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Thread: V-Z Negative Feedback list

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    V-Z Negative Feedback list

    V-Z Negative Feedback list

    Vadim Roudneff - Held a Mantle Auto out of a package he sold, then he wouldn't make good on it ... kept giving multiple excuses about cousin mailing package, etc. (VSBG).
    Vam Muahomed - Removed from VFC for posting pictures of cards for trade /sale .. using pictures of cards from other peoples eBay postings. After he was confronted about it he said he’d done it because his camera wasn’t taking good pictures and he felt the cards were similar enough looking not to matter. (In reality, his real Brian Griese RC was an off centered EX/MT-ish looking raw card, and he’d used a cropped picture of a nicely centered, NM/MT looking graded card when he posted it for sale in our group). When I tried to explain the problems with doing that, he blocked me after a couple of messages (6/15/17 - Mike Tavenner - VFC).
    Vance Wall - On groups banned list (COBCAM).
    Vandies-0 (< eBay ID) - Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 - Justin Moats - SSE)
    Vegas Dave - aka; David Oancea
    Vic An Jamie Thatcher - Removed from BCSBU group for reneging on a trade, then not sending as promised (8/17/15 - BCSBU). Address: 400 Howard Dr., Del City, OK 73115.
    Vic Estrada - Scammer - Banned from 24 Hr Auction for non-payment. (12/10/14 - John Staples - SCA). Non ship trade cards in his trade with Nick Candler. Caught trying to trade same card to others. (12/28/14 - SC***BFAM). Non ship trade cards to Travis Berg (12/1/15 - T#1SCAMGOF). Non pay for auctions won. (BCSBU).
    Vic Mathieu - Possibly the alias of some other scammer? He did a revenge Paypal chargeback on Brandon Clements (SSE). Did a Manning raffle then disappeared from group with payments. Said he refunded them. He didn’t. (Cody Wilson SSE)
    Vicky Martel - Non ship to Rodney Bush (1/6/17 - HCGASL)
    Victor Altabano - aka; Vincent Maraventano
    Victor Chavez - aka; Jerry Butler Jr. ?
    Victor Johnson - Amesbury, Mass. - Didn’t send trade cards and won’t respond to PM’s. (Matthew Daugherty SSE)
    Victor Wanamaker - Multiple Non pays reported (KCMFC)
    Vikings Cards - Placed bid then deleted (RTNT)
    Vince Allen - aka; Eric Bodrey - Scam, Sexual Harassment (6/11/16 - Stephen C. Nix - DRFG).
    Vincent Boggs - Negative feedback on eBay, and in Facebook groups for slow shipping, not shipping, and sending damaged cards. (BillandKendra Allen PM)
    Vincent Bruno - aka; Vincent Maraventano
    Vincent Cort - Doesn't abide by group rules (CSRA)
    Vincent Lenza - aka; Vincent Maraventano
    Vincent Mara - aka; Vincent Maraventano
    Vincent Maraventano - aka; Francine Cinque (his Mom), aka; Victor Altabano, aka; John Centi, aka; Frank Lenny, aka; Paul Sinclair, Paul Jason Sinclair, aka; Vincent Bruno, aka; Kevin Jenkins, aka; Vincent Mara, aka; Joe DiChiara (his friend?), aka; Jim Moulton, aka; Vincent Lenza . - Scammer - Makes and sells fake patch cards and 1/1's - Blocks people. (WWTFC). Selling Trimmed cards, over charging on shipping, overly aggressive low balling, etc (VSBG). Lying about junk cards being rare (SSE). Opened false Paypal chargebacks (SSE). Ripped off Eric Basile for $400 then blocked him. Claimed he didn’t get a bunch of cards from him, did chargeback, then caught selling the “missing” cards later. (SSE). He started a couple of Facebook groups he uses to rip people off. 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Selling trimmed & fake NSA cards (Timothy William SSE). Ripped off Rodney Sanders $100. (SSE). Did a Paypal chargeback on Seebast Wagner (SSE). Shipped empty envelope to Ike Ebling (11/1/16 - SSE). Ripped off Cory Livingston for $75. (SSE) Ripped off Michael C. Smith for $45 (SSE). Ripped off Shawn Longley. (SSE). Ripped off Cory Wilmar (SSE). Ripped off Anthony Jeanise (1/21/17 - Christopher Hodges - Finest). Ripped off, or tried to rip off, Matthew Stewart. (SSE). Ripped off Dave Pappa. (SSE). Ripped off Robert Murphy (SSE). Ripped off Richard Mackey (SSE). Ripped off Noah Savage (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Seebast Wagner (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Rob Brian (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Jerry Butler Jr, (11/19/16- SSE). Ripped off, or tried to rip off; Dave Pappa $100. (SSE). Ripped off Paul Nink. (SSE). Ripped off Mark Rosenfeld. (SSE). Ripped off Mark Bogadi (SSE). Ripped off Robert Murphy (SSE). Ripped off Michael Miceli (SSE). Ripped off Teresa Insalaca (SSE). Ripped off Jerome Slack (SSE). Bought a bunch of cards on eBay from Jason Foster, after asking about combined shipping policy. Paid then filed for refunds on 3 of them plus shipping charges. Set up for a scam. (8/30/17 - Jason Foster - SSE). Known Paypal’s:, and, and, and and and, Address: 27 Acorn Court, Staten Island, NY 10309. He’s also had cards shipped to the addresses: 5901 18th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11204, and 7006 17th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11204 and 580 84th Street Apt 4B, Brooklyn, NY 11209 (Aunt’s house?). Phone #’s: 718-948-6268 and cell # 917-477-9027. Father’s phone# (Michael) 718-356-1473. Known eBay names; bigus.fdprqsp6, hotitemsformuchlessalways, crananhyn, franlenn0, mayhemous2012, anthoncess-0, ** NOTE: Dave Pappa contacted the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office and they are trying to gather info to open a case on him. If you have any further info, or have been ripped off by him, please contact Cherith Simmons at 718-250-2340 and reference Victor Maraventano **
    Vincent Vegas - aka; Kevin Vega
    Vincente Boggs - Removed from VFC for rules violations (cussing and posting newer cards, twice). Negative feedback in VFC for selling damaged cards (although he did refund the buyer). (VFC). Multiple negative feedbacks reported for Not Shipping, slow shipping, selling damaged cards ... on ebay and from other group Admins (in PM’s). Not shipping cards (RSCTAS).
    Vinchenzo Iorio - Looks like a new fake profile? 2 friends and a sportscard profile pic.
    Vinnie Greco - Non-ship on a $40 card. Multiple broken promises to mail the card and excuses about not having shipping money. After months, stopped responding. (11/18/16 - Ethan Burleson - SSE). Slow ship to Kurt Coghill (SSE).
    Vinnie Kandefer - High School Kid. Removed from multiple groups for continuous slow shipping and communication problems. Disappears for 2 weeks, won’t respond, then finally sends out tracking when he gets called out for not shipping. (3/25/17 - Andrew E. Phillips - SSE). Tried to scam Bill Kelly by saying he didn’t get everything he’d paid for. Got caught lying. (3/25/17 - SSE). Slow pay of 11 days to Eric Tyler Jones. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. - (3/26/17 - SSE) (
    Virgil Embery - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
    Virgil Logan - aka; Shalonda Embery (wife) - Removed from Braves group for Non pay. (3/11/17 - Zach Aulenbach - SSE)
    Vivian Galarraga - aka; Jesus Gil
    WC Brewer; aka; Warren Brewer
    Walker Smith - aka; Kevin Vega. - Scammer. (see more details under Kevin Vega).
    Wally Bryson - Removed from multiple groups for posting cards for sale that were not his, using pics of RC Winter’s cards. (RC Winter - 1/6/17 - SSE). ** NOTE: Wally claimed he was just showing examples, and did coin similar cards later.
    Warren Brewer , aka; WC Brewer, - (from Lewistown / Granville. PA). He had some slow shipping (and a possible non ship ?) issue back in 2013. Couldn't find the original complaintents, but saw an old post where someone was trying to help him clear his name. When he was approached about it recently (under his new profile name) WC Brewer, he claimed it wasn't him, and his first name was Wayne. However, a simple search shows guys tagging him and calling him Warren from a few months ago. (SSE) (WWTFC)
    Warren Rash - non pay on auction reported by Scott Brewster in WWTFC. - 3 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
    Warren Staring - Scammer - Sent cheap base card to William Albergo instead of real card he purchased (1/19/17 - Rene Enciso - SSE). Ripped off Matthew Beam, wouldn’t send tracking, or card, then blocked him. (1/9/17 - SSE). Scammed Glenn Dobson for $55 (1/27/17 - SSE). Scammed Ken Boucher in trade (1/31/17 - SSE). Non ship, no tracking to Arturo Franco (12/31/16 - SSE). Ripped off Greg Weber (1/21/17 - Arturo Franco - SSE). Non pay to Chad Latimer (1/20/17 - CIA). Non ship to Billy Sweet (1/19/17 - CIA). Address: 6489 Highbury Rd., Huber Heights, OH 45424. Paypal:
    Warren Vickery - Non pay to Jerry Arnsperger. Multiple excuses (9/30/16 - JAASMA). Slow Pay / No Pay ? to Landgren Leisure (SSE). Removed from group for Non pay (10/26/16 - Michael Miceli - FSMS). Removed from Dirt Cheap Auctions for multiple slow pays and a Non pay to Cooper McManess (5/29/17 - Stephen Greenfeld - VSBG).
    Waylan Wickstrom - Removed from HCA for deleting his auction with bids on it. (4/5/17 - Chris campbell - HCA).
    Waylon Zepp - Non pay to Matthew Riblon for cards claimed in Firesale. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s from him or Admin. (2/10/17 - Josh Robbins - SSE).
    Wayne Bargo - Accused of ripping off Steve Billetta (SSE). Never shipped. Gave excuses, then blocked him.
    Wayne Donahue - Non Pay on auction he won. Didn’t reply to tags / PM’s for 4 days, then said he’d pay on Friday. Never paid, then started placing bids on other auctions, and auctions that had already ended. (VFC) Strange guy ... with shirtless profile pics, and odd posts on his page & others.
    Wayne Higgs - aka; Ken Higgs, - scammer (list on VSBG).
    Wayne Lucas - aka; Donald Lucas - Non pay of $77 on breaks and buys to Devon Herd (2/19/17 - SSE). Non pay to Bruce Wayne Devor (2/19/17 - SSE).
    Wegotstock99 (eBay ID) - aka; Marc Bahar
    Wes Ackerman - Negative feedback for slow shipping. Lied twice about ship dates. Finally received cards and came poorly packaged. (11/23/16 - F2.0)
    Wes Walker - aka; Kevin Vega
    Wesley Heights - Removed from “Finest” group for Deleting post bumps and bad mouthing Admins (BCSCFFAP).
    Wesley Larimore - Caught trying to sell a fake Michael Jordan RC for $1500. Said a local card shop offered him $1200. (12/22/16 - Jerry Butler Jr. - FSMSRSTAT).
    Wesley White - Was removed from VFC for two violations of making derogatory comments about other members listings & prices. He was warned once, but did it again. Also did it in Mark Dufrain’s group. (VFC). Removed from vintage groups for multiple cases of asking guys to pull needs lists card for him, then not responding back when they PM him. (Tom Frost, John Staples, Nathan Leslie - VSBG). Also never returned a dupe card to John Staples (2 copies were sent for him to pick the better one), as he’d agreed to do. He claimed it wasn’t worth the postage to ship it back (1966 Don Meredith card)
    Whitney Nicole Jenkins - aka; Tristan King Jenkins
    Will Adams, aka Rob Adams -(WWTFC)
    Will Hines - Negative feedback for shipping in PWE and with not enough postage. Charged $4 for shipping. (4/24/17 - Walter Holmes - SSE)
    Will Miller - Ripped off $17k in his razz group “Dirty 30 BST” by running a $20k rigged razz on his cell phone. It had clearly been manipulated and edited for his 2 accomplices Derek Bacorn and Becky Elkins-Penn to win. When called out he gave BS excuses about his wifi connection and a call coming in, etc. and refused to rerun it. He also refused to show everyone the paypal receipts showing the money exchanging hands. As his shadiness became clearer he tried to blame it on his Admins. (5/31/17 - Alan Bryan - SWOSNL). Ran a $5k rigged razz where his friend Derek Bacorn won. The proof video was supposedly accidentally deleted (5/31/17 - Ed Hornney - SWOSNL) Paypal:
    Will Oppenheimer, aka; Phil Cards
    Will Turner - aka; Meia Thirsit - (Real last name is either Henson or Gaither). Sent commons instead of a Winston Auto /10 card in trade. (Michael Thompson SSE). Sent base cards instead of trade cards to Dan Harp (SSE). Address: 1206 Holmespun Dr., Pasadena, MD. Phone: (410)360-0161. (mail was returned to Michael Thompson .. so he may have moved? SSE). Profile disappeared. ** Under new Meia Thirsit alias profie he/she scammed Travis Settle, James T Wilson, Daniel Lara, and Herman Meeks. That profile disappeared too, however, new address is: 7910 Della Rosa Ct, Pasadena, MD 21122
    William Jones - Scammer - (Sherman Oaks, CA) - Ran multiple razzes, never shipped, then his profile disappeared from facebook. (3/27/17 - Chris Kelsey - SSE). Ripped off Brandon Kehl. Never sent card. Disappeared. (3/27/17 - SSE). Also got Rich Deien and Donald Jones in BCFSOT group. (3/27/17 - Chris Kelsey - SSE). Paypal address used:
    William Keck - Non pay $80 to Justin Kyle Mammarelli. Blocked him and deleted his questioning posts. (6/27/17 - John Sellitto - SSE).
    William Lin - Removed from Chris Pilon’s digital group for Non pay on deals made, acting sketchy and having multiple fake profiles. (2/20/17 - Ron Steven Marion - SSE). Blocked Admins in SSE. (SSE).
    William Mathiuel - aka; Alex Beaudoin, aka; Poulet Frit - Listed as Scammer in Hockey Admins Scammer group (HCGASL)
    William Michael Blade - Reported as Scammer (in SCS&FE)
    William Middleton - Sold item and didn't send after payment was received. (WWTFC)
    William Obanion - Didn't send his end of trade (WWTFC)
    William Oppenheimer - aka; Phil cards
    William Potter - Non Pay to Josh Singer (SSE).
    William Soucy - Negative feedback for slow pays, and backing out of a deal. (5/23/17 - David Dols & Thomas Blount - SSE). Negative feedback for running a razz, then canceling it once it filled (6/12/17 - Jacob Fisher - SSE). Non ship trade card to Elvin Trilla. First he said the post office returned it to him, then just excuse after excuse, including that he felt the cards he received were not enough. Still never reshipped the card, and ended up cussing out Elvin & blocking him. (8/2/17 - Elvin Trilla - SSE). Non pay for razz spots taken (Mike Christensen 8/2/17 - SSE). Physically threatened Marcel West in a PM, after he’d posted a scammer warning about him. They live fairly close to each other. Screen shots were sent to William by his cousin; Gary Russo. (8/2/17 - Marcel West - SSE). Threatened, stalked and road raged Kenny Kane in multiple PM’s, saying he was going to get him banned from groups & Facebook, etc. (8/2/17 - Kenny Kane - SSE). Non ship to winners the items he razzing. (9/26/17 - Steve Martinez - SCO). Non ship item won by Rafael Roa Jr. Keeps showing pics of packaged item, saying it will ship. Never does. Multiple excuses. (9/26/17 - SCO). Phone: 603-668-0355.
    Willie King - (Bowling Green, KY). Sold Nick Webb a fake ‘67 Mickey Mantle card on eBay. Paypal: eBay ID: tysdada09 (2/21/17 - SSE)
    Williiam Michael - banned from “50 above” and “Live Realtime” groups for going on a rant about the site rules.
    Willy Knuckles - Non pay $42 in Jeff Starks Razz. ** paid 2 months later (TNT)
    Yukon Cornelius - aka; Jason Bullis, aka; Jason Buliis, aka; Hugh Jassels - Called out for running very shady looking razz videos in his Facebook group; “Empty Pocket Breakers.” He booted all of the guys complaining about them and pointing out the faults. (SSE)
    Zac Stephens - Non pay (WWTFC)
    Zac Wygoslod, aka; Zachary Wysoglad, aka; Zach Wysoglad - Scammer - Non ship items and dodged giving promised refunds. (12/2/14 - Chris P Rinaldi - BCCATKIR). Non ship cards to John Colella. After 3 weeks and getting Admins involved, finally shipped. (12/2/14 - BCCATKIR). Ripped off Ed Weeks on trade deal. Sent a bunch of creased, damaged cards. Refused to make it right (11/22/14 - John Staples - VSC&MP). 5 Negative feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. On groups banned list (COBCAM). Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)
    Zach Buller - Didn’t send cards. stopped answering PM’s & blocked Holmer A Buezo (SSE)
    Zach Penders - Non shipping trade cards (HCGASL) Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)
    Zach Wysoglad, aka; Zac Wygoslod
    Zach Zimmerman - Banned from group for trouble making & harassment (COBCAM).
    Zachary A Polk - Non ship to Manuel J Valenca III. Said he didn’t send with tracking, then said he’s send more if they didn’t show. then stopped responding. (3/29/17 - SSE). Paypal address:
    Zachary Wysoglad, aka; Zac Wygoslod
    Zack Armfield - Non Pay of $55 to Robert Rossi $450 to Jason Atterbury. At first he agreed to payment arrangements, because he couldn’t pay it all, then blocked them both and wouldn’t respond. (1/25/17 - SSE). 13601 S Main St, Galveston, IN 46932
    Zack Brooks - Negative for not going through with an auction he ran. Wouldn’t contact winner or respond to PM’s from him and Admins trying to resolve. Apparently he did finally PM him a couple months later, after info was posted in scammers group. (10/6/16 - Eric Arkulari - SSE). Non Pay to Paul Nink (10/6/16 - SSE). Came into the Scammers group complaining about his name being on list, but left when asked to contact the guys that accused him (3/19/17 - Zack Brooks - SSE). Non pay to Adam Smith (4/12/17 - SSE). He also runs the group “The Sports Sports Corner Buy, Sell and Trade.”
    Zack Cage - Negative Feedback for taking 3 weeks to get card to Blake Johnson (TRFP) (SSE). Slow ship to Matthew D Oslie. (SSE). No Pay to Mike Grainger for a FF League he ran. Wouldn’t pay or respond to PM’s. (2/3/17 - Mike Grainger - SSE).
    Zack Shirkey - Non ship cards for Super Bowl bet to Matthew Mckinney. Won’t acknowledge PM’s. (2/17/17 - SSE).
    Zane Bielenberg - Well known scammer
    See other docs for names starting with different letters
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    Vivian Fang needs to be added to this scammers list. Scammed me for $750+ through a fraudulent chargeback after buying an item from me on ebay. Here's a copy and paste of the complaint I filed through

    I sold a baseball card on June 17, 2018 valued at $750, plus $3.50 shipping/handling to the buyer, Vivian Fang, through, item #173358801864, total amount $753.50. The item in question was an "EDDIE ROSARIO 2012 Bowman Chrome PURPLE Refractor AUTOGRAPH CARD", card #BCP9, card serial #03/10, professionally graded by Beckett Grading Services (BGS) as BGS 9.5 GEM MINT with 10 Autograph, BGS serial #0007396129.

    The buyer paid using paypal as the payment method. I mailed the item to the buyer on June 18, 2018 through the US Postal Service, and it was signed for by an agent of the buyer's at their post office in Temecula, CA on June 21, 2018. On the week of July 15, paypal notified me that the buyer had filed a dispute (chargeback) with their financial institution claiming they were due a refund because they returned the item. At no point did the buyer contact me to initiate a return, and to this day, they still have the item to my knowledge. In fact, their ebay account had been suspended by ebay due to suspicious activity. They have ignored my attempts to contact them directly through email. Paypal reversed the payment on August 1, and I am now out $753.50, and I do not have the item that the buyer falsely claimed they had returned. IN addition, paypal charged me $22.15 in transaction fees, and $20 in administrative fees ($42.15 total) for this chargeback which they will not refund to me.

    Buyer's full name and address:
    Vivian Fang
    40880 De Portola Rd
    Temecula CA 92592-8905

    paypal email:
    ebay ID: mikhart-1 (as mentioned above, already suspended, but they may come back under a different ID)

    Some additional info, the chargeback type filed was "missing refund or credit", which paypal does NOT cover under seller protection. Unlike the "unauthorized charge" claims that I've dealt with before (which paypal normally covers), no amount of tracking, including a signature, will matter according to the paypal rep that I spoke with for this specific type of chargeback, since they simply don't cover it under seller protection. If the financial institution decides in the buyer's favor (which they do 99.9% of the time I'm sure), the seller is boned.

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    I will add it, thank you.

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