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Thread: FCB Fantasy Football 2018!!

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    FCB Fantasy Football 2018!!

    ESPN, free league. For FUN!!

    But we do have Prizes Added!!!
    Phillyfan0417 has offered the following prize!!!
    $25 for 1st
    $15 for 2nd
    $10 for 3rd

    Current Teams:
    1. [MENTION=2477]Gwynn545[/MENTION]
    2. [MENTION=4428]MrMet[/MENTION]
    3. [MENTION=2367]gt2590[/MENTION]
    4. [MENTION=22997]Letch77[/MENTION]
    5. @Game****fanatic
    6. [MENTION=2671]aarne13[/MENTION]
    7. [MENTION=7717]trizzo22[/MENTION]
    8. [MENTION=5592]jszczech[/MENTION]
    10. [MENTION=13074]crypticfreak1[/MENTION]

    Normal point settings, head-to-head,10 Teams, live draft. Aug. 31, 5:00 PACIFIC, (8:00 EASTERN)

    Draft still work for everyone? I’ll randomize order soon! Usually that happens on draft night!

    Make sure you look at the point values! I used all of the standard values without changing anything!

    Anyone have questions/concerns let me know!!
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