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Thread: It's BGS Group Sub Time

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    It's BGS Group Sub Time

    Hello Guys

    It's time to get those cards submitted to BGS fresh off your 2018 Bowman Ripping.

    We are doing a big group submission on the boards.

    You will send to Georgia and we will mail to BGS.

    Then we will break down the order and send you your section.

    Pricing is as follows.

    $11 per card with $1.50 per auto. 30 day submission time. We need a minimum of 200 cards to pull this off.

    Each submitter will also include a $7 shipping charge that will cover a portion of the shipping fees to BGS and back to you.

    Your friendly administrators will cover the rest of the shipping costs. 5/21 is the deadline to have the cards in my hand to ship to BGS. ALL TRACKING INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED FOR PUBLIC VIEW.

    Ship to

    Chris Gilmore
    2505 Braselton Highway
    Buford, GA 30519

    Please note the new deadline of 6/11
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