I recently purchased a BGS 9.5 Ichiro rookie on eBay, but the slab was an old one and the case was scratched up pretty bad. After contacting Beckett about having a new holder, I decided against paying them $38 (seriously, for one card?!?) and instead sent the card to SGC for crossover service. HUGE MISTAKE! They sent it back to me, claiming that it didn't meet the minimum grade requirement. When I asked for an explanation this was the response I got:

Hi, Jonathan. We apologize for the disappointment with your last order. SGC takes time and effort to ensure that our standards are upheld when grading crossovers from other companies. Our professional opinion is our own, and it does not always reflect those of our competitors. That being said, an SGC 98 would actually be the equivalent of a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. So, in this case, it appears that your card was not rejected for a crossover at the same grade, but rather it was rejected for a higher grade. We apologize for any confusion and/or inconvenience in this matter, and hope to provide our services for you in the future.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These idiots don't understand that a BGS 9.5 is the same as PSA 10 or an SGC 98?! Total BS! When I asked for further clarification from Matthew Clark, Director of whatever, this was his reply:

Hi Jonathan,

I understand you are frustrated in this matter and I apologize you were dissatisfied with the results of your latest submission.

Having said that, the SGC employee who replied to you on Facebook was not misinformed. An SGC 98 is the equivalent of a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. It even says 10 on the label under the 98 grade.

Grading is subjective and we may not always agree with other companies, just as they may not always agree with our findings.

Best Regards,
Matthew Clark

They can't grasp that a Beckett 9.5 is a gem mint, same as their 98! UNREAL the level of incompetence they are showing, and I would avoid them at all costs if I were you!