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Thread: 2004 Bowman Heritage Mahogany WTTF or WTB

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    2004 Bowman Heritage Mahogany WTTF or WTB

    I just realized I posted this in the wrong place. Sorry! If you know how to move let me know.

    Iím still looking for the following cards, thanks to anybody that might have some or a lead on any!

    Happy Collecting!

    10 - Jeter
    17 Burrell
    18 Lieberthl
    30 Y Molina
    31 Freel
    40B -Pedro variation
    42 R Wolf
    48B Victor variation
    54 T Hudson
    102 B Sheets
    115 J Pineiro
    119 C Delgado
    127 M Tejada
    132 Sosa
    158 R Johnson
    159 Trot Nixon
    161 J Jones
    169 Greg Maddux
    183B A Gonzalez Marlins
    186 O Vizquel
    190 Chad Tracy
    194 R Kiner
    205 M Bush (outta prison now
    211 E Campbell
    218 S Elbert
    228 M Tuiasosopo
    232 C Reliford
    253 Y Petit
    262 Rick Reed
    264 Gerry Davis
    270 J Salazar
    276 J Hirschbeck
    281 Mike Reilly
    296 Jon Connolly
    301 Chin Lung Hu
    303 M Moses
    308 C Ansman
    313 D Levinski
    316 C Bentz
    326 T Blackley
    328 S Takatsu
    335 J Knott
    336 D Aardsma
    342 Felix Hernandez
    346 C Saenz
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    Good luck with that set. I bet it's tough adding to it at this point, but you never know.

    1955 Bowman is one of my alltime top 5 sets and I was really hoping they'd make the rare parallel something special, but I remember being very disappointed in that set. Instead they made it look like they skipped a step in printing it. I think the only ones I have are a Frank Thomas, because I collect him, and a Reid Brignac because I was so good at the prospecting.
    Looking for 2011 Topps Marquee Museum autographs, rare Frank Thomases and Grady Sizemores I don't have

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    I picked up my Edgar when they were going for big $$..
    (depending on the player)

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