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Thread: *********MONDAY MORNING THREAD 2/12/18 **

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    Best wishes Pine Tar!

    I applaud your bravery for that stuff. Im likely one of those jokers who would hear some concerning news, never go to the doctor again, and die 30 years prematurely.

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    Hey, Pine Tar. I had an ablation about 3 years ago for the Afib. It seemed to go pretty well, but like you, a flutter showed up a few weeks after. They did an electrocardioversion and it went away for awhile. The EP nurse said that often they do both ablutions at the same time, but didnít in my case. The amiodarone I was on for awhile seemed to work. Then, about a year and a half after the ablation, afib started creeping back. They tried flecainide, but it didnít work for too long. Iíve been on sotalol for about 4 months and itís working great!

    Good luck with your procedure! I know what youíre going through.

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