske for $190. Never shipped card. (6/26/17 - SSE). Ripped off Derrick Engstrom. Never shipped card. (6/26/17 - SSE). Ripped off Marcel West in Razzmanian Devil 2.0 group. Never shipped card he won in razz. (6/26/17 - SSE). Ripped off Nestor Miranda & Ryan Tolley (6/26/17 - Cristobal Saragosa - SSE). Ripped off two members of Score USR group. Ran razz’s for a helmet & a jersey. After collecting money he deleted his profile and disappeared (6/26/17 - John Mikhaylov - SSE). Paypal name says Michael Owens. Paypal address: Google wallet address: Fake tracking labels he created originated in Daytona Beach, FL (It’s possible this is a new alias for known scammer Robert Henderson?).
Tyler Paquette - aka; Casie Rae Willis, aka; Sledgehammer Sports
Tyler Pearson - Kid using fake profiles (as per Bryce Timothy Kloski - TRRS)
Tyler R Stone - aka; Tyler Stone
Tyler Riley - Negative feedback for slow pay, slow ship and not responding to messages in a timely manner. (4/9/17 - Jacob Fisher & Tyler Harnish - SSE). Non pay to Brandon Wiggins on 2 different firesales. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s, tags (4/9/17 - SSE). Rob Taylor had to open up a Paypal dispute to get him to send $8 in cards (4/13/17 - SSE). Non ship $7 in cards to Jerry Butler Jr. in ACG group. Month of no response. No tracking sent. Said he would refund then stopped replying. Had to file chargeback to get refund (8/13/17 - FSMSRST).
Tyler Snyder - Has had multiple trades where he did not send his end of the trade. (TSFG). Non pay on auction in David Hackett's group. (SO). Removed for non ship of trade cards (11/3/15 - Marcelo Buschiazzo - KCM). Wouldn’t show proof of shipping trade cards and then blocked. She didn’t ship either. (4/10/17 - Abra Damianna - SSE). Filed Paypal chargeback for $80 on Joel W Dickey from a break he’d held 2 months prior. (9/29/17 - Joel W Dickey - SSE). From Appleton, WI. Paypal:
Tyler Stone - aka; Tyler R Stone - Scammer - Removed from PSAGBCAM group for shady postings, no vouches, and unimpressive answers when questioned by Admin. (7/6/17 - Mickey Davis). Accused of trying to sell a 1923 Babe Ruth W515 strip card that wasn’t his. Said he didn’t have Paypal and payment would need to be sent by check or MO. (8/5/17 - Donald J Mannion - SSE). Caught listing a picture of a PSA 9 Mickey Mantle rookie for sale, that was a stolen picture from the PSA website. When asked to coin it, he deleted pic and ran (7/6/17 - Brian Duncan - 1975AODOND). Posting that he’s looking to trade for Mantle, Dimaggio, Gehrig, Robonson or old Yankees cards (7/5/17 - BCCAT-KIR). (Lives in Meshoppen, PA area. and
Tyler Tan - aka; Cloudx71 - Filed over $8k worth of chargebacks with breakers (Doug Caskey - 12/17/16 - SSE)
Tyree Marcus Lee - Possible scammer reported by Todd McNall in (SCS&FE). Accused of being a known autograph forger in the Detroit / Troy Michigan area (9/29/17 - Adam Campbell - SSE).
Tyson Findlay - aka; Dustin Abernethy - Multiple accusations of scamming cards. Switching names and profiles. His address is 1720 13th street Apt 21. Courtenay, B.C. Canada V9N6C1. (TRFP - reported by Dave Davis / Hunter Ochrang. WWTFC - reported by Kyle Gallagher / Doug Mordhorst)
Universal Legends Hobby - James Plemmons
Us_kiow - (< eBay ID) - Non ship card to Chad Covey. Wouldn’t respond and had to do chargeback to get money back (7/18/17 - Chad Covey)

See other docs for names starting with different letters