Okay, so a lot of us have been members of this community is some way since BMB and before.

Prospecting has been a huge part of the hobby for as long as Iíve been paying attention to these message boards.

Thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent on prospect cards by many collectors, since around 2005 when I really started paying attention to this, in hopes of huge returns in the future.

My question is, itís 2018, how many of these investments have paid off so far? Have these invenstments been worth it? Are the 10ís of thousands of dollars that were paid on the Alex Gordonís, Mike Troutís, Bryce Harperís and many other actually paid out and made the investment worth it for the prospectors around here?

Prospecting seems like a huge waste of money to me, and Iíll never understand it. Even if someone invested in Ichiro and Pujols in 2001, I still donít see anyway youíre making much of a profit if you held on to those cards until 2018.

So please, explain to me exactly how this tactic is worth it in the grand scheme of things.