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Thread: 2018 Bowman Platinum Walmart hobby box

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    2018 Bowman Platinum Walmart hobby box

    I guess these are called "Hobby Box" even though they are bought at a retail outlet? They had just put out a display, full of packs blasters, and two of these big bad boys. I grabbed a blaster first because, 80 bucks a pop for two guaranteed autos (guaranteed to be of prospects I've never heard of?)? I knew damn well I wasn't likely to pull anything like that amount out of it, but I don't buy boxes much anymore, so what the hell. I went for the bad boy.

    I got a handful of inserts, of course (which i will sit if anyone cares), but here are the numbered cards and autos:

    Rookie Revelations purple
    Ozzie Albies 155/250 (nice to get a young player that's producing in the majors, one whom I've actually witness hit a HR)

    Blue Refractor parallels
    Felix Hernandez 126/150
    Evan White 052/150

    McKenzie Mills

    Green Refractor Autograph
    Nick Allen 28/99 (nice to get a color auto of someone I can track a bit - ifI'm lucky and time it right, maybe I could get my money back one day!)

    That's all. Always fun to rip something. Can't say I'd recommend these boxes if you're counting on value in return.
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    Nice break with the green!

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