Do- Jb Negative Feedback list

*** Updated to 10/1/2017 ****
The following names (and accusations) have been reported by facebook groups that we share info with. They range from minor negatives, to major scam artists. The aka’s, are alias profiles they're using on Facebook. The initials & names (in parentheses) are the groups and people that reported them. If you know of any people that should be added to the list, or have any questions / concerns ... PM me. I'll try to keep this list updated monthly, to keep our members safe and aware. Please keep in mind, the vast majority of these names were added because of other groups accusations. There are always two sides to every story. Although, I usually "err on the side of caution" to try and keep the group safe ... please PM me if you ever see a name that maybe shouldn't be on the list. I can look into it further, and remove their name, if justified.
Dog-74 - (< eBay ID) - aka; Ron Toivanen
Dominic Langone - Non Pay for items won in (SQFG) to Brandon Kite. First said he paid and it was pending. Then blocked him after sale. (2/13/17 - SSE). Non pay to Tandy Jones. Blocked him (SSE). Non pay to Michael Lucas for auction win (2/14/17- SSE). Non ship to Rodney Bush (1/6/17 - HCGASL).
Dominic McLeod - aka; Doms Hockey Cards - Kid - (Canada) - Screwed over a collector in Dan Milburn’s group. Dan contacted his family and friends and shamed him into sending the cards back. (2/17/17 - SSE). Non ship to Jason Mays (2/15/17 - Michael Shafer - SSE) .
Don Dear - Non ship purchased card and blocked (5/6/17 - Dave Comte - SSE).
Don Lemley - Pack Searcher - started a group about tips and tricks on how to find hits in retail packs.
Donald Bannon - aka; Jamie Anstey
Donald Lucas - aka; Wayne Lucas
Donald Miller - Removed from 24 Hour vintage for Non ship to Steve Greenburg (9/30/16 - JS - VSBG)
Donald Waide - Won auction and didn't pay (in $50 and Up group)
Donnie Cartelo - aka; Kleveland Smee
Donnie Hulett - Non Pay on auctions. Claimed his Paypal was messed up. Reported as Non Pay by Jason Fbb Ecton on (TOSFG). Non Pay to Adam Kane. Excuse after excuse (SSE). Non Pay on auction (12/1/16 - Jerry Butler - (FSMSRSTAT). Ripped off Brian Renaud on OBJ trade. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (3/21/17 - Bill Genebach - TVH).
Donnie Kneisler - Scammer - Failed to send purchases or tracking to Jon Paul & Jonathan Holm. Repeated excuses (SSE). Owes cards and money to Daunte Winters & Kevin Stanton. Blocked them & stopped responding, (SSE)
Donnie Riffle - Non pay money owed to Tom Murry. Has been removed from several groups for ripping members off. (10/21/13 - Tom Murry - TCN). Removed from JMSACCFM group for ripping off Cole Olesky in 3 way trade. Never shipped but kept saying he had and showed fake tracking number. Ignored PM’s after that (7/3/15 - Joseph Mancuso - JMSACCFM). Non pay to Christopher Insalaca on 2 different sales. Said he mailed payment, but it never showed. Said he’d sent payment a second time, and it also never showed. Also, sketchy as he 1st said he’d contact his bank (check?) then said it was cash. (5/17/17 - SSE). Non pay for cards purchased from Jack Montgomery (5/17/17 - SSE). Ripped off Brian Lerch. Only sent a few of the cards he purchased. Multiple excuses & broken promises to ship and fake tracking numbers. After threatening him with legal action, he shipped a box of cards that Brian had never ordered, claiming they were them. (8/17/17 - Brian Lerch - CC-KIR).
Donnie Valenti - Non payment (RSCTAS).
Donny Cartelo - aka; Kleveland Smee
Donny Fritz - Removed from COBCAM for selling cards he has in active razzes, and being weird
Donovan Jones - Scammer - Scammed Stephen Greenfield (SSE). Ripped off Abe Hands (SSE). Talks **** to people when they don’t want to trade with him (RSCTAS).
Doug Greenfield - aka; Daniel Gross, aka; D. J. Gross, aka; Jeff Meade, aka; Xclusivebreaks. Scammer - Tried to rip off Jason Odell (SSE). Caught using another persons Facebook profile to rig a razz and scam a Jordan card. Sent fake tracking numbers (2/12/16 - SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks for Daniel Gross alias & DJ Gross alias in (CCFG-KIR) group. Keeps taking spots in Razzes, saying he’s paid (when he hasn’t) then leaving the groups if he looses. (Larry Lar, Justin Mammerelli, Derek Hellerstedt, Weston Spece). (SSE). Owed Aaron Depron money for razz spots claimed. Jerked him around with broken promises and excuses for about 7 months. Had to call him out to finally get refunded. (SSE). After jerking Jeremy Briscoe around on shipping his cards, telling him they had already shipped, he finally refunded, and the “shipped” cards never arrived. (SSE). Owes Ronnie Cleofe $125 and blocked him. (SSE). Owed several other people large amounts of $$ (from old debts / scams) until some guys in the Scammers group called his CO (Army) and he started paying people back. (SSE) Screwed Cameron Robbins on an $1100 case break he joined. Cameron bought 22 spots in an eBay break, which turned out to really be Doug, using someone else’s (Aaron Salazar) eBay name. The break kept getting pushed back day after day with excuses so Cameron requested a refund. Doug said instead of a refund he’d sell him the whole case at close to his cost. Cameron agreed and Doug was to ship the case out next day, Saturday. He didn’t. He then said he’d ship Monday. Monday came and no tracking number or ship info was given, so Cameron filed a Paypal chargeback. Then Doug said he’d actually held the original break on Saturday, and had mailed the cards from the 22 spots he’d originally purchased, and Oh, by the way .. there were no big hits .. and .. Oops, the video showing the break was taken down by Youtube because there was copyrighted music playing in the background. When called out in scammers group for all of this Doug tried to defend his actions, feeling he didn’t owe Cameron a refund. (9/26/17 - Cameron Robbins - SSE). Non ship promised extra box to Michael Gogan. Michael had asked for a refund of $300 he’d paid for a break that kept getting delayed. Doug promised if he kept his spots, and didn’t get the refund he’d send him a free box of Contenders cards. Break never happened, money was eventually refunded, but the free box was never sent. (9/26/17 - SSE). Lied to Jay Coscolluela, telling him he had 2 cases of cards in stock, which he didn’t. (SSE). He ran scams under a fake profile pretending to be a real estate agent; Daniel Gross. He also screwed Weston Spece for a long time on 5 Jordan RC’s, etc. (9/27/17 - Brad Parvin & Dale Fickenworth - SSE). Removed from Showcase group for being shady, changing his name, lying, back tracking and scamming (9/27/17 - Anthony Barnett - SSE). Non ship break cards to Nikole Bautista. After she mentioned it in scammers group, he said he would refund. (9/27/17 - SE). Ripped off Cindy A. Novotny Swopes for $100 (SSE). Brad Parvin explains the Jordan scam, his multiple aliases, and a few of his other issues in this video starting at the 6:12 mark. (SSE). Paypal:
Doug Miller - Never sent Amazon Fire tablet to Rick Stillwell. Gave multiple excuses then stopped responding. (SSE). (WWTFC)
Doug Mordhorst - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Doug Popp - Didn’t send card (SSE). Didn’t Pay for break spot, until after many requests and calling him out. (Lorenzo Garcia - TSFG). Negative feedback for non ship of $12 card to Johnathon Holm. Multiple excuses. After 2 weeks called out in scammers group and started Paypal chargback process. ** NOTE: Doug then contacted Johnathon, they worked it out and Doug shipped him extra cards too. (8/29/17 Johnathon Holm - SSE)
Doug Thomas - aka; Kiley Barney
Doug Wilson - aka; William Wilson, aka; Elisannie Rodriguez - Scammer - Didn't send his part of trade, sent empty top loaders in large trade. Offering people cards from pictures he takes off eBay (as per Christopher Hodges and Justin Kyle Mammarelli TRRS group). Trouble maker; reporting razz groups (TRFP). Multiple didn't sends and scamming (WWTFC) (RTNT). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Ripped off Divad Raupa for 1956 Mantle. (10/31/16 - Dan Agostinis - SSE). Tried to rip off Justin Wayne Campbell by sending him a pack of erasers instead of a Brady Auto trade card - 3/2/17 - SSE). Ripped off Douglas Newsom for $185 (5/10/17 - SSE). Ripped off; Michael McCrary, Rcay R Low, Joel W Dickey, Drew Herndon, Isaiah Wizner, Cole Sunley, Jeremy Davis, Josh Stinnett, Christian Ciarlante, Chris Weaver, Patrick Penn, Michelle Burris (Brian McIntosh - SSE). Ripped off Richard Grant for 2 cards in trade. Never shipped. (6/1/17 - SSE). Ripped off Jason Owen, Keith Osborne (11/2/16 - SSE). Non ship ‘68 Nolan Ryan card (6/4/17 - Cory Wilmar - SSE). Mailing address: 1101 Patillo Street, Hartselle, AL 35640. (< Lives with his Grandmother). Paypal: lovemyellie123@gmail. eBay: clovertiger210. Mother’s (Betty Joyce Wilson) phone #: 256-773-9713. Phone # he gave someone: 256-507-1241. NOTE: * Douglas Newsom lives 10 minutes away, knows him and has been to his house * and
Douglas Pruneau - Continued cussing and not following rules after being warned to stop
Drake Kain - Fake profile posting stolen pics of cards for sale. (6/8/17 - James Hall - SSE)
Drew and Shelley Almquist - Bounced E-checks. (WWTFC)
Drew Brigman - Non Pay on spots taken in Razz (WWTFC)
Drew Clark - aka; White Zombie (from Australia) Scammer (TRFG)
Drew Easton - Removed from HCA for Non Pay of $28 auction win to John He (3/15/17 - Richard Sharma - HCA).
Drew Feller - Would not send cards or return PM's (as per Jerry Butler) SCA
Drew Roerig - Negative feedback for backing out of a $70 deal after posting "I'll take them all." (TU - VFC).
Drew Matlock - Non-Ship of auction win to Robert Blaine. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond to PM’s. Blocked him. Had to do a Paypal charge back. (11/26/16 - SSE).
Drew Spangler - Removed from “Finest” group for Non pay. (BCSCFFAP)
Drue B. Dziados - aka; Joseph Levesque - Reported as scammer by Abel Sanchez in (SCS&FE). Reported as low baller, time waster, non payer by several guys (WWTFC). Tried to get Dennis Miller II to send him cards by continuously saying he’d paid for them, when he hadn’t (SSE). Keeps getting guys into very long (weeks of) negotiations over card trades / deals .. then jerks them around by saying he mailed money or sent paypal, etc. Never follows through. Total waste of time. Ripped off Jason Atterbury (SSE). Non pay to Scott Martin for auction win. Stopped responding. (3/15/16 - SCMFP). Non Pay to Jerry Butler (3/26/16 - SCMPA). Non pay to Brandon Sark (3/8/15 - KCM). Never shipped and stopped responding after agreeing to trade with Brandon C Schwab (KCM). Stopped responding after trade reached with Dennis Lake (3/8/15 - Dennis Lake). Ripped off Bob Briggs. Never shipped cards (2015 - SSE). Non ship, stopped responding with Brandon Barnard (3/8/15 - KCM). Non pay to Jason Atterbury (9/30/15 - J&JSCC). Non pay to David Sims for items claimed in sales. Won’t respond to messages & tags. (5/7/17 - SSE). Non pay to Nick Dissmeyer of $30 in cards claimed (5/7/17 - SSE). Non pay to Greg Hernandez. Keeps saying he’s sending MO. Never does (SSE). Non pay to Seth Koren in 2016 (SSE). Non pay to Lee Young from 2015 (SSE). Non pay to Jamason Sparks (5/7/17 - SSE). Tried to get Gabe Yniguez, Timothy William & Emmitt Bean to ship cards first, then he’d pay after he received them (6/29/17 - SSE). Non pay for cards he claimed in Firesale. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s and tags, then when threatened to expose him on scammers page he said he couldn’t send Paypal, but would check with his Brother-In-Law to use his. Never responded back or paid. (9/4/17 - Jim Mosier Jr. - FSMSRST). Address used: Ceylon Levesque 25 Seymour Street, Bristol, CT 06010
Drue Dziados - aka; Drue B. Dziados
Duane Keyser - Non pay $90 in auction to Ricky Jimenez (5/21/17 - DRFG). Non pay $40 to Kris Dubois. Won’t respond to messages (5/21/17 - DRFG).
Dugout Sports Cards, aka; Kam's OTW Card, - Reported as Scammer by Blake Force in SCS&FE
Dukes Trading-Post (aka, Sandra P Cremer or Daniel Cremer) Auctioned off high end cards and demanded the winner to pay Paypal friends and family ... then never sent cards.
DunBear Laire , aka; Mason Dunbar - Removed from Dirt Cheap for repeated Slow ship, PWE & postage due. (TRFP) (WWTFC).
Dustin Abernethy - aka; Tyson Findlay, aka; Chris Sinclair - (Canada) C.S. sent commons instead of real trade cards. (7/28/15 - Randy Riggs Jr - KCM). C. S. scammed Jade Janke on trade (7/31/15 - Jonathan Roof - WWTFC). D. A. ripped off Justin Fulk (8/18/15 - KCM). Multiple accusations of scamming cards. Switching names and profiles. Sends junk cards instead of real trade cards. On RTNT blocked list (RTNT). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). T.F. Ripped off Hunter Ochrang (MOC). Ripped off Steven D. Baird on trade. Only sent 1 of the 3 cards he was supposed to send (4/19/15 - Steven D. Baird - TWOSC). Address is: 1720 13th street Apt 21. Courtenay, B.C. Canada V9N6C1.
Dustin Alan Young - aka; Dustin Young - Removed from groups for scamming guys in action figures group. Shipped a brick instead of a replica belt (Michael Freking - PM).
Dustin Andersen - Non pay $330 to Michael Robinson. Set up a payment plan, but never paid and stopped responding. Was seen playing in poker rooms and entering razzes. (8/2/17 Michael Robinson - SCO). Tim Blackmon had to threaten chargebacks to get the money he owed for razz spots he’d taken (8/2/17 - SCO). Removed from Mike Heggan’s poker group (SCO). Non pay to a few guys in Joe Bobzean’s group (9/11/17 - Joe Bobzean - SCO).
Dustin Clay - aka; DnT Sports, dnt-sports-collectables (< eBay ID) - Caught switching out the money card in a video box break he held in his DnT breaking group. After BS-ing everyone in the beginning, and deleting the video ... he finally confessed that he did switch the card and had initially lied about it. He posted a public apology, and said he was leaving the hobby forever. (5/6/17 - Trey Monroe - SSE). Here’s a link to the video & story:
Dustin Chrislip - Non Ship, reported by (SCS&FE)
Dustin Dekarske - There was a report of him scamming multiple people in the WWTFC group. However, it looks like the quote and info have been removed? (WWTFC) - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Dustin Fetchak - Backed out of a finalized trade deal, because the player did really good in a game, right after deal was made. (RSCTAS).
Dustin Luckeydoo - Offered to Shill bid auctions
Dustin Moore - Scammer - Ripped off Nicholas Durfey, Alan Hardy, Daniel Rose (1/31/17 - SSE). Ripped off Rich Howell (SSE). Address: 4308 9th Street East, Bradenton, FL 34208.
Dustin Rotosky - Negative for not sending cards until after Jose Castillo put him on blast. He refunded payment after a chargeback was filed. (TRFP). Removed from “Finest” group for a “wide array of issues, mostly shipping related.” (BCSCFFAP)
Dustin Wright - Negative feedback for refusing to refund or handle a cracked damaged case, on a graded card he sold. (TSFG)
Dustin Young - aka; Dustin Alan Young
Duston Hawkins - Slow Ship to Christopher John Waszkiewicz. Multiple broken promises and excuses for 2 weeks .. until he was called out in scammers group. Then the tracking finally came through showing he was mailing that day. (2/14/17 - SSE). 318 Reno Ave. East Alton, IL, 62024
Dusty Rudd - Scammer. Scammed Peter Flores out of 6 Hank Aarons cards. Said his wife stole and sold the card. Said he would pay $125 to resolve. Week later, still not paid. Multiple reports now (TRFP); Patrick Segura said he sold him Luck auto, then claimed car was broken into and card stolen. Shane Ratcliffe too. (5/7/2015) (WWTFC). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST)
dykstrabros3 (< eBay ID) - Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 - Justin Moats - SSE)
Dylan Degon - Scammer - Non ship. Offered trade for “MLB show codes” then never shipped card after getting codes. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (8/13/17 - Shane Swann - SSE). Was trying to buy MLB show codes, then tried to get them for free (8/13/17 - Chris Moose). Was removed from Madden Ultimate group for scamming (8/13/17 - Steve Verfin - SSE). Ripped off Gustavo Cantero. Non ship trade card. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s (8/21/17 - BCFS). Ripped off Erik Eberhardt for 6 codes in a trade. Never shipped his trade card. Stopped responding (8/21/17 - BCFS).
Dylan Elder - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Dylan Hallet - Non ship $20 trade card to Clinton Wade. Blocked him and left group. When confronted, he said he didn’t feel the trade break was fair so he was going to send cheaper cards instead. Said he didn’t care about his reputation because he was “done with cards, breaks and groups.” (7/28/17 - SSE). Non ship trade cards to Deanne Eastbury. Said he did, but he didn’t. (11/28/17 - Charles Murphy - SSE).
Dylan James - Slow ship (Ron Steven Marion SSE). Non ship to Brian Strandt. Claimed he mailed but couldn’t provide tracking. Refunded 3 weeks later, (Brian Strandt - SSE). Accused of not paying or responding to PM’s (Timothy Nix - SSE). Had to continuously tag and harass him to get him to mail out the trade cards he owed (Matthew Daugherty - SSE). Multiple reports of him slow shipping, not sending tracking, not responding to “seen” PM’s, lying about ship dates, excuses ... and basically being a pain to deal with. (Matthew Daugherty, Kyle Brammer, Jh Flores, Ryan Glazer, SSE). Tried to scam Brett Fredianelli (SSE). Ron Steven Marion (SSE).
Dylan Kennedy - Non pay (YSCF group)
Dylan Morin - Admin of “High End Plaza Club” group. Caught and admitted to rigging razzes. (Jim Binkle / David Davidov - HCSL). Listed in Hockey Admins Scammer group for rigging razzes. (HCGASL). Non ship $25 card to Andreas Knutsson. Eventually blocked him. (6/11/16 - HCSL).
Dylan Vogel - aka; John A Scott
Dyllan Ledford - Negative Feedback for mailing package with no tracking (SSE). Jared Maurer made a trade with him, then 2 weeks later saw the cards Dyllan was supposed to have sent him being sold by someone else. Dyllan said he accidently sold them. He did send Jared different cards to make up for it. (SSE). He jerked David Dugger around on a deal. Sellers remorse. Said he didn’t have time to ship and refunded money, when David said he’d wait for card Dyllan said he sent it too get graded (SSE). Had issue with Daniel Crabtree. Sent bad tracking number. Eventually straightened it out. (SSE). Had a PM road rage issue with Ron Steven Marion (SSE). Forced Paypal Friends & Family payment only on Tim Meyers (SSE). Called out on the Scammers page for using a friends paypal address (Jeff Conway as his own. Said he and Jeff work together and exchange funds sometimes. (SSE). Caught again giving out someone else’s paypal address as his, to try and have a buyer pay off his debt ... to someone else. (not scamming, just shady). (SEE).
Dylan Morin - Caught trying to fix a razz. He’s an Admin in The High End Plaza Club (5/2/16 - David Davidov - HCGASL)
E J Conroy - Filed chargeback on David Chojnowski for $230 for cards sold and delivered. (4/19/17 - Casey Royer - SSE).
Eaglepearl - (< eBay ID) - aka; David Perlstein
Eaklee Lue - aka; Tim Gardner
Earl Brown - Reported as Scammer (Clifford Suttorp in SCS&FE). Reported as Scammer (Sports mem. BST)
Earl Danylchuck - aka; Kleveland Smee - Scammer
Earl Danylychcuck - aka; Kleveland Smee - Scammer
East Side Sports Cards - aka; Darren Donahue
Eastside Sportscards and Collect, aka; Darren Donahue
Easternshore Collectibles - Sold same 1/1 card multiple times on eBay, & tried in facebook groups. Shill Bidder. (WWTFC)
Ed Langston Jr. - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Ed Russell - Non paying bidder. No response.
Ed Weeks - aka; Ravens Guy - Scammer - He was a long time card shop owner / dealer near Ocean City Maryland. He was a Redskins fan, and did lots of good business for many years. He used to run breaks, and take orders to get autographed items , jerseys, helmets, etc. from shows. Apparently, he went bad around 2015. He ripped off Michael Brooks for $700. Was supposed to get a bunch of Autos from the CSA card show. Never sent, stopped communicating, and blocked him. (10/2/15 - Michael Brooks - Auto101). Owes Steve Morgan $1500. Won’t repay or respond. (3/30/16 - SCF). Owes Ryan DeVage $800. Won’t respond. (3/14/17 - SSE). Ripped off Ryan Piesla. Non ship trade cards. (11/10/15 - BCSB-KIR). Was caught selling fake items at local flea market (4/14/17 - Mike Conley - SSE). Ripped off David Conley’s friend, selling him a bunch of counterfeit cards (4/14/17 - SSE). Rising Sun, MD Paypal: Paypal: and
Eddie Hartwick - Removed from VFC for posting a rude, mean spirited comment .. ragging on another members post. (VFC). Banned from RSCTAS for reports of Non payment. (RSCTAS).
Eddie Kubicz - Scammer - Was removed from (THFinest) for Non-Pay on auction win in the (ACG) group. He blocked the seller and wouldn’t respond. (12/30/16 - Jerry Butler Jr. - THFinest). Removed from (VFC) for Non pay on Greg Peterson’s auction. He blocked Greg and wouldn’t respond to PM or tags (1/21/17 - VFC). Non Pay on multiple auctions (11/23/16 - Mike Bruce - SSE). Ripped off Joe Garner for $100 on helmet ( 3/30/17 - Lem Gorman - SSE). Non Pay to Eric Basile (3/30/17 - SSE). Never showed up for a personal meet up deal with Nick Thiel in 2016 (3/30/17 - SSE). Stopped communicating with Jason Atterbury (3/30/17 - SSE).
Eddie Wimberley - aka; Edward Don
Eddie Young - Never shipped his end. (WWTFC)
Edmet.edmet - (< eBay ID) - Never shipped card. Had to do a Paypal chargeback. (5/1/17 - Nathaniel David Oawster - SSE)
Edward C Ferguson - over charges for shipping, horrible packaging ..also has a record for slow shipping.
Edward Don - aka; Eddie Wimberley - Did a $64 Paypal chargeback on Marcio ***undes for a razz he entered (9/25/17 - Frank Baquiran - SCO). Using alias profile to take spots in his own razz in razztastic group. (9/25/17 - SCO). Paypal: Paypal shows as Jessica E Brown. Profile shows lives in: Porter, TX. Address: 2412 46th St. Apt # B, Lubbock, TX 79412. Phone: (806) 799- 7555 and
Edward Mekulik - Removed from COBCAM for homophobic slurs and harassing admins
Edward VanNortwick - Non Pay auctions won - (VSBG)
E J Conroy - Filed chargeback on David Chojnowski for $230 for cards sold and delivered. (4/19/17 - Casey Royer - SSE).
El Juan Paco Guerrero III - Scammer. Non Pay. (SSE). 920 Georgia Street, Hannibal, MO 63401. Scammer (WWTFC).
elias2626 (< eBay ID) - aka; Brian Hoff - Shipped a $900 card he sold on eBay in a penny sleeve, wrapped in paper. Corner of card was slightly damaged, and buyer filed for return. Buyer returned the card in a screwdown case. When Brian received the card back he tried to fight the Paypal refund by saying the card had been damaged by the screwdown case it was returned in and had a screw indent in the card. (8/4/17 - Jerry Yuan - SSE).
Elisannie Rodriguez - aka; Doug Wilson
emartian20 (< eBay ID) - Selling reprints, as original cards on eBay. (7/5/17 - Adam Haynie - SSE). Address: E. Marshall 3288 SW 46th Street, Topeka, KS 66610
Emidio Amicucci - Former Admin of Queen City group. Manipulated razzes. Lied about values. Ganged up on other razzers to scare them out of group. Listed as Scammer in HCGASL
Emily Brook Coffey-Simms - aka: Sean Simms (husbands)
EmilyandKrisWilliams - Tried posting cards for sale in FB Obsession group with a badly photo-shopped photo. (prob. stolen pics from eBay?). When called out, he blocked them and post disappeared. (Stephen Greenfield SSE)
Emmett Perrini - Removed from some of the vintage baseball groups for deleting a bid. When asked about it, He apologized and admitted doing it, because it was a high bid and he’d changed his mind. However, when the Admins said they were not going to let him back into the group, his PM’s became insulting & a bit irate.
Ener Trenner - aka; Berlin Cards, aka; Rene Rennert - Scammed Eiríkur Garðar Einarsson over a $500 razz of MJ cards. Sent empty envelope / top loader. Said he filed insurance claim but never got back to anyone. Basically laughed at Admin Rob Greenburg when he tried to help resolve the issue. ** UPDATE - After a year, they finally worked it out and split the cost (12/13/16 - SSE) Also, Mike Schlotter said he remembers Berlin Cards as an old scammer in groups from a long time ago (2012). Filed Paypal chargebacks of $1000 for multiple breaks from Doug Caskey, claiming packages never showed up to his international address. He was caught selling some of the cards later on his Berlin Cards page. (12/17/16 - Doug Caskey - SSE)
enygirl51 (< eBay ID) - aka; Helen Ziffer - Non pay to Martin Weinberg for cards purchased (7/14/17 - SSE). Non pay to Nick Carbs for cards purchased on eBay (SSE). Non pay to Gary Lai for card purchased on eBay (7/15/17 - SSE). She keeps refusing to pay until sellers send her an “invoice”. Sends PM’s asking for them, then still doesn’t pay (SSE).
Eric Belcher - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Eric Buckles - Removed from “Finest” Group non payment on auction. (Mark)
Eric Byrd - Kid - (Harrodsburg, KY) - Accused of posting stolen eBay pics as his cards and trying to sell them. Lied about his eBay seller name. (Matthew Siegler SSE)
Eric Carrico - aka; Eric Matthew
Eric Dahl - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Secret Santa issues (RTNT). Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay and spamming his eBay auctions. (BCSCFFAP) On banned list in (COBCAM). Fraud Accounts (CO).
Eric Ellis - Multiple reports of selling cards & boxes that he doesn’t own, then shorting the buyers for weeks and weeks with broken promises of refunds or shipping the item. Eventually wearing down the buyers to accept less of what he owed them. (Michael Manco, Roger Barbick, Jesse Warber, Joel Schuster - SSE). Negative feedback for taking over 3 weeks to ship trade cards to Matt Balzer, and cards were in lesser condition than advertised (7/21/17 - Matt Balzer - CA)
Eric Freese - removed from Live Realtime & $50 BV groups for deleting bids
Eric Green - Scammed JC Weier Card Trading, Demetrius Tripas & William Earl Robinson Jr. Never shipped cards. (WWTFC). (KCMFC).
Eric Grimmett - Removed from Vintage group for bashing a collector about his shipping methods in comments, then called out the Admins on the main feed (VSBG)
Eric Jones - Accused of scamming $395 worth of hockey g/u items. Excuses, dodged, then blocked. Never shipped items to Jack Goldberg (Kurt Huggias - SSE). Accused of scamming another member in
Eric Livingston - Non ship trade cards to Steven Blitzer. Lots of excuses, and broken promises to ship, then stopped responding. Eventually got his trade piece back from a friend of his. (8/11/17 - Steven Blitzer - SCO). Ripped off Nino Anthony in Auto101 group. Talked him into overnighting some autographed baseballs for a charity event. Never paid or returned balls. (8/21/17 - Nino Anthony - Auto101). Negative feedback for slow ship bat purchased by Joseph Polito. Excuses and broken promises for 3 weeks. Stopped communicating, then finally shipped after being called out (7/6/17 - Auto101). Ripped off Chris Keigher. Non ship auto photo purchased. Excuses. (7/12/17 - Auto101).
Eric Matthew aka; Eric Carrico- Removed from vintage groups for Non-pay and then blocking Admins (VSBG).
Eric Reed - On RTNT blocked list (RTNT).
Eric Roberts - Scammer - w/ Bogus profile. Ripped off Corbin H. Potter for $155. Won’t send tracking & giving him runaround. (2/1/17 - Corbin H. Potter - ACG)
Eric Robinson - Scammer - Tried to rip off Matt Howard Bell by selling him a $50 box of cards. Before he purchased he learned that someone else had bought it earlier in the day. (3/23/17 - SSE). Tried to rip off Mark Talley by selling him a box of cards that he didn’t have (3/23/17 - FSMSRSTAT). Called out in scammers group for listing a break offering 2016 Black Gold Football at approx $600 under the usual $1600 cost. When questioned about it he deleted posts and blocked guys (3/23/17 - William J Bender - SSE). Non ship trade cards to Alejandro Dieguez. Didn’t send promised tracking then blocked him. Later caught lying about receiving the cards and seen trying to sell them. (7/18/17 - Cory Wilmar - SSE). Ripped off Ben Lopez for 22 Jeter cards. Never shipped his end of trade and blocked Ben right after he PM’d him his tracking number. Address: 9 Catell Street Apt #6, Bangor, Maine 04401
Eric Taylor - Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP)
Eric Whalen - Non Pay to Karen Paese (WWTFC). Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP)
Eric Vogtman - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Erick Losinski - Young teenager - Removed from “24 Hour Countdown” group for non pay on Michael DeAngelis auction. Kept saying he would pay. Never did. (VSBG). Slow pay, because he couldn’t get a stamp to mail in payment. (Nathan Leslie - VFC). Claimed $23 card in VFC Sale. Wanted to mail in cash, because he doesn’t have a Paypal account. Then finally asked if he could back out of the deal because he didn’t have the money. (PM).
Erik Edmonds - Sent wrong cards twice to Brian Kaldenberg (RSCTAS).
Erik Stallings - Has stolen cards and money from several. (WWTFC). Scammed Ethan Menard. (KCMFC).
Ernest Berumen - aka; jordan23xvii (< Blowout Cards ID) - Caught trying to sell a fake Jordan RC for $500. Listing it as altered, saying he trimmed it, but it’s clearly a cheap $5 reprint card. (8/5/17 - Matt Morris - SSE).
Ernest Roher Jr. - Non ship auction item won by Scotty Johnson. Item sold too cheap and Ernest kept promising to ship card and send tracking info, but never did. Just gave excuses. Eventually refunded. (7/7/17 - SSE). Non pay for $250+ in cards claimed in Aaron Barnes sale. 2 weeks of excuses then blocked him. (9/21/17 - Aaron Barnes - SSE). Negative feedback for slow ship item sold to Brian Keith Young’s group member. Admins had to step in after 7 days of no shipping to get him to ship. (9/21/17 - SSE). Negative feedback for poor shipping. Mailed a $75 1 of 1 card in PWE with no protection. Card was bent upon receipt. (9/22/17 - Michael Weber - SSE). Sold 2 cards for $20 to Brandon Lee Zavala and sent in PWE. When arrived envelope was empty except for a thank you note. Said he would refund, then after 2 days and no refund he blocked him. After getting Admins involved he refunded and said he accidentally blocked him. (9/22/17 - Brandon Lee Zavala - SSE). Non ship $5 card purchased to Eric Johnson. Couldn’t provide tracking. Said he would refund, but didn’t, then blocked him. (9/30/17 - SSE). Paypal: Address: 219 North Elm, Commerce, OK 74339.
Ernie Marchand - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Owes card to Nick Solis IV (SSE). Ran a firesale and several guys got wrong cards, no cards, etc. Promised refunds and free cards to make it right. Never fixed it, and stopped responding to guys. (SSE). Non Pay (BCSCFFAP)
ET Williams - Kid - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). On SMBST groups scammer list (Eric Nichols - SMBST). Non ship to Matthew Matsil (Auto 101). Jay Harper has had to remove him from a couple of groups for slow ship & multiple issues. (2/16/17 - SSE). Slow ship and poor communication to Jim Brewer & Kyle Richeson (2/16/17 - SSE)
Ethan Burleson - aka; Anna Hernandez (says it’s his girlfriend) - Kid - Called out for owing $60 for breaks spots he took. Said he’d pay in 1 week, which turned into 2 weeks, then said he’d pay $45 (and only sent $30). Multiple excuses, broken promises and dragging it out. Eventually paid in full. (Bruno Teixeira - SSE). Non Pay (1/21/17 - Blake Force - F2.0). Issue with Dewey Nieman (11/4/16 - SSE). Non-Pay to W.C. Newsome (1/27/17 - W.C. Newsome - SSE). Kory Buettgenback had to call them both out on scammers page and threaten a chargeback to get him to ship (12/9/16 - SSE). Non Pay to Andrew Martens & Eddie Orellana. (3/7/17 - ACG). Owed John Millyard money and blocked him (SSE). Caught shill bidding their own auctions (3/7/17 - Michael Shafer - SSE). Caught buying cards and bidding while owing several people money (3/8/17 - SSE). Non pay to Mark Bogadi. Blocked him and left group. (3/29/17 - SSE). Non pay to Mike Cohen. Multiple excuses. (3/29/17 - SSE).
Ethan Lamb - Never sent card he auctioned (Dan Hallenbeck WWTFC)
Ethan Menard - Scammed many people out of cards and money. (RSCTAS).
Ethan Risdale - Non Pay (12/5/16 - Sean Phillips - F2.0)
Ethan Schuler - Kid. Non-Payer, excuses & blocks sellers. (11/17/16 - Vincent Gonzalez - SSE). Removed from group for Non Pay in Eric Burks auction. Eric gave him a 2nd chance, and same thing again (Eric Burks - SSE). Several Non-pays in auctions (Joe Moe - SSE). Screwed Matthew Bolton over in a signature consignment deal (AU).
Etta1956 - (< eBay ID) - Caught taking high dollar cards scans off eBay and trying to sell them in FCB group. (5/30/17 - Chris Gilmore - SSE).
evamcvicker99 - (eBay ID) - aka: Evan Mcvicker
Evan Brown - Non ship item. Refused to answer complaint or make it right. (HCGASL)
Evan Mcvicker - aka; evamcvicker99 (< eBay ID) - Caught reselling a card on eBay that he had already sold to Mark Thompson. eBay feedback left by buyer said he never delivered card. Refunded a week later. (8/13/17 - Mark Thompson - SSE). Known for reselling cards he doesn’t own or not in hand (8/13/17 - Jordan Orr, Derek L Miller - SSE). Removed from Garrett Bouse group for multiple offenses, selling items not in hand (8/13/17 - Garrett Bouse - SSE). Caught razzing a card that he had listed in an auction in another group (8/13/17 - Michael Christopher - SSE). Negative feedback for sending damaged cards to Donald A Carroll (SSE). Negative feedback for spamming his new break room in the SSE group. When Bill Allen questioned him about it he lied and said Ron had given him permission to do it. Ron did not. (8/30/17 - Bill Allen - SSE).
Evan Taylor - aka; Brad Taylor
Executive Sports Memorabilia, LLC, aka; Nate Washington - Posting misleading description on cards (RC's that are not RCs), also accused of trying to Sell reprint fakes as real, and trimmed cards (T1SCAMF)
Familygoingbroke (< eBay ID) - aka; Corey Y Beard
Fat Kid Cards, aka Jason Hauck, aka Jay Paul, aka; Jay Hawk, aka; Jayson Bird - Tried to scam Aaron Crowell's mom when she was trying to make retribution.
Fat_rons_sportscards (< eBay ID) - aka; David Huff
Fijoy Vadakkumpadan - Removed from VFC for posting spam link to sports app.
Fisher Overstreet -- 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Floridacardauto (< eBay ID) - aka; Robert Henderson
Foles Supercollector, aka: Ryan Mcguire
Forrest Clark - aka; number1stunna ( name) - Filing paypal chargebacks on breaker when he doesn’t get a hit. (3/19/17 - Jonathon Surratt - SSE). Ripped off Julio Ibarra. Asked for half down on a $180 jersey sale, then blocked him and never shipped (3/19/17 - SSE). Address he uses: PO Box 1603, Willits, CA 95490. Possible real address: 2800 Blackhawk Dr., Willits, CA Phone: 707-456-0364. Paypal address: and
Francine Cinque - aka; Vincent Maraventano (his Mom’s page he uses).
Francine Maraventano - aka; Vincent Maraventano (his Mom’s page he uses).
Francois Barbeau - Filed a Paypal chargeback after 2 months on a $130 card claiming it was damaged. (11/5/16 - Eric King - SSE).
Francois Mllet - aka; Frank Mallet - Non ship trade card to Parker Alexander. Never sent tracking, broken promises to ship, and stopped communicating. (9/14/17 - Parker Alexander - SSE).
Frank Dickson - (From Huntington, WV). Removed from VFC group for posting an offer to buy, then not responding for several days. We finally reached him by e-mail, and he backed out of the deal. Also, has very inactive profile.
Frank Fitts - aka; Klevland Smee
Frank Fritts - aka; Klevland Smee
Frank Heinz - Stiffed Bryan Gotwait on 3 different sports bets he made. Blocked him and won’t pay up.
Frank Hotailing - Scammer - Non ship 2 Mantle cards purchased by Charles Hoffman (9/7/17 - ASSC)
Frank Hughes - Non ship of trade cards to John Palmer from deal in (FCF). Promised tracking number twice, then stopped responding and blocked. When called out he said he shipped PWE. Wouldn’t make it right. (1/14/17 - John Palmer - SSE). Ripped off J.P. Gallant. Never sent his end of trade. (1/20/17 - SSE). Tried to rip off Randy Vaughn by selling him card that was sold long ago. Asked to coin it, gave excuses. When called out, he blocked and left group. (1/15 17 - SSE). Non Pay on auction win - (12/21/16 - Jerry Butler - FSMSRSTAT). Address: 2088 E. Lakeshore #723, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530.
Frank Jerome - Scammer - Waterford, MI. Removed from "Dirt Cheap" group for not sending a card to the auction winner. Also Non Pay in auction. (SCA). Not sending cards and deactivated his account (WWTFC). 3 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. He ripped off Eric Ellis, Ronnie Davis, Brad Parvin, Casey Royer & several other guys by not sending items or $ (SSE). Reported ripping someone off in his group. (David Reed - SSE). Ripped off Brad Curry (SSE). Ripped off Erick Kivett for $100 (2/1/17 - Erick Kivett, Tj Crickmore - SSE).
Frank Jones - (Union City, IN) - Posting reprints and fake autos as real vintage cards. said he bought them from a storage locker. (1/16/17 - Nick Kirby - SSE)
Frank Lenny - aka; Vincent Maraventano
Frank Mallet - aka: Francois Mllet
Frank Regan Jr - (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) - He was convicted in 2013 for selling fake Mantle PSA cards on Craigslist. (Bill Allen - PM).
Frank Taylor - Removed from groups for running firesales and not following through. Non ship to some, delayed refunds to some and no refunds to others. Claimed he had to sell all the cards to someone else to get some quick cash. Buyers had to fie chargebacks to get refunds. (5/27/17 - Doug Greenfield - BCBST/ PM). Non ship cards purchased. It took ‘calling him out’ in the scammers group to get a refund. (6/6/17 - Tim Hallowell - SSE). (
Frankie Dagnillo - He was ‘called out’ in the scammers group and removed from several TTM Auto groups for ACCUSATIONS of making and selling fake autographed cards. There was no hard fast evidence, other than opinions. However he was in the group, tagged in the post, and chose not to comment. (12/13/16 - Elijah Kritzell - SSE)
Frankie Fritts - aka; Klevland Smee
Franklin David Jr George - Removed from BCFSOT for non pay to Tom Weigle and for removing auctions (PM’s).
Franklin Jesse - aka; Jesse Franklin, aka; Jesse F Wise - Non Pay of $100 owed for betting on games. Left group. (5/29/17 - Joe Bobzean - DRFG). Non pay of multiple sports bets lost. Left group and changed profile name (9/18/16 - Jonathan Lockwood - SCCBSS)
Franky Fritts - aka; Kleveland Smee
Fred Davila - Non ship cards purchased to Mark Barnett. Never sent tracking. Stopped responding to PM’s. (9/14/17 - Mark Barnett - SSE). Non ship cards purchased by Kevin Elliott. Never sent tracking. Wouldn’t respond to Pm’s. After 4th demand for tracking or refund, he refunded. (9/30/17 - SSE). Paypal:
Fred Lohmar - Took money in razz, refused to ship card (SSE). Backed out of a deal because buyer paid with Paypal "goods and services." He wanted F & F (he did refund the payment). (TRFP).
Fred Mac - aka; Susan Ford
Fred Perry - aka; FreddyRyder - Scammer - Took money and never shipped cards. Was an Admin in "Football Cards and Collectibles" group back in 2014. (WWTFC). Removed for stealing peoples cards (RSCTAS). Filed Paypal charge backs on Chazz O’Brailey & Lance Wilson for F & F payments he’d made to them. Claimed credit card unauthorized usage. Eventually repaid after being called out (2/8/14 - Chazz O’Brailey - PSC/USCB). Non ship $50 in cards purchased by SJ Cards. Told him he wouldn’t refund until a negative post about him was removed. (2/8/14 - Lance Wilson - PSC/USCB). Non pay $17 for spots taken in razz. Asked if he could pay later that week. Never paid. (9/2/17 - Dave DeRosier - RW). When selling a Jordan RC to Zach Pierce, he refunded his Goods & services payment & told him to repay by Friends and Family. Zach ended up not going through with it. (8/21/17 - SSE). Trying to sell an altered PSA Jordan RC, over and over again, for friends & family, in different groups... after he’s said it been sold to someone else, 3 different times. (Jason Olerich - SSE). Removed from Jack Carmean III’s group for trying to scam Chase Queen with an altered Jordan RC. Keeps refunding buyers and telling them to send money, by friends & family, to different paypal address (9/2/17 - Jack Carmean III - SSE). Threatened to contact Paypal and report Dave ReRosier’s razz group about taking friends and family payments, because he called him out for non pay. (9/2/17 - SSE). Paypal addresses used: and
Freddie Neal - Reported Non Pay (WWTFC) Removed from Finest groups for Non pay on auction wins. 2 weeks of excuses and broken promises to pay, then “I can’t pay”. (4/26/17 - Jerry Butler Jr. - FSMSRSTAT)
Freddy Ryder - aka; Fred Perry
Fredrick Fruck - aka; Frederick Fruck - Multiple slow pay, slow ship, No tracking and poor communication issues. (Jason Judkins - HOG). Slow pay to Charles Zheng. Multiple excuses. (1/30/17 - Charles Zheng - SSE). Had slow payment issues with Seebast Wagner for $100 owed. Multiple excuses and missed deadlines. All the while Frederick was seen buying into new lines and racking up more debt. (SSE). Non pay to Chris LaMattina. Excuses and missed deadlines. Also seen buying new stuff. ** Eventually paid after being called out. (4/5/17 - SSE). Slow pay to Eddie Orellana (SSE). Slow ship to Evan Gruver. Excuses about loosing his job (4/5/17 - SSE). Non pay $400+ to Cody Goodrich for spots taken in break (4/8/17 - SSE). Non pay to Cam Dyer of $263 for break spots (4/8/17 - SSE). Non pay to Bruno Teixeira (SSE). Slow ship and had to threaten to call him out to get him to finally ship cards (7/30/17 - Daniel Shaver & Josh Dorff - SSE). Non pay for spots taken in Tyler Aldinger’s break. Got upset over him asking for payment and dropped them. Blasted his group in public. Still owes $10 for mini spots (8/31/17 - Tyler Aldinger - SSE). ** UPDATE: Paid Bruno Teixeira and Cam Dyer & put note in scammers group that he was trying to clear up all of his old debts with guys he owed.
Frederick Fruck - aka; Fredrick Fruck
Frisch BigBoy - aka: Gary Davis
Frisch Davis - aka: Gary Davis
Fullcount Sports cards - aka; Scott Bates
Gabe Bruno - Had to threaten with legal action to get him to ship cards. (WWTFC)
Gabriel Christianson - aka; Rick Blais
Gabriel Jaramillo - Payment issues (RTNT)
Gabriel Pelletier - Kid - Listed on Hockey Card Admins Scammer list (HCGASL). Non ship card to Justin Elliott (8/22/17 - SSE).
Gage Enright - Did not ship cards. (WWTFC)
Gage Miller - aka; Steven Sigman
Garrett Chumbliss Chumbler - Non pay auctions to Al Stoessel Jr.
Garrett Collier - Never sent his end of trade to (Gary Sagara - WWTFC)
Garrett Forsythe - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Garrett Helm - Kid - Negative feedback for slow shipping (Elijah Nyhuis SSE). Non ship $25 item to Michael Oates. Nothing but excuses. (3/20/17 - SSE). Ripped off Sarah Earhart on a Marino card (3/27/17 - Chris Judnick - DTCCAM). Removed from DTCCAM for Non shiping items. (1/9/17 - Brad Connell - DTCCAM).
Garrett Outram - Failure to send cards (BCSCFFAP)
Garrett Sopko - Non ship cards to Frank. Stopped responding to messages and profile disappeared. (9/3/17 - Shane Magiera - SSE).
Gary Coon - aka; football-ohio (< eBay ID) - Asked for a refund return from Richard Weisenburger for card purchased on eBay. received refund then wouldn’t return $90 card. 5851 US Highway 33, Athens, OH 45701
Gary Dacus - removed from vintage groups for non-payment. (VSBG).
Gary Davis - aka; Frisch BigBoy, aka: Frisch Davis - Threw a fit when he was asked to pay $4 shipping charge on auction he won. Paid, then left the group as high bidder on a couple other auctions. (4/14/17 - John S. - VSBG). Filed 3 Paypal chargebacks against John Staples for cards he’d purchased, in retaliation for the prior incident. First he said he didn’t receive package, tracking proved otherwise, then disputed what was sent, lost that case too. Then used alias profiles to get back in group and tried to buy more cards. (6/8/17 - John S. - VSBG). Address: 285 W Santa Gertrudis Trail, San Tan Valley, AZ 85143
Gary King - Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for constant trolling of posts.
Gary Pase - Scammer - Did not send cards to Dusty J. Fenton and Michael T. Pomponio. Couldn’t provide tracking. Blocked both when questioned. (WWTFC)
Gary Rushton - aka; Gary Rushton Sports Cards - Removed from some vintage groups for accusations of shill bidding. (VSBG). Shill Bidding. Not paying (RSCTAS).
Gary Stevens - aka; everythingtreasure (ebay ID). (from Jericho, NY). Filed an “item not as described” claim on Justin Brown’s $600 1999 Upper Deck - A piece of history #PH Babe Ruth BGS 9 (game used bat card). Wouldn’t return the card. He lost the initial case with eBay, but then filed a charge back with his credit card company, got the refund ... and kept the card. Costing Justin $600 + $20 fee. BGS 9 serial #: 000880904 (SSE).
Gary William - Non pay for 2 weeks worth of auction wins in (24HCV) group. (3/23/17 - John Staples - SSE).
Gary Wolfe - Removed from “Finest” group for failure to pay for Auction (Derek - BCSCFFAP)
Gauge Elhulu - Bids on firesales and doesn’t pay (RSCTAS).
Gavin Coffin - aka; Jared Coffin - Scammer - Scammed multiple people. sells cards, doesn’t send them, then blocks you. (FSMSRST). Ripped off Ryan Lee Henson and a few others in (ACG). Non ship cards to Shaun Verlander and Dean Aucoin, said the delays were because his Ex was killed in the Pulse Nightclub shootings. (SSE).
Geaux Sportscards - aka; Joshua Hudson George Katehis
George Belton Jr. - aka; BronxBombers - Scammer - Non Pay (WWTFC). Non ship to Jason Atterbury for lot he paid for. Won’t reply to messages. (SSE). Never mailed Aiden Ryan the $30 Ken Griffey Jr card he purchased from him (SSE)
George Katehis - On Hockey Card Scammers List - (1/17/17 - Jim Binkle - HCSL).
George McIntyre - Non ship $225 in cards to Timothy John. Multiple excuses & broken promises to ship for 3 weeks. Said he would refund, and didn’t. Ended up blocking Timothy and the Admins trying to help. Later it was discovered that the cards were not his and were stolen scans from another collector. Other examples of cards he was trying to sell were also found. (8/21/17 - Justin Holland - SSE).
George Smith - Scammer (SSE). Slow pay / No pay / No ship in hockey razz groups. (Joe Winger SSE). Got Butch Feaster for $700+. Uses numerous Paypal addresses. Didn’t send cards. (SSE). Takes spots in Razz and box breaks and doesn’t pay. (SSE). Removed from Jims house of cardboard, the card shack, and the hobby box drop shop for non payment. (SSE). Scammed Joe Greer, Butch Feaster $700. Wouldn’t send cards paid for. (SSE). Multiple Non pays, and Non pays for razz spots. (Jeff Lambert - HCGASL).
George Sylvester Gibbs - (Ontario Canada) - repeated non payments in the 24 Hour auctions group.
Gerry Schwartz - Accused of participating in shill bidding of auctions, and selling doctored / trimmed cards. (VSBG). Gerry’s a long time dealer that deals mainly in high grade, rare and older tobacco cards.
Gerardo Gonzalez - Failure to send cards sold. (WWTFC)
Gerv Mallet - Caught stealing cards from Walmart, and was prosecuted. Also, accused of stealing cards from a local hobby store (4/20/17 - Jason MacDonald - HCGASL).
Giants Fan - aka; Rudy Dimaplas
Gino Bravo - Filed a false $350 Paypal “damaged card” chargeback claim on Chuck Sitero for a PSA card he’d purchased 2 1/2 months earlier, all because Chuck removed him from his group (over reporting group posts). He admitted to filing the false claim because of the personal issues they had and didn’t seem to see what was wrong with doing it. (6/16/17 - Chuck Sitero - SSE). Non pay for auction win to Peter Rios. Ignored payment requests for a week. (6/18/17 - SSE).
Gis_dere (< eBay ID) - Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 - Justin Moats - SSE)
Gla916 (< eBay ID) - aka; Girard J Coia - Purchased authentic US made jersey from Theo Chen on eBay. Filed a return, and shipped back a different Chinese made jersey. (8/22/17 - Theo Chen - SCO). Address: 6 Ebie Cir., Media, PA 19063-2247. Phone: 484-443-8687. Paypal:
Glen Nickerson- Wouldn’t pay for member he vouched for, that stiffed John Anthony on spots taken. Acknowledged it at first, then told John he wouldn’t and left group. (7/15/17 - SSE).
Glenn Wilbanks - Removed from SAUSR group for selling items not in hand, Non shipping items and poor communication (7/25/15 - Archie Windham - USR 2.0). Multiple reports of Not shipping items sold for months and months. Excuses, broken promises, refusing to refund money owed, etc. (8/15/15 - Jay Moslehi - Auto101).
Gles Stewart - aka; Gord Leslie - Never sent card purchased to Pierlou Schlichtig. Used the “my wife sent it and she can’t find tracking” excuses (3/30/17 - SSE). Ripped off Norm Kolons. Blocked him. (3/17 - HCSL). (From Erin, Ontario, Canada). Paypal:
Gord Leslie - aka; Gles Stewart
Got1morethanshaq (< eBay ID) - Bought $500 card then filed claims for damage. Got money refunded then didn’t ship back same card (7/20/17 - Kevin Hill - SSE). Ripped off Heath Edward Davis. Told eBay the card he received was a digital copy. (7/20/17 - SSE)
Grace Fonseca - Scammer troll profile, claiming to work for Facebook
Graphforyou - aka; Adam Goins
Graphs4You - aka; Adam Goins
Greg Battistella - Non Pay on cards he claimed. Won’t pay or repond to messages. (9/23/16 Christopher Insalaca - SSE).
Greg Daniels - aka; Brian Bolin
Greg Jones - Non ship card to R Zachary Sanzone. Won’t respond to messages. (6/2/17 - R Zachary Sanzone - SSE). Paypal is:
Gregg Fral - Multiple Non Pay (SSE) Phone: 267-945-6640
Gregg Thrall - Removed from BCSBU group for lying about shipping trade cards. Claimed he’d shipped 3 weeks prior. When Admin got involved and looked up tracking number it had just been shipped that day. (8/3/17 - John Malusis Sr - CA).
Gregoria Buscemi - no pay on live and 50 and up
Gregory Baselice - Removed from “Finest” group for using a shill bidder. (Mark) (BCSCFFAP)
Gregory Fontenta - Did not follow through with deal (WWTFC).
Griffin Schrimsher - Removed from “Finest” group for not providing tracking and harassment of new buyer. (BCSCFFAP). Removed for Non ship cards and not sending tracking to Tyler Womer. Had to file Paypal claim (11/8/16 - FSMSRSTAT). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Gronk1212 - (< eBay ID) - Sold badly damaged newer card without disclosing major scratches, wrinkles and gouges .. then tried to say he told the buyer about the damage when questioned about it. (5/10/17 - Allen Briers - SSE)
Halquaid Muhammad - Slow shipping. 2 months of dodging, broken promises and excuses. Halquaid lives out of the country (Dubai), he buys and sells cards off eBay and Facebook and he ships some of them to a local Admin, Rob Greenberg, here in the US, who then ships the cards to US guys that purchase them. It appears that Halquaid is also maybe selling cards he may not own yet, as he put guys off for weeks and weeks and sometimes never gets the card(s) at all and has to refund. (2/10/17 - Charles Zheng - SSE). Non ship to Jonathan Roof (SSE). Non ship to Zane Markham for auction won in CIA (6/28/16 - DRFG). Dominik Maligranda had to wait 6 weeks for a card he won from him. Constantly lied and ignored requests for tracking, delivery date. (2/10/17 - SSE). Took 21 days to ship card to Brian Keith Young (SSE). Gave Jonathan Hansen fake tracking number and lied for months about card being shipped (2/10/17 - Burke Snipes - SSE). Wouldn’t ship card to Chris Oglesby. Had to wait almost 2 months for refund. (2/11/17 - SSE). Almost 2 months to finally refund Noah Haahr, after not being able to deliver card. (SSE). There’s at least 20 other guys with similar complaints in the thread over in the Scammers group. Apparently he has gambling problems too, which might account for all of the delays, he basically running a ponzi scheme... taking $ from Peter to pay Paul. (2/10/17 - Charles Zheng- SSE). Ripped off Alex Benhaim in (NBAHSW) group. Sent bogus tracking number that went to different address. Said he would refund through mail, then sent him another bogus tracking number. (4/12/17 - SSE). Ripped off Calvin R Colclough. After getting called out finally refunded months later. (4/12/17-SSE). Had bad deal issues with Hayden Ellenbogen, Jamie Castaneda, Dan Marks, Kyle Frasier, Trevor Nelson, (4/12/17 - SSE).
Harms Sandu - aka; Hockey Cards, - Kid - In 2015 booted from Hockey Cards B/S/T/Razz group for taking months to send out his mystery packs. (HCGASL). Ran a draft in (KMDY) took all the money and disappeared. (11/23/16 - Jeff Lambert - HCGASL). Non ship card to Toma Rautio (11/24/16 - HCGASL). Other reports of scamming.
Harold Christian - Reported as Scammer that ripped off 3 people in his group. (Jeff Gehringer -PM - SCS&FE). Sends fake cards (CSRA). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Reported as scammer by Kenny Hodgkins - (4/7/15 - AUTO101). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Sold Jeffrey Grimes a fake Jordan RC (Jeffrey Grimes - KickassCM). Removed from BCSBU for Non ship his end of 2 different deals (BCSBU). Ripped off Joseph Rioux for $65 in cards. Sent junk cards instead of real cards (7/16/17 - SSE). Address: 8465 Berkshire Dr., Ypsilanti, MI 48198. Phone: 734-326-9545. Two Facebook profiles: and
Harrison Sheckler - aka; Harry Sheckler - aka; Harry Toppscards - Scammer - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Caught using card pics from E-Bay and listing them for sale as his in (BCFSOT). When asked to coin card, he tried to photoshop the pic. Then lied and said he was selling the card on consignment from the eBayer. The eBay owner of the card confirmed he didn’t know him. (1/10/17 - Jordan Bittel - SSE) Advertised a team break he was running, with a picture of a fake box. Was supposed to be 2016 Topps Update, but it was not. (1/27/17 - Justine Mammarelli - ACG). Negative feedback for poor shipping method. Cards shipped to Keith Schnerr were sent loose in bubble mailer. (1/10/17 - BCFSOT). and
Harry Sheckler - aka; Harrison Sheckler
Harry Toppscards - aka; Harrison Sheckler
Hayden Burden - aka; Heath Burden
Hawk Juan, aka; Jason Hauck - Scammer
Heath Bowling - Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for Non pay bidder.
Heath Burden - aka; Jennifer Burden, aka; Heath-Jennifer Burden, aka; Hayden Burden - Scammer - 4 Negative Feedbacks for Heath profile in (CCFG-KIR). 4 Negative Feedbacks for Jennifer profile in (CCFG-KIR). 4 Negative feedbacks for Hayden Burden in (CCFG-KIR). Jennifer B. profile removed from Daniel Malone’s coin group (Fair n’ Square Auctions) for posting 3 auctions in group, then not honoring the winning bids (11/27/16 - Daniel Malone - CGF). No tracking sent, Didn’t ship trade card & he immediately blocked Bryan Collins after he sent his tracking info. After one message to fix, he stopped responding to text messages too. (2/25/17 - Bryan Collins - SSE). Address: 404 River Street, Dawson Springs, KY 42408. A picture in his profile shows him wearing a janitor looking shirt with “Dawson Springs Schools” patch on it. A friend calls him “Heath.”
Heath David Crown - Kept trying to get multiple, similar profiles added into groups. Looks sketchy.
Heath Edward Davis - Purchased cards from Martin Weinberg. He said the package was short a card. Martin bought another of the same card on eBay to replace it, then Martin’s friend saw Heath selling the supposedly “lost” card in a different group. Heath lied about it at first and tried to cover his tracks, but it didn't work. He finally admitted everything, apologized, and paid back what was owed. (5/20/17 - Martin Weinberg - SSE). Slow pays to Joshua Williams and Jason Fowler. Both had to hound him over and over for payments. Wouldn’t respond to seen messages. (5/20/17 - SSE).
Heath-Jennifer Burden - aka; Heath Burden
Heath McMeans - aka; Stephen Heath McMeans - Did a paypal chargeback on Jeremy Petty because he was booted from group. (WWTFC). Trying to scam by selling cards for 3x BV value (RSCTAS).
Heath Toliver - Non Pay on items claimed. Says he paid in post, but didn’t (Matthew Paul - SSE). Non Pay (Chad Clement - SSE).
Hector Jose Ayala - aka; Jose Ayala - Non ship to Jay Harper. Left group when called out. (8/14/15 - BCCAT-KIR). Non ship trade cards to Bradley Ryan. Blocked him after 3 weeks of asking for tracking. Told Admins he’d shipped but never furnished tracking to them either (8/14/15 - BCCAT-KIR). Took 5 weeks and multiple bugging to get him to ship trade cards (Aaron Rogers).
Hector L Chavez - aka; Jerry Butler Jr ? (SSE)
Helen Ziffer - aka; enygirl51
HelTon J. Brandon - Failed to send his end of trade to Matthew Klamer (WWTFC). Also scammed sales (Joe Amato - WWTFC). Started Facebook group “Hobby Rebels - All sports, buy, sell, trade”
Herb Wachholz - has you hold cards for weeks and then backs out (RSCTAS).
Herbie Steinberg - Removed from Finest auction group for withdrawing & deleting bids. (SSE). Non pay for auction win to Rich Southard. Would not respond to seen PM’s. (9/20/15 - Rich Southard - SC***BFAM).
Hernandez Robert - Removed from vintage groups. (VSBG).
Hiro Miro - aka; Tony Sarks
Hobbies_sports (< eBay ID) - aka; Nick Michalovitz
Hockey Cards - aka; Harms Sandu
Hockycards rus - aka; Michael Walsh
Howard Odell Rettig - Negative feedback for slow shipping & cheap sloppy shipping methods. Literally taped stack of cards together with medical bandage and tossed them in mailer. Gets offended and tries to defend it when called out. (7/12/17 - Luis Soto - SSE). Sent cards with no protection, just loose in mailer. Cards arrived damaged and he wouldn’t reimburse. (7/12/17 - Craig Schoeneberg - SSE). Disappeared from BTB group, owing people cards and money from breaks. At first he claimed his account was hacked, then got belligerent and won’t make it right. (7/12/17 - Tony Leslie - SSE). Ripped off John Asbury on break then blocked him. (SSE). Address: 203 South F Street, Bessemer City, NC 28016. Phone: 980 533 8001
Huey Woods - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Hugh Jassels - Yukon Cornelius
Hunter Beck - aka; Stephen Rich
Hunter Cards - On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
Hunter Donnelley - aka; Kurt Kennith
Hunter Heck - aka; Patrick Patterson - Admitted to trying to scam someone. (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
Hunter Sears - Paypal chargebacks (RTNT). Paypal:
Hunter Watson - accused of not sending cards by Larry Scott (TORSFG)
Huntermorgan Lewis - Scammer - Ripped off Bobby Senn on a ‘59 Mickey Mantle card. Never shipped. Sold the same card to multiple people. Never shipped it to any of them. (4/18/17 - SSE). Ripped off Drew Henson and others with same Mantle card. Blocked them and disappeared after they all paid. (SSE). Paypal:
Ian Huntington - Accused of not sending (Jeff Gehringer)
Ian Johnston - scammed many people (CSRA)
Ian Mitchell - Kid - Non ship to Ian Gillies. Multiple excuses and lying about shipping dates. Other members also reported not receiving packages from him (4/17/17 - SSE).
Ian Pettersone - Removed from Jeff Lambert’s group for road rage and going off on members, and a members wife. (12/12/16 - Jeff Lambert - HCGASL)
Ian Reichbach - sending road rage PM’s. (WWTFC)
Ian22LCC - BreakersTV - Scammer. (PSC)
idahoiaan (< eBay ID) aka; Mark Jones
Isaac Silva - aka; bb_hheb (< IG ID) - Told Scott Parrin that he shipped his $30 card in a PWE, that’s why he couldn’t provide tracking. Card never showed up and Isaac blocked him. Scott had to do a chargeback. (12/5/16 - Scott Perrin - SSE) (PM). Ripped off Chris Rushing (12/16/16 - SSE). Non ship $100 in cards to Ahmed Badat, purchased off IG. (5/7/17 - SSE). Paypal:
Isaac Utley - removed from 24 Hour Auction page due to non-payment. (VFGTA). On scammer list for using eBay pics to list cards he does not own. (COBCAM).
Isaiah Wizner - aka; (eBay name; isaiawizne4) - Scammer - didn't send trade and blocked the trade partner (WWTFC). Scammed Nate Clements in a deal, didn’t send the correct cards they agreed upon. (SSE). Reported that he scammed Sam Childress (SSE). Never sent trade cards & blocked (Eric Basile FSMSRST). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Scammed Marcelo Buschiazzo for payments in 2015. (11/2/16 - SSE). Tried to scam Brett Hensley on over $1,000 worth of cards (1/23/17 - SSE). Started his own Facebook group called; “Football only! Buy, Sell, Trade.” His mailing address: 230 W. Walnut St. Seymour, WI 54165. Phone #: 715-853-5840.
JA Graphs - Non pay on $12 bet to Jordan Shutta. Blocked him (3/10/17 - SSE)
J. B. Hamilton - - Non Pay on auctions
JJ Havenor - Took $160 from a Mr. Kelly and never sent cards. Said he'd refund, and then never did. (As per Chad Mcfry - SSE). Has multiple accounts (CSRA). Non pay on a wax break (Derek Woodworth / Wax Master Breaks). Non Pay on Razz (WWTFC).
JJ Kowanick - aka; Joe Orr
JJ N Lindsey Burris - (John?). - Scammer - Ripped off Joe Rullo in autographed memorabilia trade. Never sent items and wouldn’t respond. Admin (Jason Bolton) got involved and JJ said it was “returned to sender.” Said he’d reship. Never did. (SSE). Accused of not always sending the correct trade cards. (1/25/17 - Daniel Evans - SSE). Possibly tried to rip off Ike Werner, Larry Elswick and Thomas Ball in trade deals (1/25/17 - Ike Werner - SSE). Pulled a bait and switch trade deal on Michael Belcher. After he received Michael’s trade cards he told him he’s traded away 18 of the autograph card’s he was supposed to send. Offered him a auto football instead (6/7/17 - SSE). Ripped off Kamal KOo in $580 trade deal. Never shipped his end and stopped responding to messages (6/6/17 - Kamal KOo - SSE). Address: 106 Osel Ave. Morrison, OK 73061. Another address used: 24771 Harvest Rd. Morrison, OK 73061. Phone: 405-612-7524 and 580-774-2685. (PM).
J. Priestfan aka Ryan Metalfan
J. r. Hancher - removed from 24 group for non pay (VSBG)
J Ryan Abney - aka; Joe Abney, aka; Spookys Customs, aka; stlcardinalsfan (SCF ID) - Non ship of trade cards to Scott Michaels for a trade made on (SCForum). Multiple excuses and promises to send for 2 months, then stopped responding. After being listed on scammers page and contacted by another member he finally shipped them. Address: 301 Selma St., Sikeston, Missouri 63801 and
J. T. Toner, aka Jack Toner - Removed from most groups for Multiple Scams, not sending
JT Toner, aka Jack Toner - Multiple Scams
Jack Capps - aka; Rowdy Capps
Jack Cooley - Multiple reports of road rage PM’s (VSBG). Caught posting and selling cards that he already sold in other groups. When confronted, he said they were just sold. When asked for back pics, he couldn’t show any. (2/16/17 - Christopher Insalaca - SSE). Double sold cards again. Refunded money, but never shipped promised cards (4/26/17 - Paul Jatzlau - SSE). Called out for non shipping correct trade cards (4/21/17 - SSE). Started his own group recently;
Jack Gallagher - accused of charge back by Dima Gluzman (KACMFC) (WWTFC). Deleting his auctions when they sell low. (TRFG).
Jack Grace - Non ship trades and sales. Sent false tracking info. Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)
Jack King - Non Pay for purchases in Cody Owings firesale. Non pay & wouldn’t contact or respond. (SSE).
Jack Lockwood - aka; John Lockwood - Father and son that were both removed from several groups for multiple scamming issues and shady dealings. The son says it’s the father, and the Father claims it’s the son that’s doing the scamming. (5/29/15 - David Aguero - NSNSCTG). Jack, Non ship items to Daniel Lingard in 2014. (5/29/15 - NSNSCTG). Jack, ripped off multiple people by selling pre-orders & not shipping items in Garbage Pail group. (5/29/15 - Steve Sodergren - NSNSCTG). ** Jack's real name is John Lockwood III, his son is John Lockwood IV. Both were using John’s paypal at one point to collect funds. Jack’s profile ripped off multiple people in a garbage pail group. However, John’s profile was also used to rip off several collectors (supposedly by Jack, according to John). (5/29/15 - Steve Sodergren - NSNSCTG). NOTE: A few collectors were standing up for John, and saying it was all his Dad (Jack) doing the scamming. However, just not enough details or evidence to know for sure. Plus there’s an old post from 2014 from John states that he cleaned out his Dad’d old collection and was selling the items from it. and
Jack Montgomery - Did not send package (RSCTAS)
Jack Templeton - Non Pay (WWTFC)
Jacob Goddard - Refused to honor an auction he held in BCFS&AGB group because his card only sold for $2. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s and tags. (8/5/17 - Tom Clarke - SSE).
Jacob Larson - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Jacob Mejia - Scammer - Ripped off Matthew Harris for $80. Never shipped card. Sent tracking number that never showed it was shipped. After heated exchanges he blocked him. Later seen posting same card for sale. (6/27/17 - SSE). Negative feedback for slow ship (month+) card to Andrew Briggs (6/27/17 - SSE). Negative feedback for deal with Lem Gorman in 2015. Jacob razzed an auto ball, the “enhanced” pics looked good, but when ball arrived the sig was very light and questionable. When Lem reached out to Jacob he said not his problem and that Lem would have to deal with the guy that he bought the ball from .. then cussed him out. (6/28/17 - SSE).
Jacob Wyatt - No Ship. (8/16/16 - Waren R Fairlead - DRFG)
Jacoby Philippe - aka; Jake Jon Phillips
Jadra Day - Accused of Not Shipping purchased items to Herman Price. (3/3/17 - Herman Price - SSE).
Jae Lee - Creepy fake profile that keeps trying to join groups (VSBG).
Jaime Mitchell - Negative feedback for Non Pay for cards he claimed in Luis Soto’s firesale. ** NOTE: After 10 days, and being contacted by an Admin, he did respond and said he would pay for the cards the next day, however the cards were no longer available. (8/27/17 - Luis Soto - SSE/PM).
Jaineen Beard - aka; Corey Y Beard
JandJs Auctions - alias and group created by Jerry Butler Jr.
Jake Elrod - Trying to scam. Sold card to David Dugger, that he'd also sold 1 week earlier on eBay. (SSE) (WWTFC).
Jake Grace - On Hockey Card Scammers Listings (1/17/17 - Jim Binkle - HCSL).
Jake Hochberg - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Removed from “Finest” group for doing Paypal chargebacks. (BCSCFFAP)
Jake Ignaszewski - Scammer, trades and never sends his end. Uses eBay pics of cards he doesn't own. (Jason Odell & Wesley Roe WWTF group).
Jake Jon Phillips - aka; Jacoby Philippe - Removed from groups for accusations of forging. Apparently caught on video adding numbers to signed pics.. (5/30/17 - Howie Bee - SCO)
Jake Lancaster - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Jake Reed - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Jake Sanders - Non ship items to Kasey Dillman and won’t reply to PM’s from him or Admins. (2/13/17 - SSE). Non ship to Sal Trovato, won’t answer PM’s. - (A101). Non ship to David Baca - (2/28/17 - A101). Paypal: Phone: 618-560-8771
Jakes Sportscards - aka; Austyn Varney - Kid - Scammed $100's in cards (WWTFC)
James Bailey - aka; Bailey James
James Beadell - Took money, didn't send card, reimbursed several months later. (Jolenta Court) (TFC). Refused to send trade card. (TRFP)
James Cessna - Reported scammer in Blowout cards (TORSFG) (SSE). Non ship of supplies purchased (RSCTAS).
James Collectibles - Scamming with MJ rookies. Selling and not shipping (PSC)
James Conway - Couple reports of not sending cards and issues on Instagram and Blowout card forums (SSE)
James English - Marko Vuksevic
James Estill Price - Negative feedback from John Anthony for jerking him around on $109 payment. Wouldn’t respond to seen messages, then said he would try to pay, then blocked him. After 10 days, John called him out in scammers group and finally got paid (11/23/16 - John Anthony - SSE)
James Flow - aka; James Christopher Flow - Sent empty pkg. Reported as Scammer by Michael Brill (SCS&FE). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Non shipped and blocked (RSCTAS).
James Freschi - Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for posting obscene material.
James Fulbright - Removed from 24 Hour auction group for not following rules and not notifying winners on auctions of his that sold low. (VSBG)
James Garcia - accused of not sending / refunding by James Pea**** (TORSFC)
James Grondy - Scammed Jeff Kane & others out of Paypal funds. Never shipped cards.(WWTFC). On banned list in (COBCAM).
James Holmes - Caught using stolen pictures of cards to try and scam in groups and on Instagram. Listed on Hockey Card scammers group. (HCGASL).
James Howard - 2 Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
James J Conlon - aka; Jimbo Conlon - Scammer - Doesn’t ship items sold. Caught numerous times selling softball / baseball bats.
James JJ Parker - Scammer - Sells counterfeit & reprint cards. Uses bad quality pictures to try and hide details, blaming it on his scanner. (WWTFC)
James Jeff - aka; Jerry Butler Jr.
James JimmyGent Eliff - Negative feedback for slow ship and excuses to Mark Freeman (8/20/17 - Mark Freeman - SSE). Non shipped cards to Josh Bryant. Weeks of excuses and missed deadlines. Finally refunded. (8/20/17 - Josh Bryant - SSE). Removed from Finest group for poor shipping habits. (8/20/17 - Stephen Greenfeld - SSE). Non shipping issues with Andrew Briggs (8/20/17 - SSE). Removed from Kickass group for not shipping, and waiting weeks later to send refunds (1/16/16 - Stephen Greenfeld- SSE). Removed from The Real group for multiple Non ship issues, having to be ‘called out’ or get contacted repeatedly to get him to ship cards ( 8/21/17 - Jay Harper - SSE). Non Pay. Agreeing to buy cards, then disappearing. (8/20/17 - Stephen Greenfeld - SSE).
James Jones - aka; LF Sports Collectibles, aka; Samuel Leyva, aka; Sammy Leyva, aka; Small Town Memorabilia - Had to bug him to get purchased items, also photo was creased - (1/16/17 - Mark Rappaport - Autographs 101). Ripped off Patrick Arch, Kenny Hodgkins, Rick Kashuba, Ethan Tsin $200, by running a firesale and never shipping items. Stopped responding and blocked buyers. (1/15/17 - Ethan Tsin - Autographs 101). Known for not shipping items or giving refunds (3/6/17 - Zach Aulenbach - SSE). Known as scammer on SCN too, using the names; sportscollector, graphinlady, and LF Sports. (3/6/17 - Jamie Blye - SSE). They also run consignments for golf tournaments and school fundraisers in the Bay area to unknowing schools. (3/6/17 - SSE). Paypal used: Small Town Memorabilia: Address: 16375 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA 95037. Phone: 408-840-9370
James Keplinger - Non pay on auction win. Blocked seller. (11/28/16 - FSMSRSTAT).
James Kyle - Removed from several groups for falling behind on sending trades. Lied repeatedly to Atom Nemo, Jeffrey Miller and Waylon McDaniel about sending payment and mailing trade cards. Eventually stopped responding. Poor shipping methods. Wasting people’s time. (WWTFC). Offered to send a bunch of people free cards. He never did. (SSE). Told Greg Pflug that he was buying some items and had sent $45 money order. A week later he said he changed his mind and never really sent the M.O. (2/12/17 - SSE). Lied to Michael Miceli multiple times about a payment being mailed (1/12/17 - SSE). Lied to Mark Bogadi multiple times about how he’d sent payment. It never showed. (1/12/17- SSE). Non Pay for cards claimed to Matt Silfies (1/12/17 - SSE). Non pay on finalized deal to Colby Brookens (2/15/17 - SSE). Non pay for shipped cards to Matt Williamson (2/15 /17 - SSE). Jerked off Jeremy James Flannery, Greg Pflug, Kory Buettgenback (2/15/17 - Bill Allen - SSE). Non pay on auctions to Shawn Khan, Ryan Kearns, & Jess DeVose (3/15/17 - Shawn Khan - SSE). Non pay to Eric Basile $265, Derrick Van Roekel, William Berndt & Ricky Lynn Mulkey II $75. (SSE). Non ship trade cards to Wallace Lockhart. Stopped responding to PM’s. Multiple excuses given to Admins. Finally shipped after being called out. (3/23/17 - CKC). Non ship to Jasper Simmons. Had to be called out in scammers group to get him to ship. (3/27/17 - Aaron Tyson - SSE). Non pay for cards. Ignores PM’s and tags. Called out in Scammers group and responded he’d pay IF his razz filled. Then left conversation. (9/21/17 - Mark Bogadi - SSE). Non pay $30 to Andrew Underwood. Excuses & broken promises for weeks, then stopped responding. (8/29/17 - SSE). (from Huttonsville, WV).
James L Harris - aka; Jamie Harris, aka; Louisville Cardinals Fan - Scammer - Ripped off Earl Matthews, Harold Barron, and Jeremy Toner back in 2014, taking payments and /or trades, and not sending .. then blocking. (10/13/14 - Earl Matthews - NFL,NCAA,). Non pay to Bobby White in ACG group. Blocked him. (3/2/17 - FSMSRSTAT). Non pay to Justin Kyle Mammarelli (9/30/14 - KCMI). Removed from group for constantly complaining that someone screwed him over and causing drama. (9/30/14 - Patrick Herring - KCM). Non pay for cards he committed too, held by Joe Amato. Blocked Joe the day he was supposed to pay (8/29/14 - YCCBOC). Non pay for 5 auctions won. Blocked seller and Admin and left group. (6/3/17 - John Staples - VSBG). Mailing Address: 6107 Trena Trail, Louisville, KY 40258. Phone: 502-468-8676. (also runs a HVAC company out of their home called Heavenly Comfort, LLC .. contact is Paige Harris).
James Latham - Scammer - Used an eBay auction picture to run Facebook auction. After 10 days and no card, Jason Jennings called him out and James said he still had the card. Jason had to do a Paypal chargeback to get his refund. (24 Hour SCBOA). Ripped off Bob Stearns for $200 in cards and trade .. he never mailed. (24 Hour SCBOA). (VSBG).
James Lewis - Non pay on multiple auction wins & bids in 24 Hour group. (8/19/17 - John S. - VSBG)
James Lumhert - aka; Kleveland Smee (Scammer)
James Pea**** - Removed from COBCAM for lunatic rants on the main feed, and homophobic slurs.
James Perry - Negative feedback for not following through with a deal. He sold a lot of cards to one guy, then when others showed interest, he tried to back out of deal and turn it into an auction between them. (6/28/17 - Steve S - VSBG)
James Petriella - Never sent cards. (WWTFC)
James Plemmons - aka;, aka;, aka: Sports Cards and More, aka;, aka; Sports Fire Sale, aka; Baseball Collectors Daily, aka;, aka: Universal Legends Hobby, aka; Tango and Cash Enterprises LLC, aka; Jason Saunders (< his partner) - Owns several different websites & an auction house in conjunction with his partner; Jason Saunders. Multiple complaints for slow shipping (months), broken promises on refunds, selling mystery boxes, mystery jersey breaks. Several complaints for never mailing items purchased. (9/20/17 - Hesch M Jason - SSE). The BBB posted an article on their companies, mentioning the multiple shipping complaints and insinuating that some of the raffles are illegal. (5/4/17 - BBB). They seem to keep shutting down their sites or changing their names when they start to get too many complaints coming in. (SSE). Runs the Facebook group “Sports Cards Buy Sell Trade.” ** NOTE: James did comment and reply to guys when called out in Scammers group and seemed to be taking care of past due orders & refunds. and and and
James Ratliff - Scammer - Never sends his end of trade. (WWTFC)
James Ronnie Rhea - aka; Ronnie James Rhea. Scammer
James Scullion - You may hear of negative feedback on him for Paypal chargebacks filed back in April 2016. (4/15/16 - Al Stoessel Jr - SSE). ** UPDATE - It appears Paypal thought there was fraud on his account and instigated the chargebacks. He cleared up all the problems within a couple of days and everyone was paid back and taken care of. (5/1/17 - P).
James Starkey - aka; Cameron Roy
James Serenko - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
James Silva - aka; Anthony Silva
James Simmons - Removed from (TVSCHub) for accusations of knowingly trying to sell a 1957 Brooks Robinson RC (reprint) for $325, as a genuine vintage card. Admins traced the card to where he purchased it as a $98 reprint on eBay (from eBay seller “tradesmarter” on 6/22/16). (VSBG). Tried to rip off Tim Bellay & Mike Jones in trades by sending them wrong cards (Tim Bellay PM). Threatened Aaron Tyson, Tim Bellay, and Mark Dufrain in comments & PM's (10/27/16 - Chris A Massey - SSE). (SSE) Sent James Lloyd a bunch of 1990’s junk cards instead of the auction items he’d won (was supposed to be for 17 Andrew Luck cards & a RC). James said he sent wrong cards by mistake, then tried to make some new trades with him. Eventually, he said he’d refund, but only sent him $11 (was supposed to be $17.) (PM). Threatened to spread lies about Ron Steven Marion to try and ruin his reputation (2/6/17 - SSE). Ripped off Darrin Barrett. Asked for refund on bulk lot of cards he’d purchased, saying they weren’t as nice as he’d said. After he received refund he didn’t send back all the cards. He kept most of the valuable cards. (3/20/17 - Darrin Barrett - SSE). Removed from Cardboard Obsession group for issues with a transaction, BS excuses and threatening Admin (3/26/17 - Steve S. - VSBG). Paypal; Paypal name: James Simmos. Address: 3641 Pointer Street, Belton, TX 76513.
James Smith, aka; Kevin Vega.
James West - Removed from ( FCOCTE ) for failing to mail in his $20 FFL card, after 10 weeks of promising to do so. (Stephen Greenfield - SSE)
James Whittaker - aka; Joe Hardy (his cousin) - scammer (CSRA).
James Willett - Slow Pay to Brett Lipsey. Over a month of excuses about his paypal being down. Said he’d mail. 2 months later, he finally paid. (11/13/16 - Brent Lipsey - SSE). Non Pay to Heath Edward Davis. Excuses and missed deadlines. (SSE). Slow pay to Aaron Tyson (SSE). Non Pay to Michael DeAngelis, until he was called out in Scammers group. He did finally pay on 11/28. (11/20/16 - SSE).
Jameson Flaherty - aka; Jameson William Flaherty.
Jameson William Flaherty - Scammer - Caught trying to razz boxes he didn’t own. When asked to coin, he left group. (9/17/14 - Nate Ratkovec - KCM). Removed for scamming. Later said his computer was hacked (9/18/14 - Bobby Grow - SS&C). Non ship trade cards to Josh Burnside. First lied and said he didn’t receive his either, then lied and said he did ship. When asked to show tracking he left group (1/21/15 - Josh Burnside - SCAMBST). Non ship of trade cards (3/27/17 - Aaron Tyson - SSE). Address: 724 E. 6th Ave., Hutchinson, Kansas and
Jamie Anstey - aka; Donald Bannon - Non shipping trade cards and razz cards. On Hockey Card Scammers List. (HCGASL).
Jamie Carpenter - Scammer - Reported for stealing thousands from card stores in BC area, and ripping guys off not paying for break spots taken. (9/11/16 - HCGASL).
Jamie Castaneda - Non ship $36 cards to Jason Lloyd. Stopped responding to PM’s (6/4/17 - Jason Lloyd - SSE).
Jamie Earls - On banned list in (COBCAM).
Jamie Harris - aka; James L Harris.
Jamie Lumhert - aka; Kleveland Smee - Scammer
Jamie Russell Skeen - Removed from (TVSCHub) for accusations of knowingly selling fake, trimmed and altered vintage cards. (VSBG)
Jamie Zammitt - aka; djzammit (< eBay ID) - Australian buyer Accused of reporting purchased items as didn’t arrive to file chargebacks (9/23/17 - Jamie Simpson - SSE).
Jared Coffin - aka; Gavin Coffin - Scammer
Jared and Penny Newport - aka; Jarred Newport
Jared Daigle - Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay on auctions. (BCSCFFAP). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Jared Easton - Ran a large dollar Gretzky RC razz in the JPM group, which wasn’t his. Never shipped anything or refunded. Ran off with all the money and gambled it away. Disappeared. Listed on Hockey Scammers list (Jeff Lambert - HCGASL).
Jared J Parker - On banned list in (COBCAM).
Jared Loiben - Banned from (Keep It Real) group. Multiple reports seen on him. Not sending trade cards and blocking people (SSE)
Jared Maurer - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. A couple negative reports of slow pay, slow ships, excuses and not providing timely tracking. Gets mad and insults / blocks people when they call him out for his slowness. (11/14/17 - Justin Towry - SSE). Owed Anthony Silva for 3 weeks, and wouldn’t pay. Multiple excuses and broken promises. Said he was broke, but was seen filling lines and getting in razzes in multiple groups. Paid after he was called out in scammers room. (3/19/17 - Anthony Silva - SSE).
Jared Newport - aka; Jarred Newport
Jared Reid - Owes money and won't pay Aaron Schuler.
Jarred Carder - Negative feedback, buyer felt condition wasn't as described - Slow shipping. (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Jarred Newport - aka; Jared Newport, aka; Penny and Jared Newport, aka; Jared and Penny Newport, aka; Penny Newport, aka; Newportjarred - Non pay. Owed multiple people money and didn't pay. (WWTFC). Shorted Tyler Godlewski on two trades / purchases. (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Burned Brandon Williams for 7 cards, just gives excuses. Almost a year now to pay him $60, by making payments. Has paid off all but $20, but still dragging it out with nonsense. (SSE). Ripped off Jon Lavezza, had to do a Paypal charge back to get refunded. (11/26/16 - SSE). Ripped off Jason Atterbury (11/19/16 - SSE). Ripped off Mark Bogadi for $100 in trade cards. Never sent and wouldn’t respond. (1/19/17 - SSE).
Jarred Richard Newport - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Jarrod Martindale - (from Monroe, LA. Scammer. sells/ trades cards that are not his. (TRFP) (Beckett forums). Tried to refuse shipment on some cards he purchased (changed mind) threatened charge backs (SSE). Causing group problems, harassing members. (SSE). Tried to trade cards not his, plus cards he supposedly already sent to another member. (Trevor Artzer TRFP). Wouldn’t send trade card to Matt Elliott until after he was called out for scamming, (Matt Elliott - SSE). Scammed Travis Howe on a $350 Trout card (SSE). Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Posting items for sale that he did not own. On banned list in (COBCAM). Ripped off Courtney Mortensen (3/23/17 - SSE). Removed from SAUSR group for non pay, forgeries, & threats (5/26/17 - Gabrielle Dean - SAUSR).
jaso-stas (< eBay ID) - aka; Jason Stasi
Jason Alan Miles - Bad Trader - (per YSCF group)
Jason Allon - aka; Jason Wheeler, aka; Thomas Leroy Blount (see Jason Wheeler)
Jason Alvarez -
Jason Bell - Scammer - Has made multiple deals and never sent his end. Full of excuses and never seems to think he did anything wrong. (Seth Koren & Peter Gabriel - TRRS group). Called out for scamming by Brian Renaud (3/26/15 - WWTFC). Incomplete trades & S. Santa gift exchange (TFC). Wouldn't send trade cards (Jim Jr Younce) (SSE). Sent Brian Smith a bunch of junk cards instead of what was owed. (SSE). 2 Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Joanne Barnes. Did not ship and wouldn’t respond to PM’s (8/9/15 - HCSL). Tried to rip off Eric P Prims. Agreed to trade on a Jason Witten Auto card, then Eric saw where he’d just sold it on eBay. He first BS’d him about it, then blocked Eric when he ‘called him out’ for it. (4/12/15 - TSFG). Non ship $30 in trade cards to Billy Sweet. Excuses for 2 weeks, then no response. Seen trying to sell the same cards again in his local area yard sale group. (9/9/17 - Billy Sweet - SSE). Address: Jason Bell 2165 Karla Drive Apt #5, Cincinnati, OH 45211 . Phone: 513-832-3309.
Jason Bobbitt - aka; Crazy Canuck Ltd. (Canada) - Was convicted of fraud in 2008 of over $300,000 worth of cards & memorabilia he sold on eBay. He’s been seen selling cards on Facebook. Listed as Scammer in HCGASL
Jason Bullis - aka; Jason Buliis, aka; Yukon Cornelius
Jason Cochran - non payment on an auction (12/8/16 - F2.0)
Jason Crystal Williams - aka; Jason N Crystal Williams - Scammers - Scammed Ed Grijalva on Mantle card. (SCA). Multiple reports.
Jason Davis - Scammer that keeps making fake profiles & disappearing (WWTFC). Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for failure to accept Paypal “goods” payment.
Jason Donkin - Negative feedback from Matthew Siegler (SSE). Package arrived empty, with bad seal. Not sure if it is poor packaging or something else?
Jason Eaves - sending damaged stuff and not replacing it (CSRA)
Jason Efthim - Did a $512 Paypal charge back on James Guerino. Said he would repay, but just gave multiple excuses and missed promised deadlines. Then blocked him. After James called him out in the scammers group, and several people started contacting his relatives. He finally repaid. (8/3/17 - James Guerino - SSE).
Jason Gehrels - aka; cardhunter2121
Jason Gillan - aka; Jason Michael, aka; Jason Michael Gillan, aka; Jason MG, aka; Jeremy Spencer, aka Jason Ryleigh, aka: Stephanie Wade (girlfriend?) - Was an Admin of the group “The Card Shack.” - Was called out for non ship & lying by Seebast Wagner, and he booted Seebast from group, and tried to make up evidence that Seebast was rigging videos. (SSE) Accused of trying to rip off Kevin Stanton on a Trout card. Kevin was going to post the info, but Jason booted him (SSE). Accused of wrongly booting Bob Wagg over a non ship, non tracking issue ... even after Bob was kind enough to donate $ to Jason when he was having trouble paying his bills. (SSE). Ripped off Brad McGee by not delivering card. (SSE). Ripped off Joe Addington (5/14/17 - SSE) Ripped off Bryan Coccia on an $80 win (SSE). Tried to line a reprint card as an original. (Eric Ellis - SSE). Ripped off Eric Putzer for a $300 razzed Musial jersey. Never shipped (5/14/17 - Eric Putzer - 8/2CM). Never shipped trade card to Nile Kress (SSE). Ripped off Scott Kyler on several deals (5/24/17 - Scott Kyler - 8/2CM). Non ship $110 card to Jon Brown from (8/10CM) group. Promised to ship next day, then wouldn’t send tracking, then said phone broke, then stopped responding completely. (5/14/17 - Jon Brown - SSE). Ripped off Josh Gallardo for $210. Deleted profile and never shipped. (5/14/17 - SSE). Ripped off Travis Hodge for $850. Sold him multiple cards that he later found were stolen pics from eBay listings. (5/15/17 - Jon Brown - SSE). Ripped off John Seim for $110. Sold card from stolen eBay pic (SSE). Ripped off Vince Leonard. Never shipped card (9/13/17 - BCBSTRAB). When Paul Castillo called him out for scamming, he sent him a PM pic of him holding a gun, and a note saying “come see me .. *****.” (9/13/17 - SSE). Tried to rip off Steve Nichols in a trade. Mailed him junk card instead of real card. (8/22/17 - Steve Nichols - SSE). Ripped off Ahmed Badat. Non ship trade cards (9/13/17 - SSE). Ripped off Jeremy Parrett. Non ship trade cards. (SSE). Ripped off Robby Johnson for ‘53 Satchel Paige & Reggie Jackson RC. Never sent his end of trade. (9/14/17 - SSE). Ripped off Josh Coleman on trade. Never shipped cards. (9/23/17 - SSE). Ripped off Gary Purvis. Never shipped trade card. Ignored messages. Saw him posting same card for sale in another group, called him out, and he said he’d send it. Took picture of package, then never sent. (8/23/17 - Gary Purvis - CC-KIR). Paypal address used: Phone: 309-966-3820, 309-674-0757, 309-697-5034 Address: 708 S. Matthew St., Peoria IL 61605 and and
Jason Hauck - aka; Fat Kid Cards, aka; Jay Paul, aka; Jay Hawk, aka; John Paul, aka; Jayson Bird, aka: Juan Hawk - Tried to scam Aaron Crowell's mom when she was trying to make retribution on her sons issues. Reported that he creates multiple accounts and continues to try and run scams (WWTFC) Filled razzes then blocked the winners. Never sent cards. Multiple people reported this (TRFP). Also booted for non pay (TRFP). Tried to scam Jayson Johnson. Sent empty package instead of cards. Jayson said he contacted the cops and eventually got his cards mailed (12/1/16 - Cory Wilmar - SSE).
Jason Heil - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Jason Hogan - Removed from Vintage Hot Spot group for Non pays and causing drama (9/27/17 - Stephen Heath McMeans - SSE). Non ship card won to Vince Powierski. No tracking or communication. (9/27/17 - SSE). Non pay for 10 spots taken in Seebast Wagner’s group. (9/27/17 - Seebast Wagner - SSE). Failed to send out his donated items in Texas hurricane fundraiser raffle (9/27/17 - SSE). Removed from groups for bad mouthing and causing drama (9/27/17 - Seebast Wagner - SSE). Removed from Mario Montes’s groups (SSE). Non ship card to Wyatt Murphy. Excuses. (7/21/17 - Wyatt Murphy - SSE). Shipped package with card won to Chad Siewin. Package arrived with no postage on it. Postage due. (9/27/17 - SSE).
Jason Ireland - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Jason Johnson - Non ship items and stole money. (5/30/17 - Quest Dawson - SCO)
Jason Kenner - aka; Jerry Butler
Jason Kessler - On banned list in (COBCAM).
Jason Kindig - Removed from vintage groups for Non pay of $75 on over a dozen auction wins.
Jason Kopp - Filled razzes then blocked the winners. Never sent cards. Multiple people reported this.
Jason Lenzi - 2 Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Jason Long - Non Ship $30 in cards to Allen Briers - (1/14/17- SSE).
Jason MG - aka; Jason Gillan
Jason MacLeod - Razz'd a $400 Jordan auto that was "lost in mail" - hasn't made it good with Jon Rowe yet.
Jason Martin - (From: Victoria, British Columbia) - Wrote $1800 worth of bad checks to local card store. Lied when confronted in groups about it. (David Davidov - HCGASL). Lives in Victoria, BC.
Jason Martin - (From: West Virginia) - Non pay $65 for card purchased from Wesley Love. Said he was mailing a check with tracking, but after 3 weeks, he claims the USPS has misdirected the check. He kept saying he’d send tracking info to prove, never did. (6/21/17 - SSE). Non pay $23 and trade cards to Chris Tran for cards he shipped. Said he was mailing cash, with tracking. Never sent. Then said he’d send Paypal. Never did. (6/21/17 - SSE). Non ship card owed to Josh Davidson. Wouldn’t respond. After 2 weeks he replied & said he had a death in family and would get it shipped out and send tracking the next day. Never heard from him again. (6/20/17 - Chuck Sitero - CC-KIR). Non ship card to Nathan Scherff. Never replied to messages. (6/20/17 - CC-KIR). Address: 52 Hummingbird Ln., Fraziers Bottom, WV 25082. Paypal:
Jason Mekulik - Removed from COBCAM for homophobic slurs and harassing admins.
Jason MG - aka; Jason Gillan
Jason Michael - aka; Jason Gillan
Jason Michael Gillan - aka; Jason Gillan
Jason Miller - Blocked seller & blasted him on group board over a damaged card (WWTFC). Asked Ross Ad**** to shill bid one of his ebay auctions. Screen shots of him admitting to it. (Ross Ad**** - SSE). Did Paypal chargebacks on Danny Carlton Jr. and Michael Plante. Said his credit card was stolen. Danny got his reversed and a week later he repaid Michael, along with the Paypal fees (2/24/17 - Michael Plante - SSE).
Jason N Crystal Williams - aka; Jason Crystal Williams - Scammer (as per Justin Kyle Mammarelli TRRS)
Jason N Valerie - Non Pay on auction win to Jason Michael. Wouldn’t respond to seen messages. (2/28/17 - FSMSRSTAT).
Jason Owen - (Bargersville, Indiana) Removed from VFC for being rude, cussing and starting arguments in threads.
Jason Owens - 2 Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Jason Penitta - aka; Joshua Gafford
Jason Richardson - ** There are 2 DIFFERENT Jason Richardson's in the card groups. The one in our group is fine. The banned one is from Palmyra, Virginia. ***) He was Removed from "Finest Auctions" for Non Pay (SCA).
Jason Robinson - Bad trade, shipping issues (list on VSBG). Did not ship card to Lamar-Bree Henderson and would not respond to Admins in Razz 2.0 (RTNT). Non ship to Shane Ray Johnson. Wouldn’t respond. (1/26/15 - KCM). Disappeared from Top Tier Electronics owing multiple people items (1/26/15 - Derek Heitter - KCM). ** NOTE ** THERE ARE DIFFERENT JASON ROBINSON’s in the groups. The one mentioned here is:
Jason Ryleigh - aka; Jason Gillan
Jason Saunders - aka; James Plemmons
Jason Schultz - aka; Jason Schutz
Jason Schutz - aka; Jason Schultz, aka; Nile Sanders, aka: Nile Schutz - Scammer - Non ship $36 in cards to Eric Arkulari. Couldn’t find tracking, then said he would refund. Then said Paypal card couldn’t be reloaded. Then excuses and missed promises for a couple of days, then wanted to mail a cash refund, then sent bogus tracking number for supposed refund. Then stopped responding to messages. (6/28/17 - Eric Arkulari - SSE). Non ship cards to Matt Bailey. No tracking. No refund. Just excuses. (6/28/17 - Matt Bailey - SSE). Non ship cards to Serg Alexander. No tracking (SSE). Non ship $200 card to Nathan Schlitz. Made him pay F&F because he said he was new and didn’t want the hold on the money. Never sent tracking, stopped responding and profile disappeared. (9/6/17 - Nathan Schlitz - SSE). Almost ripped off Greg Ruelas. Paid by F & F for a card, then stopped responding to messages. Greg filed chargeback through his bank and got money back (9/5/17 - CCKIR). Sold a fake Mike Trout auto card (9/6/17 - Frankie Rossetti - CCKIR). Ripped off Justin Lilly on a trade. Never shipped his end and Nile profile disappeared. (9/6/17 - TSC). Non ship $65 card to Jack Cooley (9/6/17 - TSC). Paypal name: Nile Schutz. Address: 318 9th Street NW, Mason City, Iowa 50401 Phone: 402-493-5266.
Jason Sears - aka; Jason Sears Sr - Scammer - Negative feedback for making deal, then backing out 3 days later (12/30/14 - Robert James - SC***BFAM). Reported ripping off 5 different people, Non ship. Wouldn’t send tracking. (3/11/15 - Drew Hayes and Thompson Goble - WWTF). ** Non pay to Steve Poppaj on razz spots. Making duplicate profiles. (3/11/15 - RBTS). Non pay of $135 to Marcelo Buschiazzo in a box break (12/9/16 - SSE). Bengals Fan. Tried to scam Jon Herron by saying he’d paid for break spots and sent him a bogus Paypal paid screen shot. (4/27/17 - SSE). ** Non pay for spots to Devon Herd (4/27/17 - SSE). Reported to have sent other breakers fake Paypal paid screen shots to try and get them to run break without him paying (4/27/17 - Charles Murphy - SSE). Removed from group for non pay (Marion N Cindy - SSE). Removed from Top Notch for Non pays (Anthony Loparo - SSE). Non pay and wouldn’t respond (Tyler Dixon - SSE). UPDATE: ** Paid Devon Herd the money he owed (9/22/17). Paid Steve Poppaj the money he owed plus some extra. (9/13/17). Said he’s contacted everyone on list to try and get all his old debts repaid (SSE).
Jason Sears Sr - aka; Jason Sears
Jason Smiraglia - On banned list in (COBCAM). Non pay for Firesale items claimed. Wouldn’t reply. (HCGASL).
Jason Smith - Non ship trade card to Ricardo Ibarra (11/28/15 - CCFG-KIR). Non pay for $26 in cards purchased from Joel A Rodriguez-Tirado. First asked if he could pay after the weekend, then stopped responding to seen PM’s. (5/13/17 - Joel A Rodriguez-Tirado - SSE). UPDATE 7/9/17: Jason posted in the scammers group that he’d resolved the old Non-ship issue with Ricardo. When Ricardo was asked how Jason had “resolved” it? ... He said he’d told Jason that it was so long ago .. just call it a wash. UPDATE 7/23/17: Jason posted that he’d reached out to Joel to take care of the old debt owed to Joel. He did PM Joel, but he hasn’t paid or responded to Joel’s follow up PM’s in about 2 weeks now.
Jason Stasi - aka; jaso-stas (< eBay ID). - Scammer - Non ship razz win card to Randell Lamprecht. Gave excuses at first, then deleted post. Caught later reposting same card for sale. When called out in scammers room he blocked everyone. (2/8/17 - SSE). Non ship $30 card he sold on eBay to Mike Bazinet. A week later he tried to sell him the same card on Facebook for $35, not realizing it was him. When Mike asked why he was still trying to sell the card and why he hadn’t shipped it yet, he stopped responding. (9/5/17 - Mike Bazinet - SSE). Non pay $10 to Nigel Coppes for break spot taken. Dodged him when he posted comment on his personal page. (9/17/17 - Nigel Coppes).
Jason Sweet - Removed from Ray’s group for accusations of not shipping a trade in Sports Cards Kingz group. (Ray Scarcella - RSCTAS).
Jason Watson - Over the top, racist comments in screenshots in Keep It Real (on TRFP). Trading issues & drama with Cliff Rigsby (SSE). Had issues with Christopher Jackson (RTNT). Tried to pull a scam w/ video (Paul Smith 1/19/17 - SSE). Troll comments in (SSE).
Jason Wheeler - aka; Thomas Blount
Jason Yale - Removed from vintage groups for non payment and road rage on an Admin (VSBG).
Javier Lopez - aka; Caleb Jones
Javier Morales - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Jay Coble - aka; Laird Sullivan, aka; Justin Coble, aka; Prime Time Sports - Dealer / Cards Store Owner - Caught using fake profile & friends to buy spots in his own razzes (5/30/17 - Tim Blackmon - SCO). Cheated videos so he would win (5/30/17 - Tim Blackmon - SCO). Running razzes for popular player items, then telling winners “Oops, I’m out of stock, I thought I had another one! How about you pick from these much less popular players and I give you a few bucks back?” (7/18/17 - Sean Hoover - SCO). Removed from several Autograph & memorabilia rooms for sketchy activity (Kerre Leisey - SCO). 2226 Gettysburg Rd, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011 and
Jay Esbensen - Removed from vintage auction group for non payment (VSBG).
Jay Hill - aka; Josh Hill, aka; Jennifer Hill - Did a $600 Paypal chargeback on Tim Harmer 2 months after purchasing a box. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. Address: 1033 Burgess Rd., Bennington, VT 05201
Jay Hoffman - aka; Charles Hoffman
Jay Longo - Removed from several groups for trying to sell 1,000 Michael Jordan reprint cards. He was calling them reprint cards, and was not trying to scam, but he did start blocking Admins when they deleted his posts, asked him to stop, and tried to explain why most groups don’t want reprints sold in their groups. (10/30/16 - Gabe Ellis - SSE).
Jay Mack - aka Joseph Sundquist (many other aliases)
Jay Mealer - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Jay Moran - Non pay Nathan Leslie for $5 auction in “24 Hour Countdown” group. (VSBG). Non Pay for $52 worth of cards claimed in quicksale. 1st said he didn’t get the PM, then wouldn’t respond to multiple “seen” PM’s, and finally he removed himself from the group. (Me-VFC). Non pay $9 to Jason Atterbury. Didn’t pay, said he forgot. Then said he would, and didn’t. Then said end of the week, and didn’t. 2 weeks later still nothing, and stopped responding. When ‘called out’ he blocked him. (8/17/17 - Jason Atterbury - SSE).
Jay Moslehi - Admin of the Facebook group “Autograhs 101”. Several complaints of allowing known forgers and scammers to stay in his group, while removing guys that tried to call them out. Accused of helping Simon Leherer sell fake Trout balls. (3/29/17 - Sean Bishop - SSE). He’s also involved in a lawsuit by Getty Images for allegedly stealing copyrighted photos from their database and selling them. (8/4/17 - Andrew Aronstein - SSE). Honestly, some of the complaints seem more like bad blood between auto Admins and groups, but we’re still going to list it here since there were so many. Reputation, provenance and good judgement should always be considered when dealing with autographs.
Jay Mota - aka; Joshua Gafford
Jay Paul - aka; Jason Hauck, aka; Jay Hawk, aka: Jayson Bird.
Jay Richardo Dee - Never sent trade cards (Jed Meche WWTFC)
Jaybird Cimmino - was removed from 24 hour auctions for deleting his own auction.
Jayden Autumn - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Jayden Vargas - 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Jayme Quick - Removed from “Finest” group for non payment. (Mark). Posted that he wanted $9 card, Pm’d that he’d pay that weekend. never heard from him again (3/21/17 - PM - VFC).
Jayson Bird - aka; Jason Hauck
** ----------- See other docs for names starting with different letters