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Thread: Best/Worst of 2017

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    Best/Worst of 2017

    What are some of the best and worst matches and moments around wrestling in 2017?

    Best moments: John Cena and AJ Styles showdown at Royal Rumble. This was my early WWE match of the year and no one come close to it til Usos and New Day killed it at Hell in the Cell barely topping Cena/Styles. Speaking of Usos/New Day these two have feud of the year where every match they had was amazing culminating to Hell in the Cell.

    The rise of Braun Strowman being the next top big man in WWE

    Andrade Almas and Johnny Gargano show stealing opener at NXT Takeover. These two, IMO, had far better match at NXT San Antonio house show which I was there live. Hope there's a fan cam of this is because its awesome. Speaking of that show Shawn Michaels superkicking Kyle O'Reily and soon got Adam Cole dumped on top of him when Drew McIntyre suplexed him in unplanned spot.

    Thomas Ciampa turning on Johnny Gargano after NXT Takeover: Chicago.

    Ember Moon winning NXT Women title. It was those moments where after years of watching her live in Texas indies when she got signed to the big time. Being a fan you just want pull for her to make it big and she did. It was "I'm proud of you" moment

    Being there live at NXT San Antonio: Takeover, Royal Rumble and Great Balls of Fires all I have enjoyed. Being at Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Inspire Pro shows along being at one Metroplex Wrestling and Branded Outlaw Wrestling show.

    Worst moment was continue botched push of Roman Reigns who is still failing and rest of the roster sits in the background with awful storylines and stop/go pushes.

    My worst match was Reigns vs John Cena. It was indy style type match where big guy destroys little guy with multiple finishers only for little guy kick out and hit his finisher once and wins. It's a type a match I seriously loathe and I seen it done few times in person at indy shows where it comes off badly. WWE pulled this stuff for this match and, of course, it comes off very badly. Three AA including one from the top couldn't put him away but one spear does? BS! It didn't help Reigns cause when the camera focused on Cena as hero leaving after the match.

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    First time in about 20 years I have zero interest in Wwe.

    Like, I don't even watch raw, at all.

    If I wasn't watching full, I'd tune in frequently. Now, nothing.

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