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Thread: What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory with Baseball Cards?

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    What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory with Baseball Cards?

    My childhood is drenched in baseball cards - most every memory has something to do with them. If I had to pick one that I remember well, it is when Mother's Cookies were in stores, circa 1989.

    Nick & Bryan were HUGE Giants fans - particularly Will Clark and Kevin Mitchell. They called me over to show me something. They had pulled a 1989 Mother's Cookies Jose Canseco card that they knew I didn't have. I wanted it SOOO badly, but they kept holding it over my head.

    We went to my house to see if I had any Will Clarks they wanted and they were so adamant that it was going to cost me through the nose to get the Canseco.

    Then, dad showed up.

    With Mother's Cookies.

    With a Will Clark they didn't have.

    They were oohing and ahhing. I remember how quickly the tables had turned, and how I was holding all the cookies ... err ... cards.

    We ended up doing a deal. How is that for a good old fashioned trading memory?

    What is your favorite childhood memory having to do with baseball cards?
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