Hello FreedomCardBoard!

My name is James Good and I am the Social Media Coordinator for COMC.com . For those not familiar with COMC, we are an online consignment service for collectibles that currently has over 16,000,000 items in stock. We pride ourselves on being the safe and easy way to buy and sell collectibles online.

We've joined the FreedomCardBoard community to answer any questions and gather any feedback and suggestions that you might have about our service .I'll be happy to answer non-account or order specific related questions that you might have. Questions about specific orders/consignment submissions will still need to be directed to our Customer Service Team (staff@comc.com). Feel free to PM me any questions/feedback/suggestions if you'd like as well, as I'll regularly be checking both the boards and this account's private messages.

On a personal note, I've been with COMC for coming up on six years now as a member of a couple of different teams (Identification, Customer Service, etc). I'm a lifelong collector, sports fanatic, finished 3rd at the 2013 Pokemon Trading Card Game World Championship, and believe that I own the largest Mitch Haniger PC in the world. Thanks for reading!