Transformers!* Robots in disguise!

Weren't transformers the coolest?* I loved them.**I never caught on with the new movies, but man let me tell you - the toys were awesome.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why these next baseball cards I'm about to show are so interesting to me.* My latest wax excursion has been so, so, SO much more about the packs, boxes and displays, than the cards themselves.* This next haul really takes the cake for me.* I grabbed a 1986, 1987 and 1989 Donruss counter top display case.* I don't know why I hadn't seen these before (at least as an adult) but let me tell you ... these things are AWESOME.* Check it out!* This ugly brown box (boooo)

Becomes this:

Pardon the voice in the background of my wife criticizing me for taking pictures with the pantry door open.*

The colors, the display, the case itself - everything speaks to me.* These came with 216 packs, so*there are probably numerous Griffey rated rookies within.

The 1987 is a different animal:

With 4 boxes worth of packs, the bottom 2 compartments are actually*packs of jumbo cards with all star pop-ups.* Remember those?* The box itself was a touch more difficult than I would have liked for it to have been to setup.* But good golly, miss molly.* Look at the colors!* The colors!

Last but not least, my home boy Jose's claim to cardboard fame:* 1986 Donruss.

Junk wax eye candy at its finest!* Okay,*so 1986 isn't considered junk wax, but "junk wax eye candy" has a ring to it, doesn't it?* The yellow, blue and red all work together wonderfully.* A gorgeous 32 year old case with 4 boxes worth of regular packs and bunches of jumbo card packs (read: I'm too lazy to see how many there actually are in the case).* To top it off, I set my PSA 10 Canseco to show off with it - The card in the grade that all other cards in the entombed packs strive to be.

These "transformer" baseball cards truly took me back, and they are a joy to have on display - even if I don't open a single pack!