Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum but not to the hobby. I sold off my entire collection back in 2011 for life reasons but am excited to be "coming out of retirement." I'm looking forward to meeting great people on here and having some fun again in the hobby.

So, I'm looking to buy certified David Robinson autos with Scripture/Bible verse reference inscriptions. Curious to see what is out there and available, and if there is mutual interest to make a deal, maybe we can work something out!

Also, if you can refer me to other collectors who might be willing to sell, that would be great.

The blue ribbon card I am looking for right now is a DRob 03/04 Exquisite Number Pieces with a Scripture inscription (I seem to remember that all the ones I have seen do have an inscription).

Happy to share my eBay link and a link to another forum that I was active in - both have 100% positive feedback. Just message me please.

Thank you in advance!